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How GPT-4 can Impact Your Digital Products?


Before we dive into the potential use cases for GPT-4,let's first define what this technology is and how it works. GPT-4 is a language model that is designed to generate highly sophisticated and natural language text based on a given input. It is essentially a neural network that has been trained on massive amounts of text data, enabling it to learn patterns and relationships in language that can be used to generate new text.

One of the key features of GPT-4 is its ability to understand context and generate text that is highly relevant and meaningful based on the input it receives. This makes it an incredibly powerful tool for a wide range of applications, from content creation and marketing to customer service and chatbots.


How it will affect your digital products?

One of the most obvious and promising use cases for GPT-4 is content creation. With its ability to generate highly sophisticated and natural language text, GPT-4 could be used to create high-quality blog posts, articles, and even books that are virtually indistinguishable from human-written content.


Imagine being able to generate dozens of high-quality blog posts or articles in a matter of minutes, without having to spend hours researching and writing each one. This could be a game-changer for content marketers and SEO professionals, who are always looking for ways to generate high-quality content at scale.


creative writing is another potential use case for GPT-4. While many people may be skeptical about the ability of AI to generate truly creative writing, there have already been impressive examples of GPT-3 generating poetry, fiction, and other forms of creative writing.

With GPT-4's even greater capabilities, it's possible that we may see even more sophisticated and nuanced examples of AI-generated creative writing. This could be particularly useful for industries such as advertising and marketing, where there is a constant demand for fresh and creative content that can capture people's attention and engage them in a meaningful way.



GPT-4 AI Writing is an advanced text generation tool thatcan be used to create professional-looking contentquickly and easily.Here are some tips and tricks on howto get the most out ofGPT-4 AI Writing:

1.  Know Your Goal: Before you start writing with GPT-4 AI Writing, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind. Decide what type of content you want to create – an article, blog post, book chapter, etc. –and what your primary aim is (e.g., to inform an audience, to entertain, to persuade).

2.  Choose Your Input Text: GPT-4 AI Writing relies on input text to generate new content. To make sure you get the best results, it’s important to choose high- quality text as your input. This includes well-written sentences, paragraphs, and topics that are relevant to your content.

3.  Set Parameters: Once you’ve chosen your input text, you can apply parameters to customize your content. You can choose the tone of your content, the length of each sentence, the number of words, and more. You can also choose to add emojis to your content to make it more engaging.

4.  Monitor Output: As GPT-4 AI Writing generates new content, it’s important to keep an eye on it. Review the output to make sure it’s accurate and on-brand. If there are any errors, you can manually Edit them or adjust the parameters to get better results.

5.  Use Quality-Check Tools: There are a number of quality-check tools available that you can use to ensure your content is accurate and well-written. These tools can check for grammar, spelling, and even plagiarism, so you can be sure your content is up to the highest standards.


As GPT-4 AI Writing continues to become more widely adopted, it offers a number of potential benefits to content creators. Firstly, it allows content creators to be more productive. With GPT-4 AI Writing, they can generate content quickly and effectively, allowing them to focus more on other aspects of content creation such as editing and marketing. Secondly, it enables content creators to create content with greater accuracy. With GPT-4 AI Writing, they can produce content that is free of errors and inconsistencies, making it much easier to publish or distribute.

Thirdly, GPT-4 AI Writing can be used to generate content that is personalized to the needs of the reader. GPT-4 AI Writing can process vast amounts of data in order to produce content that is more relevant and targeted to the reader. It can even generate personalized articles and emails for individuals, helping to create a more personal and engaging experience.


GPT-4, in collaboration with Bing, empowers users with its advanced language model capabilities for free. From detailed replies to summarized answers, creative content generation to personalized image creation,GPT-4 is a versatile tool that enhances productivity and unleashes your imagination. Embrace the potential of GPT-4 and experience a new era of effortless content and image generation.

Join Kohbee today to leverage GPT-4 and sell more for your digital products.

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Why Optimize Ads for your Funnels?

Ads, short for advertisements, arepromotional messages or content designed to promote a product, service, brand,or idea to a target audience. They are typically created by businesses,organizations, or individuals with the objective of capturing the attention ofpotential customers, generating interest, and ultimately driving a desiredaction.

The primary purpose of ads is tocommunicate key information about a product or service and persuade the targetaudience to take a specific action. These actions may include making apurchase, subscribing to a service, signing up for a newsletter, visiting awebsite, or engaging with a brand's content on social media.

To make ads effective, they oftenemploy various techniques and elements, such as:

1. Copywriting: The text or writtencontent of an ad that conveys the message, benefits, and call to action.

2. Visuals: Images, graphics, orvideos used to capture attention, convey messages, and showcase products orservices.

3. Branding: Incorporating a brand'slogo, colors, fonts, and visual identity to create brand recognition andassociation.

4. Targeting: Identifying and reachinga specific audience segment that is more likely to be interested in theadvertised product or service.

5. Call to Action (CTA): A clearinstruction or prompt encouraging the audience to take a specific action, suchas "Buy Now," "Learn More," or "Subscribe."

6. Unique Selling Proposition (USP):Highlighting the unique qualities, features, or benefits of a product orservice that differentiate it from competitors.

7. Emotional Appeal: Elicitingemotions, such as happiness, excitement, fear, or empathy, to create aconnection with the audience and influence their decision-making.

8. Ad Formats: The specific layout,size, and structure of the ad, tailored to the medium or platform where it willbe displayed.




Ad optimization refers to the processof improving the performance and effectiveness of advertisements throughstrategic adjustments and refinements. The goal of ad optimization is toachieve better results, such as increased click-through rates (CTR),conversions, return on ad spend (ROAS), and overall campaign success.

Ad optimization involves analyzingvarious elements of an ad campaign, identifying areas for improvement, andimplementing changes to enhance its performance. This process often includesthe following steps:

1. Set Clear Objectives: Definespecific goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for your ad campaign. Thiscould include increasing CTR, improving conversion rates, or reducing cost peracquisition (CPA).

2. Targeting Optimization: Evaluateyour target audience and refine your targeting parameters to ensure your adsare reaching the most relevant users. Adjust demographic filters, geographictargeting, interests, and other targeting options to optimize audience reachand engagement.

3. Ad Copy and Design: Review andoptimize the ad creative elements, such as headlines, ad copy, visuals, andcalls to action (CTAs). Experiment with different messaging approaches, adformats, and visuals to determine what resonates best with your audience.

4. Landing Page Optimization: Ensurethat the landing page you direct users to after they click on your ad isoptimized for conversions. Improve the page layout, load times, contentrelevance, and the clarity of CTAs to enhance the user experience and encouragedesired actions.

5. A/B Testing: Conduct controlledexperiments by creating multiple versions of your ads or landing pages andtesting them against each other. Compare different variables such as adheadlines, visuals, CTAs, or landing page layouts to determine which variationsperform better.

6. Conversion Tracking and Analytics:Implement conversion tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of your ads.Monitor key metrics, such as CTR, conversion rate, cost per conversion, andreturn on investment (ROI). Analyze data regularly to identify trends,patterns, and areas for improvement.

7. Budget Allocation and BidOptimization: Analyze the performance of your ads across different platforms orad networks. Adjust your budget allocation and bidding strategies to focus moreon high-performing campaigns or channels and optimize your ad spend.

8. Ongoing Monitoring and Iteration:Continuously monitor the performance of your ads and make adjustments based onreal-time data and feedback. Regularly review and optimize your campaigns toadapt to changing market conditions, consumer behavior, and competition.

9. Keep Up with Industry Trends andInnovations: Stay informed about the latest developments and trends inadvertising technology and platforms. Explore new ad formats, targetingoptions, or tools that could enhance your optimization efforts.

Ad optimization is an iterativeprocess that requires ongoing attention and analysis. By constantly refiningand improving your ads, you can maximize their impact, increase theireffectiveness, and achieve better results for your advertising campaigns.


Online businesses can greatly benefit from ad optimizationin several ways:

1. Increased Visibility: Adoptimization helps online businesses increase their visibility and reach awider audience. By refining targeting parameters, businesses can ensure theirads are shown to the right people who are more likely to be interested in theirproducts or services. This targeted approach increases the chances of reachingpotential customers and driving relevant traffic to their website.

2. Higher Click-Through Rates (CTR):Ad optimization techniques such as refining ad copy, using compelling visuals,and crafting effective CTAs can significantly improve the CTR of online ads. Ahigher CTR indicates that more users are clicking on the ads, which leads toincreased website traffic and potential conversions.

3. Improved Conversion Rates: Bycontinuously testing and refining ad elements, businesses can optimize theirads to maximize conversions. Ad optimization involves analyzing and adjustingvariables such as ad copy, visuals, landing page design, and CTAs to create aseamless and persuasive user experience. This can result in higher conversionrates, meaning more users take the desired action, such as making a purchase orsigning up for a service.

4. Better Return on Investment (ROI):Ad optimization helps businesses make the most of their ad spend by improvingthe effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns. By focusing onhigh-performing ads and channels, refining targeting parameters, and reducingwasted ad spend on underperforming campaigns, businesses can achieve a higherROI. This means generating more revenue or desired outcomes relative to theinvestment in advertising.

5. Enhanced Brand Awareness: Effectivead optimization can contribute to building brand awareness for onlinebusinesses. By crafting compelling and visually appealing ads that resonatewith the target audience, businesses can create a positive brand impression andincrease recognition. Over time, this can lead to improved brand recall andcustomer loyalty.

6. Competitive Advantage: Ad optimizationallows online businesses to stay ahead of the competition. By constantlytesting and refining ad elements, businesses can identify unique strategiesthat resonate with their target audience. This helps differentiate them fromcompetitors and can lead to a stronger market position.

7. Data-Driven Insights: Adoptimization involves closely monitoring and analyzing performance metrics anduser data. This provides valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences,and trends. By leveraging this data, businesses can make informed decisionsabout their marketing strategies, product offerings, and overall businessdirection.

8. Continuous Improvement: Adoptimization is an ongoing process that allows online businesses to continuallyimprove their ad campaigns. By testing, analyzing, and iterating, businessescan identify areas of weakness, uncover new opportunities, and refine theirstrategies. This constant optimization ensures that online businesses areadapting to changing market dynamics and maximizing the effectiveness of theiradvertising efforts.

Overall, ad optimization plays acrucial role in helping online businesses drive targeted traffic, increaseconversions, and achieve their marketing goals. It enables businesses to makedata-driven decisions, improve campaign performance, and ultimately grow theironline presence and revenue.

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5 Ways to get more leads for your digital products

Content is any form of digital material that is created and shared to convey a message or engage an audience.  It can include written articles, social media posts, videos, podcasts, blogs, images, and more. A content is made to capture the attention and interest of a target audience, encourage them to consume and interact with the desired material, and ultimately drive a desired action, which can be making a purchase, subscribing to YouTube channels or any sort of subscription, for example purchasing a streaming platform subscription. It serves multiple purposes, such as educating, entertaining, inspiring, or promoting a product or service. Individuals make content to gain as much as followers they can by serving the entertainment purpose of content making whereas business make content to attract their target audience and encourages them to interact with them, but for these to happen a good content is needed which is up to audience expectations. A good content includes value, relevance, originality, and quality. to make a content Effective it should be well-researched, well-written, and visually appealing. It should be able to provide information, offer solution, entertain through storytelling, or inspire and motivate. A good content is like driving traffic to your desired material can be website, Instagram account etc.

Let’s see what are the 5 ways to get more lead for your content. 

1. offering High-Quality Content

content which meets the requirement of audiences and is very well crafted, relevant, and engaging is high quality content. To make a high-quality content you should understand your target audience requirements and have the ability to understand them. Search about their needs and preferences as this is a dynamic environment which is constantly changing. A use of visual can be a plus point. It helps attracting the target audiences. Analyse and track performance of your content and try to bring out how you can make better and bring out best from your content.  



2. Conduct webinars or live sessions

Live sessions/webinars provide an interactive and engaging platform to connect with your target audience. An enterprise can gather insights, opinions, and suggestions that can be used to improve your products and services. By networking during these sessions, business can form valuable connections that may lead to partnerships and collaborations, which is really beneficial for an enterprise. Live sessions allow you to showcase your knowledge and good and services. This level of engagement helps build a stronger connection with your target audience and allows you to address their questions, concerns, and objections directly.

3. collaboration with influencers

 By reaching a new and potentially larger audience, you can increase brand visibility and attract new customers. This allows you to leverage their expertise, distribution channels, or customer base in those markets. By combining marketing efforts, you can access shared resources, budgets, and networks to reach a wider audience. sharing expenses, such as marketing costs or research and development expenses, you can reduce financial burden and mitigate risks. Collaborations provide opportunities for learning and skill development through knowledge exchange and exposure to new perspectives. 


4.social media platforms

Social media platforms have given rise to influencer marketing, where businesses collaborate with popular social media influencers to promote their products or services. Social media allows businesses to reach a wide audience and increase their brand visibility. By creating engaging content and building a strong online presence, businesses can attract more potential customers.  Many social media platforms offer e-commerce integration features that allow businesses to sell products or services directly on their profiles or through targeted ads. By actively interacting with their audience, businesses can foster customer loyalty and trust, which can lead to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals.  


5.Email marketing

Email marketing provides an opportunity to gather feedback and insights directly from your customers.  you can set up automated emails to target customers who have abandoned their shopping carts. These emails can remind them of the items they left behind and offer incentives to complete the purchase, helping recover potential lost sales. By delivering personalized and relevant content, you can establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry, increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

In Conclusion

By implementing a multi-faceted approach, businesses can attract and engage their target audience, ultimately driving them towards conversion and profit. Creating valuable and relevant content, optimizing for search engines, leveraging social media platforms, and utilizing email marketing are just a few of the effective techniques for lead generation. Additionally, understanding your audience, measuring campaign performance, and continuously refining your strategies based on data-driven insights will ensure that your content marketing efforts yield the best results.  Remember, consistency, relevance, and providing value to your audience are key to generating leads and reaping the benefits of your content marketing endeavours. Adapting to changing trends, businesses can maximize the effectiveness of their lead generation efforts and achieve long-term success in content marketing. Businesses can maximize the impact of their email campaigns and ensure that the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Kohbee is an appropriate option for creators willing to leverage the power of their content to get more leads. At Kohbee, you can run optimized campaigns and reach a larger audience to drive conversions. You can pinpoint revenue dropout stages in your funnels and optimize them to convert more and more leads. Further, Kohbee offers landing pages designed as per your customer personas with the ability to rank higher in Ad campaigns. Advance information about your customer and their preferences, further helps you gain a deeper understanding of your audience and target their needs and demands. In essence, Kohbee is a one-stop solution for you to get more leads and monetize your content faster.

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Why Your Google Ads are not performing?

A platform for internet advertising called Google Ads was created by Google to assist companies in reaching a broad audience with the promotion of their goods and services. Let’s understand some basics of how Google Ads work and how they can benefit your online venture:

  • Create a Google Ads account to get started with account setup. Define your advertising objectives, such as boosting website traffic, generating leads, increasing sales, or building brand recognition. Also, set up your billing details.
  • Campaign Development: Develop marketing campaigns on your Google Ads account. Every campaign focuses on a certain good, service, or marketing goal. Depending on your objectives, choose a campaign type from the list, such as Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, Video, or App campaigns.
  • When searching for goods or services similar to yours, potential clients are likely to use certain keywords. Conduct keyword research to find these terms. Utilise keyword research tools to discover well-liked and pertinent search keywords that are compatible with your company.
  • Create ad groups depending on the relevance of the keywords in each category. As a result, your adverts will be displayed to the appropriate audience and will be targeted to respond to certain search queries.
  • Ad Creation: Produce attention-grabbing and pertinent advertisements. Incorporate pertinent keywords and write captivating headlines and ad content. Additionally, you may add ad extensions like sitelinks, callouts, or structured snippets to your ads to provide more details and boost their visibility.
  • Setting your maximum price for keywords or ad placements and establishing your daily or monthly budget are both important. Budgeting regulates your total expenditure while bidding establishes how much you are ready to pay for a click on your advertisement.
  • Options for targeting: Identify your target market based on variables like as geography, language, demographics, interests, or particular websites and placements. This guarantees that your adverts are seen by the appropriate audiences who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Google performs an ad auction when a user's search query matches your keywords or when your targeting requirements are satisfied. Users can view winning advertisements on the pages of Google search results, pertinent websites, YouTube videos, or mobile applications.
  • Performance tracking and optimisation: Use Google Ads' reporting and analytics tools to keep track on how well your ads are doing. Keep tabs on statistics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and return on ad spend (ROAS). Adjust your bids, optimise your targeting, test various ad versions, and use data-driven insights to optimise your campaigns.

Why you need to use Google Ads?

  • Reach a Large Audience: Google Ads gives you the opportunity to connect with millions of people who regularly use Google products, such as the search engine, websites in the Display Network, YouTube, and mobile apps.
  • Targeted Advertising: With Google advertising, you can target particular keywords, demographics, areas, and interests to make sure that your advertising are seen by a relevant audience that is more likely to become a client.
  • Cost control: Google Ads uses a pay-per-click business model, so you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. You may establish spending caps and change bids to optimise your advertising expenditures.
  • Results that are Measurable: Google Ads offers comprehensive performance statistics that you can use to track and evaluate the success of your campaigns. You may improve your advertising strategy with the aid of this data and make wise selections.

Google Ads may be a strong platform for advertising, but there are times when the results might not be as anticipated. Ineffectiveness of Google Ads for some firms may be caused by the following four important factors:

  • Poorly Defined Targeting: If the keywords, demographics, or localities used for targeting are not precise, the advertising may be displayed to the wrong audience. Low click-through rates, subpar conversion rates, and squandered ad expenditure can all result from this. To increase the impact of Google Ads, it is essential to put time and effort into determining the appropriate target market.
  • Insufficient Ad Relevance and Quality: When calculating Ad Rankings, Google gives importance to Ad Relevance and Quality. poorer rankings and poorer click-through rates may result from the advertisements' content, which includes headlines, descriptions, and landing pages, failing to precisely match the intended keywords or failing to offer a compelling value proposition. To improve their chances of success, adverts must be made that are both extremely relevant and compelling.
  • Insufficient Budget or Bid Competitiveness: The competitiveness of the selected sectors and keywords can have a major impact on the success of Google Ads. Being able to compete for valuable keywords or keep your presence in crowded marketplaces may be difficult if your budget is too tight. Ad placements, impressions, and clicks may all decline as a result of insufficient bids. To maximise the impact of Google Ads, it is imperative to provide adequate funds and manage bids strategically.
  • Weak Landing Page Experience: A weak landing page experience can result in high bounce rates and minimal conversions, even when an ad is successful in attracting clicks. Potential buyers may leave without taking the intended action if the landing page is unintuitive to use, devoid of important information, or unable to offer a smooth conversion procedure. For Google Ads to provide significant results, landing pages must be enhanced to complement ad messaging and a seamless user experience must be maintained.

It's important to remember that the success of Google Ads might rely on the market, the level of competition, the targeting approach, the ad quality, and the overall marketing goals. To fix any issues and raise the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns, regular monitoring, optimisation, and refining are required.

Here are some strategies to enhance Google Ads' efficiency and address the before listed causes:

  1. Improved Targeting:
  • Make extensive keyword research Utilise keyword research tools to find high-value keywords that are pertinent to your business. Make your keyword selection more precise to make sure it truly captures what you have to offer.
  • Define the audience's demographics: Based on demographics, hobbies, and behaviour, specify who your target audience is. To connect with the most pertinent consumers, employ Google Ads' audience targeting options.
  1. Improve Ad Relevance and Quality:
  • Create persuasive advertising copy: Make catchy headlines and descriptions that express the value proposition of your goods or services effectively. To grab users' attention, emphasise standout features, deals, or advantages.
  • improve landing pages: Make sure your landing pages create a smooth user experience and match the messaging of the ads. Make sure the landing pages are responsive to mobile devices, load fast, and include useful and persuading material.
  • Utilise ad extensions: Use ad extensions like sitelinks, callouts, or structured snippets to provide extra details and enliven your advertisements.
  1. Manage bids and allot a sufficient budget:
  • Review and make changes to your budget: Identify your advertising objectives and set aside a budget big enough to accomplish them. Take into account the level of industry competition as well as the anticipated cost per click (CPC) for your chosen keywords.
  • observe the level of bid competition: Keep an eye on the performance of your keywords and tweak your bids as necessary to be competitive. To maximise your bids, use Google Ads' automatic bidding choices or manual bidding tactics.
  1. Enhancing the Landing Page Experience
  • enhancing the look and usability of landing pages Make sure your landing pages have a clear call to action, are easy to browse, and are visually appealing. Use clear and convincing content, top-notch photos or videos, and user-friendly forms.
  • Try out several landing page iterations: To determine the most efficient design and layout, A/B test several iterations of your landing pages. To decide how to best optimise a website, consider performance measures like bounce rate, conversion rate, and time on page.
  • Kohbee offers you high-converting landing pages that are optimized for superb performance in Google Ads. You can sign up for Kohbee and claim your own landing page that brings you more leads and helps in higher conversions. 

Gain knowledge about demographics, interests, behaviour, and preferences by using data and analytics. As a result, you will be able to customise your customer journeys and funnels to appeal to the appropriate target and boost interaction.To make the landing page's design, loading time, and content consistent with the ad's message and increase conversions, we can learn how to optimise it.On this platform, stay up to date with market trends and developments.

Kohbee funnels offer you customizable landing pages that target lead conversion and customer journey optimization. With the right elements and attention-grabbing hooks that Kohbee provides, you can be sure to convert maximum clients. Showcase your USP and build urgency for your leads in the best way possible. Add in a social proof as testimonial and Kohbee will help you convert multiple clients. 

End-to-end funnel optimization is another feature in Kohbee’s arsenal. Our funnels are based on research and backed by knowledge of what works in the market. You can customize them as per your product offering and monetize your audience sustainably. Get winning funnels with Kohbee that adapt to your use-case and product.  Plus, appropriate customer retargeting will aid in reaching out to customers who drop off in the sales journey. Ping your potential clients with catchy messages and set up offers to onboard the users. To avoid such drop offs and optimize your funnel journey, Kohbee is the one stop solution. 

Writing effective ad text that emphasizes the special selling aspects of the goods or services is something we can all learn to do. We may learn how to do keyword research and choose appropriate terms that are connected to the business and target market.  Keep an eye on the effectiveness of your advertisements and make data-driven adjustments. In case you feel your Ads are still not performing well, join Kohbee. Our AI-based funnel builders and creator support can help you run high-converting campaigns on Google Ads. Our expert team brings you years of experience in optimizing campaigns and running successful Google Ads. Sign up today and claim your benefit. 

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Build Your Personal Brand with Kohbee

Most likely, you hear the word "branding" frequently each day. It has elevated to the top of the topics in entrepreneurship, and with good cause.

Branding is not only another piece of marketing strategy. It's essential to the success of your company and your internet presence. Personal branding is all about being who you are, regardless of the job you are now holding, the project you are currently working on, or the focus of the day or the next. Consider the impression you want to leave on others while remembering that our brand is nothing more than our reputation and soul.

What is Personal Branding?

The process of developing a distinctive personality that represents you and your values is known as personal branding. It is how you represent yourself to the outside world, convey your knowledge, and build your reputation. 

In a 1997 article for Fast Company, marketing guru Tom Peters said, "Large organizations recognize the value of brands. You need to be your brand since we live in the individual's age. We are each the CEO of our businesses, Me, Inc.

What is the need for Personal Branding?

Personal branding is crucial for content producers if they want to develop a devoted following, establish credibility, and differentiate themselves from the competition. This essay will examine why personal branding is crucial for content providers. 

Builds a loyal audience

First of all, personal branding assists content producers in developing a devoted following. In the modern world, a lot of material is available online, making it difficult to stand out. You may differentiate yourself from others by developing a distinctive voice, style, and tone with personal branding. People are likely to remember you and follow your work if your brand is strong. People link your name to the material you produce as your brand develops into your identity. This can help you create a devoted following of people excited to see what you produce next.

Establishes Credibility

Second, credibility is established through personal branding. You need to be recognized as an authority in your industry as a content creator. Your audience will be more likely to value your ideas and suggestions if you are open with them about your knowledge and experience. Connecting with other authorities in your field can further increase your credibility.

Stand out from the Competition

Finally, developing a strong personal brand will help you stand out. It may not be easy to stand out in the fiercely competitive world of content development. By building a strong personal brand, you may separate yourself from others and draw attention to your work. Your distinctive talents and what makes you stand out should be reflected in your brand. It should represent your principles, character, sense of style and what you bring to the table that others don't. You may carve out a specific niche for yourself and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry with a strong personal brand.

Maintain Authenticity

Creators of the material may retain their authenticity by using personal branding. It's crucial to adhere to your ideals and convictions when producing material. Building a group of individuals who share your beliefs and who are like-minded to you might help you convey your true self. When your brand is strong, you can be authentic and provide content that connects with your audience. You are free to produce material that expresses who you are without living up to anybody else's standards or expectations.

Personal Branding Strategies

Now let's discuss the factors you, as a content producer, should consider if you want to succeed and stand out with genuine, natural material that will be simple to read and comprehend for your audience.

Adapt yourself: 

It's a fact that things are changing, so you must adapt as well. Many industries now operate virtually, relying on online conferences and meetings to complete tasks. We are still determining if or when things will return to normal. Therefore, developing your ability to adapt to your present clientele, exposure channels, and material that people want to view or collaborate with is critical.

Harness Your Personality

Start with who you are. It distinguishes you from your rivals and is the most distinctive feature of who you are. How may your personality assist you in educating your intended audience? You could be quite extroverted and outgoing, for instance. You may use that quality to demonstrate your abilities and draw customers to your brand. In the world of knowledge commerce, individuals are drawn to academics and entrepreneurs who can spread their ideas and expertise widely. Because of this, your personality matters a lot for your brand.

Have Faith in Yourself

Many Knowledge Commerce professionals don't consider personal branding a priority since they don't see themselves as a brand. That is erroneous. You establish a brand as soon as you become visible, whether online or in person. Microsoft, for instance, was founded by Bill Gates. One of the strongest and most well-known brands in the entire globe is this one.

Nevertheless, Bill Gates has a distinct personal brand. Anyone who has launched a firm can make the same statement. They may take centre stage despite concentrating on their goods or services. Seize this opportunity. As a brand, have faith in yourself.


Personal branding may be considered your essence; it's what others, including other companies, will be drawn to when seeking brand collaborations. You must be thoroughly familiar with who you are and the meaning of your material to represent yourself in this dynamic age. Personal branding is a process that takes time to develop, so you should take advantage of it. 

You must take charge of your narrative and be certain that you are clear on the information you want to convey to your internet audience. Start building your personal brand today with Kohbee.com! The platform provides you with the tools and resources you need to create and manage your brand, from defining your niche and creating content to establishing your online presence and growing your audience. 

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Kohbee vs Gumroad - Which App is for you?

Kohbee is a mobile application for creators to host or generate and sell their premium content on their own made s platforms and this app is known as Kohbee. With the Kohbee app, an individual can create a customizable website and app to sell recorded courses, workshops, and live sessions and run all this just using their phone.

Gumroad is a web-based platform that allows creators to sell digital and physical products directly to their audience. It was founded in 2011 by Sahil Lavingia and is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Creators can use Gumroad to sell products such as e-books, music, videos, software, courses, artwork, and physical merchandise like t-shirts or posters. Gumroad offers a variety of features including customizable storefronts, payment processing, analytics, and customer management. It also allows creators to set their prices and offers a range of pricing options such as one-time payments, subscriptions, and pay-what-you-want.

Advantages of Kohbee

  • You can create your customizable website for any random topic of your choice.
  • The app’s CRM tool helps maintain certain lists of visitors and some leads.
  • You can use the apps to randomly give discounts and convert the leads into paying users.
  • Moreover, is being used by 200k+ people thus becoming a widely used app.
  • Everything you need to monetize premium content is here within your grasp.
  • Kobhee offers excellent customer support, including a knowledge base, email support, and a community forum.
  • Overall, Kobhee is a reliable and convenient platform for creators to sell digital and physical products online.

Advantages Of Gumroad

  • Gumroad is user-friendly and easy to set up, with no coding required. Creators can quickly create a customizable storefront and start selling their products.0
  • Gumroad handles payment processing, which means creators don’t have to worry about setting up their payment gateway or dealing with payment issues.
  • Gumroad provides tools for creators to manage their customer base, including email marketing and customer insights.
  • Gumroad offers detailed analytics that helps creators understand their sales performance and customer behavior. This can be useful for optimizing their product offerings and marketing strategies.
  • Gumroad integrates with a variety of other platforms, such as WordPress, Mailchimp, and Zapier, which can streamline workflow and improve productivity.

Why are Creators Choosing Kohbee Over Gumroad?

Kohbee and Gumroad are two popular platforms for creators to sell and distribute their digital products. While both platforms offer similar services, some differences may influence a creator’s decision to choose one over the other. Here’s a comprehensive comparison between the two:


Kohbee offers a free plan with limited features and a paid plan that costs $10 per month, which includes unlimited products and 0% commission on sales. Gumroad offers a free plan as well, but it charges an 8.5% + $0.30 fee per sale, and a premium plan for $10 per month that reduces the transaction fee to 3.5% + $0.30.


Kohbee allows creators to fully customize their storefronts, including branding and design elements, while Gumroad offers limited customization options.


Both platforms offer integrations with popular tools like Mailchimp and Zapier, but Kohbee also integrates with Stripe, which allows creators to accept credit card payments directly on their site. Gumroad only supports PayPal and credit card payments through its platform.

User experience:

Kohbee’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for creators to set up and manage their stores. Gumroad’s interface can be more complex and overwhelming for some users.


Kohbee has a strong community of creators who share tips, advice, and feedback. Gumroad also has a community section, but it is less active and focused primarily on promoting products.

Overall, Kohbee may be a better choice for creators who prioritize customization, user experience, and community, while Gumroad may be a better choice for creators who prioritize integrations and lower transaction fees. It’s worth noting that both platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, and the best choice ultimately depends on a creator’s individual needs and preferences.


In conclusion, Kohbee offers a more customizable storefront and user-friendly interface, as well as integration with Stripe for credit card payments, while Gumroad offers lower transaction fees with its premium plan and more integrations with popular tools. Ultimately, the best choice between the two platforms depends on a creator’s individual needs and preferences.

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Creator Economy Trends of 2023

The Creator Economy has grown massively over the past few years, showing no signs of slowing down. With the rise of social media and content creation platforms, more and more people are turning their hobbies and passions into lucrative careers. In this article, we'll explore some trends we can expect to see in the Creator Economy in 2023.

The significant trends we can see in 2023!

Here are some significant trends that we can see in 2023

Growth of online courses 

In 2023, the expansion of online courses is anticipated to continue growing, building on recent rapid development. Online education is poised to play a bigger role in the Creator Economy due to the rising demand for flexible and remote learning options and the accessibility of digital technologies.

The global e-learning market is anticipated to reach $325 billion by 2025, with a compound yearly growth rate of 7.5% from 2020 to 2025, according to a report by ResearchAndMarkets. Its expansion is fueled by several issues, such as the growing popularity of mobile learning, the expanding need for retraining and upskilling, and the lack of accessible and inexpensive educational options.

Growth of influence marketing 

Another trend we're likely to see in the Creator Economy is the continued growth of influencer marketing. As more and more brands turn to social media influencers to promote their products, we can expect to see more creators developing their brands and cultivating relationships with brands in their niche. 

The Creator Economy also shows a trend favouring more moral and ethical behaviours. Fast fashion's negative environmental effects and social media platforms' exploitation of creators are raising awareness of the need for more ethical and sustainable business methods. By giving creators the tools and resources they need to run their enterprises more sustainably and ethically, many venues are well-positioned to capitalise on this trend.

In terms of numbers, the Creator Economy is already a sizable business, valued at over $100 billion by some estimates. Since more and more people are choosing content creation as a viable career path, this number is anticipated to increase dramatically in the upcoming years. The number of social media users worldwide is also expected to grow, which means there will be more opportunities for creators to reach new audiences and grow their businesses.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

In 2023, it's anticipated that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) will continue to develop as more businesses and consumers adopt these immersive technologies. The global AR and VR industry is anticipated to grow from $3.5 billion in 2017 to reach $209.2 billion by 2022, according to a Statista analysis.

The growing use of VR and AR in the gaming, entertainment, education, and healthcare sectors is one of the major factors driving this rise. In addition to being utilised to instruct workers and students in virtual worlds, VR and AR are being used to design more immersive and compelling user experiences.

In addition, the growth of 5G networks is expected to drive the adoption of VR and AR, as these technologies require high-speed and low-latency connections. With the rollout of 5G networks in many countries, more users will have access to the bandwidth and processing power needed to use VR and AR applications.


In 2023, it's anticipated that podcasting will increase even further as more people turn to audio content for pleasure and knowledge. 75% of Americans are now familiar with podcasts, and the number of people who listen to them on a weekly basis has increased by 16% over the past year, according to a study by Edison Research.

One of the main causes of this growth is the growing use of smartphones and other mobile devices, which have made it easier than ever for individuals to consume audio content on the go. Users may now find and listen to podcasts even more easily thanks to the development of smart speakers and voice assistants. Due to this growth, a major source of income for producers and publishers is anticipated to come from podcast advertising. The Interactive Advertising Bureau estimates that podcast advertising revenues will increase from $314 million in 2017 to $1.7 billion by 2023.

Final words

In conclusion, the Creator Economy is a vibrant, thrilling, and continually changing sector of the economy. In the future years, we anticipate to see greater growth in the online education industry and a continued shift towards more sustainable and ethical practices. The fields of podcasting, virtual reality, and social impact are projected to experience tremendous growth and innovation.

Ready to embrace the future of online education with the latest trends in the Creator Economy? Join Kohbee today and use our innovative platform incorporating the latest technology, including VR and AR, to enhance your learning experience. With a wide range of courses and personalized learning plans, Kohbee is the perfect platform for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and develop new skills in a fast-changing world. Sign up today and join the thousands of students already benefiting from the power of Kohbee.


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Best AI Tools to Help in Content Creation!

AI (Artificial intelligence) is the imitation of human aptitude processes through machines, particularly computer systems. Precise applications of AI tools comprise speech recognition, natural language processing, expert systems, and machine vision.

Significance of AI Tools

AI Tools is like an assistor that works under a pre-determined set of limitations. As a result, they make our daily work more accessible, simple, and less effective. These tools can be used to build, test, deploy, and manage AI models and applications. They typically include machine learning frameworks, data analysis and visualization tools, and natural language processing (NLP).

Top 10 AI Tools to help in Content Creation


GPT-3 is a state-of-the-art natural language processing AI tool that can generate high-quality text content, including articles, blogs, social media posts, and more.


  1. Large Scale: GPT-3 is currently one of the largest language models available, with over 175 billion parameters. This permits it to produce high-quality, human-like content.
  2. Multi-purpose: GPT-3 can be used for a wide variety of natural language processing tasks, including language translation, text summarization, and question-answering.


Wordsmith is an AI tool that specializes in generating written reports, summaries, and insights based on large data sets. It can be used for content creation in various fields, including finance, healthcare, and sports.


  1. Improved clarity: Wordsmithing can help ensure that the intended message is conveyed clearly and effectively.
  2. Increased impact: By choosing the right words and phrasing, wordsmithing can help make the message more powerful and memorable.


Articoolo is an AI-powered content creation tool that uses natural language processing to generate high-quality articles on a given topic. It can be used for creating content for websites, blogs, soc- that can create high-quality written content based on user input. It uses natural language processing to understand the user’s requirements and generates content that meets their needs.


  1. Cost-effective: Articoolo is a cost-effective solution for those who need high-quality content but cannot afford to hire professional writers.
  2. Customizable: Articoolo’s AI system allows you to customize your article by selecting the tone, length, and keywords.

Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an AI-powered tool that can generate high-quality text content, including articles, blogs, and social media posts. It uses natural language processing and deep learning algorithms to create content that is engaging and informative.


  1. Large collection of pre-trained models: Hugging Face provides a vast collection of pre-trained NLP models, which can be fine-tuned and customized for specific use cases.
  2. Easy to use: Hugging Face’s API is designed to be user-friendly and easy to integrate into existing software projects.

Article forge

Article Forge is an AI-powered tool that can create high-quality articles on any topic. It uses natural language processing and deep learning algorithms to generate content that is unique, informative, and engaging.


  1. Time-saving: Article Forge can generate articles in a matter of seconds, saving time and effort that would otherwise be spent on research and writing.
  2. Cost-effective: Compared to hiring a professional writer, Article Forge is a more cost-effective solution for creating content.

Content Bot

A content bot is an AI-powered tool that can create high-quality written content based on user input. It uses natural language processing to understand the user’s requirements and generates content that meets their needs.


