Are You A Tiger Parent Or A Helicopter Parent? Know

Tiger Parent or a Helicopter Parent- what type of parent is you? Suppose you are one of those parents who show more concern towards their kid’s education, their homework, and overall academic preparation. In that case, this article is going to be very informative for you.

Perhaps the words ‘Tiger parent or a Helicopter Parent’ can be a unique thing that you might have never heard before. However, it isn’t your fault; many parents aren’t familiar with this important thing that defines their parenting style.

Let’s make it simple- As a parent, the actions you take to help your kids in their academics characterize your parenting style.

It is an essential thing to consider because your parenting style can impact your child’s academic performance. How much he will score in the exam and how he performs in the curriculums, a parenting style plays a decisive role at every footstep.

Experts claim that there are two kinds of parents with different parenting-style about which we’ll discuss here.

Tiger Parent – A Dominative and Aggressive Parent

If you are a strict type of parent who often expects high from their kids, you come under this parenting category. Tiger parents always push their kids to excel in their lives; even though it is sports, academics, or personal life, they want their kids to outperform in every dynamic of life.

These parents push their kids to achieve top position and become a winning player only. Though, many times these parents become a bit aggressive in their behavior as the expectations go higher. But it doesn’t prove them a bad parent.

They want their children to become an achiever as they look after their child’s promising future. Hence, this can be called caring parenting, whose style of showing love towards their kids is quite different, which might irritate their kids.

However, these parents want their children to stay independent without their help. Therefore, they often pressure their kids to do their work on their own. If you use this parenting style to teach your kids, then you are a Tiger Parent. 

Helicopter Parent – Unconfident and Over-Involved Parent

On the flip side of the first parenting style, there are Helicopter Parents. These parents want to get involved in their child’s life. They pay attention to what kids are doing. When are they doing? And how are they doing?

But these parents often get over-involved in their children’s life. Maybe they feel unconfident about their child, or they are familiar with their child’s performance that he can’t manage his work himself.

Meanwhile, they put extreme efforts that their child doesn’t become the last performer. They don’t give the required space that a kid seeks that negatively impacts a kid’s behavior.

Tiger Parenting Vs. Helicopter Parenting: The Final Thoughts

Both parenting styles are focused on kids. Tiger parenting and helicopter parenting both use different approaches to teach their kids. However, both parenting styles are meant to encourage kids, but they carry both negative and plus points. Excessive tiger parenting can lead to overburden on your child, it can discourage them, and they may lose interest in achieving the goal.

On the other hand, excessive helicopter parenting can confuse a kid as the over-involvement of a parent makes it hard for kids to understand their goals. Similarly, both parenting styles work with one vision and one goal, but outcomes can be different. Hence, instead of adopting a parenting style, you should strive to understand your kids. Understanding them better will provide you a clear insight into which way to approach so you can prove to be the best mom and dad. 

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