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Why Choose Kohbee over Classplus?

0% Commissions 100%Transparency

Kohbee charges no commission on your sales. There is full accountability and hence you only pay for what you get. There are no hidden costs forever.

Growth Landing Pages

Unlike Classplus, you can build your own Landing Page at Kohbee that convert 66% more leads than the rest. Our tried and tested approach helps you reach a larger audience.

Customized App

Break away from just 10 design options and Make your App Stand Out with custom designs and no whitelabelling. Get tons of designs and colors to choose from with Kohbee.

See What Our Creators Built with Kohbee

Custom-Domain Linked Websites

High Performing Landing Pages

Your Own APK for App Store


Invest Less, Earn More

Kohbee takes away all your worries of managing your business while creating content. You deliver the best for your audience while we help you monetize and maximize your community.

Create Conversion Funnels

Our tools allow you to create a proper click-funnel journey for individual offering as well apart from the general storefront listing of the product. Best landing pages -> Proper CTAs -> Higher conversions .

Your Custom Domain

With Kohbee, there is no white-labelling. Your brand remains intact as there is no Kohbee branding when you create and sell premium digital products to your audience.

Build Your Community

With Kohbee, you can identify your loyal audience and retarget them through growth tools. Maximize your reach and deliver your content to large audiences with Kohbee.

Live Workshops with 2-Way Communication

Live classes are one of the best ways to connect with your audience. You can integrate your Zoom account with the Kohbee app and conduct your live classes or simply use Kohbee’s in-built tool to conduct live classes.

Growth Tools for Creators

Kohbee offers amazing tools to create sales funnels through referrals, upselling, affiliate retargeting and bonuses. With Kohbee, you can even run Ads for your workshops.

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