  1. Speed: The content bot can generate content at a much faster rate than humans. It can produce a large amount of content in a short time, which is especially useful for businesses that need to create content frequently.
  2. Consistency: The content bot can ensure that the tone, style, and voice of the content remain consistent across all pieces. This is important for brands that have a specific image they want to maintain.


Copy.ai is an AI-powered tool that can generate high-quality marketing copy, product descriptions, and social media posts. It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create content that is engaging and effective.


  1. Speed: Copy.ai can generate content in a matter of seconds, making it a fast and efficient way to create copy for various marketing channels.
  2. Consistency: Copy.ai can maintain a consistent brand voice and style across all marketing materials, ensuring that the messaging is on-brand.


Writesonic is an AI-powered tool that can generate high-quality written content, including articles, blog posts, and social media content. It uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create content that is engaging and informative.


  1. Saves time and effort: Writesonic can generate high-quality content quickly, allowing writers to focus on other tasks.
  2. Consistency: The platform can produce consistent tone, style, and voice across a large volume of content, which can be especially useful for content marketing.


Quill is an AI-powered content creation tool that can help you generate high-quality content for your website, blog, or social media channels.


  1. Ease of use: Quill’s user interface is clean and simple, making it easy to use for beginners and experienced users alike.
  2. Customizable: Quill is highly customizable, allowing users to customize the toolbar and the formatting options to their preferences.


Textio is an AI-powered writing tool that can help you improve your writing by providing real-time feedback on the tone, language, and readability of your text.


  1. Increased effectiveness: Textio helps users write better by providing real-time feedback.
  2. Saves time: Textio helps users save time by highlighting areas that need improvement in real-time.


AI tools assist in all chief developments and entirely change the method through which things are done today. It is likely to be a devoted helping hand in all the key industries, especially the content generation industry. It provides ultimate benefits in business operations. The requirement for such Ai tools rises as it offers humans the freedom to make decisions more efficiently and lets a computer machine play other predefined functions. These Ai tools not only assist you to develop but also make substantial contributions to enhancing networks and workflows.

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How Open AI Can transform the Creator Economy?

What is OpenAI?

OpenAI’s mission is to create AI systems that are safe, beneficial, and aligned with human values. The organization conducts research in a range of areas, including natural language processing, robotics, computer vision, and reinforcement learning. OpenAI has also developed several tools and platforms for working with AI, including OpenAI Gym, a toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms, and OpenAI Codex, an AI system that can generate code based on natural language prompts.

OpenAI is committed to openness and transparency, and many of its research papers, tools, and platforms are available to the public. Additionally, OpenAI has partnered with several organizations to promote the safe and beneficial development of AI, including the Partnership on AI, the AI Ethics Lab, and the AI Safety Coalition.

Significance of OpenAI

Advancing AI research: 

OpenAI has some of the brightest minds in AI and machine learning working on various research projects to advance the state-of-the-art in AI.

Developing AI technologies: 

OpenAI is also focused on developing cutting-edge AI technologies that can be used in various industries, including healthcare, finance, and transportation, among others.

Promoting AI safety: 

OpenAI is committed to ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed safely and responsibly. The organization has developed various guidelines and best practices for AI safety.

Educating the public about AI: 

OpenAI is dedicated to increasing public understanding of AI and its potential impacts on society. They publish research papers and provide educational resources to help people learn about AI and its implications.

Collaborating with other organizations: 

OpenAI collaborates with other research organizations, academic institutions, and industry partners to advance the field of AI and promote the responsible development and use of AI technologies.

Key advantages of OpenAI

Access to cutting-edge AI research: 

OpenAI has some of the brightest minds in the field of AI working on various research projects. This gives them access to the latest advancements in AI research, which can be used to develop new technologies and applications.

Industry partnerships: 

OpenAI has partnerships with several industry-leading companies, which allows it to leverage its expertise and resources. This helps OpenAI develop more practical and impactful AI applications that can be deployed in various industries.

Open-source AI tools: 

OpenAI has developed several open-source AI tools, libraries, and frameworks, which are freely available to the public. These tools enable developers to create their own AI applications and accelerate the pace of AI development.

Focus on AI safety and ethics: 

OpenAI is committed to ensuring that AI is developed and used safely and ethically. This focus on safety and ethics helps to build public trust in AI technologies and ensures that they are used responsibly.

What is Creator Economy?

The Creator Economy refers to the economic system that has emerged around content creators who produce and distribute digital content, often through social media platforms or other online channels. This new economy is driven by the growth of social media, e-commerce platforms, and digital content creation tools that enable individuals to create and distribute their content, build an audience and monetize their work.

In the Creator Economy, content creators can earn money through various revenue streams, such as brand partnerships, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, crowdfunding, merchandise sales, and subscriptions. This has led to the emergence of new types of jobs and businesses that support the creator economy, such as influencer agencies, merchandise companies, and content-creation platforms.

The Impact of Kohbee on the Creator Economy

Kohbee can potentially revolutionize the creator economy by improving the accessibility and efficiency of content creation. With Kohbee, creators can generate unique content swiftly and effortlessly, enabling them to concentrate on other essential aspects of their business. This could attract more creators to enter the market since Kohbee lowers the barriers to entry. Furthermore, Kohbee could assist current creators in scaling their businesses by allowing them to produce more content in less time. This could significantly impact the creator economy by fostering growth and innovation.

OpenAI’s possible future:

OpenAI’s mission is to develop and advance artificial intelligence in a way that benefits humanity as a whole. As part of this mission, OpenAI is focused on developing AI technologies that can augment human creativity and help people create more compelling and innovative content.

Some of the ways that OpenAI could potentially impact the creator economy include:

Enabling more sophisticated content creation tools: OpenAI is already working on AI-powered tools that can help creators generate realistic text, images, and even entire video clips. As these tools become more advanced and accessible, they could help creators produce content more efficiently and with higher production values.

Changing the nature of content consumption: OpenAI is also working on technologies like GPT-3 that can generate highly realistic and convincing text. This could potentially lead to new forms of content consumption, such as hyper-realistic chatbots that engage with audiences in new and innovative ways.

Empowering creators from diverse backgrounds: OpenAI’s work on creating more inclusive and ethical AI could help empower creators from diverse backgrounds who may have been traditionally excluded from certain fields or platforms.


In conclusion, OpenAI is a leading artificial intelligence research organization with a mission to develop and advance AI technologies in a way that benefits humanity. Its work has the potential to transform a wide range of industries and domains, from healthcare and transportation to finance and entertainment.  OpenAI's research has already led to breakthroughs in areas like language processing, robotics, and reinforcement learning. Its GPT-3 language model, in particular, has attracted significant attention for its ability to generate highly realistic and convincing text.

Overall, it’s clear that OpenAI has the potential to play a significant role in shaping the creator economy in the future. Whether this impact will be positive, negative, or neutral remains to be seen, but OpenAI’s work will likely have far-reaching consequences for how content is created, consumed, and distributed in the years to come.

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How to build high performing sales funnel with Kohbee?

What is Kohbee?

A mobile application for creators to host or generate and sell their premium content on their own made self platforms and to this app is known as Kohbee. With the help of Kohbee, you can create your customizable website and app to sell recorded courses, workshops, and live sessions and run all this just using your phone.

Some Advantages of Kohbee

  • The app’s CRM tool helps to maintain certain lists of visitors as well as some leads.
  • You can use the apps randomly given discounts and convert the leads into paying users.
  • Moreover, it is being used by 200k+ people thus becoming a widely used app.
  • Everything you need to monetize premium content is here within your grasp.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel, also known as a purchase funnel, is a marketing model that represents the customer journey from the initial awareness of a product or service to the final purchase. The funnel analogy is used to illustrate the progressive steps that a potential customer takes toward making a purchase, with each step becoming narrower and fewer people advancing to the next stage.

What are the typical steps of a Sales Funnel?

The stages are as follows:

  • Awareness: 

At this step, a potential customer becomes aware of the product or service that you are offering. This can happen through various marketing channels, such as social media, advertising, or word-of-mouth.

  • Interest:

At this stage, the potential customer has expressed interest in your product or service and is seeking more information about it. They may visit your website or social media pages to learn more.

  • Consideration:

The potential customer is now evaluating your product or service against other options. They may read reviews or compare prices before making a decision.

  • Intent: 

The potential customer has decided to purchase your product or service and is taking action to do so, such as adding items to their shopping cart.

  • Purchase: 

This is the final stage of the funnel, where the potential customer becomes a paying customer by completing the transaction.

The goal of a sales funnel is to guide potential customers through each stage of the journey and ultimately convert them into paying customers. By understanding the stages of the funnel and identifying where potential customers may drop off, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts and improve their conversion rates.

How to increase Sale funnels with the help of Kohbee?

To build high-performing sales funnels with Kohbee, you can follow these steps:

  • Identify your target audience: 

Before creating a sales funnel, you need to know who your target audience is. You can create buyer personas to help you understand your target audience’s needs, preferences, pain points, and buying behavior.

  • Define your sales funnel stages: 

Once you have identified your target audience, you need to define your sales funnel stages. Awareness, interest, decision, and action are the four stages of a sales funnel as mentioned earlier. At each stage, you need to create content that will move your prospects further down the funnel.

  • Create high-quality content: 

Content is the backbone of a successful sales funnel. You need to create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience at each stage of the funnel. This content can include blog posts, videos, social media posts, webinars, and email newsletters.

  • Use Kohbee to automate your sales funnel: 

Kohbee is a sales automation tool that can help you automate your sales funnel. You can use Kohbee to create landing pages, lead magnets, email sequences, and other marketing materials that will help move your prospects down the funnel.

  • Measure and optimize your sales funnel:

 Once your sales funnel is up and running, you need to measure its performance and optimize it for better results. You can use Kohbee’s analytics tools to track your funnel’s performance and identify areas that need improvement.

  • Create a lead magnet: 

A lead magnet is an incentive that you offer to your website visitors in exchange for their contact information. It could be a free ebook, webinar, template, or any other valuable resource that resonates with your audience.

  • Build a landing page: 

A landing page is a standalone web page that is designed to convert visitors into leads by offering them your lead magnet. Use Kohbee’s landing page builder to create a visually appealing, mobile-responsive landing page that communicates your offer and benefits.

  • Set up an email sequence: 

Once someone has opted in to receive your lead magnet, you need to nurture them with a series of emails that provide more value, build trust, and eventually pitch your product or service. Use Kohbee’s email marketing automation to create a sequence of emails that educates, entertains, and converts your leads into customers.

By following these steps, you can build a high-performing sales funnel with Kohbee that will help you generate more leads and close more sales

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How is Chat GPT changing the content creation world?

Content Creation with Kohbee

The world of content creation has seen a significant shift in recent years, with the emergence of new technologies and platforms that have transformed how we consume and create content. Kohbee, a platform providing users with a suite of content-creation tools, has been at the forefront of this change, revolutionizing how content is created and shared. One of the key players in this transformation is Chat GPT, a cutting-edge AI language model that has been instrumental in helping Kohbee users create high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

In this blog post, we will explore the game-changing partnership between Chat GPT and Kohbee and how it's revolutionizing the content creation industry. We'll delve into the various benefits of using Chat GPT for content creation, such as its ability to generate high-quality content quickly and effectively. Additionally, we'll examine how this partnership impacts the industry, making content creation more accessible to individuals and businesses alike. Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just starting, this post will provide valuable insights into how Chat GPT and Kohbee lead content creation innovation.

What is the Chat GPT tool used for?

Today usage of the Chat GPT tool is increasing at a phenomenal rate. It can be used in below mentioned fields. 

  • With chat GPT you can produce coherent and well-written transcripts in a wide range of topics, styles, and languages. In addition, product descriptions, news summaries, or stories can be created. Thanks to this Chat GPT tool, snags can be analyzed more efficiently and solutions or answers to queries can be created more easily.
  • Chat GPT tool can be used to produce suitable and consistent replies for a chatbot in a wide range of situations.
  • Chat GPT tool can be used to produce attractive posts and messages for social platforms to attract heavy traffic towards your post.

  • With the GPT tool, you can generate innovative reports, e-mails, and other different kinds of content for productivity applications. Thanks to amazing chat GPT’s advanced features help in analyzing large data sets and extracting valuable data from them.

How does the Chat GPT tool work?

As its acronym specifies, Generative Pre-training Modifier, Chat GPT is a procreative language model grounded on the ‘transformer’ architecture. These GPT models are capable of processing large amounts of text and learning to perform natural language processing tasks very effectively. The GPT-3 model, in precise, is around 175 billion parameters in scope, creating it the largest generative language model ever trained. To work efficiently, the GPT tool needs to be “trained” on a huge amount of text. 

For instance, the GPT-3 typical model was proficient on a text set that comprised over 8 million IDs, documents, and over 10 billion words. The Chat GPT model studies to perform natural language processing activities and produce a coherent, well-written transcript. Once the model is well qualified, the GPT tool can be used to accomplish a wide range of activities, as we have seen in the preceding section. 

The reinforcement learning technique is based on human reaction and was practiced for training. Eventually, by supervised fine-tuning. The human Artificial intelligence trainers provided conversations in which they signified both the operator and the Artificial intelligence assistant. In addition, the trainers were provided with written proposals to assist them in writing their proposals. So, they mixed this innovative dataset with the InstructGPT dataset which was converted into a dialog format.

Impact on the Content Creation Industry

The integration of Chat GPT into Kohbee has significantly impacted the content creation industry as a whole. One of the most notable changes has been the democratization of content creation. With Chat GPT, anyone can create high-quality content quickly and easily, regardless of their skill level or experience. This has made it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to create content on par with more prominent, more established brands.

Another way in which Chat GPT has impacted the content creation industry is by improving the quality of content that is being produced. By providing users with suggestions for relevant keywords and phrases, Chat GPT has helped to ensure that content is optimized for search engines and other channels. This has resulted in higher-quality content that is more engaging and effective.

Final verdict

The collaboration between Chat GPT and Kohbee has had a significant impact on the content creation industry. Using an AI-powered writing assistant, users can generate high-quality content that is engaging, effective, and optimized for search engines and other channels. In addition, this partnership has made content creation accessible to anyone, regardless of their writing skills or experience.

As the content creation industry evolves, it is evident that Chat GPT and Kohbee will continue to lead the revolution, enabling businesses and individuals to create content that resonates with their target audience and achieves their goals. With Chat GPT's advanced language capabilities and Kohbee's user-friendly interface, creating high-quality content has always been challenging.

In conclusion, the partnership between Chat GPT and Kohbee has transformed the content creation landscape by providing users with a powerful tool that saves time, increases engagement, and optimizes content for maximum visibility. As the industry continues to grow, Chat GPT and Kohbee can remain at the forefront of innovation and development, enabling content creators to achieve their goals efficiently.

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Why you should choose Kohbee over Graphy?

Modern learning has undergone a considerable transformation thanks to digitalization. Here are some examples of how digitization has altered the educational landscape:

Information availability: The advent of digital technology has made it simpler for students to access a wealth of knowledge from any location at any time. This has created new opportunities for online and remote learning.

Digitalization allows individualized learning experiences that cater to each learner's requirements and preferences. Platforms for adaptive learning can help with this since they modify the learning process based on the input and progress of the learners.

Online forums: Discussion boards and video conferencing technologies have made collaborative learning more accessible due to digitalization. This enables students to communicate with their teachers and peers, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.

Flexible solution: Flexibility and convenience have been improved by digitalization, which allows students to access courses and materials at any time, from any location, using various digital devices. This has enabled many students to juggle schoolwork with their jobs and other obligations.

Assessment forms: Online quizzes, examinations, and assignments are just a few new evaluation options made possible by digitalization. This has made it simpler for teachers to provide students with timely feedback and for students to monitor their development. Moreover, formerly difficult-to-quantify talents and competencies may now be evaluated using digital instruments.

Overall, digitization has altered the range of learning by giving students access to previously unattainable options and methods of learning.

What does the Graphy app have in store for the content creators?

Graphy is an ed-tech app that provides courses taught by well-known creators in India. The platform covers various topics, including personal development, entrepreneurship, technology, art, and more. Here are some ways that Graphy can help content creators:

Course creation: Graphy enables content creators to create and sell their courses on the platform, providing them with a new revenue stream and a wider audience for their content.

Marketing and Promotion: Graphy helps content creators market and promote their courses to a large audience through their platform, which has a growing user base in India. Graphy also assists with course creation, course delivery, and marketing.

Course delivery: Once a content creator has created a course, Graphy handles course delivery, including managing the online course, hosting, and payment processing. This helps creators focus on creating content while Graphy takes care of the rest.

Earnings: Content creators on Graphy can earn money from their courses, with revenue shared between the creator and the platform. The creators are free to set the prices for their courses, and they receive a percentage of the sales revenue.

Community engagement: Graphy provides a community platform where content creators can engage with learners, answer their questions, and receive feedback on their work. This helps content creators to build relationships with the audience.

Kohbee: the best Graphy alternative

Creating content is challenging for many educators, especially when finding the right tools to help them do it. Kohbee is an excellent alternative to the Graphy app, making creating content quickly and efficiently easier than ever. 

Kohbee is a top-rated online business app developed for content creators/educators/ coaches/trainers etc., to list and sell Digital Products like eBooks, Audio/Video Courses, Online Services, and more. It provides an easy way to create and manage digital products, accept payments, and manage customer accounts. It also provides powerful analytics and reporting tools to help content creators track their success.

Kohbee stands out from other Graphy app alternatives because it is specifically built for content creators, allowing them to take full advantage of its features. For example, it offers a customizable landing page with built-in SEO features, allowing creators to easily promote their products. 

It also offers detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing creators to track and measure their success. Additionally, Kohbee has a built-in payment gateway system, making it easy to accept customer payments. It also has a powerful content protection system, ensuring creators can securely distribute their products to customers. Finally, Kohbee's mobile app allows creators to manage their businesses on the go.

Kohbee offers a wide range of features, making it an ideal choice for educators. Most notably, it offers a simple, intuitive interface that makes creating content and online courses a breeze. It also has powerful tools that allow multiple users to collaborate on the same project, making it perfect for classroom projects and group activities. 

Why is Kohbee better than Graphy app?

Kohbee is a Graphy app alternative that offers a range of features that make it an ideal choice for content creators, particularly educators. Here are some of the reasons why Kohbee stands out as the best Graphy app alternative:

User-friendly interface: Kohbee has a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to use, making it an ideal choice for educators who may not be tech-savvy. The app is designed to be user-friendly, with simple navigation and a minimalistic design that allows users to focus on creating high-quality content.

Versatility: Kohbee offers a wide range of features that make it versatile for different types of content. Users can create a variety of content formats, such as videos, podcasts, blogs, infographics, and more, making it an all-in-one platform for educators to create and share their knowledge.

Collaboration: Kohbee offers a collaborative platform for educators to create content with other users. This feature is particularly useful for educators who may want to collaborate with other experts in their field or create content with their students. The collaboration feature allows users to work together in real-time and share ideas, making the content creation process more efficient.

Customization: Kohbee offers a high degree of customization for content creators. Users can choose from various templates and themes to personalize their content and make it more engaging. Additionally, Kohbee offers customization options for different media types, allowing users to tailor their content to their audience.

Analytics: Kohbee provides users with detailed analytics that track the performance of their content. This feature is particularly useful for educators who may want to measure the effectiveness of their content and make data-driven decisions for future content creation.

Affordable: Kohbee is an affordable alternative to the Graphy app. It offers a range of pricing plans, including a free plan with basic features and paid plans with more advanced features. This makes it accessible to educators with different budgets.

In summary, Kohbee is an ideal Graphy app alternative for content creators, particularly educators, due to its user-friendly interface, versatility, collaboration features, customization options, analytics, and affordability.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Graphy and Kohbee platforms provide beneficial tools and capabilities for content producers to publish and sell their items online. While Kohbee is the best choice for people who want a more robust platform with integrated SEO, analytics tools, and a payment gateway system, Graphy is a fantastic alternative for those who want to construct an aesthetically stunning and user-friendly online store. In the end, the decision between the two will be based on the demands and tastes of the content producer personally.

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Tired of Paying High Fees at Click Funnels - Choose Kohbee!

Organizations and marketers can use a funnel builder to develop optimized and focused content for their audience at each level of the funnel, which can be a useful tool for content generation and marketing. You may develop tailored content for each funnel level using a funnel builder. As a result, you can produce content tailored to your target market's wants and requirements, which may increase engagement and conversion rates. 

It may also help you construct optimized landing pages to convert visitors into leads or customers. You can utilize templates or start from scratch to create landing pages consistent with your brand's appearance and feel. You can then use A/B testing to gradually increase your conversion rates.

A funnel builder frequently comes with email marketing automation solutions that let you send your leads and customers customized messages depending on their actions and interests. These tools can help you nurture leads through sales and keep them interested in your business. These tools give you information and insights into the effectiveness of your content at every point of the funnel. 

Making data-driven decisions to enhance your content and raise ROI may be done using this information to pinpoint areas that need work. It may also assist you in tailoring your marketing messages and content to your audience, depending on their actions and preferences. This can improve engagement and loyalty among your clients while fostering deeper ties with them.

What Clickfunnels has in store for you all?

ClickFunnels is a popular funnel builder software that offers a range of features and tools to help businesses and marketers create optimized marketing funnels for their products or services. Here are some of the things that ClickFunnels has in store for its users:

Drag-and-Drop Funnel Builder: Users with no coding or design skills can construct landing pages, sales pages, upsell and downsell pages, order forms, and other types of funnel pages using ClickFunnels' drag-and-drop editor.

Pre-Built Funnel Templates: ClickFunnels provides a range of pre-built funnel templates that users can customize to match their brand and message. These templates include various funnel types, such as lead generation funnels, product launch funnels, webinar funnels, and many more.

A/B Testing: ClickFunnels allows users to run A/B tests on their funnel pages to optimize conversion rates. Users can test different variations of their pages, such as headlines, images, and call-to-action buttons, to determine which version performs better.

Payment Integration: ClickFunnels integrates with various payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal, to allow users to collect payments directly from their funnel pages.

Email Marketing Automation: ClickFunnels includes an email marketing automation tool that allows users to send targeted messages to their leads and customers based on their behavior and interests. Users can create custom email sequences, follow-up messages, and other types of automated email campaigns.

Membership Sites: ClickFunnels offers a membership site feature that allows users to create and manage a members-only area for their content. This feature can be used for online courses, coaching programs, and other types of digital products.

Affiliate Program: ClickFunnels has an affiliate program that allows users to earn commissions by promoting ClickFunnels to others. Users can earn up to 40% recurring commissions on their referrals.

Kohbee: the best ClickFunnels alternative

Kohbee, the best clickFunnels alternative,  is an award-winning online teaching app that helps content creators, educators, coaches, trainers, and other professionals to create and sell digital products, such as workshops, courses, and other services. It includes features such as a website builder, course management, student management, and live streaming. 

Kohbee helps its users easily create and manage their content and market their services and products to students. Additionally, it helps reduce the work and time needed to manage these services and products and provides an easy way to monetize them.

What makes Kohbee the best ClickFunnels Alternative?

Kohbee, the best clickFunnels alternative, is a sales funnel builder marketed as an alternative to ClickFunnels. While both platforms offer similar features and tools, here are some reasons why some users might consider Kohbee as the best ClickFunnels alternative:

Affordable Pricing: Kohbee offers a more affordable pricing structure than ClickFunnels, with monthly plans starting at $29. This can be an attractive option for businesses and marketers who are just starting out and want to save on costs.

Easy-to-Use Interface: Kohbee, the best clickFunnels alternative, has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows users to create sales funnels without technical skills or experience.

Mobile-First Approach: Kohbee is designed with a mobile-first approach, which means all its templates and funnel pages are optimized for mobile devices. This can be an advantage in today's mobile-centric world, where more and more users access the internet through their smartphones.

Multiple Integrations: Kohbee, the best clickFunnels alternative, integrates various third-party tools and services, such as email marketing providers, payment gateways, and analytics tools, to help users automate their marketing processes.

Unlimited Funnels and Pages: Unlike ClickFunnels, Kohbee offers unlimited funnels and pages on all of its plans. This means that users can create as many funnels and pages as they need without any restrictions.

Customizable Templates: Kohbee offers a range of templates that users can use as a starting point for their sales funnels. Users can customize these templates to match their brand and message or create their own funnel pages from scratch.

Overall, while both ClickFunnels and Kohbee, the best clickFunnels alternative, offer similar features and tools, Kohbee's affordable pricing, mobile-first approach, easy-to-use interface, unlimited funnels and pages, and customizable templates make it a compelling alternative to ClickFunnels for businesses and marketers who are looking for a more cost-effective and user-friendly sales funnel builder.

Bottom Line

When comparing ClickFunnels and Kohbee, there are several key differences to consider. ClickFunnels primarily focuses on helping users create and launch sales funnels, whereas Kohbee focuses on helping content creators and educators create and manage their digital products. 

ClickFunnels has various features to help users create their funnels, such as a drag-and-drop builder. In contrast, Kohbee has a website builder, course management, student management, live streaming, and more. Finally, when it comes to pricing, ClickFunnels offers various plans, while Kohbee has a flat, subscription-based pricing model.

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Why is Kohbee the best LeadPages alternative?

The way that individuals study, access educational resources, and communicate with instructors and other students has changed due to the work of edtech (education technology) businesses, which greatly influence the education industry. These businesses enable internet access to educational materials and courses for individuals worldwide. Because of this, even individuals who live in rural regions or cannot afford a traditional school may learn new things and develop their talents. 

Personalized learning experiences that are catered to each learner's requirements and learning preferences are now possible thanks to edtech. This is made possible by adaptive learning technologies, which modify the speed, level of difficulty, and course material based on the progress and capabilities of the student. They are building unique and engaging learning tools that engage learners and make learning more entertaining. 

However, creating online education content is not so easy! However, with tools like Kohbee(the best LeadPages alternative)  and LeadPages, the task of the content creators became much easier. Let’s see these two tools in detail in this article.

What does the LeadPages app have to offer?

Leadpages is a popular landing page builder and marketing tool that helps businesses to create and optimize landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and other marketing assets. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for those without coding skills.

Here are the main features of Leadpages:

Landing page builder: Leadpages provides a drag-and-drop builder that allows users to create and customize landing pages from scratch or use one of the many pre-built templates. The builder includes various widgets, such as headlines, images, videos, buttons, forms, and countdown timers, which can be easily added or removed.

A/B testing: Leadpages offers A/B testing functionality, which enables users to test different versions of their landing pages to see which one performs better. Users can test different headlines, images, copy, and other elements to optimize their pages for better conversion rates.

Pop-ups and alert bars: Leadpages allow users to create pop-ups and alert bars that can be triggered by various user behaviors, such as clicking a button or scrolling down the page. These can be used to collect email addresses, promote special offers, or provide helpful information to visitors.

Integrations: Leadpages integrates with various marketing tools, including email marketing platforms, CRM systems, analytics tools, and webinar software. This allows users to connect their landing pages with their marketing stack and automate their lead generation and sales processes.

Lead capture forms: Leadpages provides customizable forms that can be easily added to landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars. Users can choose from various form templates and fields, including name, email, phone number, and more.

Mobile-responsive: All Leadpages templates and landing pages are mobile-responsive, optimized for viewing on different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Lead magnets: Leadpages allow users to create lead magnets, such as eBooks, whitepapers, and webinars, which can incentivize visitors to provide their contact information. These can be easily promoted and delivered through landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars.

Leadpages is a powerful tool for creating and optimizing landing pages, pop-ups, and other marketing assets. Its user-friendly interface, A/B testing capabilities, and integrations with other marketing tools make it a valuable asset for any business looking to improve its online presence and generate more leads and sales.

Kohbee: the best LeadPages Alternative

A smartphone software called Kohbee, the best LeadPages alternative, enables content producers to create and administer their online course materials and, with the support of solid business analytics, expand their businesses. It offers capabilities including topic-based content generation, user segmentation, analytics, and content curation. Content producers can simply access all of their material in one location with Kohbee, engage their audience with pertinent information, monitor the effectiveness of their content, and assess the results of their strategy. To expand their businesses, it lets content producers swiftly produce and share content, cultivate a following, and generate leads.

Among these qualities of the best LeadPages alternative are the following:

  1. Build websites: Build a personal brand and a website to list and sell online courses and other digital goods.
  2. Content creation: Make interactive courses that include multimedia content and tests.
  3. Payments: Offer courses and other digital goods to earn money from your content and take payments from clients directly.
  4. Analytics: Monitor website statistics to gauge the effectiveness of your content.
  5. Live sessions: Conduct live lessons using an integrated LMS application and an interactive whiteboard.
  6. Lead management (step three): Gather and target leads.
  7. Content management: Easily manage and update the material.
  8. Customization: Provide a distinctive user experience by personalizing your website.

Thus, this Kohbee app, the best LeadPages alternative, enables all educators, coaches, trainers, etc., to market and sell digital items, including seminars, online courses, and more. The software has additional capabilities, including content monetization, analytics, website building, course creation, and more. It assists content producers in building their brands, hosting and monetizing their premium material, and monitoring their progress. Kohbee also allows content providers to accept payments from their clients directly and manage their material and courses more efficiently.

How do Kohbee’s features make building content much easier?

With a few easy steps, Kohbee, the best LeadPages alternative, can assist you in creating a website:

  1. Start with drag and drop: Build a website to advertise and sell courses and other digital goods. 
  2. Customize the content: Provide a distinctive user experience by designing your website with various themes and colors.
  3. Insert content To make your website more interesting, include multimedia material like photographs, movies, music, etc.
  4. Gain from your content: Offer your courses and other digital goods, and you'll get paid directly by clients.
  5. Control content: The content management system makes maintaining and updating the material simple.
  6. Analytical tracking Monitor website statistics and gauge how well your content is doing.

Bottom Line

The bottom line in comparing Kohbee and Leadpages is that both tools are great for creating websites, but there are some key differences between them. Leadpages is a well-known option, and it is well suited for creating landing pages quickly and efficiently. 

Kohbee, on the other hand, is more focused on creating an entire website, offering a more comprehensive suite of features. It is also more affordable, making it a good choice for businesses on a budget. It is designed to help content creators, coaches, and trainers list and sell digital products.

Ultimately, the choice between Kohbee, the best LeadPages alternative, and Leadpages depends on your specific needs and budget. If you want a quick and easy way to create a landing page, then Leadpages is probably the better option. However, if you need a more comprehensive website builder and an affordable option, Kohbee might be the right choice.

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Why is Kohbee the best Kajabi alternative?

Content creation has become significantly simpler in recent years thanks to digital tools. Nowadays, many tools at our disposal make generating content quick and simple, including software for site design, video editing, and picture editing. In addition, various technologies, including websites, blogs, and social media platforms, have been developed to simplify material distribution. These technologies enable users to produce material rapidly and distribute it to a large audience, contributing to the rapid growth in content production. Various technologies have been developed to further streamline the process to automate some of the more time-consuming steps in content development, such as formatting and optimization.

Technology solutions like Kajabi and Kohbee facilitate collaboration between highly motivated self-learners and education entrepreneurs (or edupreneurs). Several people could reconsider how they make living thanks to these apps. Several people decided to work for themselves as thought leaders, coaches, and educators because they were fed up with poor pay and lengthy commutes. Increasingly more people are looking to online learning to advance their lives, professions, and skill sets.

In this article, we will analyze the detailed comparison between the Kohbee app and Kajabi and come up with a satisfactory conclusion.

What are the main features that Kajabi has to offer?

Kajabi is a platform for creating and distributing content that assists content producers in developing, promoting, and selling their digital goods. It offers a selection of features and tools that help content producers manage their audience, revenue, and distribution while producing content fast and efficiently. 

Users of Kajabi may view their material while on the road thanks to a mobile app included with the platform. The software enables users to watch videos, read text, and more on their mobile devices while supporting any course hosted on Kajabi. Moreover, Kajabi offers analytics and reporting tools to enable content producers to track the effectiveness of their work and modify their approaches as necessary.

The following are the notable features why content creators love Kajabi:

Content creation coaching: Kajabi offers coaching and guidance to content creators to help them improve their content and grow their audience. You can work with coaches to develop a personalized content strategy and receive feedback on your videos.

Video production tutorials: The app includes video production tutorials that cover various topics, including camera settings, lighting, sound, and editing. These tutorials are designed to help content creators improve the quality of their videos.

Social media promotion tips: Kajabi's course includes tips and strategies for promoting your content on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. You can learn how to create engaging posts and build your following.

Analytics and performance tracking: The app tracks your video's performance over time. You can see how many views, likes, and comments your videos receive, as well as track your growth over time.

Community support: Kajabi's community forum provides a space for content creators to connect and receive support. You can ask for feedback on your videos, share tips and strategies, and connect with other creators in the community.

Why is  Kohbee the best Kajabi alternative?

Kohbee, the best Kajabi alternative, is giving immense competition to the Kajabi app through its strong features and advantages. Educators and content producers may easily develop and share high-quality learning materials with their students and followers thanks to the revolutionary app Kohbee. Users of Kohbee may build multimedia classes and exercises that include interactive features, audio, and video. Users may also track their progress and share courses with their followers and pupils. 

To assist customers in more accurately gauging and comprehending the impact of their content, Kohbee also offers many practical analytics tools. Kohbee, the best Kajabi alternative, has developed into an indispensable resource for content creators and educators by giving users a simple platform for generating and sharing interesting material.

What features make the Kohbee app stand out?

Kohbee is an app that provides content creators a platform to sell digital products. It offers a variety of features that make the process of creating, selling and managing digital products seamless and efficient.  

Kohbee is a powerful and user-friendly app for iPhone and Android, offering a wide range of features and services for both standard and premium users. 

These features include:

Online store creation:  The best Kajabi alternative allows content creators to easily create and customize an online store to showcase their educational products.

Product management: Content creators can manage their products, including setting prices, tracking inventory, and setting up payment processing.

Analytics and reporting: Kohbee, the best Kajabi alternative, provides analytics and reporting insights to content creators to help them better understand their customers and optimize their sales.

Customer support: Kohbee's customer support team can help content creators with questions and problems.

Security: Kohbee's secure infrastructure protects the content creator's and customers' data.

Notes: The Kohbee app includes a notes feature that allows users to easily create and manage notes for tasks, reminders, and other information. Notes can also be shared with other users. 

Tasks: The best Kajabi alternative app includes a task feature that allows users to easily create and manage tasks for themselves or others. Tasks can be assigned to specific users and tracked in real time.

What are the major advantages of using the Kohbee app?

The Kohbee app has become the best Kajabi alternative owning to its amazing strong features:

  1. Easy-to-use drag-and-drop course builder allows content creators to quickly create, edit, and publish digital products. 
  2.  Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track content performance and adjust strategies accordingly. 
  3. Built-in payment processing and secure checkout features enable content creators to quickly and securely process payments. 
  4. A mobile app for iOS and Android allows users to access their content on the go. 
  5. Ability to create coupons and discounts to make digital products more attractive to potential customers. 
  6. Ability to use pre-sale features for marketing and selling digital products before their official launch date. 
  7. Ability to create an affiliate program to incentivize and reward promoters for promoting digital products. 
  8. Ability to track and manage customers and sales. 
  9. Advanced marketing automation and email marketing tools to help content creators reach and engage with their audience more effectively.

Final Words

Kajabi, the best Kajabi alternative is both content production and distribution platform that provide various tools to assist content creators in creating, promoting, and selling their digital products. While Kohbee provides more sophisticated marketing and analytics capabilities, Kajabi primarily offers strong course design and hosting options. The ideal platform for any content producer will ultimately rely on their requirements and preferences.

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Is Kohbee the Best Unbounce Alternative?

Creating and selling digital items is much simpler thanks to new technology and platforms. Manufacturing and selling digital things rapidly and easily with the correct equipment and experience is feasible. Various systems offer the essential capabilities to quickly develop and manage digital product stores, including Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. To assist you in selling your digital products and reaching potential clients, several digital marketing and advertising solutions are now accessible.

You've probably encountered Instapage and Unbounce if you've been looking for a landing page builder. These are two most common among those who create digital material nowadays. Even if both have great advantages, knowing the distinctions before committing is important. These two instruments differ from one another despite sharing numerous characteristics in common. This comparison between the Kohbee app and Unbounce was written to assist you in comprehending and evaluating these differences. Continue reading to discover how each choice stacks up in various categories.

What is the Kohbee app?

Kohbee, the best Unbounce alternative, is a smartphone app that allows content providers, educators, and trainers to advertise and sell digital items such as workshops, online courses, e-books, etc. The app provides a technological backbone for entrepreneurs, creative, and educator businesses worldwide and a suite of tools that make managing digital products and attracting potential clients simple. Kohbee also provides analytics, marketing, and promotion tools to assist content providers in increasing their revenues.

What UnBounce app has in store for the content creators?

Unbounce is a powerful platform for building, optimizing, and personalizing landing pages and website pop-ups. It offers a suite of features to help you create high-converting pages without coding or design experience. It also provides analytics and A/B testing to help you optimize your pages. Unbounce's suite of integrations allows you to connect to other tools and services, such as email marketing, webinar hosting, and more.

What are the main features of the UnBounce app?

UnBounce landing page builder app has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create websites quickly and easily. The app provides various pre-designed templates and elements that users can choose from. Users can drag and drop these elements onto their page and customize them to fit their needs.

UnBounce landing page builder app has a responsive design feature that ensures that websites created with the app are optimized for all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The app automatically adjusts the website layout to fit the device's screen size, providing users with a seamless experience across all devices.

The app provides a wide variety of customizable templates for users. The app includes templates for categories such as e-commerce, real estate, fitness, education, etc. Users can customize these templates by changing colors, fonts, and images to fit their brand identity.

It comes with a form builder allowing users to create custom website forms. The app provides various form elements, such as text boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons, and checkboxes. Users can customize and add these form elements to their website to collect customer information.

UnBounce landing page builder app has an A/B testing feature that allows users to test different website versions to see which performs better. The app provides users with real-time analytics to help them make informed decisions about their website design and content.

The app integrates with third-party tools such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and HubSpot. This integration allows users to track website performance, collect leads, and send emails to their customers without leaving the app.

UnBounce landing page builder app has an SEO optimization feature that allows users to optimize their website for search engines. The app gives users an SEO score for each website page and recommendations to improve their SEO ranking.

The app allows users to collaborate with their team members in real time. The app provides users with a team dashboard where they can share their work and collaborate on website design and content.

UnBounce landing page builder app integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. This integration allows users to create an online store and sell their products directly from their website.

UnBounce landing page builder app provides users with a customer support feature that allows them to contact the support team for assistance. The app provides users a live chat feature, a knowledge base, and email support.

Pros of Using Unbounce

The following are some of the most noteworthy benefits of utilizing Unbounce.

  1. A page builder that is simpler and easier to use, with stunning templates.
  2. A page builder is driven by AI that generates entire pages rapidly.
  3. Built-in conversion tools

Cons of using the Unbounce app

Unbounce, like the other platforms on our list, has drawbacks that may be a deal breaker for certain customers.

  1. Unbounce plans limit your conversions and page views.
  2. Although it can be configured to operate with Shopify or WooCommerce, it does not provide a suitable user experience for eCommerce product pages.

Kohbee app: the best Unbounce alternative 

Kohbee helps easily list and sell digital products such as online courses, eBooks, workshops, etc. This  best Unbounce alternative provides tools to easily create and manage digital products, including a drag-and-drop editor to create digital product listings, a payment gateway and invoicing system, and analytics to track customer engagement and sales. Kohbee also includes marketing tools, promotion tools, and integrations with services like email marketing, webinar hosting, and more.

Kohbee is an easy and efficient way to create, manage, and monetize digital products. With the drag-and-drop editor, users can design and customize their digital product listings quickly and easily, without any coding or design experience. Additionally, Kohbee provides a secure payment gateway and invoicing system, so users can easily accept and manage payments.

Kohbee also offers marketing and promotion tools to help users reach potential customers. This includes analytics to track customer engagement, A/B testing to optimize pages, and integrations with services like email marketing, webinar hosting, and more. Furthermore, Kohbee provides users access to a community of educators, content creators, and coaches to connect with and learn from.

The Kohbee app, the best Unbounce alternative, enables content providers and educators to rapidly and simply create landing pages. It provides a variety of templates and designs alternatives to meet specific demands, as well as the ability for users to modify the appearance and feel of their landing page. A drag-and-drop editor is also included in the app to make developing landing pages easier and more efficient.

Overall, Kohbee is an easy-to-use and comprehensive platform for content creators, educators, and coaches to create, manage, and monetize digital products. Its suite of tools provides users with everything they need to start creating, selling, and promoting digital products.

Why Choose Kohbee?

The following are the primary advantages of utilizing Kohbee:

Easy to use: Kohbee offers a drag-and-drop editor for creating digital product listings, a payment gateway and invoicing system, and analytics to measure client interaction.

Extensive marketing and promotion tools: To assist users in reaching out to potential consumers, Kohbee provides capabilities like A/B testing and connectors with services such as email marketing, webinar hosting, and more.

Broad access and Support: Access to a community of educators, content creators, and coaches: Kohbee allows you to connect with and learn from a community of creators, educators, and coaches.

Safe payment gateway and invoicing system: Kohbee offers a secure invoicing system that allows you to accept and handle payments effortlessly.

Final Words

Overall, Unbounce and Kohbee are good options for developing and managing landing pages. Unbounce excels at creating highly personalized landing pages with many templates and design possibilities, whereas Kohbee excels at swiftly creating and managing landing pages for smaller classes. Based on your exact requirements, either platform might be a good fit for your project.

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Kohbee vs. Instapage - Which one to Choose?

A website is crucial in today's digital environment for businesses of all sizes. On the other hand, building a website may be time-consuming and costly. This is where digital platforms such as landing page builders, AI technologies, and others come in. Fortunately, there are several internet tools available to assist you in quickly creating excellent landing pages. But which is the best? We compared Kohbee with Instapage to help you decide. We highlighted major components of the tools in this post, the pros and downsides, and who each tool is suited for.

What Kohbee app has to offer?

Kohbee is a mobile app that assists content providers, educators, coaches, and trainers in listing and selling digital items such as workshops, courses, and other educational resources. When you utilize the Kohbee app, half of your work burden is automatically reduced; you can use a broad selection of templates and design options to assist them in creating and customizing their unique landing page. Kohbee also offers A/B testing and analytics to improve page performance and a drag-and-drop editor to make developing and managing landing pages easier and more efficient. Users may use Kohbee to quickly and simply construct their own branded app and begin selling digital items to their consumers.

What is the specialty of the Instapage app?

Instapage is a landing page builder application that assists organisations in creating high-converting landing pages for their marketing initiatives. Businesses may use Instapage to quickly and simply develop landing pages without any coding or web design knowledge. Instapage has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly and easily create landing pages. The app offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and elements from which users can choose. Users can alter these items by dragging and dropping them into their page.

What are the main features of the Instapage app?

With the help of Instapage's responsive design functionality, landing pages can be made that are suited for use on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. The app offers consumers a consistent experience across all platforms by automatically adjusting the landing page layout to meet the device's screen size.

It offers consumers a large selection of editable templates to pick from. The software has templates for various industries, including e-commerce, real estate, fitness, and education, among many others. Users may alter these templates by altering the fonts, colors, and graphics to reflect their brand identity.

The program offers various form components, including checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, and text boxes. These form components can be altered by users and added.

Instapage comes with an A/B testing feature that allows users to test different landing page versions to see which one performs better. 

Instapage integrates with third-party tools such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. Users no longer need to leave the app to track the effectiveness of landing pages, gather leads, or send emails to their client's thanks to this connection.

Users of Instapage may instantly communicate with other members of their team. The software offers users a team dashboard to share their work and discuss the layout and content of landing pages.

Instapage comes with a personalization feature that allows users to create landing pages tailored to their customers. The app provides users with dynamic text replacement, which allows them to replace the text on their landing page with keywords that match the user's search query.

Instapage provides users with real-time analytics and reporting that allows them to track the performance of their landing page. The app provides users metrics such as conversion rate, bounce rate, and time on page. Users can use these metrics to make informed decisions about their landing page design and content.

Instapage integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. This integration allows users to create an online store and sell their products directly from their landing page.

Pros of using the Instapage app

  1. A page builder with a basic UI that is simple to use
  2. Plenty of lovely templates to create pages quickly
  3. Compatible with any website builder, including WordPress, several third-party service integrations are available.
  4. Tools for editing and team input

Cons of using Instapage

  1. Costly in comparison to alternative page builder choices
  2. On the Builder plan, there are fewer integrations available.
  3. Prices for the customized plan are not provided.
  4. Less stock photo options

Which features of Kohbee app make it stand out?

Kohbee is an app designed to help content creators, educators, coaches, and trainers list and sell digital products like workshops, courses, and other educational materials. The Kohbee app offers two subscription tiers – the premium and standard versions – to suit different user needs. Both versions offer a range of features and benefits designed to make creating and managing landing pages simpler and more efficient.

The premium version of Kohbee includes all the features of the standard version, as well as additional features and benefits. These include:

• A range of custom templates and design options to help users create and customize their own unique landing pages. 

• An advanced drag-and-drop editor to make creating and managing landing pages simpler and more efficient. 

• A/B testing capabilities to optimize page performance and maximize conversions. 

• Advanced analytics and reporting tools to track page performance and identify areas for improvement.

 • The ability to add custom HTML or JavaScript code for further customization. 

• Support for multiple domains, allowing users to create multiple landing pages for different products or services. 

• Automated email marketing capabilities to help users stay in touch with their customers. 

• Multi-platform support, allowing users to access their landing pages from any device.

The standard version of Kohbee includes all the features of the premium version except the automated email marketing capabilities. This version is designed for users with smaller budgets or who only need basic features for their landing page.

Overall, Kohbee offers a range of features and benefits to help users create and manage their landing pages. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, trainer, or coach, the app can help you quickly and easily create a branded landing page and start selling digital products to your customers.

Why Kohbee is the Best Alternative for Instapages?

• Easy to use, intuitive interface for creating and managing digital products 

• Create and host a customizable website to showcase and sell your digital products 

• Create a customizable mobile app to showcase and sell your digital products 

• Sell live and recorded courses and workshops 

• Ability to create and manage multiple products in one app 

• Generate reports and insights on product performance 

• Security-focused platform with multiple payment gateways 

• Ability to create and manage a premium membership system 

• Integrations with popular third-party tools like Zoom and YouTube

Final Words

Kohbee is a great platform for those who are just starting out in digital product creation and want to create a website or mobile app quickly. Instapage is a great choice for those who want a more advanced platform with a wide range of customization options and deeper insights into user behavior and engagement. Both platforms offer great options for creating digital products, so it’s important to consider your specific needs when choosing the right one for your business.

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Best Funnel Builder for Creators - Kohbee

By making the process of producing high-quality content for individuals and companies easier, faster, and more affordable, digital technologies are transforming the content production sector. Regardless of technological proficiency, they are lowering barriers to entry for content creation. Individuals and organizations may now generate professional-looking content without needing to engage a professional designer or developer thanks to intuitive user interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality. Let's look more closely at how the funnel construction scenario is changing due to these digital technologies.

What is Funnel Building?

Funnel building is a marketing strategy that involves creating a series of steps or actions that guide potential customers through the sales process, from awareness to purchase. The main goal of funnel building is to convert website visitors into paying customers by providing valuable information and guiding them toward a specific action.

Here are the different stages of the funnel and how content creation is related to each of them:

Awareness Stage: A potential customer becomes aware of your brand, product, or service in this stage of the funnel. At this stage, content creation focuses on attracting the attention of your target audience through blog posts, social media updates, videos, and other types of content designed to capture their interest.

Interest Stage: In the interest stage, potential customers actively seek more information about your brand, product, or service. Content creation at this stage involves creating more in-depth and informative content, such as whitepapers, e-books, case studies, and webinars, that provide value and educate potential customers about your offerings.

Decision Stage: In the decision stage, potential customers are considering whether or not to purchase your product or service. Content creation at this stage focuses on providing social proof, testimonials, and other types of content that address common objections and concerns that potential customers may have.

Action Stage: In the action stage, potential customers are ready to purchase. Content creation at this stage involves creating content that encourages potential customers to take action, such as creating landing pages, sales pages, and email marketing campaigns that drive conversions.

What is a funnel builder?

A funnel builder is a software tool or platform that allows marketers and businesses to create and optimize marketing funnels for their products or services. The main purpose of a funnel builder is to help businesses attract, engage, and convert leads into customers by guiding them through a specific sequence of steps.

Funnel builders typically include features and tools that allow users to create landing pages, lead magnets, email marketing campaigns, sales pages, and other content optimized for each funnel stage. These tools often include drag-and-drop editors, pre-designed templates, A/B testing functionality, email automation, and analytics tracking.

Using a funnel builder can help businesses increase their sales and conversions by optimizing their marketing funnel and improving the customer journey. Funnel builders also provide users with data and insights that can help them identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimize their funnel and improve their ROI.

Kohbee app: the best Funnel Builder in the market

Kohbee is a mobile app that helps content creators and educators build and manage online businesses. With Kohbee, you can build your website, create sales funnels, and list and sell digital products such as workshops, courses, and membership plans.

The app provides a range of features to help you create successful sales funnels. These features include creating customized landing pages, creating and managing campaigns, setting up automated email sequences, segmenting audiences, and tracking performance. The app also allows you to create upsells and downsells and offer discounts and promotions.

Kohbee also provides a range of analytics and insights to help you optimize your sales funnels. This includes detailed performance metrics, such as the number of leads, conversions, and sales, and insights into user behavior, such as the pages and products visitors are most interested in.

Here are some of the features of the Kohbee app that help in funnel building: 

• Content curation 

• User segmentation 

• Topic-based content creation 

• Analytics 

• A/B testing 

• Lead scoring and tracking 

• Engagement tracking 

• Conversion tracking 

• Content optimization 

• Performance tracking 

• Impact measurement of strategies

Overall, Kohbee is a powerful tool to help content creators and educators build successful online businesses. It provides a range of features that can help you create effective sales funnels and track performance, as well as detailed analytics and insights to optimize your funnels.

Step-wise guide to using the Kohbee app for funnel building

Here is a step-by-step guide on using the Kohbee app to build a sales funnel:

Create a Website: Use the Kohbee app to create your website and customize it with your desired features and design.

Set Up Automated Email Sequences: Use the app to create automated email sequences to nurture leads and keep them engaged with your product or service.

Segment Audiences: Use the app to segment your audience into different groups to ensure you deliver the right content to the right people.

Track Performance: Use the app to track performance and optimize your funnels by testing different strategies and targeting different audiences.

Create Upsells and Downsells: Use the app to create upsells and downsells to increase conversion rates and revenue.

Offer Discounts and Promotions: Use the app to create discounts and promotions to increase sales and attract new customers.

Generate Detailed Analytics and Insights: The app generates detailed analytics and insights about user behavior and performance.

Create and Manage Campaigns: Use the app to create and manage campaigns targeting different audiences and tracking performance.

List and Sell Digital Products: Use the app to list and sell digital products such as workshops, courses, and membership plans.

Bottom Line

The final line is that Kohbee is an effective and user-friendly funnel builder that may assist educators and content producers to establish prosperous online companies. Kohbee is the ideal option for anyone looking to create successful sales funnels because it has various features to aid you in doing so, such as creating customized landing pages, creating and managing campaigns, setting up automated email sequences, segmenting audiences, and tracking performance. The tool also lets you market and sell digital items and offers a variety of data and insights to help you optimize your funnels. Kohbee is an excellent tool for anyone trying to launch an internet company overall.

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Kohbee vs. Leadpages: Which is best for creators?

A clear website design extends beyond its visual value to how it functions and connects with your audience. Regarding website design, there is a tremendous difference between what makes a decent website and what creates an outstanding one. Figuring it out is the first step in establishing connections with your audience.

Recognizing A Good Website

Since most individuals are unable to define exactly what they like about your design, it's enough that viewing your website provides them a sense of pleasure and a cause to return. To that objective, it is critical to understand what you should consider when building your website, or revamping an existing one, to guarantee it communicates with your target audience.

Going all-in on website traffic generation is necessary, but going all-in with insight into what works for your audience is better. As a result, it is necessary to connect with your audience and keep them coming back to your website. A website's design is more than simply how it appears; it's also how it operates. Most individuals and businesses want new levels of contact with their audience to produce a web design that connects with them. As a result, developing a human-centered website and boosting user experience on their site has become critical.

Leadpages and Kohbee are two of the best platforms that aid in building websites, connecting with the intended audience, and resulting in sales. But which platform is the most matter of consideration? This article will compare Leadpages with Kohbee to see who fares better.

Why should you choose Kohbee instead of Leadpages?

Here is a comparison of Leadpages and Kohbee's features and services:

  1. Pricing: 

Pricing depends on the plan level and monthly cycle you choose when you sign up. They provide a free trial period of 14 days, after which your paid subscriptions will commence. You will not be charged anything if you cancel your membership before the trial ends. They also give you a 7-day grace period for requesting a refund after your free trial time has expired, and you have forgotten to cancel. After 14 days, you'll become a paid member of the Leadpages plan you chose when signing up for your free trial. Their yearly plans are a good method to save money because they include three months free compared to regular monthly plans. Kohbee apps, on the other hand, provide free access to all of its services and products through its SAAS platform. Kohbee is a less-priced alternative to Leadpages. Creators may use them to create branded apps and landing pages and sell virtual content for a 0% commission. Additionally, Kohbee provides growth tools to help you sell your Digital Products.

  1. Appropriate Features: 

If you're an experienced marketer who runs ad campaigns and wants to maximize outcomes with split testing, the Pro plan is for you. If you're starting and desire a high-converting site that appears outstanding without causing too many difficulties, the Standard plan is a wonderful place to start. With a master account and 5 client accounts, each filled with Pro Plan features, sophisticated integrations, and a 1-on-1 onboarding call, the Leadpages Advanced Plan keeps you organized. You may get a Zoom Premium account using Kohbee Premium. You may sell more and make more with Kohbee. Kohbee additionally provides advanced landing pages and methods for creating a sales funnel in which you can upsell and downsell to maximize your revenue.

  1. Website Creation: 

Website creation is necessary for every organization or individual involved in internet commerce. Both Leadpages and Kohbee provide rapid website creation. When creating Leadpages landing pages, the sky is the limit; your membership allows unlimited hosting on a Leadpages domain. In comparison, Kohbee provides design tools that enable you to construct a website for your company in just 60 seconds. This feature is a promising alternative for creator-educators who do not want to spend money or time hiring a professional website designer to get their business started. Leadpages allows you to design a high-converting website with no coding effortlessly. Individuals with no prior coding skills may also create websites with Kohbee.

  1. marketing Management: 

Leadpages query data is handled safely and in compliance with GDPR. An active consent checkbox may also be easily added to any opt-in form. Real-time analytics allows you to easily track the success of your web pages, landing pages, and content, allowing you to adjust as you go. Their conversion features, such as exit-intent pop-ups, third-party analytics, unlimited A/B split testing, unlimited alert bars, and unlimited pop-ups, give you a comprehensive view of your performance. Kohbee provides business management tools such as website tracking and lead generation. The Kohbee app shows the total number of website views and the details of each website lead. All of these tools will help you run your online education business. Both approaches offer advantages. You may select which one to use based on your needs.

  1. marketing & Advertisement: 

Leadpages offers lead-generating marketing. They conducted several split tests, published millions of pages, collected millions of additional leads, and discovered what works and doesn't. All of that experience and knowledge have been included in their builder and templates to guarantee that your efforts in your business do not go to waste or are overlooked. Kohbee helps your online education business expand faster by offering marketing and advertising solutions. It collects data about website visits and allows you to display advertisements on Google and Facebook.

The Bottom Line

It's no longer enough to own a fantastic URL, develop a nice website, and then push, pull, or drag people to it via SEO, sponsored search, and networking to thrive in today's micro-economy.

To succeed, you must generate high-quality leads and turn them into customers. That is not an easy task. As a result, a suitable platform for creating websites and assisting in lead generation is essential.

So we mean it when we claim Kohbee apps are the single most powerful tool for converting clicks into consumers. Your hard-earned online traffic is too valuable to ignore. Kohbee apps-created content is conversion-optimized. It does more than provide information. It persuades individuals and compels actions like subscribe, download, buy, convert, and return for more.

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Creator Economy
Why is the Gig Economy Buzzing?

The gig economy is no longer just a buzzword. It has, instead become a way of working for people across the globe, especially after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Did you know that 59 million Americans (36% of the total American workforce) are freelancers? And did you know that the size of the gig economy in India is expected to reach $445 billion, growing at a CAGR of 17% by 2024?

People worldwide have developed a keen interest in gig work for several reasons: predominantly, the flexibility it offers and the ability to work remotely. Today, we will look at the various reasons why this gig and creator-economy has become such a big deal. So, let’s begin.

What is the Gig Economy?

What does a person making a food delivery to someone for Zomato and an individual working on a 5000-word long whitepaper for an organization have in common? Can you guess? Well, they both are a part of the gig economy.

Essentially, the gig economy, also referred to as the passion economy can be defined as a labor market where freelance work or short-term contracts prevail as opposed to permanent jobs. Members of the gig economy are independent contractors, freelancers, or side hustlers, and not traditional full-time employees.

People working in the gig economy can sign up for different kinds of customer-facing jobs such as courier services or ride-sharing apps, while others may choose to work for a company on a freelance basis.

Owing to the growing popularity of the gig economy, several reputed companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Instacart, and Lyft are looking to hire gig workers. Similarly, startups like Swiggy, Blinkit, and Zepto are also hiring gig workers for 10-minute grocery deliveries. On that note, let’s look at some significant global gig economy statistics:

·         The number of gig workers globally is expected to increase from 43 million to 78 million by the end of 2023.

·         In about 40% of the companies across the globe, one in every four workers is a gig worker.

Why is the Gig Economy Becoming So Popular?

There are several reasons why the creator-economy is growing by leaps and bound. Some of the most notable ones are mentioned below:

·         Cheaper labor for businesses: With the gig economy, both small to medium-sized enterprises and big-scale organizations can save a considerable amount of money. Because gig workers are not full-time employees, they are not entitled to the same benefits which may include insurance, pension, perks and bonuses, etc. Additionally, organizations can reduce overheads by paying people only for the work they do. Thus, they don’t have to pay someone to sit around even when there is no work to do.

·         Increased options for workers: The gig economy presents workers with many different opportunities. They no longer have to stick with one single employee or work in one field only. They can experiment with a range of clients to identify the most lucrative work opportunities and follow their passion while doing so.

·         Opportunity to earn extra cash: An opportunity to earn some additional cash is something that drives many individuals. As a gig worker, one can easily take on a bit of extra work to earn a side buck in addition to their earnings from their mainstream career.

·         Greater flexibility: One of the foremost reasons for the popularity of the passion economy is that it allows more control over one’s work. Gig workers get to choose their own hours and workloads, thereby enabling greater flexibility.

·         Cheaper and improved services for the customers: With the gig economy, customers can easily get access to cheaper, quicker, and more efficient services, such as immediate rides that are more convenient and cheaper than most conventional cab services.

What Does the Gig Economy Mean for the Future of Work?

Of late, the gig economy has picked up a lot of momentum and it is only expected to increase in the coming times. Many experts believe that the future will see an increased emphasis on temporary and contractual jobs focused on skill. And this will also make space for greater competition for talent, reduced hiring costs, and organizations becoming much more agile and receptive to the market.

Become a Part of the Gig Economy with Kohbee

Now if you are wondering how to make money in the gig economy, the answer is Kohbee.

Kohbee is an incredible online platform that allows you to create online-courses and sell them to a worldwide audience. If you possess in-depth experience and expertise in a specific subject, you can create an online course on it and become a part of the creator-economy. You can then market your course on Kohbee and collect payments from a global audience within minutes.

I want to monetize my content!

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How to build a strong personal brand?

What Is A Personal Brand?

Personal branding is establishing and advertising who you are as a person. The process to build a personal brand is a collection of one’s unique experiences, abilities, and values.

Building an effective personal brand is a component of the "selling" process for influencer marketing, freelancers, and networking opportunities. A personal brand boosts confidence, opens doors to new opportunities, and allows one to better understand the product or service.

The concept of "personal branding" is completely alien to most individuals. However, in this Internet age, when everything, both positive and negative, remains forever on the web,  building a strong personal brand  as it's more vital than ever.

Your personal brand is the impression that others have of you professionally. 

Before the internet, your personal brand was just your business card. Few individuals might have heard of you unless you were well-known in the media or served prominently as the essence of advertising. You are significantly less anonymous in today's extremely public environment when every minor move is debated in detail on social media. Hence, build a personal brand to establish your stand.

Examples Of Creators Selling And Multiplying Revenue With Strong Personal Brands

Each individual or business has their own personal brand. People will perceive individuals, particular services, and corporate brands similarly. Post you  build a strong personal brand; you can control what others consider and feel when they connect with you by taking control of your personal brand.

Companies like Adidas, for example, have spent a great deal of effort and attention developing a reputation as a business for athletes and fitness lovers. Adidas has  built a personal brand  & communicates its brand via everything it offers and marketing strategies, including its appearance on social media.

When it comes to building a personal brand for self, Ali Abdaal is the best example. He is a doctor and YouTuber based in the United Kingdom who built a strong personal brand for himself. He has pushed for almost 5 years to accumulate 2 million YouTube subscribers. He primarily focuses on how we may have brighter, healthier, and more productive lifestyles by motivating people to accomplish more of what they are passionate about.

We can readily claim that Apple is one of our generation's most successful brands. We have heard of their name as they must build a strong personal brand. Since they associate themselves with high-end products, innovative design, vibrant storefronts, and friendly people, their brand identity deepens.

entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Most first-time businessmen fight to develop feasible ideas, and many fail due to a lack of a sound plan. And it is here that Noah Kagan has established himself. Kagan has  built a strong personal brand  for himself, with the majority centred on actionable advice to assist individuals in discovering, planning, and launching businesses.

How Can Kohbee Help Creators Strengthen Their Personal Brand?

For a business to likely succeed in the modern day, a person must be active on internet platforms. Being a creator or a freelancer underlines the need to be active on internet networks. A creator must create an internet website for this aim. A well-designed internet website may be extremely beneficial to their business.

Once you understand the significance of creating an online interface for your work, the next step is selecting an ideal website builder. There is no better option for an online website than Kohbee. If you pick Kohbee as your website builder, you will be supplied with all the equipment and software you need to manage your website smoothly. The expertise at Kohbee can handle anything from developing your website to protecting it.

Kohbee can help creators strengthen their brand with the developed online website. Kohbee offers a solid technical assistance framework and processes to help you run and expand your teaching business. Kohbee offers a low-cost end-to-end solution for setting up, managing and growing any online education business via a mobile-first platform. 

“As technology rapidly changes, your personal brand remains constant.”

Strengthening the personal brand for any business or creator is made possible as Kohbee supports launching apps, launching a storefront, creating money creating funnels that will help creators target a large audience and monetize them. Kohbee also helps creators run ads and provide necessary help in monetizing content. Kohbee helps the creators build a presence on the internet and build a personal brand.

“Your brand must communicate the value that you bring to a working relationship.”
―  idowu koyenikan,   

Sensing today's revolutionary educational technology system, Kohbee promises to enable anybody who wants to commercialize their skills and become exceptional educators in their industry. Kohbee app assists in building a strong personal brand and make you stand out from others.

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Creator Economy
Why Kohbee is the best Click funnels alternative?

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

You may constantly find strategies to develop and increase your online business as a creator. Are you familiar with ClickFunnels? If so, do you truly comprehend it? Have you ever thought about what ClickFunnels can accomplish for your business and how you could use it? 

ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder that is available online. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder that assists businesses in automating their sales process from start to finish. It gives you the ability to regulate each phase of the buying journey.

You can use ClickFunnels to create ordinary websites, opt-in pages, landing pages, subscription websites, funnel pages, webinars, and many other things. Furthermore, it enables users to create sales funnels using various pre-made, configurable templates.

ClickFunnels is frequently used by businesses and entrepreneurs to sell and advertise their products and services. Others, on the other hand, use it to help with potential client-generating efforts for their internet businesses.

ClickFunnels operates transparently. It allows you to create sales funnels that convert visitors into prospects. And it pursues them til they evolve into true customers. It can assist you in collecting money and tracking how each page appears in your funnel.

Kohbee -The Best Click Funnels Alternative

Kohbee is the best click funnels alternative. Kohbee's software has aided in the creation of over 10,000 websites. Your data is secure with Kohbee. There is no third-party access to your content, and you have complete choice over what you wish to share with the rest of the world. The best kohbee alternative, like Clickfunnels, is an all-in-one marketing solution. Kohbee is becoming the most user-friendly software on the market.

You may use Kohbee to establish your customised website and app to offer recorded courses, seminars, and live sessions, and you can manage everything from your phone. On the website, each visitor may become a lead, and you can keep track of them with the app's CRM capabilities.  Hence creating customizable websites is easy with just a few clicks using Kohbee. The platform simplifies these processes by providing individuals with pre-installed funnel options for recorded courses and seminars.

You may utilise special offers to provide discounts to leads and convert them into paying customers. Using Kohbee to manage your schedule is a breeze. Using this robust software, you may attend live lessons, exchange recordings, accept monthly fees, and send messages and emails. Everything you require to start monetising premium content is right here. Kohbee is now utilised by over 200k creators worldwide. 

What Does The Best Kohbee App Alternative Have To Offer?

  • Improves the user experience significantly.
  • It is an all-in-one toolkit that may be used in place of third-party initiatives.
  • Make a website that makes a good first impression.
  • Build your audience's trust using easy blog tools.
  • Convert your expertise into recurring revenue.
  • Your pages, webpages, and blogs may be edited with a single tool.
  • Spend less time dealing with automation.
  • Keep track of and administer your customer information.
  • In real-time, discover what is effective and what doesn't work.
  • Create a simple page that focuses on the fundamentals.
  • Get information on opt-ins, page views, click-throughs, and other metrics.
  • Create funnels that guide your consumers from ignorance to acceptance.

You can create funnels that attract potential clients from everywhere on the internet, including Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google, and convert them into paying customers with kohbee's Funnels.

Leverage sales funnels to bring consumers through a guided journey that optimises earnings while decreasing effort. CRM technologies may be used to store customer data, analyse their behaviour, and enhance your operations.

By carefully evaluating what connects with each contact, tracking your conversations, and measuring a customer's performance to help keep them engaged, you will be able to build deeper connections.

Best Click Funnels Alternative - online-courses with Kohbee

Individuals are using online-courses to transform their skills and knowledge into a source of revenue. With Kohbees' updated course-building themes and drip settings, creating a productive online course has never been easier. The Funnel editing tool may be used with your courses, allowing you to control user enrolment and access. It's a quick and easy method to hide your most valuable content. 

Individuals can use Kohbees' ability to construct websites with a wide range of materials to leverage their expertise into recurring income. You may use these sites to experiment with new training concepts and turn your knowledge into a high-value resource that consumers are fascinated by and would like to acquire.

Why Is Kohbee Website Builder Better?

The Kohbees Editor provides a simple, drag-and-drop toolkit for creating the ideal website, landing page, or funnel. The best online-teaching app and website builder for teachers, tutors, educators, and instructors is the best Kohbee app alternative. Kohbee's free, plus, and premium plans all assist you in establishing an excellent website. You may use the numerous tools and equipment provided to create a stunning and user-friendly course website. 

Using Kohbee website builder, users can use designer templates to create professional websites. You may search the internet for hundreds of images and designs and instantly upload them to your online page without incurring costs. 

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Creator Economy
The Booming creator-economy: How Is It Different?

The creator-economy is made up of people who have a monetisable passion. Platforms are the tools that enable creators to earn money while doing what they love. Since the initial version of the creator-economy was published, billions have been committed in the space by some of the most well-known investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Northzone, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and others. Additionally, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok have formed their own creator funds, which offer tools and resources to incentivise producers to collaborate with them.

Join the Kohbee Creator Community!

Improved technology has significantly aided the success of the creator-economy.


In the past, many creators had to spend a lot of money on expensive  equipment to pursue their dreams. For example, if you wanted to capture good photos, you required a high-end camera with numerous lenses. Specialised video cameras were only held by a few dedicated video lovers. Anyone with a smartphone nowadays has a decent still and video camera in their pockets. While most writers still require a laptop or, in a pinch, a tablet, these devices are now widely available and reasonably priced. In some ways, building a creator-economy helps provide the user with more control. Rather than attempting to manipulate social media algorithms, creators might theoretically rely on more consistent revenue from fans. They can choose which projects they want to work on, such as newsletters, live streams, or audio chats.


The evolution of relevant tools and platforms has influenced creator content. Video production, for example, was once limited to professional film and television producers who produced a small number of videos, usually for mass audiences. A few committed amateurs have created films and movies using somewhat expensive and specialised equipment. Amateur filmmakers now have a place to upload and share footage thanks to the launch of YouTube in 2005, and phone manufacturers began to integrate video cameras into their smartphones. Due to sluggish internet speed, YouTube had limited use at first. However, with the advent of faster Internet and more affordable cell phones, nearly everyone now has access to a video camera.

Future of the creator-economy

The creative economy did not emerge overnight, and it continues to grow swiftly. As a secondary or primary source of income, more people are creating content to advertise their businesses and earn money.

Unlike other industries and sectors that rely on natural resources, the creator-economy has a lot of possibilities for expansion because content production is virtually exclusively done online. Even though there are currently so many big content creators, there are plenty of niches and subcultures for them to go into. Thousands of YouTubers, streamers, and other content creators now make a career from their work with growing trends in the creator-economy. NFTs and the Metaverse have opened new avenues for content creators to monetise and share their work. New platforms and content types will emerge in the future for producers to use. 


The rising creator-economy is reliant on various revenue streams and technologies. Because of the technology's scalability, creators may now perfect their abilities and learn how to generate content, engage enormous audiences, and make a living doing what they love. The correct technology not only reduced manufacturing costs by using low-cost software, but it has also reduced the difficulty of distribution by using social media and other networks. Several tools have also arisen to help creators contact fans in new formats, such as live streaming and short-form videos, attaching consumers to the platforms themselves. Kohbee is the best platform for content creators to sell their online-courses as well as other content. Download the Kohbee app to distribute your valuable content and reach various audiences in a short span of time! 

Join the Kohbee Creator Community!

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What Makes An Online Course Sell Out In A Few Hours?
sell online-courses

Consumers buy online-courses as they are interested in gaining information for a job move or starting, obtaining certification in a subject to advance their careers, continuous learning, academic preparation, and learning a new skill or subject.  Continue reading to get to know the best practice to sell online-courses fast

Before we explain how you can make an online course go viral, here is a brief summary of the steps, you need to take to sell out your online course in a matter of few hours:

  1. Choosing the Best Topic Possible
  2. Know that your topic must have a high demand
  3. Create the Course and Put your best effort
  4. Start Pre-Selling Your Course
  5. See your course go viral when you do the final release

1. Choose the Best Topic

Your course topic must be something you are passionate about. If you are not enthusiastic about your subject, it will be clear, and your instruction will be as boring as a cardboard sandwich. Think about your abilities, talents, and life experiences. Write down as many items that come to mind that represent your passions, skills, and experience on a piece of paper. After that, write down the top 2-3 themes where your aspirations, skills, and experience/achievements connect. You do not have to teach a university-level course to make money offering online-courses. The possibilities for course subjects are unlimited; here are a few examples of online-courses:

  • Guitar
  • Yoga 
  • Photography 
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Roller skating
  • Sewing
  • Technology and computers
  • entrepreneurship and business
  • Craftsmanship
  • Fitness and health
  • Education
  • Writing
  • Personal development/lifestyle
  • Achieving adulthood
  • Entertainment
  • Maths and science.

These are wide-ranging topics. You could look for a more specialised niche. In short, if you enjoy your topic, are competent at it, and have prior experience (formal or informal) with it, write down as many items that come to mind that represent your passions, skills, and experience on a piece of paper. After that, write down the top 2-3 themes where your aspirations, skills, and experience/achievements connect.

2. Ensure that your course concept is in high demand.

After choosing your online course topic, you will need to undertake a series of market research tests to see if there's a market for it. Many course authors believe that if their topic area has a lot of competition, their course idea will fail. However, this indicates a good likelihood of strong market demand for that course idea, making it worthwhile to investigate further. The following are some things to look for:

(i) Are people looking for it and inquiring about it?

Search volume is an excellent approach to confirm demand for a certain online course topic. Through Google Ads, you may utilise the Google Keyword Planner for free. You can type in your keywords to see how many people are looking for your online course concept. It will also recommend other keywords that visitors may use to locate your course. Here are some qualitative techniques for comprehending how to cover your online course concept:

  • Try looking for your possible topic on Reddit or Quora to see what comes up and how frequently it is discussed.
  • If you're a member of any Facebook groups, or even if you administer one, go through them and utilise the search tool to learn about your potential audience's issues. (also known as social listening)

(ii) Is there a gap between what you and the competition offer?

It is critical to set yourself out from the competition. So do some research to find out who your competitors are and what services they provide. There is a minimal possibility you are the first to come up with your concept. However, there's a strong chance you may approach a topic in a unique way for a new audience.

(iii) Will someone pay money to have your course solve a problem?

There are a few approaches to ensure that your online course has market potential:

  • Selling your course in advance — Pre-selling is a terrific method to avoid the sad predicament of developing a course that no one buys. People frequently purchase courses before their creation. It's one of the most effective ways to start an online course. 
  • Competition: It is not a terrible thing to find competitors selling a similar online course. It implies that you have access to a money source. Online course marketplaces are a convenient way to see what is available and can also serve as a marketing strategy to complement your main online course site.
  • Talking to your audience - You are missing out on valuable information if you are not talking to your audience. Inquire about their difficulties and whether they would be willing to pay for a course to help them overcome them.
  • Keyword Research - You will see how many people search for programs like yours on Google by utilising Google's keyword planner. Give heed to the "bid cost" — the higher the cost per click, the more successful the product.

If you answered yes to all three questions and your concept is similar yet distinct from what is presently available, you have a course proposal that has the potential of being a best seller.


The best way for you to sell your courses fast and efficiently is through the Kohbee app. What are you waiting for? Download it right away to unleash the new opportunities in your way and for quick monetization of your content. 

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How creators can save money while filing taxes - Section 44 ADA

India has different types of businesses, and its economy is robust. With its rising industries, like building, automobile manufacture, and mineral production, the country has the world's fastest-growing major economy. India is among the world's top import and export countries, with about US$189.93 billion-worth export in FY23. 

Given the wide variety of enterprises operating in India and the numerous prospects for success, it is understandable that some Indian experts have achieved levels of success that would qualify them as "micro" companies under Section 44ADA.

What Is Section 44ADA?

Under Section 44AA(1) of the Income Tax Act of 1961, Section 44ADA offers small professionals a straightforward way of taxes. The Act cites several professions where Section 44ADA may be applicable, including engineering, architecture, content creators, law, and accounting. The Income Tax Act of 1961's Section 44AA(1) lists the occupations presumed to generate earnings and gains under India's Section 44ADA.

This act protects taxpayers in particular income groups from needless examinations. For example, it relates to specialists like engineers, content creators or auditors whose total receipts do not exceed Rs 150 lakhs (Rs 1.5 million). Under Section 44ADA of the Indian tax code, these professionals can submit their reports just once every three years. It allows them to save time and funds without violating compliance standards.

Such taxpayers may report their earnings and pay taxes by a specified profit ratio under the Indian Act without presenting any invoices or other supporting documentation. They must submit their tax returns for income online just like the other Indian taxpayers per Section 44ADA of the Indian Tax Code. When they choose this option, Section 44ADA of the Indian Tax Code offers tax assistance by lowering the due tax penalties and the mortgage rate for unpaid taxes. More than 5,00,000 taxpayers in India are enroled under the Section 44ADA scheme.

Advantages of Section 44ADA for Content Creators

Section 44ADA of the Indian Tax Code lets low-income professionals operate more seamlessly and effectively without sacrificing regulatory standards. Between using India's Section 44ADA and submitting annual returns each year, Section 44ADA is preferable. It offers an alternative to monthly files and tax relief through a reduced penalty for filing late and a reduced interest rate for unpaid taxes.

Section 44ADA of India also aids reimbursements to professionals as soon as they are due. The presumptive taxation arrangement is appropriate for people who have chosen it. Income tax assessees may utilise this Act without the need for submitting the documentation of their expenditures.

Since the Act uses a prescribed technique to compute profits based on payments collected daily, taxpayers need not keep accounts in books or document their earnings. This Act appeals to small business professionals who do not wish to deal with the trouble of maintaining books of accounts and proving costs. India's Section 44ADA assists taxpayers by calculating their taxable income. This Act requires taxpayers just to complete one quick form (Form No. 3CD).

How Creators Should Use Presumptive Taxation for Filing Taxes 

  • The profession is enroled or is presumed to have been registered with a State Council established under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 [which is now incorporated in either the Dentists Act, 1948 (16 of 1948) or the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 (102 of 1956), depending on the situation], or with any other authority established under any State Act
  • The trade volume regarding such profession during the pertinent prior year didn't exceed INR 50 lakhs

The content creator may be eligible for 44ADA benefits if these requirements are met. In India, different state registration councils carry out the registration following separate Acts. A Federal Council does not represent all Indian professions in India. Thus, only those recognised under a State Act and whose annual revenue does not exceed INR 50 lakhs or whose monthly pay is more than INR 25,000 are eligible for this advantage.

The presumptive taxation procedure outlined in Section 44ADA is straightforward. This strategy analyses a profession's profit and gains in terms of factors such as the structure of the company, its resources and circulation and accounts for the appropriate proportion of each factor.


The Income Tax Act of 1961's Section 44AA(1) lists the occupations presumed to generate earnings and gains under India's Section 44ADA. India is one of the most appealing locations for professionals worldwide because it also provides some remedies to expert taxpayers who work with professionals like content creators, doctors and lawyers.

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Creator Economy
How to handle stress while creating content?

Creating content can be stressful because one is unaware of how and when it may fetch them money. In the initial phase, one must start building up followers from scratch; to attract them, one needs to generate a substantial volume of content. Lets discuss ways you can handle stress while creating content.

Although stress is inevitable while creating content, one must find ways to cope with it.

Here are some ways to handle stress:

Set up SMART goals: We often commit mistakes while setting goals. Goals need to be set up considering our physical and psychological abilities. Setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals can work wonders.

Social support: People typically isolate themselves during stressful times, working alone for long hours, staying awake at night and isolating themselves from their families and friends. However, our social networks considerably help us cope with stress, providing emotional and tangible support. Hence, they are our best resources during stress. Therefore, while creating content, one should spend time with their kith and kin as it helps build resilience. Intake Fluid: A primary stress hormone, cortisol, is secreted due to stress. One feels drained and dehydrated and often consumes tea, coffee, or energy beverages. However, these drinks contain caffeine, which leads to dehydration, causing headaches and sleeplessness (insomnia). Caffeine is a diuretic; it increases one’s loo breaks and disrupts one’s flow of thoughts.

  • Mind your stressors:
  • Finance: The most prevalent source of stress while writing is finance. Most people worry about money as the income generated from content writing varies. One is never sure about the earning potential. Income generation may take a few days to months and even years to materialize, resulting in considerable stress as it can hinder financial plans. Getting success by creating a new product is always dicey. One needs to calculate their monthly income by creating an excel sheet displaying the income earned during the past 6–12 months. This calculation helps monitor income flow and prevent binge-spending. It facilitates calmness and control and helps resist temptation. Set aside emergency funds for better finances. Such funds can help maintain peace of mind and avoid haste. Having a proper track of finance helps you handle stress and maintain a proper, realistic budget.

  • Environmental factors: Noise, temperature, workplace and traumatic events are environmental stressors and can cause hindrance while writing. One must calm down and leverage stress management techniques to overcome such stressors. To overcome noise, one must create a noise-free environment because too much noise can impede the flow of thoughts. If the temperature outside is too hot or cold, it can affect one’s mental wellbeing. Extremely cold temperature causes lethargy, whereas extreme heat may lead to irritation, hampering flow of ideas. A balanced atmosphere is essential for writing. An unfavorable or uncomfortable workplace may interrupt writing. De-clutter the place before you start writing. To ensure a refreshing work environment, one may use fresh plants and ensure proper light and ventilation in the room. If table plants are placed on the desk, they make you feel good and refreshed. It releases stress. Life events are an integral part. We can have traumatic events anytime. These events often come like flashbacks which can be disturbing. Carefully handle them before setting your mind to writing. Use of relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, listening to music, and biofeedback can be helpful.

Healthy lifestyle: Regular exercise, diet, and fixed sleep hours help to rejuvenate the mind and body. They induce new ideas with novelty and better content. Mental wellbeing: A positive attitude and positive thinking can help draft content better, increase confidence, and reduce stress. One must work toward overcoming unhealthy and unhelpful habits like avoidance, procrastination, and perfectionism. Overcoming these habits is beneficial in the longer run. Developing rational thinking helps challenge distorted thoughts and irrational beliefs and replaces them with positive ones. Journaling: Maintain a journal for writing and keep a record of the day to day work. Documenting these activities will help in generating new ideas. Sometimes the content gets fluid; racing thoughts may hinder the flow of writing. To stabilize the flow, make a hierarchical flow of events to ensure organized conten

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Grow Your Personal Brand And Sell Digital Products with Email marketing

A list of active email subscribers is one of the best advertising tools for creators who sell digital products. It might also be a way for many creators to make a living.

One needs to rely on email campaign tools or a systematic plan tailored to how customers buy digital goods if one seeks a tried-and-true method for growing the brand, i.e., building on lead generation.

Here is something one should know:

  • Four billion people use email every day. By 2025, this figure is projected to increase to 4.6 billion.
  • Over 306 billion emails are shared each day.
  • 64% of small businesses utilize email marketing to contact customers.
  • Just 1.3% of brands are cutting their email expenditure, while 37% are increasing it.

With the correct email marketing strategy, one can gather site visitors' contact information, develop connections, and eventually turn them into paying clients.

We'll discuss five strategies for lead generation to grow the brand and sell digital products via email marketing.

Make Use of Polished Email Newsletter Templates

Building and maintaining connections with prospects through email marketing is a great way to persuade them to purchase digital products. But, before strengthening that connection, one must demonstrate to the intended audience that they can put their trust in them. One method to achieve this is by creating email newsletters with a professional appearance.

Offer It for Free

If a person is beginning from scratch, they can create and distribute free material to build interest and leads for the paid digital products or utilize an established reputation as an authority to draw attention to the products. Give customers the option to download free samples to obtain a glimpse. The option to sell printed versions of the courses, including DVDs, books, and even extra reading materials, is a good one too. Clients can find all they require in one location.

Use Powerful Words

The email marketing content might be written in a way that will appeal to the prospects. Compared to just "poor sales," "excruciatingly reduced sales" has more impact. All of this has to do with how the term "excruciatingly" conjures up a more emotionally intense and vivid image for the viewers.

To help one achieve just that, here are a few pointers one should keep in mind:

  • Aim for an emotion. By framing the email copy around the target audience's potential pain areas and what they will experience when the solution supports this process and their issues, one may appeal to their passions.
  • Additionally, one can utilize "healing phrases" for pain points in their opening sentence. If one needs help coming up with ideas, use subject generator programs like the AI-powered Automizy.
  • Delve more deeply into the sore spot. One can be clear and use language that directly addresses the leads' concerns.
  • Get Industry-Specific Webinars

Webinars are particularly beneficial since they frequently impart new knowledge or provide crucial insights into a particular industry.

The most effective promotion method for webinars is email, which can generate up to 57% of registrations, with a 27% higher conversion rate.

Additionally, webinars are a great way to convert those leads into paying clients. If the webinar host is an authority in their profession, the audience will respect and believe them. The likelihood of attendees purchasing anything from someone they trust is much higher.

Plan The Timing Of The Email Subscription Pop-Overs

Pop-overs can be bothersome if they aren't used appropriately. To increase the likelihood that individuals will provide users with their email addresses, one must time their pop-overs properly rather than display them at random intervals.

At the absolute least, one should be aware of when they should show up to avoid losing potential clients.

There isn't a universal timing guideline for the pop-overs, though. Generally, one can wait until after one has given the audience something of value before letting pop-overs appear; this will satisfy the readers' WIIFM (what's in it for me).

One may, for instance, display their pop-overs after providing a solution or an explanation to one of their readers' most aggravating issues. In this approach, their audience will be more likely to respond to their proposal when they see the pop-up because they have already built trust and rapport with them.

Is Everyone Prepared To Market Their Products Via Email?

Email marketing, when used well, can be a treasure for the internet business. It can assist in generating sales, nurturing leads, and even increasing sales.


Utilizing email marketing is essential for digital product businesses. Considering how crucial client trust is to selling digital goods and growing the brand, maintaining a strong relationship with the customers is essential for a successful online business.

Sell Digital Products with Kohbee

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Creator Economy
What is the future of the passion economy ?


The rapid transformation in the economy - from a gig economy of contract service to a creator-economy of creators and entrepreneurs - has given birth to the term Passion economy. The term was born in Silicon Valley among a small group and has spread like wildfire globally. India is witnessing a massive wave of creators, creator educators, and entrepreneurs who make money simply by following their passion.

What is the Passion Economy?

An economy fueled by digital products and services marketed across the globe via social and digital platforms is what constitutes Passion Economy. The new wave of freelancers and entrepreneurs is breaking archaic chains of traditional marketing with the single tool of digitalisation. Connecting directly to global audiences, these creators are converting their knowledge and skill into marketable products and services, which forms the foundation of passion economy.

Creator educators are a big part of this passion economy. Teachers previously engaged with institutions have today become self-made entrepreneurs who function independently through edutech platforms. Individuals passionate about educating and creating awareness are creating digital content consumable by audiences across the world. The passion economy is the future economy because it not only empowers individuals to sell their products and services but also increases the reach of such products and services. The popularity of passion economy can be further attributed to consumers, who now have access to a larger variety of products and services to choose from. Another factor contributing to the rise of the passion economy is the failure of traditional social media giants to curate content that satisfies consumers and caters to their needs. Thus, consumers are switching to newer content created by creators and creator educators to fulfil their demands.

Statistics related to the Passion Economy

In the past decade, the passion economy has grown faster than technology. The global figure has crossed 100 billion USD. A trembling crack in the economy was felt during COVID. According to the ILO (International

Labour Organisation), the world faced a tremendous loss of 400 billion full-time jobs during the pandemic. At this crucial time, the passion economy saved the day, creating groundbreaking digits in the global economy. India alone has experienced a 2x growth during the pandemic, showing an upward trend even after the cessation of lockdown. It is as if a discovery was made during the pandemic, which changed the Indian scenario drastically. Both consumers and creators continue to use online platforms. The businesses that sprung up during this period continue to flourish. In the past three months, the Indian passion economy went into a new boom with growth levels equal to that of the past whole year. The passion economy also gave rise to new professions like social media marketing and digital consultancies. Digital and technological developments are trying hard to keep pace with the new wave. Innovation can be seen in every aspect to keep up with the rising demand by consumers. Companies like TagMango have gained 600 million Indian subscribers, exemplifying the potential of the passion economy in India. Statistics predict a billion-dollar passion economy in India by 2025. In fact, employment will have a different appearance and meaning through the lens of the passion economy.

Rise of the passion economy in India

Owing to its population, India has an enormous consumer base. It is also a reservoir of knowledge and skill waiting to be recognised by the world. If we put these two statistics together, we can safely conclude that India is the largest potential contributor to the passion economy. India has been moving with an upward trend of 25% after COVID. The reason is that after the pandemic, there was a surge of employees leaving conventional full-time jobs to sign-up for entrepreneurship in the creator-economy. The needs of an employee have changed after the two-year-long pandemic. Individuals are looking forward to flexible working hours, greater autonomy, and a hybrid phygital model - a combination of on-site and at-home work. This holds true for the Indian scenario. Workations and workstations have become such an integral part of work-life for any Indian employee that staying for long hours in an office seems unreasonable. The 2022 Linktree Creator Report said that full-time employees have also started their creator journey. According to the report, 66% of the Indian workforce has started creating content part-time, while 43% spend at least 5 hours or more on a weekly basis creating original content; the remaining 34% are creators who create content on a yearly basis. This means that every employee is essentially a creator riding the wave of the passion economy in India.

How can Kohbee power the passion economy?

We, at Kohbee are building tools for creators to help them monetize their content. With Kohbee, creators can launch their own courses, workshops, ebooks, conduct one on one sessions, sell digital products and more. You can link your custom domain to your kohbee storefront. That's not it, you can issue certificates, coupons and connect with your audience like never before. Ready to launch? Join the Kohbee Creator Community and start monetizing your content now! WANT TO BECOME THE NEXT BIG CREATOR?Join Kohbee to Fastrack Your GrowthSIGN UP Join the Kohbee Creator Community

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Step-by-step guide for a successful online workshop

Online workshops are an effective tool used by educational institutions, professional workplaces, creative professionals, and content creators to impart specific lessons or skills. They also bring people together to share new ideas, knowledge, or art. In this article, we will talk about types of educational workshops for students and learners in general.

Conducting a successful workshop requires meticulous planning and preparation along with efficient execution. Several steps are involved in bringing together an engaging workshop. If this is the first time you are conducting an educational workshop for your students, or if you need some help organising the tasks into steps, keep reading.

Here are 5 steps that will help you break down and organise your tasks for conducting a successful workshop:

1. Planning is key to conducting an effective workshop. Like with most other tasks, planning helps you carry out the event smoothly, helping with a plan of action for any unforeseen situations that might cause any setbacks to your workshop.

These are some pointers that can help you with planning:

  • Ascertain the aims and objectives of your workshop before you start planning for the actual event. Once your agenda is clear, it will be easy to determine the means to achieve it. As they say, “well begun is half done”.
  • Plan the sequence of events and come up with an approximate timeline of the whole event. You can specify how long each exercise or group discussion will last. It is best to keep a buffer for the timeline if it extends beyond your estimates.
  • Create groups according to subjects, topics or subtopics. To ensure that your workshop is successful, you need to be selective about your audience. It will be in your favour to segregate students into groups according to their preferences of topics. An uninterested audience can really kill the vibe of a workshop.
  • List down the rules of engagement for your students to follow during the workshop. Brief instructions will help maintain order and ensure fairness during the workshop. Rules might seem restrictive but actually allow everyone equal freedom while preserving their rights.

2. Preparations

There are two stages of preparation that you will need to go through to ensure nothing goes sideways during your workshop:

  • Advance preparations: You need to start these a few days or a week before the date of the workshop. Advance preparation will include planning and finalising your communication platform, the venue, refreshments and general logistics.
  • Just-in-time preparations: These include last-minute set-ups like the camera, sound checks, and connectivity checks that need to be ensured a few minutes before commencement.

3. Games, exercises, and activities

There are several group activities, games and discussions that make a workshop fun and enjoyable for the audience. It breaks the ice and enables comfortable communication between you, the participants, and the group as a whole. For instance, you can start a new idea with a short poll on something related to the topic. Taking everyone’s vote into consideration will make each student feel included and valued.

4. Encourage genuine interaction

The success of your workshop will largely depend upon the quality of interaction that takes place during the session. Each of the students should be given individual attention and foster a feeling of belonging. Some students may be naturally outspoken, and others may be more reserved. It is your responsibility as the conductor to ensure each of the students gets a chance to genuinely interact within the group.

5. Deliberation and conclusion

Closing the workshop at the end can be a bit tricky. You should keep in mind a few things while concluding the session:

  • Provide a chance for each participant to share their views and feedback at the end of the session.
  • You can summarise the learnings of the workshop briefly and give your audience a chance to reflect upon what they understood from the workshop.
  • Conclude with a keynote address to provide closure to all the topics that were started during the workshop.


Accessibility to the venue is one of the crucial aspects of planning a workshop. Many educators are increasingly choosing to conduct their workshops online as virtual events in these post-pandemic times. Along with all the above points, remember that a workshop should deliver the promised takeaways while being a fun and engaging activity. Follow these steps to make your workshop a hit!

Choose the perfect platform for conducting your workshop online with Kohbee. Download the Kohbee app now for free!

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Content Ideas For the Web3 creator-economy

According to a 2019 poll, 29% of American kids desire to be YouTube stars when they grow up. As the creator-economy has grown, previously hankered occupations such as astronauts and professional athletes have dropped further down the list. The pandemic and Web3 have only intensified the creator trend in the last two years. The creator-economy is now projected to be worth over $100 billion, with 50 million people globally identifying as creators. Although still in its inception, the emergence of Web3, a new edition of the internet built on public blockchains, is allowing an astounding amount of innovation in the creator-economy.

Web3 creator-economy Trends to Watch out for

  1. Content personalization: It is difficult for a creator or instructor to create content for all pupils in various grades. Creators and relevant platforms can work together to create a wide range of material to target clients with personalized content. While the options are endless, you will need to put pen to paper and sketch out the different age groups and courses you want to target. You can list the various lessons you would like to deliver as a teacher after you have developed your personas.
  2. Creators become the founders: We can expect the creators to become founders of their products and services and gain greater notoriety. They will probably build teams and tools to increase their cash flow and improve their manufacturing while focusing on their passion. The new Web3 creator-economy will continue to develop as more people choose to make their passions their careers. People find it more appealing and effective to make money by giving material related to their abilities. Earning money in the Web3 creator-economy helps people pursue their true passions while still meeting their financial obligations.
  3. Putting faith in a powerful platform: Most creators have accounts on many platforms. We see more artists and educators use cross-platform sharing to broaden their reach. These platforms make it easier for the creator-economy to post or distribute content across several channels. While social media firms battle to keep artists on their platforms, the creator-economy suggests that creators are looking for ways to become less reliant on media goliaths. People are increasingly figuring out how to monetize their content through their websites. In the future, the Web3 creator-economy is likely to become its brand with its revenue techniques.
  4. Monetize: The attraction of new producers by the explosive expansion of social tokens, which will be unhindered by old barriers and monetization models: The year 2022 will be one of exponential growth for social tokens. Thanks to blockchain technology, creators will be able to monetize their work and communicate with fans in ways never previously possible. Fans will be able to simply and securely contact their favorite content creators. As a result, thousands of new producers will emerge, free of old restrictions and monetization techniques, to create high-quality content compensated in cryptocurrencies. Investing in picks and shovel software allows companies to allow this option while also accounting for the variety of problems and restrictions of tax and accounting in the B2B world.
  1. eCommerce: As creators increasingly own the entire customer experience, they will need next-generation e-commerce infrastructure. "E-commerce facilities will broaden to support every touchpoint for a genuinely smooth shopping experience", says one expert. Not only the goods, but every aspect of the customer buying experience is increasingly owned and curated by creators. As a result, eCommerce enablement platforms will need to supply the entire tech stack for creators, either by establishing product ad-agencies in-house or by partnering with app marketplaces. Businesses like Rewind and Shogun are forming within app ecosystems to provide plug-and-play solutions for creators and decrease friction.
  2. Blockchain technology: Although blockchain and Web 3 are trendy topics these days, there are many skeptics and unawares. Installing Metamask and other wallets and educating them on blockchain concepts would be a fantastic start. This is an excellent method to introduce your existing audience to Web3. You might draw those who want to be a part of the current technological revolution.


The Web3 creator-economy holds many new opportunities and avenues for the upcoming generations in the near future. One can turn their content into revenue by tapping into these properly. Are you someone looking for ways to turn your content into a monetizable platform? Join Kohbee to unlock and monetize your content. With this all-in-one platform for educators, you may significantly expand your online classes and courses. With Kohbee, you can create, share, administer, and enjoy an automatic payment-gateway. Install the app right away!

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5 Content marketing Strategies to Follow

Content marketing is a top-notch strategy for tapping into new audiences, increasing awareness, and generating leads. It is a particularly effective strategy because it taps into what people are already looking for and consuming. It adds value and fulfils a true need, resulting in a win-win situation for businesses and customers. However, developing a content marketing strategy is not simple. You must consider where your target audience is most engaged, what is valuable, useful, or interesting to them, and how that ties into your brand's offering for a genuinely successful approach.

1. Prioritise your audience.

The first and most basic rule of content marketing is to prioritise your audience. Many businesses fail at content marketing because they focus on what they want to sell instead of what their target audience wants to consume. As a general guideline, your content marketing efforts should deliver value to your target audience. This could be a solution to a problem, hacks or DIY ideas, insights and assessment, or entertainment. You have to consider what information you can supply that is relevant to your industry or speciality for the greatest outcomes. You will be able to identify contextually appropriate opportunities to display your product or brand if you focus on your specialisation.

2. Find the issue that your solution addresses.

The most successful content marketers understand that difficulties are opportunities. As a marketer, the more you can present your product or service to solve a real problem, the more people will look for your content and pay attention when they discover it. You can investigate what keywords people are Googling to meet that requirement once you have recognised the problem you are fixing.

3. Make Useful Content for Your Readers

You need to create relevant material if you want to develop a loyal following. Keep your content fresh to keep readers interested. A good piece of content is always well received by readers, and search engines are no exception. As a result, well-explained material can appeal to both readers and search engines, allowing it to rank higher in search results. At the same time, you should market your material in an appropriate location to reach a large audience. So, before you start writing and distributing material on your website, make sure you follow the guidelines below:-

  • Share your content on social media frequently.
  • Make sure your brand's voice is consistent across all platforms.
  • Send emails to your intended audience regularly.
  • Boost your most popular Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn post.
  • Ascertain that your material has a demonstrable business aim.
  • Examine the buyer's path.
  • Use infographics.
  • Include photos and videos.
  • Focus on providing in-depth information to answer a customer's concern. Always develop 100% unique content.

Your blog will stand out if you create information that benefits the reader and is different from what they will see on ten other blogs. When writing blog entries, it is critical to focus on being unique and original. This is what will give you a ROI Of Content marketing.

4. Use a variety of distribution methods.

Since social media is so simple to use, it frequently becomes the sole means of promoting a website. You should concentrate on using a variety of distribution strategies. You can consider forming a partnership with a company that specialises in outreach. You may link building with high-quality websites through guest blogging, video marketing, and influencers are among the greatest content marketing techniques. Finding influencers in your business will provide you access to their audiences if they choose to share your content with them. One of the most crucial things you can do while promoting your website is to form relationships with influencers.

5. Read Analytic Reports

Monitoring your analytic data is one of the most significant content marketing methods. You must keep an eye on them and assess what is working. Because readers can change their ideas, how you write and advertise your material may vary. You have to track keywords, links, and other connections to traffic sources. You can use alerts to keep track of information about the customer's requirements. You need to figure out what's bringing people to your site or your competitors'. You have to figure out which reports are useful for developing future blog articles and where you should begin targeting your customers with relevant content.


Since the way we communicate online is continuously changing, content marketing is an ever-changing process. So, if you want to develop a profitable content marketing plan for your company, all you have to do is adopt the most recent marketing trends and put them into practice gradually. And the tactics listed above will make it simple for you to accomplish so. Making the appropriate connections can help you create the best content marketing strategies for your websites. You can connect with the influencers in your niche who can help you acquire attention. You will establish loyalty by spending time to learn about the reader's attitude and crafting content for them rather than marketing a product or service to them. For more strategies and to market your content better, download the Kohbee app today. Here, you shall get a detailed guide to content marketing.

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Creator Economy
How Can You Quickly Monetize Content?

It has never been easier to start and monetize a blog than it is now. Earlier, setting up and maintaining a website would have cost you a lot of money. You can now build, operate, and monetize your content with just a few hundred dollars. Podcasts, movies, graphics, and writing are all ways to share your thoughts and knowledge with others. Each one can be bought, sold, or monetized in various ways. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Create and Sell online-courses

Selling online-courses is a great option to monetize your content. Most bloggers are hesitant to create a course because they believe that teaching a course requires them to be an expert. But this is not the case; all you need to teach a course truly is to know more than the individuals you are teaching and to be able to deliver that information in a way that people find useful. To establish a course teaching people how to cook, you need not be a certified chef. Different formats are available for digital courses. Simple PDF downloads, recorded audio, or professionally produced videos are some excellent tools people use to access a course. So how can a website be made profitable by offering courses?

  • Choose a topic or a specialisation.
  • Make a new website or incorporate your course into one that already exists.
  • Upload and promote the material.

Setting up online classes can be a profitable choice because your revenue is only limited by the amount of traffic you receive.

2. Affiliate marketing

Your audience is exchanged for a part of the money generated by the sale of a product or service under this strategy. You may make money from your email newsletter by promoting a particular product or providing recommendations for your blog readers. The seller has a trackable link to see which affiliate referred to which sale in either instance. Affiliate sales can be made through marketplaces or directly with the vendor. You can use affiliate marketing to monetize a website only if you have a way of evaluating or pushing things. When readers buy the goods or services of the firms with whom you affiliate, you can earn commissions through affiliate links.

Suppose your website has an active user base listening to your views, understanding your perspectives, and consuming your digital content. In that case, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn passive revenue. You can monetize your content through affiliate marketing by following the tips mentioned below: 

  • Create a website dedicated to product recommendations and promotion, or post product or service reviews relevant to your content.
  • Join affiliate programs like Hostinger and Amazon, or look for affiliate networks. 
  • Organically incorporate affiliate connections into your articles.

3. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a partnership between you, the publisher, and the brands you have partnered with. Sponsored content is an important way for anyone to begin a blog to create a website. Companies pay you for content creation or write material for them and publish it on your website. Product or sales announcements, offers, infographics, and reviews are all examples of content. You can write them yourself or have the sponsoring brand write them for you. If you write the piece and publish it on your website, you can charge a larger rate. Before you begin creating sponsored content, keep the following in mind:

  • How much influence do you have on the online platform
  • The quantity of sponsored pieces you will write every month.
  • How long it might take you to create content
  • Brand worth (the sponsored content vs. your blogging brand).

How to get money from sponsored postings on a website:

  • Begin with smaller national brands and businesses.
  • Create a portfolio.
  • Collaborate with marketing and public relations firms.
  • Look for sponsorship opportunities on various sites.

Sponsored content is an effective approach to monetizing your website and is a crucial part of the future of content monetization. You need to remember to be open and honest with your audience. You must ensure that any sponsored material that appears alongside your own reflects the same level of quality, trust, and authority that your readers have come to expect from you.


Making money by running a website can be a thrilling experience. However, monetizing a website requires patience, commitment, and, most crucially, visitors. While starting a blog is easier than ever, most bloggers struggle to make money from it. Unless you can find a monetization approach that works for your blog, blogging alone will not create cash. While your specialisation is crucial, it is not the most important factor in determining whether or not you will succeed. What you do need is a deep understanding of the economics required to make your monetization strategy a success and the commitment to advertise what you have to offer. You can sell your content online through the Kohbee app. Download it now to reach a wider audience and monetize your content.



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Creator Economy
How to get success in creator-economy?

Owing to the fast-paced growth in technology, the majority of the world is exposed to the internet and some form of social media. Such a huge number of people are active online that it has become the ultimate platform for content creation and sharing. Monetization of your content online is what powers the creator-economy. Creating content can be a great way for creative expression and creative freedom. Whether you want to dance, sing, tell jokes, or lip sync reels, the internet will consume it. But the real challenge is monetization itself. It is a slow process. You need proper strategies and tools to get success in creator-economy.

Five strategies to help you master the creator-economy

  1. Find your area of expertise

To be able to create quality content that will succeed in the creator-economy, it is essential to discover your niche. This entails choosing a section of the audience you wish to target and creating relevant content for them. Their preferences and feedback will act as your guide. For instance, people interested in travel will consume different content compared to geeks. With practice, you will be able to align your talent to your audience’s demands.

  1. Choose a suitable platform

Once you have decided on your niche, you have to choose the best platform that suits your content. The platform should be able to bring your product in front of the world and encourage them to engage with it. You can take some steps to boost your content yourself, or even seek professional expertise from advertisers and marketers. Some websites and platforms offer promotion and marketing along with content creation tools. Some edtech platforms allow content creation along with providing marketing tools free of cost. You can start by thinking about a name for your website or web page. For the process of promotion, you can build a team that will share your content. Share your content with catchy hashtags and headlines. Check your content for errors before releasing it on the platform of your choice.

  1. Audience engagement through social media

There are many ways to ensure your target audience is engaging with your content. Social media acts as a catalyst in the promotion of your business by making your content viral. Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram allow creators to get feedback on the number of views. Interactive tools like comments and likes can enhance user interaction. Once you have this feedback, you can use it to improve the quality of your content and fine-tune it to your audience's demands. Your follower count will be the best indicator of your audience's response. 

  1. Promotion

Beyond social media, there are many more avenues for promoting your content. Advertisements are one of the most commonly used methods of promotion. It includes collaborations or partnerships with other creators with similar interests. This is also a great tool for getting sponsorships. If you are an exclusively digital enterprise, you can think of moving to print media marketing. Promotion can be aggressive or paced out in phases. If your content has an immediate demand, you can opt for the aggressive marketing approach. And if the demand for your content needs to be generated, you can go for the phased-out approach.

  1. Monetize your skills

They say, “Never do what you do best for free.” Monetizing your content is a great way to draw income from your talent, skill, and creativity. Although your hard work deserves instant gratification, it is advisable not to charge your audience initially. You must understand that content is freely available on the internet, and it will take time for your content to make its mark in such a competitive environment. So start slow, observe your progress, and once your audience starts engaging with your content regularly, you can start charging them for it. Your initial content will be the demo that the audience needs for your content.


Building a creator-economy involves contributions from thousands of creators and what they bring to the table. Success in the creator-economy depends on your persistent efforts and the strategies that you use.

Looking for the perfect platform to partner with? Connect with Kohbee to experience a seamless content creation and monetization process with the help of our independent payment portal and our cutting-edge promotion tools. At Kohbee, we believe in the individualization of your business, and provide the best tech environment for your growth. Kohbee provides a solid base to launch yourself from and reach new heights. Download the Kohbee app now.

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How to Pre-Sell Your online-courses?

Pre-selling your course does much more than just bringing cash flow sooner. Learning how to pre-sell your online course can help boost brand awareness and sales. The major benefit of pre-selling is that it helps create good relations with early bird customers who can be transformed into loyal customers for a lifetime. Before launching the course, you can start a pre-sale anytime.

Why should you Pre-sell your digital products?

The online market is seeing a boom right now, and pre-selling can help create demand even before you launch the product. By pre-selling your courses, you give customers a chance to be the first ones to get the information on whatever you plan to teach them. Additionally, pre-selling a digital product helps the creator estimate the demand for the product and helps the creator price the product accordingly.

It is essential for you to provide discounts to people who buy the course in the pre-sale. The major benefits of pre-selling your course or any other digital product are that you get cash coming in, and it increases the interest level of your audience.

How to pre-sell your online course?

Before considering the best place to sell an online course, think of creating the best course that people get attracted to. Follow these tips to get the best response-

1) Outline your course- The first thing you need to do is note down the points you will cover in the course. You can do this by spending time in the same community as your audience; it will help you understand the common pain points and what your audience is struggling with. Once you know what your audience is looking for, it will become easier for you to create a course for them. To understand the market of your digital product better, you can conduct polls on your social media platforms, ask for inputs from your online community and then decide what to create.

2) Create a gist- Now, that you know the idea on which you will be creating the course; the next step is to outline the course's topics, objectives, outcome, and duration. To make it enjoyable, you can also include images, videos, and screenshots in the course, plus you can mention the resources from which you take the information.

3) Do not create the entire course and launch it- It is recommended first to create 20% of the course, and give it to your beta testers and launch it. Collect their feedback before creating the rest of your course. Doing this will help you save time as if you do not get a good response, you can stop there and use that 20% in some other course. Pre-selling the first part of the course will help understand the audience response, and help you determine the price for your course or digital product. Additionally, pre-selling will help you create a strong "exclusive" community that is more open to providing feedback, and testing your products and offerings.

After you get the feedback, you can improvise the other sections as per your audience requirements. If students like your course and wait for the other part to be launched, you can speed up and complete the course as per the deadline you mentioned to launch the next part. Pre-selling, when done the right way can help you maximize your revenue from your online-courses and digital products.

4) Identify the USPs of your course- Think of the points that make your course better and different from others. Go through your course and find the answers; put them into bullets. Mention this at the start of your course or use it for advertising as it will give your target audience confidence to buy your product.

A few things that you can add are your experience in the given field, teaching style, previous courses (if any), etc.

5) Create a landing page- As you create the course, the next important step is to create a landing page and search for the best platform to sell courses online. A landing page is the first point of contact with your audience; therefore, it is recommended to make it attractive. You can do this by adding a catchy headline, mentioning why your course is different from others, a great CTA and do not forget to include testimonials.

6) Start your email campaign- As you create the pre-launch page, the next important thing you should do is collect email data and start your email campaign. Go slow and initially send a pre-launch email with the date and USPs. The next email can be about the offer, details, deadline and benefits others had using your course.

7) Create a marketing strategy- Before the pre-sale, search for the best platform to sell online-courses, create a video of the course on YouTube to get more views, and help increase brand recognition. It is also recommended to share your course ideas on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. They are the best ways of reaching out to the relevant audience these days.

8) Attract by offering limited-time deals- The best way to pre-sell your online-courses is by writing that it is a limited-time offer as it encourages users to pre-book your course. They should be convinced that this is the best time to book the course and benefit from the pre-sale.

How should you market your course?

There are numerous ways to market your course, such as sharing it with your friends and family, posting on social media, contacting bloggers who could talk about your course, starting a podcast, posting videos on YouTube and promoting it to your existing students. You can pre-sell and launch your courses and other digital products on Kohbee. Download Kohbee here.

Pre-Sell your courses with Kohbee!

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How to follow your passions in the creator-economy?

Following your passion has changed from being an ideal to being a trend. The creator-economy is made up of a community of people who believe in the freedom of creativity and expression. You must have heard of people quitting their 9 to 5 to start something of their own. If you want to be one of those who use their creativity to generate an income, you need to have a plan. In this article, we will talk about some tips which would prove helpful on your journey to pursue your passion in the creator-economy.

How to pursue your passion in the creator-economy   

  • Identify your passion-Turning your passion into your profession can be tough. There are doubts and confusions about whether it’s just a phase or something you want for the long term. An effective way to measure your interest is to identify your likes and rate them on a scale of 1-10. You can pick out the things you are most passionate about, such as writing, singing, or teaching. Another way to know what you love to do is to analyse what you like to spend your available time and income on. If you spend those extra bucks on a high-tech camera and spend your free time taking pictures, it indicates that you are passionate about photography. Once you have successfully identified your passion, you can move on to the next step, i.e., to give it practical structure.
  • Shape and define your dream-Giving definite shape to your passions entails figuring out the form of expression you want it to have. For instance, you can be passionate about music, but what will your chosen form of expression be? Singing, playing instruments, or writing and composing are musical expressions. You must choose one of the many forms that will be available to create passionate content. All the questions asked by your parents and friends about how you will turn your dream into reality will add layers of solidarity to your passion. This is one of the initial steps which will be the foundation of your profession.
  • Market research-Once you have given your dream a tangible form, you can find out where it fits in the content market. Understanding the creator-economy trends will help you navigate through various challenges that you meet while starting out in the process of content creation. You can study some success stories of other creators and learn from them. You could try to identify your target audience and the current market trends in your area of interest, including the quality of content being produced, the fees charged for it, or the applicable rate. Identify your competitors and study their work. Market research will give you an edge over them. Market research is not limited to your target audience or competitors but also how the industry you are deciding to enter is currently operating. The scope of your passion is greatly influenced by the bigger market picture.
  • Monetise your talent-If you want to earn doing what you love, you need to learn how to monetize your creative content. You want to give the message that your content is worth it. You can start off by releasing sneak peeks into your content to attract the attention of your audience. Once they begin to engage with your content regularly, you can implement other strategies for customer retention, such as subscriptions, fees, or other charges. Advertising can provide the right push to revenue generation for your content. Passion in the creator-economy must be accompanied by presentation and promotion.
  • Choose the perfect platform-It is crucial to select the right platform to release your content. The platform should provide the right support in the following ways:
  1. Digital infrastructure to support the process of content creation. For e.g., video editing tools, course development tools, etc.
  2. A secure payment portal.
  3. Tools for marketing and promotion of your brand.
  4. Cost-effective pricing mechanism
  5. Easy user-interface

You can choose a primary platform while promoting your content on other social media platforms. You can check for popular creator-economy trends to find out which platform is being used by most creators and what features they offer.


The creator-economy is a new, vast and competitive arena. With millions of creators trying their luck to create something unique, your passion is your greatest ally. While following your passion in the creator-economy, you must remember the three pillars of success: quality, promotion, and determination. The quality of your content will impact audience demand. Your promotion strategy will be the deciding factor while developing a customer base. Consistency in your determination and your will to persevere through challenges will lead you to greater heights in the creator-economy.

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Guide to Web3 creator-economy: Building a New Future

With 50 million creators turning their interests into jobs, the creator-economy contains content creators of all kinds: influencers, journalists, artists, gamers, and among all of them one of the rising but highly in-demand content is educators. Fast forward two years, the pandemic and Web3 have just increased the creator trend. Today, the creative economy is believed to be above $100 billion. The growth of Web3, a new version of the internet built on public blockchains, albeit still in its infancy, is allowing an astounding number of innovative tactics in the creative economy.

Keeping up with the web3 trends is the only solution to making a strong stand in whatever field you are, and for that, you need the latest information. So, read on to find all the information about the web3 creator-economy.

What is the web3 creator-economy?

The creator-economy is made up of individuals who, like the rest of us, have a passion that they can sell online. However, it is platforms that enable artists to earn a living doing what they love. With the emergence of Web3, the concept of a creator has shifted, as power dynamics move from platforms to artists and their communities. The Web3 creator-economy trend is more than just generating value for platforms. It's about establishing new types of direct creator-community ties. Not only does it allow artists to provide more to their followers but it also allows both creators and their audiences to finally partake in the communal value that platforms help build.

What are the opportunities in the new web3 creator-economy?

The internet is now used by over five billion people. Ninety-three percent of individuals surveyed using their mobile devices to access the web, spending an average of seven hours each day online across multiple media platforms. In the year 2020, everyone was online to work, share and create. Without a question, the pandemic has created a need for high-quality online content. In 2022, the creator-economy is expanding its services and offerings beyond merely collaborating with marketers, and is diversifying its income sources. The web3 trend is here to stay in the near future also. As a consequence, platforms are pushing quickly to provide more opportunities. As a result, artists are availing new platforms to engage directly with audiences and develop their own networks. As a result, new content forms have emerged, including long and short videos, spontaneous, performative content, and online webinars.

What are the latest Web3 creator-economy trends?

Web3 was made possible by the necessity for a decentralised ecosystem. With all of the web3 creator-economy initiatives on the rise, here are the latest web3 trends to look for in 2022-

  • Personalization of content - It is quite tough for a creative or instructor to generate content for all of the various students of different grades. As a result, creators may collaborate with the creator platform to generate a varied variety of content that can be used to target customers with tailored content. While the possibilities are limitless, you will need to put pen to paper and map out the various age groups of students and courses you want to target. Once you've created your personas, make a list of the various lessons you'd want to provide as a teacher.
  • Creators will be the founders - Apart from obtaining greater recognition, we may anticipate the creator-economy to also become founders of their own products and services.  They will likely develop teams and construct tools to boost their cash streams and optimise their production process while concentrating on their passion. The new web3 creator-economy will continue to evolve as more and more individuals opt to pursue their interests as their careers. People are finding it more attractive and effective to generate money by providing the material that’s connected with their talents. Earning revenue from the creator-economy allows individuals the ability to follow their actual interests while fulfilling their financial requirements.
  • Trusting an effective platform - The majority of creators have accounts on many platforms. As these platforms make it simpler for the creator-economy to post or share content across several channels, we are seeing more artists, instructors leverage cross-platform sharing to expand their reach. While social networks compete to retain artists on their platforms, the creator-economy trend indicates that creators themselves are searching for methods to become less reliant on media behemoths. More and more people are figuring out how to monetize their material via their own websites. The web3 creator-economy is likely to evolve into an autonomous brand with its own monetization mechanisms in the future.

Want to become a part of the growing Web3 creator-economy? We can help! We, at Kohbee, are developing tools for creators to help them monetize their content. With Kohbee, you can launch your own digital superstore, conduct workshops, sell pre-recorded courses, digital products, issue certificates and coupons and much more! 

Ready to launch? Let's get in touch! 

You can reach out to us hello@kohbee.jhandubaba.com or simply download the Kohbee app and start exploring!

I am ready to launch!

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Measuring the ROI of Content marketing

As per statistics, 47% of B2B marketers do not measure ROI from their content marketing efforts. Surprising, isn’t it?

Whether you are a digital marketer or simply the head of a content team, it is crucial to know how to calculate your content marketing return-on-investment (ROI) precisely. Many times, marketers consider brand awareness as their primary content marketing goal. However, seeing a return on investment is essential to justify the amount spent even in that case.

That said, measuring the ROI of content marketing is a slightly complex process. Measuring metrics such as the lifetime value of new customers or the impact of search engine optimization on eCommerce product pages is often not very easy. Nevertheless, you may consider various factors to gauge the efficacy of your content marketing strategy.

In this guide to content marketing ROI, we will look at how you can determine ROI and understand the specific metrics you must measure.

What is Content marketing ROI?

In simple words, content marketing return-on-investment is the percentage that shows the amount of revenue you have earned from content marketing compared to the amount you have spent. If you regularly measure the ROI of content marketing, you can measure its success. This, in turn, can help you establish content marketing goals and define a better strategy to achieve those goals.

Many marketers struggle to track their ROI. Creating revenue from content is not a linear process, but if you become one of the few marketers who measure ROI, you can get a unique competitive advantage.

Measuring the ROI of Content marketing

Step 1: Define the Purpose of your ROI

Before defining your metrics, you need to get this preliminary step right. So, ask yourself, why are you measuring your content marketing ROI?

The answer to this question often helps you identify the wrong marketing strategy. If you are measuring your ROI only to justify your content marketing spend, you will barely be able to get a correct picture.

Let’s take an example. If you use your web traffic as a metric to track your content marketing ROI instead of looking at revenue or increase in subscribers, you will get a blurry picture. Even if you are getting many website visitors, you aren’t sure if your content is compelling enough.

Hence, understanding the reason behind measuring the ROI of content marketing is essential to ensure accurate results.

Step 2: Define your Metrics Strategically

There are tons of performance metrics to choose from to track your ROI. And selecting the right ones is precisely where most marketers feel lost. Marketers often try to evaluate too many metrics altogether, thus getting distracted by numbers.

Remember, you must choose metrics that tie to your content marketing goals. Below are some metrics that can help you measure the ROI of your content marketing strategy.

Traffic: This is a great metric to check if you are looking to build an audience for your website.

Leads: Your content must focus on informative pieces such as eBooks, newsletters, white papers, case studies, etc., to nurture leads. This metric will help you understand how long your leads stay with you as customers.

Retention: This metric is a great way to measure the qualitative response to your content.

Step 3: Identify your Content Consumption Metrics

Several online tools are available that help measure the efficiency of your website’s content. For instance, you can use Google Analytics to determine if your content reaches the right audience. You can also measure the total number of website visits and whether they increase over time.

These tools also help measure the bounce rate and the time spent on the website. If most of your customers spend more than 30-40 seconds on your website, your content marketing strategy is probably working.

Apart from these, many other content consumption metrics serve as an indicator of the value of your content.

Step 4: Establish Benchmarks

Once you know the performance metrics you want to target, you can create your benchmarks. Essentially, it means deciding what a successful content marketing strategy looks like. If you know your end goals, you can quickly identify whether your content marketing return is meeting those goals or not.

Then, you can determine your content marketing ROI, which is costs vs. revenue (or a specific value if you cannot tie a metric directly to revenue). This will help you identify what is working and what is not.

For instance, you can track the different content channels and identify which channel is bringing in more conversions and the one that is not. Consequently, you can alter your content marketing strategy and fine-tune it to enhance the results. You can also use the Kohbee app to create your content marketing course and promote it to a worldwide audience.


Keeping track of the ROI of content marketing is a sure-fire way to guarantee long-term success. However, most marketers don’t get early returns. Even great content sometimes starts with a negative ROI and scales in returns over time. So, don’t panic and keep working on your content marketing strategy. You can even use dedicated services of the Kohbee App to keep track of your efforts and results.

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Exam strategy Post #1: Complete breakdown of a model paper
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Three ways to make your webinars more engaging

Have you ever searched for the term "webinar" on the internet? If yes, then you may have felt as if you had entered a different world. And there's a reason why these online webinars are so popular. 

That is because they are actually effective! However, they work only if done right, and the path ahead is tricky. Note that most people are too busy to stop their work and attend an online webinar that does not seem interesting. So, what constitutes a great online webinar? Well, excellent webinars are similar to independent films that leave the audience feeling amazing, motivated, and ready to conquer the world.

So, how can your webinar make an impression on the audience? Continue reading to learn about the best tips for webinars and the three ways to make your online webinar more engaging. But first, let us examine why these online virtual events are so significant.

Why are online webinars important?

More than 70% of webinar marketers believe virtual events are either highly effective or generally successful. It's an excellent approach to fostering connections and boosting product awareness. This is more so because many individuals worldwide now have better access to information, thanks to the advancements in communication technology.

And it plays a major role in the field of education. People are increasingly able to get high-quality education over the internet. Through real-time online classrooms, the development of internet-based education has increased overall access to education. This implies that many individuals are developing their knowledge and abilities who would not have been able to do so otherwise.

Online webinars enable educators to reach out to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of individuals in one go seamlessly. Furthermore, students are not required to pay for transportation or lodging to get an education. Similarly, educators do not need to make significant efforts to accommodate more pupils in terms of class size.

The demand for virtual events is increasing, as are participants' expectations. As a result, online webinars are more vital than ever, and webinar solutions are getting more advanced and engaging, as well as scalable to hundreds of thousands of users. By 2023, the worldwide webinar and webcast market is expected to grow at a 7.6% CAGR. In 2015, the market was worth USD 547 million, and by 2023, it is expected to be worth USD 800 million.

So, as you get ready to drive more people to your online webinar, make sure that your efforts are worth it. And you may succeed by following some effective ways to host a webinar. Therefore, we have curated a list of the three best tips for webinars to make them more engaging.

Three best tips for webinars 

  • Quality content:

Webinars are becoming more popular, with 60% of marketers using them as a content marketing strategy. Three major components come under the category of content. The first is that of presentation. 

Is your online webinar well-presented? How is your internet connection? What's going on in the background? Have you prepared by practising beforehand? Users will make their initial decision based on aesthetic attractiveness. When designing the feel of your materials, keep your buyer in mind. 

The next step is narrative. Do you have a knack for telling a good story? Can you convey your content clearly and correctly? 

The last step is interaction. You must engage your audience. Respond to their inquiries. Give immediate feedback. Your audience signed up to hear from you. So do share your knowledge with them in real-time.

  • Choose the right time:

Choose a time that is convenient for you and your audience. Consider the lead time. Do not begin marketing your webinar the day before.  Promote at least a month, if not longer, in advance. 

You can send reminders as the event approaches, including an email notification the day before. Using social media to create a countdown can be really effective. Finally, consider the length. What should the duration of your virtual events be? Your audience is preoccupied. They're giving you their valuable time. So, you may consider 30-60 minutes to provide the quality material.

  • Preparation:

This might be the most significant factor in a successful webinar. Practice your public speaking abilities. An excellent method to prepare is to record a segment of your presentation and listen back or practice in front of friends and family. Also, select the best platform to assist you with your preparation.

Need an effective platform to share your knowledge? Then connect with Kohbee, your one-stop platform for showcasing your teaching skills. Kohbee is used by over 30,000 educators to help them flourish. You, too, can create your website in under 60 seconds.

Simply enter the courses you teach and the topics you study. You will be able to see how many website views have come in and the statistics for each website lead. Kohbee e-solutions are developed to fulfil the needs of current instructors, allowing them to conduct online lessons efficiently. We provide a hassle-free method for instructors worried about their teaching careers. Kohbee can help you 10X the size of your online classes and courses. Download the Kohbee app Now! 

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Online Teaching
How can you prepare for the future of content monetization?

It’s the era of content creators. Every day, more individuals consume the digital content produced by online creators. If you, too, love to create content, you must know how to monetize it to carve out a living. After all, you want the world to know your experiences, knowledge, and stories, don’t you? Let's deep dive into the future of content monetization in this post.

What is Content Monetization?

Content monetization is a way to leverage your content to earn money. The technique allows digital content creators to use their hobby or side hustle and make money.

You can get paid for your content directly by the users or a third party that markets products through your content. For instance, online-courses and subscriber-only access to your blog are the most reliable ways of getting paid directly by the users. Alternatively, affiliate marketing or PPC (Pay-per-click) ads are common ways to get paid via third parties.

Plenty of content monetization platforms such as Kohbee can help you offer your digital content to a global audience. You can easily make a creator’s profile on Kohbee and start selling your content immediately.

Is Content Monetization for Everyone?

Although content monetization is for everyone, it takes a great deal to be a content creator.

Content creation only works if you know what you are doing. Creating a schedule and sticking to it to keep your audience engaged is a long and time-consuming process. To stay consistent, you must be up for it and balance your content creation activities with other chores. A good content creator strives to inform, educate, and empower people rather than only aiming for profits.

How to Prepare for the Future of Content Monetization

There are several ways to monetize your content. Below, we will look at some of the most popular ways to help you get started.

  1. Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the best and low-effort ways of content monetization. Here, you can set up digital ads alongside your content. Every time a user clicks on the ad, you get a small commission. The process involves working with an ad network such as Google AdSense to automatically show the preferable ad for different visitors.

  1. Subscriptions

If you possess expert knowledge on a specific digital content subject, your audience may pay you to get regular access to that. A steady list of subscribers is an excellent content monetization technique that ensures a consistent revenue stream. However, it involves offering specialised and in-depth knowledge.

You can also offer regular content via eBooks, guides, or newsletters available exclusively to the subscribers. Medium.com presents a great example of this content monetization technique. For $5 a month, the subscribers get unrestricted access to all quality content published on the platform.

  1. Sell Exclusive Content

This is a content monetization technique in which you give up all rights to your work. In other words, you give up copyrights and royalties of your content in exchange for money.

This content creation method is prevalent among freelancers and ghostwriters who produce exclusive content for different brands. They also produce the content and then sell it on some marketplace.

  1. Affiliate Sales

You can use this content monetization technique if you already have an audience, a website, or a blog and are willing to promote other people’s products or services. In this, you can monetize your email newsletter by promoting someone else’s products via an affiliate link. And every time a reader clicks on the link or makes a purchase, you get a specific commission.

  1. Develop online-courses

Developing online-courses presents the future of content monetization. If you are an expert in a field and want to share your knowledge with the world, you can create a comprehensive online course. An online-learning course can combine video conferencing, pre-recorded material, webinars, and other content assets.

Before creating an online course, survey to understand your audience’s most significant challenges and pain points. You can address these pain points in your course and offer immense value to your audience.

How Kohbee Helps You with Content Monetization?

To summarise, content monetization begins with you producing high-quality content. Your monetization strategy will depend on your audience and your business goals.

If you have in-depth expertise in a specific subject, you can create an online course. And with Kohbee, you can quickly sell these courses to a worldwide audience. It is an incredible platform that supports in-built payment-gateways. So, you can advertise your courses and start collecting payments within minutes. Thus, Download Kohbee right away.

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Live Classes: The Future of eLearning

The education landscape has experienced a paradigm shift in the last few years. With the rapid advancement in technology, virtual learning has become more prevalent. According to statistics, more than 30% of American students have enrolled in at least one online-learning course. With virtual learning, being physically present in a classroom is no longer the only option. Now, keen learners can get access to quality education whenever and wherever they want, thus bringing in a new era of learning, infamously called elearning.

What Is Live online-learning?

Live online-learning classes are a trainer-led education model where teachers teach their students in a virtual classroom. These classes require both teachers and students to be simultaneously online.

With this format, you can meet with your instructor and other classmates at a scheduled time. All this happens online, so you don’t have to spend time or money commuting to your institute. You get to enjoy the flexibility to attend your classes from anywhere in the world.

According to a survey, 52% of American students considered online college-level education superior to classroom learning.

Benefits Of Live online-learning

1.      Easy Accessibility and Flexibility

Online classes are available to anyone who has access to high-speed internet and a tech device, such as a laptop or tablet. There is no need to travel to any specific location to attend these sessions. Thus, with no limitation to location, this approach indeed ensures better accessibility for all.

Besides, virtual learning offers a great deal of flexibility. Most of the time, students can factor the coursework into their already busy schedules and study at their own pace.

2.      More Cost-Effective

Unlike traditional education, live online-learning classes tend to be much cheaper. The fee for these classes does not account for accommodation, equipment, textbooks, transport, etc., that contribute to a comprehensive learning experience in a traditional school. Online classes cut down most of these costs, making learning very affordable.

But remember, the low costs of online-learning do not imply a reduction in quality. Instead, it only ensures that a wider audience has access to the courses once reserved only for those with a big budget.

3.      Customised Learning Experience

With eLearning courses, it is easy to set your own studying pace. Also, online education is much more flexible to suit every student's requirements and level of ability.

Most online classes are smaller in batch size than standard class sizes. Often, live online-learning classes allow only one student at a time. Thus, this ensures more significant interaction between the student and the teacher. Also, the availability of diverse study material, including videos, images, eBooks, etc., helps improve the course's effectiveness and ensures a more dynamic and tailor-made education setup.

4.      Wide Selection Of Programs To Choose From

The Internet is a vast space that allows students to learn a wide range of subjects. From copywriting to music composition to cooking or even quantum physics, there are unlimited options for all learners. Nowadays, many colleges and universities are also launching eLearning courses for various levels and disciplines.

Therefore, students can opt for their chosen online course to get an official diploma, certificate, or degree without even setting foot on a college campus.

5.      Time Management Skill Development

Managing your time well is one of the most crucial life skills. Many students have to juggle their family and personal commitments with their professional goals. Many of them also balance a regular job with their education. And all this requires proper and advanced planning.

With online classes, time management becomes a lot easier. When you do not have to spend time on transport, waiting at bus stations, etc., to reach the location of your training school, you get the authority to manage your time well. And this ability to set your timeline helps in time management skill development.

6.      Virtual Collaboration Opportunities

In the last few years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual collaboration skills have become more important than ever. Completing an eLearning course teaches these highly valued skills as you engage in virtual discussions, collaborate on group work, and evaluate the standpoint of people from across the world.

This is a great way to broaden your perspective and benefit from an interactive environment.

Experience The Benefits Of online-learning

Live online-learning presents an excellent opportunity for all students to enhance their knowledge base from the comfort of their homes. It improves accessibility and affordability for all students, helping them pursue their dream education.

Similarly, virtual learning has also enabled teachers to monetise their skills and reach a global audience. Thus, it is safe to say that online-learning is the future of education.

If you are an educator, you can benefit from signing up with Kohbee. The online hosting platform allows you to create and sell your eLearning courses to a large audience base. It comes with in-built payment-gateways to ensure easy and streamlined management. So, what are you waiting for? Download Kohbee today.

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Online Learning
Online Teaching
Using online-courses As A Source Of Passive Income

Do you want financial freedom? Are you looking for some passive income ideas?

Creating and selling online-courses is one of the best ways to generate passive income. With online-courses, you put in all the hard work upfront, develop the course, and set up the sales funnel. Once you are done, you can benefit from a recurring stream of passive income for years altogether.

In the last few years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, many learners have shifted to online-learning. Thus, the demand for premium online-courses has risen significantly. And contrary to popular belief, creating and selling an online course is relatively easy and cheap. All you need is a topic you can teach, and sign up with a good online hosting platform such as Kohbee.

Thus, selling online-courses to generate a passive source of income is one of the most viable options. Here, we will take you through the different steps to make passive income selling online-courses. So, let’s get started.

online-courses as passive income

If you have expertise in any subject, you can create an online course and set up a parallel revenue stream. It is, in fact, one of the best passive income ideas that can provide you with good revenue for years.

Thankfully, getting started with your online course isn’t very difficult. Below we will look at the different steps to help you kickstart your passive income source.

  1. Research and validate a course idea

The first thing you need to build an online course is a good idea about the course topic. And you can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What are my hobbies?
  • What career experience have I gathered over the years?
  • Do I have some knowledge that can benefit others?
  • Do I have a solution to a common problem?

Look for something that you are passionate about or possess in-depth knowledge about, and start from there. Everyone is good at something. Once you identify your strengths and come up with a topic you can teach, creating an online course will seem relatively simple.

Make sure to outline the ideal clients that you wish to target. You can also validate your course idea by asking your target audience questions and tracking their responses.

  1. Choose a hosting platform for your course

With the swift growth in the virtual learning industry, many online hosting platforms have emerged. These platforms allow you to host your courses for free and get remunerated whenever somebody purchases your course. While some platforms charge a predefined amount of money on every sale, others charge you based on a monthly subscription plan.

You can browse the internet to identify different hosting platforms and choose the one that best serves your needs. Kohbee is a great platform that lets you create and sell your online-courses to generate a steady passive income. Within minutes, you can launch your educator profile and start selling to a global audience.

  1. Develop your course content

Once you have chosen a hosting platform, it’s time to create your course content. Depending on your subject, you can select a format for your course, such as video content, PDF documents, or web pages.

Make sure to keep all the equipment handy while developing your course. You will require a good desk computer/laptop, a webcam, sound system, high-speed internet connection, and the necessary classroom props to make your course interactive.

  1. Market your course

Now that your course is ready, you need to deliver your course to your target audience. marketing your course is an important step to developing a potential customer base and ultimately generating a passive source of income. If you build your website, you can market your course by developing a mailing list. You can also use your social media handles and YouTube channel to raise awareness around your course. Create a waitlist to gather targeted leads and nurture them through persuasive emails.

If you choose a hosting platform such as Kohbee, your course will automatically be marketed to potential students.


Creating and selling your online-courses is one of the best passive income ideas. If you have the right knowledge and expertise on a specific subject, you can monetize it by creating a course(s) based on that subject. It is an excellent way to gain financial independence and make some extra money for creating what you are passionate about.

You can use a good online hosting platform such as Kohbee for hosting your courses. Kohbee takes care of everything, from managing your dashboard to collecting payments from students worldwide, thus saving you all the hassles.

So, go ahead and use online-courses as a passive income generation stream with Kohbee today.

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What are good equipment for online classes?

Launching your online course is one of the best ways to reach more students and connect with your audience worldwide. And thanks to the advancement in technology, it doesn’t take a lot of software and equipment for your online course launch. All you need is a few specialised tools and resources to get you started. Today, we will talk about all the equipment you will require for online-teaching. But before you dive in, you must remember that you do not need the best and most expensive equipment to launch an online course. Building an interactive classroom and launching a good course is also possible with a basic and inexpensive setup, provided you focus on your course content. Now, without further ado, let us look at our top recommendations for equipment for online classes.

Your Online Course Launch Checklist

1.      A Good Laptop or Desk Computer

This may seem like an obvious one, but having a reliable and fully-functioning laptop or computer is a must. This will ensure that you conduct your online classes in an efficient virtual environment.

Using a laptop or computer is recommended over a tablet or a smartphone for online classes. The former is better in terms of reliability, accessibility, and ease of use and reduces eye strain as much as possible.

Moving on, while choosing a laptop to launch an online course, make sure you go for the below-mentioned specifications:

· Windows 10 or MAC OS 10.10 or later

· 8 GB of RAM or higher

· 250 GB hard drive or higher

· A high-definition camera and a good quality built-in microphone

· At least a 15-inch screen size so you can see all your students without straining your eyes

· Microsoft Edge, Firefox 48, Safari 11 or later

· Antivirus program (updated regularly)

· High-speed Wi-Fi connection

These specs will help you to effectively conduct your online lessons.

2.      A High-Definition Camera

While purchasing equipment for online classes, you must place a special focus on choosing the right camera. With clear visual communication, the students can develop a greater bond with their teachers. Besides, it becomes easy for the teachers to enhance the effectiveness of the course by showing things physically and not only digitally.

Most laptops these days come equipped with a good-quality HD webcam. However, in case you are using an old laptop or desk computer, you will need to purchase an external webcam. Make sure to choose a webcam that can stream 1080p resolution and at least 30 frames per second (FPS).

Some good webcam options include:

· The Logitech Brio

· The Logitech C920

· Razer Kiyo

3.      A Good Sound System

Having a good sound system is the answer to- how to make online classes more interactive?

A good sound system comprises a headset with a built-in microphone and Bluetooth speakers. Such a system makes it easier for the host to communicate with the audience effectively and eliminates all bothersome background noises or echoes. In addition, it helps to create a clear dialog between the teacher and the students, thereby improving the effectiveness of the online course.

Nowadays, the headsets available on the market provide a 2-in-1 solution, i.e., they allow you to listen to your students loud and clear and vice versa. Also, they are very easy to set up since you only need a single jack for both input and output audio. You can also opt for a wireless set for added convenience.

Some of the best microphone options include:

· Nulaxy Headset

· Blue Microphone Yeti

· Audio-Technica AT2020USB

· Rode NTK

  4.      Lighting Equipment

Ensuring good lighting is an integral part of your online course launch checklist. Adequate lighting ensures that you are properly visible to the students. It makes you look presentable as well as enhances the effectiveness of the course. You certainly don’t want your students to struggle to see too clearly, especially if you are using any props or a whiteboard.

For lighting, you can opt for different options such as softboxes, umbrella lighting, etc. A Selfie Ring light is one of the best options to get studio-quality lighting anywhere. Alternatively, you can use a desk lamp for tutoring. Make sure to place the lamp behind your desk computer with the light straight on your face.

Additional Equipment for Online Classes

Apart from the aforementioned equipment, you also need a few other items to launch an online course successfully. Some of the most noteworthy ones include:

· An ergonomic set of furniture to conduct your classes

· Classroom props and décor items for building interactive classroom

· A background screen

· A whiteboard and marker for better demonstration

· A laptop stand

· A backup internet connection

Why Choose Kohbee for Online Classes?

Kohbee is one of the best platforms for an online course launch. It allows you to create your teaching profile within minutes and start selling your online-courses right away. The built-in payment-gateway takes care of all payments and makes managing your courses very easy.

So gather all equipment for online classes and start monetizing your skills with Kohbee today.

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Building a Business Plan for Online Classes - Do you Really Need it?

“I don’t need a business continuity plan. I’m just conducting online lessons.”

Well, this is what most virtual business owners assume. Thus, they skip the business planning process and proceed straight to execution. But did you know that 20% of businesses fail during their first year? And lack of a strategic business plan is one of the greatest reasons.

Whether a physical business or an online one, having a comprehensive business plan is crucial to success. It serves as a solid foundation to proceed without losing momentum by wondering what comes next.

A business plan helps spell out your strategy, detect potential roadblocks, and even evaluate your business idea's viability or growth plans. So, even if you are an online educator and wish to maintain a steady income from your online course, you must devise a suitable business plan.

Below we will show you how to prepare a business plan for an online course, along with all the significant sections that it must include.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a formal business document that delineates all your professional goals and a clear path to achieve them. It also outlines any potential future problems and solutions. In other words, it provides a written roadmap for a business from financial, operational, and marketing standpoints.

As per Harvard Business Review, entrepreneurs that focus on their business planning process are 16% more likely to establish successful companies. And this is because developing a business continuity plan ensures long-lasting success, guiding you as you grow your business and legitimising your business venture.

A well-written and comprehensive eLearning business plan typically includes the following components:

1.      The Executive Summary

This is the foremost section of the plan that encompasses all your business objectives and the mission statement. This is a crucial section as it serves as an overview of your business. It also includes any potential future problems and optimal solutions.

It is advisable to prepare your business plan executive summary in the end. You have already figured out all your business details and can quickly gauge all your business strengths, goals, and weaknesses.

2.      Business Description

In this section, you must describe your business in your own words. You must include complete details about your business, including what makes it different from your competitors. For instance, if you are working on a business plan for an online course, you must tell who your target audience is, how your online-courses will benefit them, etc.

3.      Market Analysis and Competition

This section of an eLearning business plan must include all details about your target market. Show that you have methodically analysed the market and validated the demand for your online-courses. It is advisable to include information about the size of your market or how many learners you expect to enrol. Also, specify your competitors and outline how your business stands out from them.

4.      Your Product or Service

This is the part of the business plan where you talk about your product or service in detail. Make sure to elucidate every single aspect in a layman’s language. From copyright and trademark information to your competitors, spell out everything to showcase the value your business will most likely provide to all potential customers and your industry.

5.      marketing and Sales Plan

Whether it is an online course or an eCommerce product, you need a robust marketing strategy to sell your item. This section talks about the marketing strategies that you will deploy. This can be anything from creating a website, signing up for an online platform like Kohbee to creating social media profiles.

6.      Organization and Management

If you are the sole business owner, create an outline of your business structure. This includes an organisational chart together with all the job roles and descriptions. Also, specify if any external stakeholders or advisors are working with you.

7.      Financial Plan and Projections

This is another crucial section, especially if you plan to seek investors for your business. Create a cash flow projection to show your monthly expenditures, a break-even analysis, a sample profit-and-loss statement, and a balance sheet. This information will come in handy while filing taxes for your business each year. You can take the help of an accountant, in case you are just starting.

Creating a Business Plan for Online Course

To navigate your business well, you must carefully understand the business landscape. And with a well-documented roadmap, you can achieve your goals and metrics with greater ease. So invest your time in the business planning process.

And once you are done, use a good online platform like Kohbee to sell your courses. Kohbee allows you to create your online educator profile within minutes and reach a global audience to sell your online-courses. Besides, the built-in payment-gateways ensure quick and hassle-free payments. Thus, download Kohbee today and start selling online-courses.

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6 ways to get leads for online-courses

For any business to grow and prosper, consistent lead generation is essential. The initial years are critical for a business. If you want to scale up your business and make regular profits, you should know how to generate leads for business. Lead generation is an essential part of marketing. It is the act of acquiring customer interest for your business that is actionable. Giving you their contact details or following up to ask about products are examples of leads. In the online education sector, you must apply these business basics while developing your business and effectively get leads for online-courses.

Here are some strategies that you can use for your business:

  1. Aim for the target audience- Since you have decided to start your business as a creator-educator, you probably already have a kind of audience in mind. It is essential to market your content in a way that it presses the right buttons. The process of creating a target customer persona helps you to know in which direction you must work. Once you know your target audience, their preferences and needs, you can successfully generate leads.
  1. Interactive website- It is important to pay acute attention to the presentation of content on your website landing pages, since this is where potential customers will arrive when they click on ad links. Your webpage should be interactive, informative and easy-to-use. The landing web page should display your logo and share brief details of the course that you offer. Boosting customer interactions on your web page will increase the chances to generate more leads. You can modify and adapt your webpage content according to the target audience.
  1. Use social networking- Social media is your new friend when it comes to generating leads for your business. There are many tools for marketing that are in-built into social media networks. They usually have something similar to a business mode where you can use these tools specifically designed for promotional activities. You can also monitor the number of views, likes and comments on your posts. It is important to stay active on social media sites in order to generate leads. Examples of popular social media sites include Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc. 
  1. Offer a unique vision- The vision of your company tells your story to prospective buyers. This is a creative way and original way to generate leads. Your vision statement has the potential to give you an edge in a highly competitive market environment. There is enough creator content on the internet to create a herd mentality. You want your potential buyers to see you standing out of this crowd. If your vision is unique and out-of-the box, the audience is likely to engage with it and refer it to others. You can also find a way to make it as relatable to your target audience as possible because that increases the chances of them buying your online course.
  1. Use automated digital marketing tools- Automated digital marketing is heavily based on modern technology that has found its way into everyone’s life. Whether it is a smartphone or a television screen, it can surely act as a medium to market your content. It is very common for online businesses to use automated digital marketing in order to reach a wider customer base and generate leads. It has been a proven strategy in marketing to create a large follower base and maintain it by sending regular newsletters, emails, reminders etc. 
  1. Choose the right distribution platform- A distribution platform will act as a place from where your business gets a boost. Content distribution is undertaken at a small scale on social media, where your business may be promoted free-of-cost, but usually these modes take their time to create actionable leads. On the other hand, there are paid platforms that specialise in advertising and marketing. They can generate leads faster and more successfully. These platforms have an efficient targeting capability. They know exactly where and when to advertise your content.


These are some ways to get leads for your online-courses. The process may appear resource consuming, but the best strategy is to move slow and focus on holistic growth rather than short-term pushes to promote your business. With time, it will become clear which lead generation strategy works best for you. The process of lead generation will help you push-start your business and expand it to larger and diverse audiences worldwide.

To get more insights on how to generate leads for your creator-educator business, follow Kohbee, the fastest growing ed tech platform that offers best in the market tools to grow your business. Download the Kohbee app now.

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E-learning Trends To Watch out for in 2022

E-learning is no longer what it was before the global pandemic. Before Covid-19 changed the learning industry dramatically, e-learning was still a developing alternative learning mode, gaining popularity in the education sector. Online education was considered an option in place of traditional classroom learning. But with the advent of a worldwide pandemic, everything changed. Traditional classroom learning came to a sudden halt. Initially, the halt was thought to be temporary, but the longer the pandemic lasted, the more urgent the need to restart learning became. Everyone, without any exceptions, had to update their learning methods and adapt to online modes. It was the only way to continue learning and development while keeping everyone’s safety in mind. In this article, we study the latest e-learning trends of 2022.

Top E-learning Trends in 2022

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning became the primary mode of education. Some of the trends that followed this shift are:

  1. Virtual Classes- Maintenance of social distancing required all classes to be conducted virtually. At first, the idea of virtual classes was seen with suspicion, and the doubt that education may get compromised gripped the masses. But soon, the concept of virtual classes started getting accepted by parents, teachers and academia alike. Virtual classes have become an intrinsic part of e-learning. Children of all ages adapted almost instantly to classes on their devices instead of classrooms. Ed-tech companies have taken the lead to enable such classes. If you are looking to start virtual classes, Kohbee is the fastest growing e-learning platform for modern teachers and creator educators. Download the Kohbee app now to grow your education business 10x faster.
  2. Audio-visual Learning- Learning videos are another trend that emerged due to the pandemic. Audio-visual learning has proven to be one of the most effective online-learning tools. Students have the advantage of pausing and watching these videos, which helps them grow and learn at their own pace. This is why most of the online-learning course material is audio-visual now. 
  3. Learning through Games- Gamification is the most popular trend that emerged during the COVID period. It started with people of all ages engaging in games to spend their extra time at home. This practice was noticed by Ed-techs, who began introducing game-based learning, which was consumed heavily by people of all ages. Learning new languages via games to learn almost anything online became a fun and pleasurable experience.
  4. Interactive Classes- Interactive lessons have the unique ability to forge a two-way experience between a teacher and a student through interaction. During the pandemic, a new way of learning surfaced where students would participate in learning and not merely be recipients of the information. With the gift of technology, students could get individual attention in a class like never before.
  5. Peer-to-peer interaction- Peer learning became enhanced and strengthened by the wave of online education. Students started taking the initiative to stay in touch with their classmates and friends, as there was no longer a classroom they could meet in. Another factor propelling peer interaction was the newness of online classes. Most students found it easier to shift to online-courses with the support of their peers. 
  6. Artificial Intelligence in Education- The Covid crisis required technology to step in and rescue us in a big way. As a result, many ed-tech companies used artificial intelligence for assessments and other administrative purposes like tracking attendance, student data, etc. The need of the hour revolutionised education towards a student-oriented process. There was a surge of the practice of academia collaborating with technocrats to build better ed-techs and deliver services to students living in the remotest regions.
  7. Micro Education-The concept of micro-learning gained importance with education becoming online. The shift from chapters and lengthy topics to bite-sized, easily absorbable material changed the outlook of studies for students. The stressful or burdensome perception of study material could finally change with microlearning. Students could now learn and grow in small and steady steps, rather than becoming averse to studies altogether. E-learning combined audiovisual learning with micro-learning, and the results were brilliant.


The former definition of education has been transformed during recent years, and these E-learning trends are what came out of it. The traditional rigid framework of education has found openness and innovation with the help of technology. Each trend that we observe in 2022 is tried and tested by time and people through 2020 and 2021. Now they are proven and popular. online-learning platforms have also done their best to not disappoint us, despite the immense pressure to perform in a short amount of time. The e-learning trends that we see now are more effective for students and teachers both. Now is the best time if you haven’t made the most out of these trends yet.

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How to select the best topic for your online-courses?

While developing your business idea for online-courses, you need to keep certain things in mind. Selecting the best topic for the online course is one of the first steps. The nature of the topic will decide the course content, the price and the target audience. So, it is essential that you choose your topic thoughtfully. Since deciding on a topic can be challenging for creator educators, here is a rough framework that you can rely upon. These are the few steps that every creator educator can use while deciding the best topic for their online course.

  1. Brainstorm for ideas - The first step will be to jot down all the ideas that you have from your knowledge and skills developed over the years in your field. They can be topics that you are passionate about. There is a good chance that you will be able to teach these topics with ease and expertise. Writing all these ideas down can give you a direction for the next few steps.
  2. Assess Audience demand - The best way to know your audience is to put out a blog or post sharing your idea for the topic for an online course and see the response you get to it. You can briefly talk about what the course would include and some general information about the topic. How the audience engages with your post will determine whether they are interested. They might even have suggestions that will bring out the audience demand for your choice of topic.
  3. Research trending topics - You can research about online-courses that are currently trending. This will give an idea about whether the course you are planning to release is up-to-date with present trends in online education. You can also modify your topic a little to match with one of the trending topics. There is no guarantee, but the chances of your online course gaining popularity will become higher.
  4. Do a market survey - A simple online search, using the keywords of your topic, will show you other courses available in the market on similar topics. You will get an idea of the competition that you will face once your online course is out. If your topic is already popular in the market, the competition will be high, but there will be a greater audience. On the other hand, if you have a specialised topic, the competition will be low. However, you will have to promote it more aggressively to create awareness among the target audience. You can use Google Keyword Planner to pick the perfect name for your topic to suit market needs. 
  5. Student feedback - The way to collect useful feedback is to find courses that have topics similar to yours and read the reviews that students have given to it. Feedback can give you an insight into the needs of students and the drawbacks of the course that you would not like to repeat. Reviews can also indicate a student’s level of satisfaction after doing a particular course. You can take measures based on these reviews to make your online course more consumable. Student feedback can give you valuable information about the realistic demand of your online course.
  6. Decide on a pricing strategy - The price of your course will depend upon the following factors:
  • Length of the course - If your online course is a few weeks long, its price will be lower as compared to if it is a few months long. 
  • Level of your course, i.e., proficient, intermediate or advanced - A beginner’s course will be less priced than an intermediate or an advanced course. The course content you will provide will decide which category your online course falls under.
  • Competitive market pricing - A thorough research of the prevalent market pricing is necessary. You cannot stray too far from the price point of your competitors without risking the success of your course. If the market price for a 4-weeks course is Rs 4000 in the market, it is dangerous to charge much more or much less. Thus, competitive valuation is important before deciding on a price point.
  • The instructor’s expertise - The more qualified and experienced the teacher, the more you can demand for your online course.


Keeping all these things in mind, you can be confident that you have done your research and chosen the best topic for the online course that you want to offer. Once the topic is decided, you can move to the next steps of outlining the course structure and developing the course content for your chosen topic.

Sell your online course on Kohbee, the fastest growing e-learning platform for modern teachers and creator educators. Download the Kohbee app now to grow your education business 10x faster.

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The 5 best online Platforms to sell online-courses

Every educator has the power to bring a positive transformation in other people's lives. However, with technological advancements you do not have to wait for the right time to do so, you only need the best platform to sell courses online.

In the next four years, the worldwide eLearning industry is predicted to reach $325 billion. This is a huge opportunity for ambitious educators seeking to build a career for themselves in the industry. The eLearning market is expanding at a breakneck pace that shows no signs of decline. It is expected that online apps for teachers and ed-tech apps will play a major role in digital learning. Last year's lockdowns proved that being able to accomplish more online is critical. Furthermore, if you're wondering how to make money selling courses online, you'll be pleased to learn that creating and distributing online-courses is now easier than ever. Ecommerce capabilities are available in many learning management systems.

These allow creators and educators to build their own websites, they get acquainted with how to create an online course for free and start gaining the revenue and recognition that they deserve.

So, before discovering the best platforms to sell online-courses, have a sneak peek at why you should sell online-courses for free and how to sell courses online in India -

Why should you sell courses online?

The online education industry in India is predicted to increase by $14.33 billion by 2024, according to a recent analysis by technavio. According to experts, the amount of smartphone users and internet users in India is responsible for this tremendous increase in online-learning! In the following days, it is expected that India's present 749 million internet users would grow by approximately 1.5 billion users. As a result, your opportunities for creating a stable and profitable business would also increase tremendously. Now the question arises how to sell courses online in India and what are different platforms to sell online-courses. So, read on to get all the answers to these questions in this article.

How to Sell online-courses in India?

First and foremost you have to design and decide on the trending courses. Keep the topics focussed on a specific subject rather than going for a broad syllabus. This will help you target your potential course seekers only. The course should be valuable to the students so when you decide on the price it should be valuable for you too! Once you design and structure your course well, the key to your success would be to choose the best place to sell online-courses. You can sell online-courses from your own website through some of the best platforms to sell online-courses. 

So, here is a list of the 5 best platforms to sell courses online -

  1. Kohbee - Online instructors, educators, and trainers can use this website as a one-stop-shop to achieve their career milestones.  It's completely free and secure. Kohbee is being used by over 30,000 educators to further their careers. It is not only the best platform to sell online-courses, but it also offers excellent assistance to teachers in the digital era. It's quite easy to create a page on Kohbee. Fill up the information about the lessons you teach and the subjects you study, and your website will be ready in 60 seconds. Moreover, you can sell online-courses from your own website through Kohbee.
  2. Udemy - If you're just getting started with this concept, Udemy can be a nice platform to sell online-courses because it doesn't need a large initial investment. It is one of the most effective platforms for developing and selling online-courses. After you've created your course on the Udemy dashboard, you'll have access to millions of students.
  3. Teachable - It is a study platform that offers both free and paid options. This platform is very useful for freelance teachers who wish to teach a big group of pupils.  You may launch your course through sales sites and determine the pricing of your course whatever you like.
  4. Kajabi - Kajabi is for everyone who is searching for simple solutions for developing and marketing online-courses. This platform is ideal for presenters, coaches, writers, and other professionals. Kajabi also has fantastic features for newcomers who are creating their first courses. They provide a variety of easy-to-use templates for creating various sorts of courses. Kajabi's basic subscription is $119 a month and includes one site, three items, three pipelines, and limitless marketing emails.
  5. Thinkific - Thinkific is good for you if you want to start generating online-courses without investing a lot of money. This will provide you free access to the first three courses, as well as limitless student assistance, course upselling chances, and a built-in payment channel. Because it is simple to use, Thinkific stands out and outperforms its competition. If you don't want to, you don't have to update any code. With a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can arrange all of your stuff. You may pay $49 per month for coupons and promos, marketing, and email integration with drip content if you wish to upgrade your subscription.

So, if you are wondering how to sell courses online in India then here is your ultimate solution - Kohbee.  Kohbee is an online-teaching app that is designed to meet the needs of today’s teachers. The e-solutions of Kohbee provide a hassle-free way to build, grow and manage your online-teaching job. Our online app for teachers is jam-packed with features that help you get the greatest outcomes at your desk. Thanks to our talented developers, who have meticulously designed each and every aspect of this educational program. So, do not wait for further and escalate your teaching job with Kohbee. Download Now!

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Top 10 trending online course ideas

Do you want to design and offer your own online course, but don't know what to teach? Don't worry; we've compiled a list of our top ten online course ideas to assist you in selecting a lucrative topic and to keep you motivated toward your goal. 

Online education is becoming a more popular option than regular programs. online-courses are fast expanding due to the value they provide to a learner's profession and the flexibility of learning from anywhere at one's own pace. 63 percent of students stated they are committed to an online program because it matches their interests and presents employment opportunities.

Therefore, to reach out to a wide audience and share the knowledge you have gained through your course, you need to find a syllabus that is aligned with today’s relevant topics. According to a recent survey, 42% of entrepreneurs do not succeed since their product does not have a market. So, make sure you have a niche consumer range by selecting your online course idea wisely. Here are the best ideas to sell online-courses.

Top 10 Online Course Ideas

  1. Health & Wellness - While many coaches specialise in health and wellness, it is deserving of its own category. We're all concerned about our health and want to enhance it. Many people make use of online classes to improve their nutrition, reduce weight, learn to meditate, or begin a healthy habit such as yoga. Create an insightful programme for these people and see the difference in the demand for your online course.
  1. marketing Courses - marketing, being a rapidly growing industry, provides an endless supply of opportunities to teach something new while also offering a core understanding of marketing theory that underpins current trends. This can be one of the most profitable online course ideas of all time. You can also create specific courses on marketing, such as social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, content marketing, etc.
  1. Business and entrepreneurship Courses - Finance, project management, and entrepreneurship are all topics covered in business courses. These courses can cover everything you need to know about surviving and succeeding in the business world. Diversity and inclusion is a topic that is becoming increasingly popular across the world. With the development of remote working, we're seeing a rising dialogue around workplace inclusion and diversity.
  1. Career Guidance Courses - While some people aspire to create their own businesses, others would rather work for a well-known company and strive to become effective team members. How do you go about finding your ideal job? How can you maximise your productivity at work? What is the best way to earn a raise? If you know the answers to such questions, you should surely share what you know through your online course concerning career guidance.
  1. Financial Skills - The market is thriving, and this has drawn a lot of new investors eager to learn how to invest their money. Lockdowns, cryptocurrency, tech stocks; the market is booming, and this has attracted a lot of new investors looking to learn how to invest their money. While online communities such as Facebook Groups, chat rooms, and other forums are free to join, some people are searching for more formal education on how to invest. You may create online classes about stock market trading, real estate, cryptocurrency, and other similar topics.
  1. Online Business - One of the best business ideas for online-courses is about how online business can flourish by creating a website, starting a blog, and affiliate marketing; in other words, making money through the online world. If you know the best way to connect with the target audience and create engaging blogs, do share your knowledge through these online-courses.
  1. Technology-based Courses - Today’s fast-growing techno world needs more tech-savvy people to handle various segments of tech-based businesses. The most in-demand topics include web design, website creation, app development, data science, 3d printing, smartphone or laptop repairing, and so on.
  1. IT and Software - With so many new technologies and cyber-threads appearing, the demand for learning to program, or even using no-code programming, is growing. Courses that address this rising need to stay up with technological advances are not new, but they will continue to increase in popularity. 
  1. Academics - The E-learning market was valued at over USD 250 billion in 2020, and it is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 21% between 2021 and 2027. Homeschooling was popular even before the outbreak, and the pandemic only served to increase the popularity of the practice. Seeking an online teacher or a course to help students build STEM abilities has increased significantly in the past two years. 
  1. Graphic Designing - One of the most important parts of digital marketing is graphic designing, which makes content pleasing to the eyes and attracts more viewers to web pages. If you know the best ways to create eye-catching, trending graphic designs, then it can be the ideal business idea for online-courses.


Select an online course idea according to your interests and expertise. However, once you select the most suitable topic, you will need an effective platform to launch your course. When it comes to this, you do not have to search for long. Register with Kohbee and create your own website in just 60 seconds. Here, you can develop and sell online-courses in the most hassle-free way. Experience new-age teaching with Kohbee’s advanced e-solutions for educators. Start your journey towards a successful career. Download Kohbee Now!

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Design and sell stock market online-courses with Kohbee

The COVID-19-induced shift to remote working and learning has been increasingly turning people towards digital learning to obtain the skills they need to negotiate today's continuously changing world. On an international level, the United States led the way with over 17 million persons registering in online-courses, followed by India with 13.6 million

People now look for niche courses of their interest that can be lucrative for them. Stock market online-courses are one of the most in-demand courses in today’s world. The coronavirus outbreak triggered a wave of stock market volatility, leaving many people to rethink what can be the best time to make a good investment decision. Others are pondering whether or not they need to make changes to their current portfolios. 

The stock market isn't only about making money; there's also the possibility of losing money. There has always been a concern in everyone's mind about how several traders and investors can make a big return in the stock market while understanding the true risk. Despite the risk, millions of individuals from all over the world are drawn to the stock market, as it's an excellent way to make money while sitting at home, and it only takes a few hours out of your day.

Therefore, the only solution to master the skills of investment in the stock market is to rely on online trading courses. So if you think you can disseminate valuable knowledge about the stock market, then this is your opportunity to earn by designing and providing stock market courses. Wondering how to sell trading courses? Here is all you need to know.

Why should you create and sell trading courses online?

Because there are individuals who are interested in your knowledge, and there's a chance of making just enough money. In recent years, stock market investing has become quite popular. However, only a small percentage of people have the necessary expertise to invest wisely. Others don't get the advice they need to invest wisely. An aspiring online instructor like you may take advantage of this talent gap and the huge demand for trading courses. By 2025, the global e-learning industry is anticipated to be worth $325 billion, which gives you a clear hint that e-learning solutions are here to stay. You may teach these new investors about the stock market online, and assist them in securing their financial future. All you need is a solid online platform for teachers to assist you with course creation and marketing.

Discover the best platform for selling stock market online-courses, and the know-how to create and sell trading courses below in the article.

How to create online trading courses?

  • Structure your course - The stock market online-courses should be designed in a way that allows beginners to also follow your content easily. Begin with the basics, such as shares, assets, trading, NIFTY, SENSEX, and so on. Don't dismiss them because you believe they're too simple for beginners. Learners might come from a variety of backgrounds and have varying degrees of expertise. Attend each and every one of them.
  • Leverage the advantages of trading - Make sure that the stock market courses include the benefits of investing. It will not only motivate the learners to invest, but also attract them towards enrolling in your online trading courses.
  • Keep yourself updated - We all know how dynamic the market is. It is thus important to stay up-to-date and ensure that the information you are providing in your trading courses is not only authentic, but also current. Update the course information on a regular basis, which will scale up the value of the course you are providing.
  • Pricing the stock market online-courses - What should the price of my course be? When it comes to figuring out how to offer courses online, this is one of the most often asked topics. It's a bit of a guessing game when it comes to pricing. Finding the ideal pricing will need some trial and error. You'll have to perform some maths and testing to figure it out. The cost of an online course might range from $5 to $2,000. The cost of your first online course will most likely be between $50 and $200. This will depend on your topic, audience, and level of knowledge.

Once you create the stock market courses online free with certificates, the next step would be to find the best platform to sell trading courses. 

Well, your search ends with Kohbee. Learn more about the platform here!

How to sell stock market online-courses?

Register with Kohbee and get started with your journey to success. Kohbee is a one-stop-shop for online instructors, educators, and trainers. Increase the size of your online classrooms and courses ten-fold with this completely free and secure platform. It's quite easy to create a page on Kohbee. Fill out the forms for the classes you teach and the subjects you study, and your web page will be ready in 60 seconds. 

Kohbee is used by over 50,000 educators to help them flourish in this digitally inclined world. You will be able to see exactly how many website views have arrived, as well as the statistics for each website lead. Your website is where you maintain your courses so that anybody may view them and purchase them. With Kohbee's built-in payment-gateway, the money will be sent directly into your account when you sell your stock market courses.


Managing your online-teaching job is now at your fingertips. Experience the hassle-free way of providing valuable teachings to your students right from your home with Kohbee. Create groups, multiple classes, and plan several online sessions easily. So, grow your teaching career with the automated teaching app of Kohbee. Download Now! 

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Best Kajabi Alternative: Kohbee App

The creator-economy has rapidly developed to become a major force. According to some statistics, over 50 million people believe themselves to be content creators. You also need a robust online hosting platform if you wish to join the creator-economy as an educator and monetise your videos. And chances are that you have likely considered Kohbee vs. Kajabi. Let's analyse if Kohbee is a great Kajabi alternative.

Well, both these online hosting platforms are great in their own right. They allow you to create courses and easily monetize videos to generate revenue. So, the real question is, which platform is the right choice for your business?

To help you out, we have conducted a thorough review of both platforms that will make your choice between the two a lot easier. So, let’s jump right in.

Kohbee vs. Kajabi

1.      Live Classes

To become a successful online educator, you need to build a strong community of learners. You must ensure that your learners are closely following your teachings. And this is only possible when you connect with them face-to-face.

The Kohbee app allows you to take live classes seamlessly. With this, all the students can actively learn what you teach them and stay in direct contact with you. You can launch a live class with a single click. Additionally, you can schedule the classes and notify the students with an in-built pre-alert system so that no student misses the class.

In short, Kohbee works just like the Zoom app, and offers a great online conferencing experience. On the other hand, Kajabi does not offer an option of conducting live classes. Nor does it provide the ability to implement any third-party video streaming platform. Instead, you can host a live video broadcast from within a Kajabi product.

You can go to any live streaming website and obtain the embed code for your live stream. This code can then be copied and pasted into your course curriculum as a custom code. Once you do this, you can alert your students about the code so they can join the live class.

So, if you want to conduct hassle-free live classes, you must go for the Kohbee app, the best Kajabi alternative. But if you don’t want that, Kajabi is also a good bet.

2.      Intuitive Mobile App

In today’s time, having a mobile app to launch your online-courses is a surefire way to increase reachability and boost engagement. By placing all the necessary resources at the learner’s fingertips, you can improve the course completion rate and even get an edge over your competitors.

Kohbee allows you to launch your online institute on both a mobile app as well as a website. Kajabi, on the other hand, can only help you with the launch of an online course website. So if you want to build a mobile app for your courses, the Kohbee app is the best Kajabi alternative.

3.      payment-gateway Integration

If you are looking to teach and earn by monetising your skills, you must seek a payment-gateway that makes the entire payment process super smooth and quick. And Kohbee offers the perfect solution.

With Kohbee, you can effortlessly accept payments from all your students, regardless of their location. It is a one-stop payment solution that lets you accept payments from all the major credit cards on the web, and even through mobile apps from any part of the world. Thus, it ensures a flawless and trouble-free experience by making everything more manageable.

On the contrary, Kajabi only allows you to combine Stripe and PayPal. And because the options for gateways are limited, you may face payment failure challenges. And this may lead to a low conversion rate.

4.      Customer Support

If you are a new contributor to the creator-economy, one of the significant features to check before choosing a platform is customer support. Kohbee, the best Kajabi alternative offers incredible customer support to all its patrons. Regardless of the plan you select, you can avail of round-the-clock support via email or customer toll-free number.

Although Kajabi too promises great customer support, it does not offer call assistance to its users. Therefore, if you have any complaints or queries, you can only get in touch with them via their live chat support, email, or their Facebook community. But many a time, you need to get on a call with a support assistant to clarify your doubts.

5.      Pricing

Last but not least, pricing plays a crucial role when choosing an online course platform. When it comes to Kohbee, you can choose from three plans: Free, Plus, and Premium. The first plan, i.e. free is absolutely free of cost. It includes the website builder, unlimited live sessions, and up to 20 hours of recorded classes.

But with Kajabi, there is no free plan. You can choose from Basic, Growth, and Pro. And a thorough price comparison reveals that Kajabi is pricier than Kohbee and offers fewer features.

Why Kohbee App is The Best Kajabi Alternative?

Kohbee and Kajabi are two very different online course hosting platforms. However, an in-depth study of the two shows that Kohbee, the best Kajabi alternative is suitable if you are looking for an all-in-one course-building system. Apart from offering excellent features for both mobile app and website, it lets you create and market your courses to a global audience.

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Creator Economy
Kohbee Vs Exly: Which Platform Is Best For creator-economy?

In the present pandemic era, the global creator-economy has witnessed a massive boom in content creators who are monetizing their content with the help of apps and other online platforms. This rapid increase in the creator-economy is especially visible in India. The Indian creator-economy has an average pool of 50 million content creators. A significantly large portion of this pool is educator-creators. With the rise in independent content monetization, the demand for edtech platforms has also witnessed a sharp rise. Creator educators in India need an all-in-one platform to grow and run their business online. Exly and Kohbee are two of the top edtech platforms available for creator educators in India. But which one is the better platform? In this article, we will compare Exly and Kohbee to see who fares better.

Kohbee Vs Exly - Why choose Kohbee over Exly?

Here is a comparison of the features and services provided by Exly vs Kohbee:

  1. Service Pricing: Exly uses custom pricing for large bookings, while for small bookings, you need to contact them for pricing. Exly charges a minimum fee of 5% commission on using their server and payment-gateway. The Exly app provides a short free trial period. On the other hand, Kohbee provides its SAAS platform at 0 percent commission with unimpeded access to all its services and products. Kohbee is a more affordable tool than Exly. Creators can launch their branded apps, landing pages and sell digital products via them at a 0 percent commission. Additionally, Kohbee also provides growth tools that will help you sell your Digital Products.
  2. Growth and marketing tools- With Kohbee Premium, you also get an access to a Zoom Premium account. Now you don't have to limit your workshop duration! Sell more, Earn more with Kohbee. Kohbee also provides its creators with powerful landing pages and mechanisms to build a sales funnel wherein you can upsell and downsell in the right way and maximize your revenue. Exly also provides its creators with a Zoom Pro account under its 28380/- yearly plan; Kohbee provides this feature in its 15000/- yearly plan. Kohbee is more affordable than Exly.
  3. Website Building: Website building is an essential product for any education platform. Both Exly and Kohbee offer instant website creation. Exly provides tools to build your website within 5 minutes, while Kohbee provides design software that will enable you to create a webpage for your business in less than 60 seconds. This feature is exceptionally appealing to creator-educators who do not need to waste their time and money hiring a professional website designer to start their business. To use Exly, you need to have basic knowledge of coding and computer programming. Kohbee supports users who have no prior knowledge of coding.
  4. Business Management: Exly provides features like an analytical dashboard to manage the listing of courses and other such tasks. It also uses ‘conversion funnel’, ‘advanced lead capture’, and ‘drip programs’ for your business communications. Kohbee provides business management tools like tracking website views and contact leads. On the Kohbee app, you can see the number of website views and details of every website lead. All of these tools are useful for managing your online education business. Both the apps have their advantages. You can decide which one to use based on your needs.
  5. marketing and Promotion: Exly allows you to advertise your courses online to your target audience. They provide integrated marketing tools like discounts and limited-time offers for you to promote your course. Kohbee helps your online education business to grow 10X by providing tools for marketing and promotion. It provides data on website views, and allows you to run advertisements on Google and Facebook.
  6. Creator Friendly Interface: The interface of a website attracts audiences to it. Users all over the globe prefer an easy interface. Exly provides an easy-to-use software interface for scheduling weekly, monthly, or custom subscriptions. It allows you to connect your calendar with your clients to avoid the extra number of calls. Kohbee has a user-friendly interface specially designed for educators. You can access their services with a single click.
  7. Payment Platform: Exly supports national and international transactions and has a feature for instant KYC. Kohbee also provides both national and international payment support through a built-in payment portal, which is more secure than third-party payment-gateways. Kohbee also provides you the option to start a monthly or annual recurring payment link, from which the money goes directly into your account.

Final Thoughts

With so many Creator platforms, choosing the right one for you becomes hard. When deciding which ed-tech platform suits your business, consider the cost, ease of management, and payment security as the primary factors; Exly and Kohbee are both examples of top platforms for creator-educators who will help you teach online successfully. If you are looking to create efficient sales funnels at an affordable price and pay 0 percent commissions on all your transactions, Kohbee is your app. All its tools are easy-to-use and you can easily build your business online and multiply your revenue using them. Go ahead and start your business with the help of Kohbee.

Book a Demo Today!

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Why Kohbee Website Builder is the best Wix Alternative?

Are you an online educator looking to build a big community of learners? Do you want to contribute to the creator-economy by offering your knowledge to others? If yes, you must bring your teaching skills into the limelight through a robust website solution. A lot of you may have thought about developing your own website. Thankfully, there are many online website builder available that let you create websites instantly. And one of the best and most trustworthy options is Kohbee. Kohbee has hired professionals that are well-trained to deliver a perfectly functional website with all the tools needed to run it successfully.

Today, we will talk about how Kohbee is even better than the Wix website builder. A thorough comparison between the two online website builders will help you choose the best one for your needs. So, let’s get started.

Why Kohbee is better than Wix Website Builder?

1.      Quick Access to a Free Website

To build your brand and establish authority as an online educator, you need a good online course website. Kohbee helps you launch a good website under all its plans: Free, Plus, and Premium. You can benefit from the many tools and equipment available to build a beautiful and intuitive course website. In fact, you can develop a website with Kohbee in less than 60 seconds.

On the other hand, Wix website builder does not pay much attention to how your website will be structured. There is not enough consideration for uploading the ideal image sizes or using the appropriate page titles. This may negatively impact your website’s effectiveness.

Also, if you opt for a free plan in Wix, you will get access to Wix websites that carry the Wix branding. Although it’s nothing too detestable, it makes things a little too obvious. And this is because the branding appears right on top of the page, even preceding the website header.

2.      Fully Customizable and Pre-Defined Templates

With Kohbee website builder, you can benefit from designer templates and create websites that look stunning and professional. You can browse through thousands of visuals and designs from the internet and directly add them to your online website without incurring any expense. You can customize, add, subtract or reposition elements to achieve the desired look for your website.

Although Wix also provides many pre-defined templates, these templates are not interchangeable. So, you must pick your template carefully. In case later, you change your mind, you will have to manually move over all the content you have created on your previous template.

3.      Track Your Website Views and Leads Directly

All website owners wish to see how their website is performing. They want to measure web traffic to further boost the website's effectiveness. Thankfully, Kohbee app makes it easy to track your website leads. You can easily see how many website views have come and gather insightful information on single lead. And what’s best, this is all available in Kohbee’s Free plan.

But with Wix websites, you need to upgrade your plan to track your website’s performance. It does not come as a freebie whicery frustrating at times since it is something as simple as a Google API connection.

4.      Build SEO-optimized Landing Pages

SEO plays a crucial role to boost the visibility of your website. With Kohbee, you can benefit from SEO-optimized landing pages. You can easily place your targeted keywords on your course landing pages and capitalize on the traffic coming in from organic channels.

Besides, the Kohbee platform is built to be aligned with Google’s recommended best practices for speed, security, and SEO. On the other hand, Wix websites only offer basic on-page SEO capabilities. It only allows you to modify your meta tags, and use canonical URLs, among other basic SEO features.

5.      Attractive Pricing Plans

If you use Kohbee website builder, you can choose from three pricing plans: Free, Plus, and Premium. While the first one is absolutely free, the latter two are much more attractive for educators or businesses that work with multiple clients.

On the other hand, Wix charges per site, per month. The Free plan offered by Wix carries the Wix branding on your website and the little icon that is shown in the browser bar along with a Wix logo. Also, you simply cannot benefit from analytics until you opt for a Premium plan. So when it comes to pricing, Kohbee is a much more cost-effective option that lets you own a great website as per your requirements.

Kohbee or Wix Website Builder? The Final Verdict

Both Kohbee and Wix can be used to create a stunning website for DIY purposes. However, if you look from a business perspective, Kohbee offers many in-built features for ensuring a better customer experience. Besides, the attractive pricing plans ensure that you can easily scale your business in the long run.

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Online Teaching
Best Graphy Alternative: Kohbee App

With increased access to technology in the form of smartphones, creator-educators have started harnessing the unique opportunity to create independent content and sell it through a mobile app. This has resulted in the creation of a class of entrepreneurs who make up the creator-economy. Before ed-tech apps, creator-educators had to use social-networking sites to monetise their courses; however, with the advent of software tools specially designed to help creator-educators grow their business, the dynamics of content creation have changed. Ed-tech apps like Graphy and Kohbee increase your chances of monetisation by 10X. Learn about the best graphy alternative in the market: Kohbee.

Features of Graphy that are also available on Kohbee

If you are looking for an alternative to Graphy to grow and run your online education business, Kohbee provides the best features you love in Graphy. Here are some Graphy features that you will find in the Kohbee app:

  1. White-labelled webpage and app:

Apps created using white-labelled platforms can be rebranded as your own after being built. An average white-labelled website builder provides advanced customisation and branding-free services. The domain and logo can be fully customised to promote your brand. Kohbee is a white-labelled software, just like Graphy. On the Kohbee app, you can sell courses under your independent brand name. Kohbee supports and encourages individualisation among entrepreneurs. 

  1. Live classes:

Live classes are much more popular in comparison to pre-recorded classes. They are interactive, engaging, and the preferred option of most students. Live classes require specific support tools on an ed-tech platform. The Graphy platform enables you to conduct live classes with advanced features like webinars and live streaming. Kohbee, an alternative to Graphy, also has the same features. Its live classes have been reviewed to be digitally sound with no audiovisual disruptions. If you want to teach online without any problems, the Kohbee app is a good option.

  1. Pricing:

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.Warren Buffett

Cost in a business is inevitable. The cost of a subscription to an ed-tech platform adds to the overall cost of running your business. Graphy provides affordable pricing for its monthly subscription. It gives you the option to take a free trial before you subscribe to its paid packs. Its BASIC pack starts at Rs 3,500 per month. There are other packs like PRO, BUSINESS and ADVANCED that you can select as per your need. As a Graphy alternative, the Kohbee app provides free access to all its products. This makes it a more lucrative option to teach online.

  1. Efficiency:

Efficiency is an important feature of ed-tech platforms. Benjamin Franklin had said that “time is money”, therefore, it is important to utilise time and not waste it. An ed-tech platform must provide you swifter solutions. Graphy allows you to build your website quickly and easily. You don’t need any prior knowledge about coding or computer programming. This feature can also be found on the Kohbee app, where you can build your webpage within 60 seconds. With high efficiency, both these apps allow you to sell courses to maximise monetisation.

  1. Payment portal

The Graphy app provides flexibility for payment portals. Graphy supports multiple secure payment-gateways for both national and international transactions. Popular payment-gateways such as PayPal and Stripe are used for international students, while RazorPay, PayU, CCAvenue, and Paytm are used for domestic students. Kohbee is the best Graphy alternative as it features a built-in payment portal through which creator-educators can carry out smooth transactions both nationally and internationally. This feature enables you to teach online and sell courses without worrying about collecting student fees.

  1. Website design:

When conducting a business online, making your website and app visually attractive is imperative. With ed-tech companies, design tools are preloaded and are ready to use. Graphy has a template library with various design templates for your web page. Kohbee boasts a vast series of templates with appealing design and structure. These are not only attractive but user-friendly. This will make it easier for you to promote and sell courses online. This feature makes Kohbee the perfect alternative to Graphy.


Ed-tech companies like Graphy and Kohbee empower creator-educators to grow their businesses in the creator-economy. As a creator-educator, you can earn an average annual income of Rs 5 lakh from teaching online-courses. You can sell courses at an average price of Rs 3-4k, depending upon the skill level and certificate demand of the course you are teaching. Along with this, you will need a competent ed-tech platform to support you in this endeavour. If you are impressed by the features of Graphy but need a free alternative, the Kohbee app is the best choice. 

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kohbee-toolbox: How our Website Builder takes you Online in 60 Seconds?

There is no sector or business that can survive in the 21st century without developing an online site. online-teaching and content creation, especially, demand a captivating online presence. However, building a website from scratch can not only cost you tons of resources, time and effort but also shift your focus from actually creating content for your audience. A powerful website builder is the pungent need of the hour for all creator-educators.

Fret Not! Kohbee can solve such problems in just 60 seconds. Using our dedicated Website Builder you can create a website in just a few taps. Thinking you might have to fill in tons of information about your content, choose from multiple templates, drag and drop components on the website and so much more – Forget it.

Kohbee’s powerful website builder is accessible through a smartphone. There is literally no need to have a laptop or PC for starting your online coaching. You just need to download the Kohbee App, click on create a website, enter a tad bit of information and Voila! You are online and ready to share your content with the world.

A website has become crucial for creator-educators to market themselves and maximize their audience. In today’s digital world, the first thing any learner does after knowing about an educator or content creator is Google them and check out their website, social media accounts and so on. Thus, to garner interest from such an aware population, building a value-generating and purpose-driven website is important. With the Kohbee Website Builder, you can add tons of services to your website such as Demo Class Option, Class Schedule, Pricing, Reviews of students, etc. The best part is that it all happens without any technical difficulties and you control what and how you want to put yourselves out there. Kohbee facilitates your educational ventures while the autonomy of such ventures remains intact with the creator-educator.

What makes Kohbee the best website builder for educators?

For many creator-educators, building a website and consistently updating it is the most daunting task. In fact, many don’t even begin their digital journey for months just because they don’t have the expertise to build a website. Some creators pay as large as $200 upfront charges to build a website along with many weeks of time and effort spent on choosing the suitable designs, features, etc. But Kohbee values creators’ time and resources. That is why our website builder is totally free of charge and can build a website for your edu-venture in less than 60 seconds.

Kohbee website builder changes the game entirely. With Kohbee website builder, you can create a brilliant website for absolutely no costs. This website will have all crucial components such as your online class information, booking options, contact information and so on. Further, you can build such a website in less than a minute.

With a vision to truly empower the creator-economy of India through technological innovation, Kohbee is offering the best website builder in the market. The free website, built using the Kohbee website builder, uses a subdomain of Kohbee but in case creators want a unique domain name, Kohbee Premium can offer the same at nominal charges. This is true freedom in the hands of the creator with an unprecedented value addition in the nascent creator-economy of India.

How to build a website with Kohbee?

The process is easy to understand, quick and super-simple. Just follow these steps and begin your online journey of content creation:

  • Download the Kohbee App and Create an Account with your mobile number
  • Click on “Create Your Website”
  • Create a unique Username for your website
  • Choose from multiple categories such as fitness, dance, yoga, coding, etc.
  • Add in the features that you want on your website such as live classes, recordings, payment-gateway, etc.
  • Select the sections such as header, footer, about us, etc. that you want in your website
  • Wait for a few seconds and your website is ready

In just 60 seconds, you have a custom website created for you. You can further enhance this website by filling details about your course, putting custom images and various other features.


Building a website on a smartphone is almost unthinkable for many. Kohbee turns that into a reality and brings a dedicated solution for creator-educators of India. Use the powerful website builder by Kohbee and start your online education journey by downloading the Kohbee App today.


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Kohbee Toolbox
How to better record videos for online-courses?

The popularity and demand for online-courses have significantly grown in the past two years. Educators across the globe are launching their online-courses, enabling avid learners to study from anywhere. But to create a successful online course, you need to develop superior course content. And to make this course content even more engaging, you need to record videos for online-courses.

Video is the gold standard for online course content. Video kindles visual and auditory needs in audiences, making it much more easily consumable than other mediums, such as pictures or script alone. Thankfully, creating high-quality and impactful videos to sell online-courses isn’t as hard as you may think.

This blog will talk about important tips to help you record the best videos for your online-courses. So, let’s get started.

Tips to Record Excellent Videos for Your online-courses

1.      Plan the Content and Format of Your Online Class

Before you begin to record videos for online-courses, it is important to plan the format and have a script ready for each video lesson. This will help you avoid overshooting footage or even spending long hours editing. The script will also help you maintain a clear line of thought when shooting videos so that there is a proper continuity between your classes.

Additionally, if you are slightly shy or nervous about being on camera, a script just out of frame will help you boost your confidence and even keep you from freezing up.

2.      Work on Your Speech and Presentation

To make good online course videos, it is imperative to be comfortable in front of the camera. And for this, you can work on your speaking skills and make sure to sound as natural as possible. Students can quickly recognise if they are confident and assertive or not. So, make sure to study the subject well and be completely prepared to create videos for your online-courses.

Moving on, here are some tips to keep in mind:

·         Maintain a comfortable posture. Avoid moving your hands and arms too much to avoid distracting students.

·         Avoid using a strong accent or difficult vocabulary to increase the effectiveness of your course.

·         Wear neutral and comfortable clothes that are not distracting.

·         Watch videos of people you admire to learn from them before filming your videos.

3.      Set Up The Space

You don’t have to go to a professional studio to record videos for online-courses. You can select any convenient space in your home that suits your video class needs. Make sure to have fewer objects in the scene and go for a bright environment.

Set up the space in a professional way to look neutral and organised. You can record the videos sitting or standing, just as you are comfortable. Also, choose a noise-free environment. Too much noise can hamper the audio quality and damage the outcome.

4.      Gather the Necessary Equipment

When it comes to recording your video, the equipment makes a lot of difference. Nowadays, you can easily find professional-quality recording equipment to film videos for your online-courses. You can check out these equipment pieces and choose those that match your needs.

You will require video equipment (a camera and a memory card), audio equipment (microphone), a tripod stand, and good lighting to create videos.

If your budget allows, you can even hire a professional for recording your videos.

5.      Record a Test Video

After setting up the space, the equipment, and the lighting, shoot a test video. Use this video to practice your presentation, analyse your flow, and check speech clarity.

If you are not satisfied with the sound or lighting, readjust the parameters to improve the quality of the final video. You can even show the test video to any of your friends or family members to gather constructive feedback.

6.      Rigorously Edit the Course Videos

Taking adequate time to edit your videos is crucial to ensure successful videos. You can find a lot of free editing software online that makes editing a lot easier. You can research the many available tools to find the best one for your needs.

Alternatively, you can hire an editor aware of the latest editing techniques and add a professional touch to your videos. They can even add visual aids, such as icons, subtitles, gifs, etc., to the videos, making the material much more fun to consume.

Host Your Online Course

Once you have recorded all the videos, it is time to sell online-courses to your target customers. For this, you must choose n e-learning platform with all the necessary resources to support your business.

Kohbee is an excellent platform to sell your online-courses. You can create your teaching profile within minutes and start selling right away. The built-in payment-gateway ensures hassle-free payments and makes managing your courses super easy. The incredible platform has successfully bridged the gap between online and offline learning.

So, if you want to start your online course, explore Kohbee today and experience its countless benefits.

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Best Practices for Selling online-courses - Kohbee App

Are you a Teacher? Or a Subject Expert? Sitting on your couch, drinking coffee, scrolling down your phone screen, and wondering how to make and sell online-courses? How to create online-courses? Online course selling and many similar things have reached a perfect place.

Here in this article, we will help you understand the best practices to follow for selling online-courses.

As we all know that in these Covid times, offline teaching setup was seriously affected, and at the same time, the online education system has grown exponentially and has reached the next level. Therefore it is very profitable to sell online-courses because nowadays, most of us prefer to Buy online-courses than join offline classes. 

Register on Kohbee to make and sell online-courses. 

Now let us understand best practices to be followed for Selling online-courses-

  1. Choose an Appropriate and Demanding Course: 

Firstly, you need to sort out the best course which is demanding, trending, and relevant to your expertise. Launching a unique system in the market is always a plus; it will help you gain an advantage over your other competitors. 

For example, suppose the government has released a recruitment notification of a post. In that case, the course for that particular examination will be demanding and trending till the Date of review. 

In such cases, always try to be the first person to launch the course so that you have a high rate of subscription, and it will be very profitable.

In short, you have to do brief market research before creating your course. Be active on social media make quick posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Refer to Kohbee’s Blog section for similar articles.

  1. Analyse your Target Audience:

Just like the banks require you to fill out the KYC (Know Your Customer) form before opening a new account, similarly, before launching a new course, you should know in advance your target audience. Knowing your audience in advance will help you structure your course accordingly.

It will also help you market your course and reach the maximum audience. Always try to select courses that have the entire target audience. 

Answers to specific questions like: 

Age of the audience that will watch your course?

Category of Audience?

Is it Gender-Specific??

Answers to all these questions should be clear in your mind. For Example, suppose you are creating a course on Ethical Hacking. Then,

The age of your audience will be primarily people of the young age group from 15 to 35 years, 

The Category of Audience will be students, young professionals, office goers, and computer enthusiasts. 

The course will be for both males and females.

So this will help you a lot in marketing your course.

Read Kohbee’s Blog, types of online-courses that you can create and sell to better understand.

  1. Effective Structuring of Course:

We all want results as early as possible, so the one who buys the course seeks to feel the changes in his skills at regular intervals; therefore, the course should be structured so that those watching it should start seeing results. For Example:

If you are launching a 100 days course, How to develop an Android App?. 

Structure your course so that, In the first 15 days, your learner should be able to create a basic level app easily. 

Seeing the positive change in their skill, they will become more enthusiastic about finishing your course. 

All these should be mentioned in your course description so that your audience can have a brief idea of the possible outcomes at regular intervals. 

Kohbee has helped a lot of educators in creating valuable and demanding content.

  1. Competitive Pricing:

While deciding the pricing for your course, always keep in mind the competitiveness in that particular segment. The pricing should neither be too high nor too low compared to your competitors. 

The pricing should be attractive, affordable and convenient for your target audience. 

It is always advised to do proper market research before finalising your pricing. It will help in funnelling the course accordingly. 

Keep in mind that the pricing is the first thing that attracts customers towards your course; keeping it too low might create an impression that the content quality is low, and keeping it too high, creates an impression that your course is content-rich. So your audience tends to expect a better outcome from your course, so you will have to provide the content accordingly.

  1. Deliver What You Promise:

Whatever you have promised to your audience in the sales pitch and advertisement pages, make sure you deliver the content accordingly.

Keep a few things in mind:

  •   The outcome of your course should be achieved in the given time. 
  • Ensure that whatever has been promised must be delivered—no compromise with the content.
  • Make it attractive and exciting; like while watching the Drishyam movie, we all were on the edge of our seats. Similarly, the course should be more and more interesting going forward.

Feedback from your course will always help you reach more and more audiences.

No marketing strategy can be more efficient than the feedback of your subscribed audience. 

Join Kohbee to build your website in 60 seconds and start creating and selling your course online.

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Productivity Hacks for Creator-Educators in 2022

For every creator, productivity is the critical factor. Being productive helps a creator prioritize tasks, makes them efficient, and most importantly, keeps mental health in balance. To excel in a career, productivity must be a creator’s habit. But it is also tough to stay focused on your goals. This happens as technology becomes an inseparable part of our lives and as we get distracted because of this digital world. But if you think you cannot manage tasks and shuffle tasks on your to-do list, this post will help you. In this article, you will learn about some productivity hacks and how you can utilize them to accomplish goals in this fast-growing environment.

Four Productivity Hacks for Creator- Educators 2022

You may have listed five significant tasks on your to-do lists and finished them by the day's end. But suppose you know innovative productivity hacks to complete all the five functions before evening. In that case, you will feel like you have achieved something. The five productivity hacks that will undoubtedly increase efficiency in your daily routine are the following:

1. Avoid Multitasking: Multitasking is always a myth. It's nothing but means switching tasks. When you go online to text your friends or check your emails during the drafting speech of the following online course, then it means that you are juggling more than one task at the same time. Likewise, this means you are making more and more errors, resulting in low productivity. An online creator has to complete many tasks in a short time. Hence, they pay attention to only one thing at a time and then move to another task when they are done. To increase online-teaching productivity, you need to avoid switching different tasks. Instead, follow the below methods:

· For better management of time, start your tasks in the morning.

· Make a routine of all the tasks that need to be completed daily.

· Prepare a routine depending on the urgency of the tasks.

· Finally, set a deadline to complete the tasks in different timeframes.

2. Listening to Music: Listening to music while working will give an extra edge to the creators who want to improve their productivity. It is proven that listening to music releases our brain. It can be said to be the best productivity hack for the creators to focus better. You are likely to be more productive when you are in your happy place. So, while working, try to listen to your favourite music to keep the focus on your goal and relax in a stressful situation to perform better.

3. Take a Break: To focus better, it is essential to take a break during work. Working hours after hours can make you both physically and mentally exhausted. You may also get demotivated to keep going. Most successful creators indulge in taking breaks during work to relax their minds. Try to take small breaks to stretch your body, walk to the kitchen to have some snacks and water, etc. are helpful to refresh your mind.

4. Plan Tasks for Tomorrow: One of the best habits of a creator or an educator to improve their productivity is to plan for the next day's tasks. Make a habit of ending your day with a plan of the list that needs to be completed by the next day. By adapting the idea of planning tasks for tomorrow, you can wake up the following day with a clear mind. It helps you achieve your goal for the particular day.


It is undoubtedly critical to becoming productive every single day. But you can make the most of the day to grow your online classes by being productive. Kohbee is a trusted online all-in-one platform for educators, teachers, and trainers. Among all the secured productivity apps, it is also considered one. To grow your business, you can always rely on Kohbee, as more than 50,000 educators have already joined this platform for online-teaching for various purposes. Educators can build their webpage in less than 60 seconds. They only need to fill up their teaching classes and preferred subjects. This will show as a public profile on your webpage. Your courses will be displayed on your website, and anyone can easily see and buy them. You will get the money in your account. Not only these, but you can also take live classes to increase your efficiency in teaching. Thus, what are you waiting for? Download Kohbee right away

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5 Tips to conduct awesome online workshops

online-learning has become the new normal. Everyone, including students and adults, has been investing their time learning something online. If you’re an educator, business owner or have any skills, online workshops are a great way to build a community and grow your business or a side hustle. But online workshops come with tons of challenges. So here’s a simple and easy guide on how you can teach online. 

1.Create engaging content and exercises 

Studying and learning in an offline environment is very different from online. Attention span in an online environment is very limited. Hence, it is harder for a teacher/educator to capture the participants’ attention. Hence, workshop content that may work offline may not work equally well in an online setting. Hence, it would help if you designed your workshop in a way that involves a lot of interactive elements, which keeps the audience hooked the entire time. Here are a few ways in which you can do this: 

  1. Conduct a quiz throughout the session 
  2. Revise after each subtopic is completed
  3. Add videos, photos and other visual elements to keep the session entertaining 
  4. Insist on switching on cameras for the participants 

2.Promotion strategy 

Now that you have the content of your workshop ready, you must promote it well so that the maximum number of people can attend it. The perk of an online workshop is that there is no limit on the number of people who attend, so your goal must be to get more and more people to attend. Use your existing audience to promote the workshop and create awareness. A referral programme is also a great way to get more registrations. Find your right audience and promote the workshop well in advance. Don’t forget to send reminders to your attendees before the workshop. 

Another way to promote a workshop is to start with Free Online Workshops with Certificates. It gives your audience incentive to attend, and more people will be willing to attend. 

Remember that you should be able to build a community around yourself or your business through your workshops. So even after the workshop is completed, you must stay in touch with your past audience through emails/messages etc. 

3.Choose the right platform.

Much like a classroom, the space you conduct your online workshop is vital. The platform should not only be free from technical glitches but should provide you with other useful tools as well. Small tools and techniques can make a big difference in how your workshop goes. In addition, technical problems can affect the attention span of your participants. 

Kohbee is a great platform for such needs. Unlike other video conferencing platforms, this is an online-learning App designed for teaching and learning, so it takes care of all the student and teacher needs. The app has built-in features to register for workshops and classes, make payments, submit assignments, attend classes etc., making it seamless to conduct a workshop without any technical difficulties. Moreover, it is 100% free for everyone to access. What else are you looking for?  Download Kohbee and deliver amazing online workshops.

4.Create follow up exercises 

One of the best ways to make your workshop memorable is to make your audience go back to it. A great way to do it is to provide exercises, notes, or other content for your audience to revise or look back at. Such content helps in marketing your business more and provides a lot of value to the audience. 

5.Take feedback 

While conducting online workshops is fun, constantly updating and improving them is important. Updating your online workshop will help you generate a better and bigger audience for it. One of the best ways to know what your audience wants is to ask the audience themselves. So after your workshop, make sure you take short feedback from everyone to know how they felt about your workshop. 

Conducting workshops has never been easier. With the Online world of learning growing exponentially, it is a must for all businesses to provide value to their audiences, and there is no better way of doing it than through workshops. Through these simple steps and with the help of Kohbee, you will be able to conduct an amazing online workshop and build a meaningful community. 

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How To Teach Stock Trading Online?

Are you wondering how to turn your interest in stocks into a source of earnings? Teach stock trading online. It's hard to make money in the market, but if you "learn to earn" with one of these proven online stock trading training programs, you can add an extra income stream and potentially even a second job.

Teaching stock trading online may sound a lot easier than it is. I have been trading stocks for many years and still struggle with some aspects of teaching stock trading. However, if you keep the right mindset and the right approach to teaching stock trading, you can be successful while helping others to do so as well.

Online Stock Trading Business: Benefits

Many benefits can be gained if you take your stock trading business online. One advantage is that you can reach people worldwide with your knowledge. When using a virtual medium, the best thing is the ease of connecting and using it. Learn stock trading from the experts.

In addition to online trading, you can also use other financial market tools that are becoming increasingly popular among investors. Furthermore, online stock trading in India is considerably less expensive than physical stock trading.

One thing is achieving successful trading, but something entirely different is taking it online to reach more investors, clients, and potential customers. In short, stock trading is best learned by doing.

What is the best way to teach the stock market online?

Many people believe that buying and selling stocks is possible with no preventive measures. However, this is not true. Buying and selling stocks should be done under the guidance of someone well-versed in their knowledge. There are various ways to learn how to trade in the stock market, but those methods are useless if they do not have the proper guidance. The best way to teach the stock market online comes into play. There are various resources available on the internet for people who want to learn stock trading.

Stock trading can be learned in several ways, but it all depends on what works best for you. If you want to learn this subject yourself, you can try out different methods until you find one that works for you. If you want someone else to guide you, then several professionals are available on the internet who are willing to give their advice on this topic.

Now that you know why it is essential to teach the stock market online let us talk about how it is done. There are a few steps you have to take to create the perfect stock market course:

Get the basics right.

There are many terms used in the stock market. Students who do not know the basics can find it challenging to understand. To ensure that your students understand the basics of shares, assets, trading, NIFTY, SENSEX, etc., teach them about them as early as possible. Do not ignore them if you think they are too basic to teach. Learners can come from different backgrounds and with varying levels of knowledge. Adapt your instruction accordingly. Develop a solid base to teach how to trade in the stock market.

While you teach, it is important to have superior logistics that aid your teaching and help you manage your classes, payments, etc. as well. We suggest using Kohbee to conveniently manage your venture and dedicate maximum time to building the best ways to teach stock trading.

Suggest Movies and Books 

In a traditional online course, it is impossible to cover the stock market concepts fully. Fortunately, various sources offer a wealth of information to students eager to learn more. An abundance of stock market investment information is found in financial management books written by renowned authors. There are many books and movies available on trading in the stock market.

Investing in the stock market can have many benefits.

These people might not understand the benefits of investing or be afraid of the risks. Your job is to make sure they know what benefits and returns they can expect from investing in the stock market. There is more to your career than teaching them what the stock market is about. One of your responsibilities is to encourage them to invest. Sock trading in India has a lot of benefits in the long run. 

Review and analyse

Because stock markets are constantly changing, it requires thorough analysis continuously. Tutors are responsible for continually analysing stock markets as it increases their ability to predict market growth. Using this knowledge in lectures, you can convey it to your students. Regularly read the news and discuss stock markets with your students.

Keep your course up to date.

Stock market courses are dynamic, just as digital marketing courses are. Regulations surrounding them keep changing frequently. So that learners do not end up learning obsolete concepts, you should update your course to reflect the latest regulations. 

Practical exercise

Making things yourself is the most effective way to put theories into practice. You will achieve better results, and your students will learn the basics of stock markets better. Invest in stocks in real-time, so your students can monitor their progress. The role of stockbrokers and stock exchanges can even be explored through short role-plays between classes. Teach stock trading through projects and exercises.

Let the price be right.

Your stock trading courses will be priced in the final step. To be successful, the price of your course plays an essential role in its popularity. Your stock trading courses price should be determined by evaluating your time and effort in developing the course and what you expect to earn from selling it.


In short, there is much competition out there for teachers who want to start teaching stock trading online. The first thing you should do is decide how to differentiate your course from everyone else's course. No one wants to read through the same old stuff on a topic that has been done to death.

The best way to learn how to teach stock trading online is to know your market, understand your needs and your clients' needs, and then develop a course or program that you can provide that meets those needs. As long as you adhere to fundamental principles of business success, like identifying a segment of the market where there will always be buyers and making sure your price is right, you have an excellent chance of success as an e-trading instructor.

Use Kohbee, an ed-tech platform that makes it easy for online educators to run and grow their businesses. 

Join Now.

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How to create the best Content marketing Strategy ?

For a brand to prosper in the market, promoting it through a well-detailed content marketing strategy is highly essential for establishing trust within customers. Content marketing should work as a booster to promote your brand to maximum people. The secret recipe to create good content is quality.

For the new business owners, planning a proper marketing strategy for their brand is essential to enter the market and survive. Using strategic keywords is crucial, as around 71% of marketers go ahead with keywords and organic search as their tool to increase reach. So, in this article, we will discuss how to create an effective content marketing strategy.

Tips for building a content marketing strategy

Content is an essential part of a marketing strategy. Without good content, a brand can never create the impact imagined by the business owners. The Content marketing Strategy is the process that includes several steps like research, creating, publishing, and promoting the information to the right audience for a wider reach. 

The content strategy has taken to another level with the advent of social media in our lives. Digital Content marketing is a powerful tool that helps identify the right audience and promote your brand to them to improve your brand's reach.

Tips for creating a content marketing strategy

After understanding Content marketing Strategy, let us look at specific tips to create them efficiently.

  • Know your audience and their problems - The foremost step is to understand the audience. One cannot pitch their brand to anyone. So, before creating Content marketing solutions, they should study to understand the right audience and create the strategy as per the audience and their thought process.
  • Understand the targeted keywords - There are certain words that consumers type or speak while looking for specific things. So, the business owners should understand those words and use them in their Content marketing Strategy to pull more audience to their brand. It is essential to use the right keywords to land your brand in the right consumer's lap.
  • Perform a GAP analysis - When a business is looking out to increase its reach to consumers, they should work on performing the GAP analysis, where they can understand the mindset of the consumers, the demand and the supply in the market. Accordingly, the business owners can pitch in their brands through well-defined Content marketing to reach out to maximum people covering the gap.
  • Have your USP - There would be several other businesses showcasing products just like yours, so why would consumers come to your brand? This is where showcasing USP works. The USP (Unique Service Proposition) showcases the unique points that make your brand different and better from others.
  • Preparing content for different platforms - Nowadays, with social media in our lives, business owners can look to promote their brands through Digital Content marketing on many platforms. Different types of Content marketing can be used on different platforms to promote your brand to the right audience.
  • Managing the content - As a business owner, you should be well-versed with the content created and published on all the platforms. It is easy to coordinate and work on the team when the team is small, but as the company grows, so does the team. So it is essential to put the right person to manage the right content to attract more customers to their brand.

Why do you need a Content marketing Strategy?

After going through the above points, you must have realised how significant Content marketing Strategy is for a business. It helps businesses understand the market and market their products to earn more revenues. If the business owners appropriately manage Content marketing, it can help them grow their business organically.

The content creation profession has been in demand, and many are looking to learn and get certified in Content marketing Courses. With Koh Bee, many certified instructors create content marketing courses to help people succeed in their professional careers. Interested candidates can search for the course and go ahead with the course by paying the fees. Kohbee creates a platform where the interested tutor and the students can meet and exchange knowledge.


Several types of Content marketing can help businesses grow if used correctly. The business owners should keep in mind the following points: understanding the audience, using keywords, and using your USP rightly to create a proper Content marketing Strategy. Brands need to create the proper content marketing to establish themselves and create value in the market. Interested candidates can download the Kohbee app from Google Play Store and initiate your content creation business. You can also check out our latest article on the best content creation tools you can use.

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5 ways to improve your teaching skills

A profession is a combination of your natural ability and acquired skill. The teaching profession is not any different. It is essential that you keep updating your skills with new teaching techniques as they emerge. The teaching profession requires you to constantly come up with new ideas and innovative methods to cater to the needs of your students. Teachers must be able to cater to the different needs of students. For this purpose, they should have a wide range of teaching techniques. In this article, you will learn how to improve your teaching skills.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your teaching skills

  1. Make the best use of technology-With the rapid digitalisation of education, teachers should take the opportunity to incorporate digital learning tools along with core teaching skills. Game-based learning is the newest teaching innovation. It combines learning along with game-play. This can make your classes more fun and engaging. Other tools like online quizzes, animations and videos are all useful tools for teaching. With the help of technological tools, teachers can create their own modules and customise lesson plans. For teachers who want to upgrade their technological skills, there are many online resources available to help them.
  2. Develop your microteaching skills-Microteaching is another new innovation in education. Microteaching skills are a special set of skills that help teachers to deliver lessons more effectively. The process of microteaching includes the following ideas:
  • Planning- Before conducting a class, you are encouraged to plan the lesson and the method by which you want to teach it.
  • Teaching- Follow the teaching plan and conduct a class according to what you have prepared for.
  • Observation- After conducting the class, observe how the students absorb it by taking feedback.
  • Updating plan- Update your earlier plan according to the feedback received. Create a new plan including the necessary strategies that you have learnt through observation
  • Re-teaching with updated plan- Use the updated plan to conduct another class which includes improved strategies. Microteaching is based on trial and error.
  • Re-observation- Observe the classroom reaction and take feedback again.

This is a cyclic process that is dependent upon hit and trial. You, as the teacher, keep learning new strategies with each planning-teaching-observing cycle.

  1. Improve your communication skills-The quality of a class greatly depends on the teacher-student interaction. Your ability to communicate with the students will set the learning environment of the class. Communication skills include soft skills like:
  • Creating a supportive, judgement free environment for learning
  • Active listening
  • Unbiased feedback
  • Presentation skills
  • Tone and voice modulation
  • Use positive reaffirmations

By improving your teaching communication skills, you can take your classes to another level.

  1. Use the inverse classroom technique-This is a technique in which you ask students to prepare ahead on a certain topic as homework and allow them to share what they learnt with the rest of the class. Students are encouraged to use reading materials and learning videos to explain the content of the topic. This not only improves student-teacher interaction but also peer-to-peer interaction. It boosts the student's confidence while helping the rest of the class to learn. It enhances active collaboration inside the classroom. When you use this model in your classroom, you can ensure maximum participation.
  2. Create a dialogue with your peers-Communicating with fellow creator-educators can be a useful resource to improve your classroom teaching skills and coaching skills.  It will allow you to compare your teaching methods to that of your peers. Teachers that teach the same course should collaborate to bring together original ideas and methods. You can gain insight from their reflections on your teaching methods. You can also observe each other’s classes and give your feedback on the same. This will help you stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in teaching.

Using these tips can help you succeed as an educator. Many creator-educators are opting to develop their individual courses using Kohbee. Kohbee is a promising new ed-tech platform specially designed for creator-educators. You can customise and design your own courses using the tools available on the Kohbee app. Kohbee encourages creator-educators to create original content and promote it on the Kohbee app. The app has its own secure payment portal to allow ease of business. You can also design the webpage of your course using the Kohbee app in just 60 seconds. All this is available free of cost.


The above techniques can help you create a core connection with your students. They will build a higher understanding in a positive learning environment. You can single-handedly improve the quality of your class to make it more effective and engaging. Now focus on improving your teaching and let Kohbee handle your business smoothly. Download the Kohbee app today to experience a convenient and dedicated educator application.

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Best Social Media Management Tools in 2022

Today, the world runs on apps and various online tools. Social media have become an integral part of everyone. A social media manager knows how to manage the content to publish their brands to the right audience. The brand can get the right business and slowly gain market share by targeting the right audience.

With the digital age kicking in, business owners need to be more inclined towards technology and reach out to their consumers through various social media and other digital platforms. Business owners can use many types of Social Media Management Tools as per their requirements.

Best Social Media Management Tools for creator-educators

The main aim of content marketing strategy is to inform the consumers about your brand, and to use these tools is the most efficient way to achieve it. Business owners need to understand the tools and use them to their benefit. There are some free   social media management tools, and some of them are paid.

With many  social media management tools, it is very important to use the right tools as per your requirement to get the best benefits. Let us look at some Social Media Management software. 

  • Semrush Content marketing platform- This is a good platform for keyword optimisation and traffic research. This platform helps in every step of content marketing strategy, starting from idea creation to publishing. The user can type in keywords, and it would provide tips from competitors to help the business owners grow their business. You can find free and paid versions of the Semrush content marketing platform.
  • Google Trends- Google Trends is the most robust free   social media management tool for the content marketing platform and should be used by  social media management agencies. This tool compares the several related terms with each other and checks which has the maximum reach.   
  • Ulysses- Ulysses is a paid tool that can only be used by Apple users. This tool helps to organise your folders. It would help set your goals, check stats, and create well-refined creations as per the requirement of the business owners. This is very useful, but the subscription is on the higher side. But with the benefits, this tool is a must-have for Apple users. 
  • Zoho- Zoho is an affordable CRM platform to manage emails, projects, accounting, and many other kinds of stuff under one roof. Business owners can use this tool by merging various social media platforms. It has three affordable subscriptions plans, but you can use the free plan with limited functions. It also offers its services to a  social media management agency that manages over ten different brands under a single roof.
  • Social Pilot - Social Pilot helps manage social media platforms and is a blessing for social media managers. The tool comes with bulk scheduling, unlimited scheduling, social media analytics, and customer support. There is a limit to the number of posts that can be done through it. There are four different kinds of subscription plans, and business owners can opt as per their requirements.
  • Sendible - Sendible is one of the most efficient social media management tools to manage multiple brands under a single roof. The tool comes in mobile apps for convenience. The tool provides a flow management process for social media posts easily. It can be used by big agencies and small business owners and has a single subscription plan for its users.
  • Shutterstock - No social media posts are complete without images. With Shutterstock, the social media manager can find the right image for their social media posts and use it as per their requirements. The agencies can buy individual photos or can go for annual packages.

Using social media management tools requires expertise, and professionals need to undergo training. Many certification courses are available for interested candidates to learn and excel in their professional careers. Kohbee is an interesting platform where you can find experienced professionals teaching about social media management. You can choose from the courses available and get trained.  Kohbee provides a perfect platform where the instructor can meet interested students and can exchange knowledge. 


There are many social media management tools available in the market. We have discussed a few of them like Sendible, Semrush, Google Trends, Zoho, and Social Pilot, which can help social media management. Companies are looking for social media managers to manage their content marketing strategies, and for it, the interested candidates need to be certified in it. Visit Kohbee, a trusted online-teaching platform, to find tools for social media management as well as managing your online education ventures.

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Why Is Digital marketing Important For Your Edu-Business?

Every field is customising its services in response to the changing needs of consumers. All sectors of society have become involved, whether it be the educational system, health care facilities or our compulsion to drive. marketing and businesses have not lagged! Their digital marketing tool has helped them adapt to the changing times and consumer needs.

Online advertising has replaced the unseen, boring pamphlets in alleyways with compelling, interactive ads everywhere. The internet has contributed to the evolution of many things. Businesses both established and emerging have benefited from the switch away from traditional marketing techniques to digital marketing.

Using online marketing, the company’s product or service is advertised at an affordable and time-saving price while building trust between the brand and its customers.

Businesses in the modern age increasingly depend on digital marketing. It is sometimes difficult to stand out among the many competitors out there. But virtual marketing helps you achieve that goal. Brands can reach new customers, engage them, and build their brand identity by using social media. To grow your Edu-business, we have outlined some best practices for using digital marketing.

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to promoting your business online, generally through paid advertisements on Google search or Facebook ads. It also includes creating exciting content for your audiences, such as blogs or social media posts you share with your followers over time. Content can be made to advertise your service directly or indirectly – if you post informative content online regularly that people find helpful. They will associate a positive feeling towards the company that publishes it. This builds brand awareness and a positive reputation for your business!

Importance Of Digital marketing

To succeed in virtual marketing, the first step is to understand your customers so you can provide them with what they need. Thanks to the Internet, people can keep in touch with each other from anywhere. Approximately 3 billion people have access to the internet worldwide, out of which 2 billion have Facebook accounts. This number will only continue to rise in the coming years. The importance of digital marketing is increasing with every passing day.

Traditional marketing methods like print ads or billboards cannot precisely target your potential customers as digital marketing. Your website has the potential to connect you with millions of potential customers from across the globe, assuming you have done your research correctly.

Finding customers has never been easier with the advancement of internet technology. We can find almost anything online, including voracious customers. You can reach your potential customers quickly by clicking online. Because you are unavailable, they might opt for someone else who offers a product or service similar to yours instead. Digital marketing tools will help you dominate the marketing field with your web presence.

We will now consider some of the countless benefits digital marketing offers businesses.

Benefits of Digital marketing

Affordable: As a cost-effective method of attracting the desired audience, Digital marketing is undeniable. Digital marketing tools such as social media campaigns, email marketing, content marketing, etc., are highly effective yet inexpensive.

Customer interaction in real-time: Through digital marketing, customer and marketer interaction is possible in real-time. To establish a bond of trust during any business transaction, there must be an interaction between the two parties. Trust is essential to successful business transactions.

Improved ROI: marketing using digital media leads to better ROI by reaching targeted customers.

Staying on top of the trends: With digital marketing tools, you can stay on top of the changing trends and adjust your approach to consumers’ needs. Digital marketing tools analyse consumers’ behaviour and engagement. 

Increase brand awareness: As a result of digital marketing’s trust-building approach, consumers become more aware of your brand. The brand strategy is reflected there and the brand’s aspirations and values.

The canopy of businesses nowadays, especially today, is undoubtedly digital marketing. This depends on how it is used and how effectively it is implemented.

Choose Kohbee 

Kohbee is India’s fastest-growing ed-tech platform, making it easy for online educators to run and grow their businesses. Kohbee’s app is free, secure and is designed to enable anyone to create a website, collect leads, sell courses, conduct live classes and more.

Kohbee is on a mission to empower educators to impact the world by building their businesses on Kohbee. The company has been enabling educators with the tools and solutions they need to develop their business from scratch with zero technical knowledge.

With the launch of its latest features, Kohbee aims to help educators automate various aspects of running their business. This is expected to lead to significant cost savings and time efficiencies for instructors on the platform. Join Kohbee’s digital marketing services to promote your Edu-Business.


There are several reasons why you should consider building a digital marketing strategy into your business plan. Ultimately, a well-structured marketing strategy will be more beneficial for you, your team, and even your target audience. So, have you started developing a marketing plan for your edu-business yet?

Join Kohbee Now!

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How can an all-in-one platform help your online-teaching?

When technology has invaded every sphere of life, online-teaching has an integral part of education and training in this digital era. From academic subjects to non-academic domains such as dance, music, yoga, or online teacher training, e-coaching has become the order of the day and has been an inevitable part of learning. We see a significant rise in people advertising for teachers who coach online. 

Establishing a business in online-teaching and successfully sustaining the exact needs several tasks to be taken care of. A thoughtfully designed all-in-one platform can help you organise and manage various tasks and elevate your business. If you are a private tutor online and intend to develop a flourishing career in your teaching skills, this article is for you. Read ahead to know how to simplify this mammoth task and take your online-teaching business to the next level.

Advantages of online-teaching:

Technology has stormed into every field, and education is no exception. Thanks to the pandemic, digital learning has become the new normal in the education industry. Digital technology has come as a boon to facilitate uninterrupted teaching and learning in these challenging times. Let us look at the prime whys and wherefores that have made online education widely accepted.

  • Online education provides the flexibility of teaching and learning at home and at our suitable time.
  • E-education allows you to reach out to a teacher or a student from anywhere.
  • It facilitates various tools, including fun games, quizzes, videos, etc. These teacher tools online enhance the learning experience.
  • Online classes can be recorded. Hence, students can revisit the classes for better understanding.
  • It saves the hassle of commuting to the place where the classes are held, thereby reducing the transport cost.
  • Teachers online customise their content as per the needs of the learners and provide a personalised learning experience. 

Need for an all-in-one platform for your online-teaching business

As a teacher online, you need to handle several responsibilities. Besides creating your teaching content, you must schedule classes, track students' attendance, assign home tasks, monitor completion of tasks, and assess the students' learning. Ultimately, you must also be able to collect the remuneration for your hard work and expand your business. 

Practically, it is challenging for an online educator to rely on multiple platforms to carry out these tasks effectively. There comes the need for a thoughtfully designed all-in-one platform that enables you to transact your content to the learners effectively and perform these associated responsibilities without any hassle.

Kohbee – The need of the hour

Kohbee is an all-in-one online-teaching platform. With over 30,000 online teachers and coaches using the platform to teach and grow their online business, Kohbee has become a one-stop solution for all your online-teaching business needs.

With hundreds of online platforms for online teachers to carry out their business, Kohbee certainly stands out with its extraordinary features and ease of operation. 

What makes Kohbee the most sought-after online-teaching platform? Let us explore.

Advantages of choosing Kohbee for your online-teaching business:

  • Website building: 

Kohbee allows teachers to build their websites in a jiffy. Besides, Kohbee helps you track your website views and enables you to contact leads directly. 

  • Finding Learners:

With the All-in-one platform Kohbee, you can look for learners by running advertisements. The Kohbee app supports the teachers by launching Google and Facebook ads to find students. 

  • Seamless transaction of classes

Kohbee enables you to transact your course content without any hassle. Kohbee gives the following user-friendly features to the teachers

  • Stay well connected with the students through direct or group messages and notifications.
  • Preschedule classes or launch live classes for the students. 
  • Record your sessions to help students revisit the classes
  • Assign tasks to the students by uploading any document or questions paper 
  • Collect all submissions to simplify your task. 
  • Assess your students learning by taking tests
  • Ease of Management

Kohbee serves as a go-to place for all your online-teaching needs. With Kohbee, teachers can take multiple classes and sessions by creating groups. Kohbee stands with you in effectively and efficiently managing your business responsibilities, all at the click of the mouse. 

  • Growth-Oriented Approach

The best all-in-one online-teaching platform Kohbee enables you to grow your online-teaching business creating successful teachers who bring change to society

  • Collect fee on time

Kohbee allows you to track the payment of fees from students. Automated payment links help teachers collect the fee from students/parents directly. 

  • Built-in payment-gateway

You can place your teaching content and courses on your website and offer them to your learners for payment. The built-in payment ensures that your income is credited to your account directly.


A teacher's success depends on how effectively the course content can be transacted. If you can excite your learners with your teaching and make the classes more productive while keeping your online-teaching business well managed, you are definitely on the path to success. Do not wait any further. Create an account at Kohbee for free to grow your online-teaching business. Also,  download the Kohbee App and take your online-teaching business to the next level.

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5 ways by which micro-creators can monetize content

With the rise of social media platforms, influencer marketing has become one of the most popular ways for companies to market their products. Furthermore, the pandemic has altered how customers engage with companies, causing many businesses to reconsider their tactics. Brands are starting to learn that less is often more. The demand for the creator-economy will skyrocket in the influencer marketing sector in 2022. Due to marketers' preference for micro-influencers because of their greater engagement rates and cost, their proportion of the whole sector expanded dramatically last year. This, thus, means a new option for creators to use to monetize content. Because of greater data and analytics, brands have become increasingly eager to collaborate on sponsored content with micro-influencers.

One example of such a brand is Coca-Cola, which is only one of the several companies that have employed this marketing tactic to sell their products. Yannick Merck, a micro-influencer, was tapped to promote a cold Coke or their merchandise while travelling. He frequently posts images on social media of himself holding a Coke can or wearing a Coke sweater as a Coke ambassador and content developer.

Now that we know about the high popularity and future scope of micro-influencers, you might wonder how they monetize their content. What are the different ways of content monetization? So, here are all the answers to your question.

How can micro-creators monetize content?

  • Sponsored Posts - One of the most common methods for influencers to gain money from social media is through sponsored social media posts. That is when a company or marketer pays you to promote a product or brand on social media. The article can be only about the product or it can include many goods at once. For Instagram monetization, you might write reviews, provide information, or just highlight and tag goods. Influencers on Instagram may charge anywhere from $124 to $1,405 for a sponsored post. However, the cost varies depending on a variety of criteria, including the follower base you have and the area in which you specialise.
  • Start Blogging - As a content provider, blogs provide various options for earning money. Advertisement revenue, sponsored blog articles, and affiliate links are just a handful of the most common. Blogs work effectively for Instagram as well as for Facebook page monetization. You may make use of social media to direct your fans to your website. However, this increased traffic also means more prospective buyers for whatever things you sell on your website. A blog may also attract more visitors to your social media handles, resulting in increased interaction, reach, and other benefits.
  • YouTube - YouTube monetization has been on the rise as various influencers include product details and talk about specific products on their YouTube channel. You may utilise your YouTube channel to earn ad money from the display, overlay, and video advertisements in addition to sponsored posts and brand partnerships. The goal is to keep both your content and your adverts relevant. 
  • Affiliate marketing - Affiliate marketing is another wonderful option for influencers to generate money on social media. You can approach companies or shops that provide affiliate programmes for this sort of agreement. Once you've been approved as an affiliate marketer for the company, you'll be given a unique affiliate link or code to use to monitor your conversions. You may write reviews, showcase their items, and/or promote them in your posts. Depending on the brand or store for which you work, you may be required to purchase the goods yourself. You'll tell your followers to click on the affiliate link or enter the code. You will be paid a commission for every conversion that occurs as a consequence of your link or code.
  • Start a Business - Being an influencer entails having control over a user's purchase choice. You have a large platform and a large number of followers. Once you have gained the trust of your followers, you can try to sell anything you want. Many influencers now run companies as a result of their ability to build a platform that affords them the time and space to do so. You may begin by experimenting with a tiny company on Instagram before moving on to a website where you can provide the product or service in which you have experience and expertise.

According to a study done by HelloSociety, micro-influencers have a 60 per cent greater engagement rate than those with bigger followings. So, are you up for being a part of this huge creator-economy? If you are a creator or educator and want to escalate your career with a digital platform, then here is the perfect solution for you.

The Advanced Teaching App - Kohbee

Take advantage of technology improvements by developing your own website, generating the content, sharing it, and monetizing it. Kohbee e-solutions have been created to fulfil the needs of today's instructors, allowing them to easily conduct online lessons. We provide a stress-free environment for instructors who are passionate about their work. The Kohbee online-teacher-app is a free online-teaching platform that connects students with exceptional professors. It gives your online-teaching approach a significant boost. You can easily install Kohbee from the Play Store, connect with students, and share vital information with them. Your fee collection is automated. Therefore there’s no need to stress about the payment methods. So, manage your teaching business effectively with Kohbee. Download it now!

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The Rising Popularity of India’s Influencer marketing Economy

Influencer marketing is a Rs 900 crore sector with a potential worth of Rs 2,000 crore. With the internet being available in every part of India, social media has grown in popularity, with over two-thirds of the Indian population following an influencer. Furthermore, nearly 70% of influencers claimed in a poll that they don't have time for a full-time job as they are completely immersed in the side hustle, which brings them substantial income to earn a living. According to a new survey, the influencer market in India is increasing, with a new report estimating that by 2025, it would grow by 25% yearly and will be worth Rs 2,000 crore. The sector is estimated to generate Rs 900 crore this year alone.

The South Korean survival drama Squid Game, one of Netflix's most successful shows, skyrocketed in popularity in India as influencers created a plethora of content centred on it. Influencers such as YouTuber Mythpat and content producer & fashion blogger Dolly Singh teamed together to play a rendition of Netflix India's Squid Game, which attracted viewers' curiosity. This year, brands from various sectors, like Netflix, are turning to social media influencers to reach their intended audiences, expanding the reach of influencer marketing.

So what else has caused this rise in the influencer economy? What will the future of influencer marketing look like? And how can you connect with your target audience, build your website and escalate your career? Read on and know all the answers to these questions below in this article.

What are the key factors that have caused the rise of influencer marketing?

The pandemic and the increase of marketers wishing to interact with consumers directly are causing the influencer marketing sector to undergo a transition. Here are a few of the most important causes for this surge-

  • The relationship of trust and authenticity that social media influencers share with their audiences has piqued the interest of companies, allowing them to harness the same by partnering with an influencer.
  • The surge has corresponded with the COVID-19 epidemic, with individuals using the internet as a source of diversion. India had 400 million people on social media before the outbreak, but that figure has increased dramatically.
  • Since the pandemic, there has been a substantial shift in consumer behaviour, driving the rise of influencer marketing agencies.

Celebrities account for 27% of the influencer radar, while influencers account for 73%. Influencers and creative storytelling are likely to connect with brand distinctiveness, which is a critical benefit as attention spans shorten. Currently, an influencer is followed by about two-thirds of the Indian population and is sure to rise in the near future.

What will the future of the influencer economy look like?

Existing and prospective influencers and producers will have a wealth of chances in the next year. Long-term partnerships are the first and foremost. With each passing day, more and more businesses understand that influencer marketing provides unrivalled ROI. As a result, they're investing more in the influencer market in India, particularly long-term collaborations. Aside from that, content regionalisation will continue to gain traction in the future years. In the following year, "live streaming" is expected to become one of the most generally recognised and used influencer marketing methods. When used properly and creatively, the live-stream function gives all types of influencers and content providers equal opportunities and rewards.

While influencer marketing is still a relatively new sector, with the Metaverse becoming more mainstream, there is a strong probability that it will take off swiftly and grow into a multibillion-dollar virtual economy. In fact, this may happen much sooner than we anticipate. One clear trend is the prevalence of short video content, which many platforms, particularly Instagram influencers, rely on.

Influencers building and launching their websites, inspired by their expertise in a particular industry, passion, or real-world experience, was one of the phenomena that stood out this year, and will most probably trend soon. And if you are a creator or educator and hold expertise in your field, then here’s an opportunity for you to go with the trend and reach new dimensions in your career.

Kohbee - e-solution for a hassle-free teaching experience

Unfold the benefits of online classes with Kohbee's online-teaching app. Kohbee e-solutions is created to fulfil the needs of today's educators, allowing them to conduct online classes easily. We provide a stress-free environment for instructors who are passionate about their work. Our teaching app is jam-packed with features that help you get the greatest outcomes at your desk. Thanks to our talented developers, who have painstakingly designed every aspect of this educational programme with complete precision and accuracy. Kids want sophisticated learning in today's fast-paced world. The activities must be completed immediately; else, pupils' attention spans will be reduced, perhaps affecting your teaching business. But there's no need to worry; Kohbee's online-teaching app, which is simple and completely free, encourages all those dissatisfied teachers to implement new solutions in their classrooms.

From the ease of collecting homework and conducting tests to automated payment links, manage all your teaching tasks in the one-stop platform of Kohbee. Install now!

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How a Good LMS for Teacher can enhance online-learning?

Are you a teacher and have not yet heard about the Learning Management System (LMS) concept?

Do you have any idea about Kohbee LMS Software and why it is quickly becoming a must to have good LMS for teacher?

Read through to know five reasons you need to start using good LMS apps, like Kohbee, to improve your teaching!

What Is Learning Management System (LMS)?

As the name suggests, a Learning Management System is a SaaS (software as a service) that works as an online classroom.

An LMS is designed as an effective solution for distance learning. If both students and teachers are not available in front of them, LMS can be used efficiently.

Good LMS for teacher can also help education professionals connect with a diverse set of audiences and make a niche globally. What’s more, they can even sell their online-courses and offer online classes to make more money.

The key goal of the Learning Management System is distance learning, via which teachers can grow their base and make online-learning possible for more people.

The eLearning market is on the rise, and Learning Management Systems have zillions of students globally. In turn, the best LMS mobile apps are helping more people access quality education, unlike before.

Kohbee is among the best available LMS apps for teachers that surely help teachers connect with more students and improve how they teach.

Why Do Teachers Need Good LMS Apps To Improve Their Teachings?   

The dependency of students on digital devices is on the rise, and it is certain to boom in the coming years. And if teachers want to ensure their teachings improve and wish to surge their earnings, good LMS for teachers like Kohbee can help them amazingly.

Here are five reasons how going for the Learning Management System can upscale the teaching styles of teachers:

1.     Ability To Access LMS From Any Device

Once a teacher has downloaded the best LMS mobile apps like Kohbee and others, it becomes easier to access them from any device. Once done, they can avail of the portability of such modules on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Accessing virtual classrooms, chat features, and structured info in LMS apps helps educators and students connect, ask anything, and solve problems outside classrooms.

2.     Ability To Improve The Overall Learning Experience

With LMS apps like Kohbee helping teachers and schools design classrooms with an array of multimedia content, videos, and forums, the learning experience enriches. In addition to this, it becomes easier to develop new teaching ideas involving gamification, social learning, and storytelling. Overall, LMS can push students' learning experience by engaging them in diversely refreshing ways. Teachers also continue learning things liked by students and move accordingly.

3.     Ability To Indulge In Better Administration

One of the better perks of using LMS, like Kohbee, and others, is that it brings everyone involved in the learning industry together, including teachers, students, and more. Since they can interact and sync their discussions as per the data and reports generated by this system, administration things for better become easy.

4.     Ability To Look At Personalized Feedback And Improve

Best LMS for teachers, such as Kohbee, works like a charm in configuring, establishing, and evaluating assignments. It also assists an educator in keeping track of students’ performances based on automated findings. In turn, it saves their time and even enables them to prioritize feedback. And once that occurs, students also open up to share their issues with teachers. This type of open communication opens a new spectrum for everyone involved in the education sector and improves considerably.

5.     Ability To Manage Classroom Infrastructure At Zero Costs

Another reason why LMS like Kohbee is in such demand is that it helps teachers and management avoid any classroom infrastructure costs. It becomes there is no need to teach students physically at all. Even teachers can strike a better work-life balance because of being able to work during selected hours.

The Final Word   

You are now well versed in why it is a must for teachers to start using a Learning Management System.

If you are in the teaching profession and want to connect with more students online and monetize your courses, LMS is for you. As you read this, numerous teachers are already using an LMS like Kohbee to train fellow teachers and even offer hot courses at any price for profits. You can download Kohbee and start using its amazing LMS for teacher.

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How big is the Indian creator-economy?

The Indian creator-economy is taking off. And 2022 is expected to witness a meteoric rise of creators in this space. From selling make-up lines and beauty products to offering courses on building a massive social media following, there is nothing that Indian creators cannot do.

Rise of the Indian creator-economy

For those still wondering, the creator-economy is an era of online ecosystem and community where content creators can leverage online platforms to monetize their expertise by developing useful content.

Thanks to unrestricted access to the internet across the globe, the creators’ economy has reached a global standpoint. And this advent of digital creators has brought upon us a whole new economy, one that is in its nascent stage in India but all set to grow. According to a report published by Oxford Economics, the creator network at YouTube contributed approximately ₹6,800 crores to the Indian economy. It generated over 6.38 lakh full-time jobs in the country in 2020.

Now that we know that the creator-economy in India is big and growing, let’s have a look at its exact size. The section covers the current size of this ecosystem by participants and financial value.

Number of Creators in the creator-economy

The process of creating content has been prevalent for centuries now. Whether it is writing, music, poetry, painting, or acting, there are many different ways to create content. However, terms like ‘creator-economy’ became dominant only a couple of years back. Until 2016, the term did not really formalize. It is only after that user-generated content (UGC) came to the forefront and opportunities started propping for good content creators.

Before we look into the exact number of content creators in the Indian creator-economy, you must note that no consolidated database records it all. But according to a study, there are approximately 50 million creators across the globe.

Now let’s break down this number:

There are 2 million professional individual content creators who pursue this as a full-time career.

  • Instagram: Out of 1 billion Instagram accounts, 500K accounts have over 100K followers.
  • YouTube: Out of 31 million YouTube channels, 1 million creators have over 10K subscribers.
  • Other creators, including writers, illustrators, podcasters, musicians, etc., total 200K.

There are 46.7 million newbie creators who pursue content creation as a part-time job and monetize it.

  • Instagram: Out of 1 billion Instagram accounts, 30 million accounts have a following between 50- 100K.
  • YouTube: Out of 31 million YouTube channels, 12 million creators have between 100 -10K subscribers.
  • Other creators, including writers, illustrators, podcasters, musicians, etc., total 2 million.

Apart from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, many other platforms help people monetize their content. Kohbee is one such platform that assists individuals in monetizing their expertise by creating and selling online-courses. It not only makes content creation easy but also streamlines the process of managing and scaling your business.

Value of the Creator’s Economy in 2022

With a market size of 50 million content creators, an influencer marketing industry size of $13.8 billion, and many new start-ups in the space, the total value of the creator’s economy is anticipated to be $104.2 billion in 2022. And this is growing each day. It must be noted that almost $800 million in venture capital has been invested in different creator ventures so far.

YouTube alone is predicted to generate $30 billion in revenue by the end of 2022 from content creators across the globe.

In the words of Jack Conte, CEO of Patreon, “Creators are about to have control and cultural influence on the world to a degree that is unprecedented. The quick and easy availability, accessibility, and ubiquity of creation tools together with global connectivity of individuals is establishing a strong movement that favors explosive creativity.”

What Will the Indian creator-economy Look Like in The Next Few Years?

Over the next few years, the country will witness a new generation of creators taking advantage of new-fangled creator-economy tools, such as Kohbee, and redefining what it means to be a creator. While today we see a limited number of creators making as much money as full-time job professionals, the coming years will see a middle class of creators flourishing and creating a big name for themselves.

If you are looking to become a part of this ever-growing creator-economy, you can check out Kohbee. It is a wonderful online coaching platform that provides all the necessary tools to become a leading content creator. You can jump into the content creation industry by building, marketing, and selling your online-courses in a seamless way. Download Kohbee today to deep dive into the creator-economy.

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How to Choose the Best Online Coaching System?

In the past few years, online coaching has become mainstream. This is, however, not a surprising development, considering that most of our daily activities nowadays take place online.

Many coaching tools and technologies, such as online-teaching platforms, have emerged. These platforms enable course creators to launch highly scalable models without bargaining coaching efficiency or client engagement.

That said, the vast variety of online coaching systems available on the market makes it difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Fortunately, Kohbee is here to help you identify the right online-learning platform to provide the best online course experience to your audience.

Things to Consider While Choosing an Online Coaching System

Regardless of the type of coaching you do—life coaching, business coaching, or executive coaching, you require some basic tools for running your business, streamlining your sessions, tracking your student’s progress, and refining your teaching skills.

It’s a good idea to outline your goals before starting your search for an online-learning platform. Think about the kind of client experience you wish to create. For instance, do you want your clients to access your online store? Do you want them to have an integrated login to access their meetings? Do you want to provide group coaching or one-to-one sessions?

Also, decide if you want to track your client’s progress. Do you want to market your courses to a new audience? Is better back-end management your primary goal of using coaching software?

Answering all these questions will help you identify the tools and functionalities you want in your online coaching platform. It will also make the process of finding the best software much easier.

Here are some attributes to look for in a good online-learning platform:

  1. Comprehensive Set of Managerial Tools

As a coach offering online-learning programs, you need several tools to manage your work. Thus, the platform you choose must offer a smart set of tools that allows you to streamline your processes.

For instance, a good platform allows you to market and sell your coaching packages easily, keep track of all client payments, schedule online sessions, and even track your client’s progress. Additionally, it lets you manage everything from a single dashboard. Thus, you can develop coaching programs, build landing pages, and manage your clients from one place.

  1. Ease of Use

To make your clients stick to your online coaching platform, you need to offer a seamless experience. After you have created an online course, the last thing you would want is a complex tool that confuses your clients. So, an online coaching system that is convenient, easy to use, offers a suitable user interface, and resonates with your product is a must.

Remember, a good online-learning tool will give your clients one single login and access to a dashboard where they can manage their courses. The dashboard should enable them to monitor their progress, access their course contents, and even keep a tab on all of their downloads.

  1. Seamless Content Delivery

This is another important thing to consider while choosing the best online-teaching system. The platform you choose must make it easy for your clients to access courses and benefit from simple content delivery.

For instance, whenever someone purchases your course, he should get immediate access to the program. They should receive a confirmation email with their login credentials. Everything should happen seamlessly and on its own.

Lastly, the platform must enable you to deliver your online-courses via different mediums, such as video, PDFs, audio, and images.

Other things to consider while selecting an online-learning platform:

  • Make sure the platform allows you to connect with your students and develop a virtual community. This is the best way to build relationships with your clients and add more value to your brand name.
  • Opt for an online coaching platform that has the potential to grow and expand with you. For instance, having a membership subscription is a great way to scale your business and establish a big audience pool.
  • Go for a platform that offers a secure teaching app. This is a great way to boost the client experience and provide them with opportunities to complete courses at their convenience.

What Makes Kohbee a Leading Online Coaching Platform?

Kohbee is an all-in-one online-teaching LMS (Learning Management System) that offers all the necessary features you need to start and grow your coaching business. The platform ensures an incredible client experience by offering everything in one place. 100% free and secure, it is the ultimate resource for online teachers, coaches, and educators who wish to manage and grow their business in the online marketplace.

So, why waste your skills and proclivity for teaching if you can earn a living out of practising your passion? With Kohbee, you can empower yourself and live your dream of becoming a world-class online trainer. Thus, fret not and Download Kohbee to get started with the best online coaching platform today.

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Online Teaching
Four Myths About online-learning You Need to Know

The latest technologies are taking over the world, and the education industry is no exception. After the pandemic, all the sectors, including education, have shifted towards online-learning and teaching. It allows the students to learn new skills at any time from the comfort of their homes.

Many myths exist about online-teaching. Most parents say brick-and-mortar classes are better than online education. There are endless questions about online-learning, such as whether it's worth it. Parents are concerned about increasing screen time, the effectiveness of learning online, and more.

So in this article, we'll discuss some of the myths about online education and why they aren't true. So, let's get started.

Myth 1: You have to be good at computers to learn and teach online.

Being 'good at computers' varies from person to person. For some, being good at computers means creating apps and websites with good programming languages. For others, even basic interaction with the computer is good enough.

Being good at computers is a plus point, but online-learning can also be done from your smartphone. This doesn't mean you can't learn online from your computer/laptop. Today, most teachers and students prefer online-learning and teaching from their smartphones.

For instance, if you love music, you learn guitar or piano through your smartphones. But if you teach different musical instruments, creating an online account on Kohbee can be a smart move. It is one of the best online-learning apps that help educators grow their teaching business online. This platform allows educators to create a website, conduct online-courses, run online classes, host webinars, and more. The app is available on the play store, and its iOS version is under development.

According to Online Course Igniter, you can easily earn $500 to $50,000 by selling your online-courses. However, the money you earn depends on the size of your audience. Therefore, if you are not selling your online-courses, you are missing out on many opportunities.

With that said, we have successfully busted this myth that you need to be good at computers to learn and teach online.

Myth 2: The technology and the internet aren't a good source of education.

Most parents say that the internet is not the right place for online-teaching and learning as it can distract students. They believe that the internet can't offer a classroom-like experience at all. But students can also get distracted in brick-and-mortar classes.

As a student, if you can focus in brick-and-mortar classes, nothing can stop you from online-learning. You need the same amount of concentration in online classes. According to Guru99, over three billion students prefer to learn online for their higher education. Why? Because online-learning apps and websites allow them to learn from a comfortable zone, not surrounded by friends or any other distractions.

Thus, this is a myth that the internet is not a good source of education. E-learning and online-teaching are fun and engaging to study or learn new skills.

Myth 3: online-learning = No Learning

When it comes to online education, most people say that it is a waste of time and leads to 'no learning'. Also, there is a myth that it is easy to cheat in online exams, and nobody can learn anything from it.

On the flip side, several online-learning apps detect plagiarism when conducting online tests. online-learning empowers students to learn at their own pace and understand the topic deeply before proceeding to the next one.

Myth 4: online-teaching is difficult for teachers.

Indeed, the rapid shift towards online platforms has affected a lot of teachers. No matter how good they are at teaching, they face issues while conducting online classes. For example, they have to call everyone to inform them about the online lecture, collect assignments online, take online payments, etc.

However, if you also face such issues, why not reap the benefits of online-learning apps? For instance, download the Kohbee app to overcome such problems and provide a memorable learning experience to your students. The best thing about the Kohbee app is that it allows you to create your website to add payment features, set reminders for online classes, sell online-courses, etc.

online-teaching is difficult unless you reap the benefits of modern online-learning apps.


E-learning is the most accessible form to learn and teach online. The education industry is growing, and there is still room for customization.

Therefore, overcome the myths about online education and leverage these tools to get a better learning experience

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Online Learning
6 Tips To Generate Revenue As A Private Online Tutor

If you're thinking about starting an online-teaching business as a private tutor, you're definitely on the right track.

With global online-learning, revenues are expected to grow from $250 billion in 2020 to $1 trillion in 2027. You can generate solid revenue by providing lesson plans to students who live across the globe, and you can do it while staying in your own home and raising your family in the comfort of your town or city.

If you're ready to get started as an online tutor, this 6-step guide will help you become more successful than ever before!

1. Getting Started With online-teaching

Many people dream of making it big teaching online—whether it's through an educational institution, tutoring, or consulting. And for a good reason: Online tutors are their own bosses and can set their hours, working from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

To be successful in online tutoring, though, you need to spend time educating yourself on how it works and setting up your virtual classroom appropriately. Here are some critical tips on what you need to know and do before starting your online class. 

Understand how online-teaching works first, understand that teaching online is different than doing so face-to-face.

In-person, students look at teachers; online students have easy access to text and audio (and sometimes video) files about the course topic—meaning you have more instructional materials at your disposal.

Thus, online-teaching requires software knowledge such as Powerpoint, Word, and Adobe Acrobat. Knowledgeable use of presentation programs will make you more marketable. 

Online teachers need personal responsibility. However, there's no substitute for self-discipline when you’re trying to teach and earn money online.

2. Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Online tutoring is one of the best options for working online if you have some teaching experience and have developed a specialized niche in an area with high demand for private instruction. 

Moreover, the market forecast indicates that the massive open online course (MOOC) market will be worth approximately $25.33 billion in 2025.

That's why setting yourself apart from your competition is so important. You want potential students to contact you first because they believe that your course will offer them their best chance at improving their skills and understanding within your field of expertise. 

This can be done by offering personalized mentorship. Other ways to set yourself apart include:

  • Adding new content regularly.
  • Offering extra materials such as cheat sheets or PDF guides.
  • Even following up with every student after completing a lesson with you.

Along with these tips above, make your tutor online profitable too.

3. Market Your Services Effectively

Before you start teaching, you need to let people know you're there. If you run your website, posting your services and making it easy to contact you can be highly effective. 

Other options include social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn. You might even consider joining online-learning communities where prospective students spend time; for example, Kohbee is India's fastest-growing ed-tech platform, making it easy for online educators to run and grow their businesses.

4. Build Relationships with Clients

Getting clients is only half of what you'll need to do for income. Once you have your first few, you must build relationships with them and show them how valuable your services are. 

Be proactive in reaching out, but don't be pushy. You don't want clients to feel pressured into working with you, or they won't take you seriously in future lessons. If you provide quality teaching, people will want more!

5. Charge Differently Based On Skill Level

Set up tiered pricing depending on skill level. For example, charge $30 per hour for someone who is just learning or has minimal experience, then charge $50 an hour for intermediate learners and $75 an hour for top experts in your subject. 

You'll capture market share with your lower prices while still charging enough to maintain profitability. There are many ways you can set up different service levels (and different plans) based on skill level; that way, clients can decide how much they want to pay and how high their standards are. 

This approach also gives you a chance to test out services; if there isn't much demand at one price point, experiment with lowering it until there is!

6. Communicate Effectively With Clients

This is very important. When looking for business, you need to know how to put yourself out there. Clients don't want someone shy and reserved; they want an experienced professional who will deliver on their promises and exceed their expectations. 

Be direct, confident, specific, and clear when you're communicating with clients—no short-cuts or filler words. Say what you mean and mean what you say; don't beat around the bush.

To Wrap Up Things

These steps will help you to start online-teaching as a private tutor. You know the subject. Now it's time to put effort into creating your tutor online career.

As a teacher, get fame very quickly in an online-learning community, where you can share your experiences with people from all over the world.

You can even use Kohbee's app to create a website, collect leads, sell courses, conduct live classes, and more. Get started for free now!

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Scope of Content marketing in India

Content has been used in marketing for the course of its existence to draw the customers' attention to initiatives & their associated elements. Although, for a long time, the reality that the commodity for which advertising is normally done prioritises the former to get across the point about why the customer should purchase the same was the standard.

That emphasis has evolved dramatically in today's environment; digital content marketing is customer-centric, and the brand takes on a secondary role in the content. It is undoubtedly the most visible aspect of content marketing's growth.

India's growing Internet usage and digital technology have dramatically transformed the Indian market. Content marketing is now employed in a variety of ways. With all of these advantages, it is clear that taking a content marketing course is a necessity if you want to see your business expand.

You can opt for one with Kohbee today. Click here to know more about our teachers and all they have to offer. 

Rise Of Content marketing:

Perhaps the biggest and most significant shift in India has been the economy's digital revolution, triggered by the availability of low-cost data access to customers across the country. This has had a significant impact on the amount of time people now engage on digital screens, forcing marketers to adapt their content marketing strategies to reach customers through a variety of digital contact points in addition to the traditional print, television, and radio mediums.

It might not be easy to decide which ones to choose and which ones will express an opinion regarding content marketing. In India, businesses choose from several different types of content marketing. The tactics you'll learn in a content marketing course will help you assess the reasons behind why customers might desire to purchase your product.

Evolution is the law of nature; therefore, content marketing strategies have changed over time. 

Brands executing successful content marketing campaigns in India:

Many businesses attempted to develop their digital assets on various social platforms when the influence of social media first became evident. These were designed to obtain the advantage of new software technology with enormous potential.

In the years since, inbound marketing content strategy has directed clients' brands, which uses vital social media technologies to achieve maximum effect.

This practice has rapidly gained popularity in India, with several leading brands opting for it. Some examples have been illustrated for you below:


They are well-versed with their target audience. They comprehend what compels people to utilise their products, and they never miss to spark the gourmand in you.

Zomato's amusing tweet from July 2019, "Guys, Kabhi Kabhi Ghar ka khana bhi Kha Lena chahiye", including over 18,000 likes, was a big success. Several businesses shared the same statement but with a distinct slogan, gaining exposure on several channels.

Using multiple digital channels might cause chaos in company advertising strategies, per some pros. On the contrary, Zomato exhibits various mediums to efficiently promote digital content marketing.

Oreo India:

Oreo India has found out to keep its viewers hooked on the content it generates. When Parle & Britannia led the Indian market, Oreo faced severe problems at the nascent stage. As a response, they launched #DailyDunks, a brand outreach program starring Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor.

Oreo came up with a variety of fresh concepts for different channels. For instance, the brand used an illustration featuring a stretched out packet of the biscuits on June 21, the shortest day of the year. 

Vogue India:

Another strong content marketing contender is Vogue India. They created the #VogueEmpower campaign to raise awareness about women's rights & violence against women. They involved Bollywood celebs, such as Madhuri Dixit, in their videos to bring glamour and excitement to the company's content marketing strategy.

Although YouTube is Vogue's primary platform for content marketing, they also have a sizable following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus. They do, after all, belong to a well-publicised category.


Flipkart is among the first digital stores in India to use television commercials as a key content marketing tool.

The commercials were appealing and amusing, with toddlers disguised as adults. These videos were interesting, hilarious, & highly entertaining.

Flipkart's innovation, marketing, and sense of humour constantly put a smile on its consumers' faces, whether it's a new deal or a service alert. This helped develop a unique recall value for the brand.

Final Words:

The Indian digital content marketing landscape is a rapidly changing space. It's growing at a much faster rate than most of the global markets, primarily driven by a big surge in digital and mobile ad spending as well as a rise in the millennial workforce which has been empowered with digital tools and understand that content is one of the most effective means to elicit the desired response.

These millennial-driven startups and enterprises are making huge strides in their bid to rule the roost, and it is crucial — now more than ever — to develop adept content marketing strategies and place yourself among the top contenders. Survival of the fittest is always the case, and if you want to endure, you must constantly update and evolve. Kohbee can be a great backbone for the Indian creator-economy. Thus, if you are a content creator or an educator, download the Kohbee App today.

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Creator Economy
How to Advertise Yourself as an Online Teacher in 2022
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Online Teaching
Guide to Managing Virtual Classroom

Online classroom management is one of the most difficult tasks for someone who is used to taking face-to-face classes. But, with the pandemic taking over, more than  1.2 billion people are out of traditional classrooms. Therefore,  taking your classes online is the need of the hour. If you are also one of those struggling to manage your online classes, you have landed at the right place. So, let us dive deeper.

Make Your Online Classroom Free From Distractions

Students are able to retain 25% to 60% more information when taking online classes. Therefore, you must make the most of it by keeping the distractions away. While you must be a pro at maintaining discipline in your physical classrooms, managing students in a virtual classroom is completely different. A virtual classroom is prone to multiple distractions that are just a click away. Keeping the students attentive in such a situation becomes difficult. This is one of the biggest challenges of online class management. One of the best ways to make the students put all the distractions away is to make them keep their phones and toys away. Ask the students to find a quiet place and ask their family members to provide them with a quiet environment to concentrate. Also, ask your students to ensure that their pets are away during the class. 

Engage Using a Webcam

Turning off the webcam might sound comfortable, but it is not a good practice as it completely cuts you off from your audience and disengages you from them. Try to make them feel like they are having eye contact with you and look straight into the camera. Make sure that your online classes do not become monotonous or robotic. Try to instil feelings into the virtual classroom with the help of your voice tone, body language and facial expressions. This will make class management easier. 

Test the Technology

It is understandable that as someone who is used to teaching in a physical class, you might not be comfortable using the latest technologies, audio/video tools, presentations etc. But there is nothing more embarrassing than a distraction during the online classes due to technical difficulties. The best way to tackle this situation is to test the technology beforehand and practice using all the tools and technologies present on the online-learning app. Check all the teacher tools on the online app and learn to use them effectively. 

Maintain Discipline

If you are worried about your students either coming to the online classes in their pyjamas or wearing fancy dresses, set up a dress code or simply ask the students to wear their school uniform to the class. This will help maintain discipline during the online classes and also create an environment of equality and get them the feeling of attending a class. Moreover, you must also set out certain rules for the class and include your students in the rulemaking process. Doing this will make it easier for you to make them follow the rules. For instance, you can make a rule for everyone to sit on a chair and table or sit straight, keep their cameras on at all times, speak by turns etc. Setting these rules will make online-learning fun and informative for your students. 

Teach Text-Rich Lessons

While taking online classes, it is evident that some of the students might have issues with their audio and it is very common. Such situations can make it difficult for them to follow the class. Therefore, you must ensure that you use text rich presentations and lessons to provide them with visual variety. This will help them follow what you teach and get a better understanding of the subject. If your students are able to understand concepts, they will find it easier to engage in classroom discussions, ask their doubts, resulting in smooth online classes. Try to include text in every type of subject and make sure you use simple, effective and clear language to build empathy with the readers. You can also consider using online-learning apps like Kohbee to make online class management easier and smoother. With such apps, you can also find students for tuition classes by creating your profile, stating your skills, services and quoting your prices. 

Include Pictures and Videos

Only text lessons can get really boring and can make the students lose concentration and interest in the class. Remember that your audience is school going kids. Kids are much more prone to distractions than adults. As soon as the kid loses interest or concentration, it is enough to derail your whole class. Including a lot of visual content, presentations, infographics, images, and even GIFs is one of the best ways to make your online classes interesting and keep the students engaged throughout the class. More student engagement will ensure better knowledge sharing. 

Get Creative with the Backgrounds

To avoid the monotony of closed spaces and homes, you can get creative with your backgrounds and host the class anywhere you want. You can also encourage your students to change their backgrounds to even different countries to make them feel like they are attending the class there. It is the best way to promote engagement during the class. 

If you are someone struggling to get your teaching career organised in this post-covid era of online classes, the above-mentioned tips will come in handy for you. Apps like Kohbee can get you started with your online classes. Subscribe Now!

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Online Learning
Online Teaching
How to Choose the Right Study Material to Teach Online

online-teaching has become a great way to spread knowledge around the world. But building a great course can take time and effort. When you are looking for the right study material to teach online, there are a few factors you need to take into account.

The most important factor is to pick a topic that you are interested in and know a lot about. This will make it easier for you to come up with interactive and engaging lessons. You also want to make sure that the material is concise and easy to understand. Finally, it is critical to select materials that are aligned with your teaching style and goals.

In this blog, we will look at how to select the right study material for your online-teaching course. Most of the steps are quite similar to offline teaching, but it also depends on your subject and teaching style. Follow the simple steps and become the best teacher to teach online.

What type of study material can be considered for online-learning?

Learning is a dynamic process. There is no fixed way. As a good teacher, it’s your responsibility to provide your students with the best resources. This could be in the form of books, videos, and images. When it comes to studying materials to train online, you can pick any of the following mediums.

  1. Coursebooks

Whether it’s a standard course for primary students or a vocational hobby course for adults, having some standard coursebooks is a must. This will add to the credibility of the course and also teach the basics including the history of the subject. This will lay a strong foundation for your students. It is good to keep this study material for background reading and bring only the most significant ones into the classroom. Find the best books for teaching online and share them with your students in digital format that can also be printed out if necessary.

  1. Presentations

Visual slides are the best teaching material to attract the eyes of your students. There are plenty of online and offline tools to create presentations. You can add sound, music, and special effects to make the class engaging. Presentations can play an active part in classroom learning because of their ease of usage. Having a presentation in the background while you teach can help your students stay on track and make important notes.

  1. Online videos

This may or may not be a part of the active learning process, but there is plenty of online video teaching material to recommend. The internet is, after all, full of interesting resources from around the world. You can add YouTube videos and Ted Talks to your online study material. Many of these are made by some of the best teachers and can be extremely valuable for your students.

How to choose the best study material to teach online?

Begin with a plan

You cannot pick any study material before you know what you are going to teach—set timelines for the curriculum. Whether you are teaching English or baking, every portion of the syllabus can take a different amount of time. Make a note of the different topics and set the deadline to finish it.

Having a plan will make it easier to choose teaching material. When should you ask your students to pick a coursebook? And when is it better to just refer an online video? A plan will help, for sure.

Research and network

Getting the right study material will involve a lot of research. You may have to connect to online portals and publishers to get the best study materials. At times, you may also have to curate your own list and perhaps, pen down some material yourself. This will help make your course more personalized and elevate your status as a great teacher. Network with some good teachers in your subject to get more expertise.

Storing and sharing online study material

Once you have collected your resources, you must find a way to store and share them. You may have to spend some time knowing about digital apps and drives if you are not already aware of them. online-teaching can be quite easy that way because you don’t need to carry everything in a big bag!

Learn to convert your documents into PDFs before sharing. You can create a drive to store the digital study material, including books and chapters. You may also create a sheet for links to videos and web pages that can be relevant. There are plenty of teaching apps that can help you in this process.

Final Thoughts

online-teaching is quite difficult as it has become very competitive with a plethora of teaching apps. You must have a strong course to stand out and offer more value with the right study materials to your students.

If you are looking for a great platform to start online-teaching, you must check out Kohbee! Create your teaching profile in less than 60 seconds and sell your courses online. They have a built-in payment-gateway to avoid payment hassles, and managing your course is super-easy with their smart technology.

Explore Kohbee right now and get ready to ace the world of online-teaching today!

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The Ultimate Dos And Don’ts of online-learning

Many of us wonder if online-learning will continue post-pandemic. Some fear that a rapid transition to online-learning – with no training, inadequate bandwidth, and little planning – will result in a poor user experience that will deter long-term growth. Others predict that a new hybrid education model will emerge, with major benefits.

Whatever model emerges, online classes have their pros and cons. If effectively leveraged, teachers can use online-teaching to create a significant impact. Decoding and comprehending these benefits and drawbacks will aid universities in establishing methods for more successfully delivering lessons and ensuring that students follow a consistent learning path. Let us look at the dos and don'ts of online-learning.

Dos of online-learning:

  • Dress appropriately and in clothes that you would ordinarily wear in a classroom. Wear a great top to school and then change into more comfortable clothing afterwards.
  • Make the most of your study/workspace. Choose a location in your home where you can free up room for your computer, notebooks, and other tools. Most essentially, make sure you set up your workstation where you can get the best Internet connection.
  • Before starting class, test your electronics, including your monitor, headphones, and microphone, to confirm that they all work properly.
  • Before class, fully charge your tablet or laptop, or leave it plugged in during the lecture.
  • To avoid getting up several times throughout the class, use the restroom beforehand.
  • Before the class or meeting, double-check your visuals to ensure your background is as neutral as feasible and not a distraction. Check your camera to make sure you're in clear, direct vision and that you're sitting up straight with your head and shoulders on the screen.
  • Inform your roommates about your schedule so that they can respect your privacy. Respectfully ask them not to bother you at certain times or lock your door to prevent interruptions.
  • Read the syllabus ahead of time so that you are prepared for the course material and discussions, as well as to meet any deadlines specified in the curriculum.
  • Keep a bottle of water and a snack on hand. Although online classes do not require you to participate in physical activity or run to your next session, you may become hungry or thirsty. Rather than getting up to obtain a snack, have food and water close by for convenient access.
  • Log in and arrive early for the virtual class, preferably several minutes before the planned start time. When the teacher begins the virtual class, be in your seat with all your resources.
  • Take advantage of the mute button. The mute function is your friend in a crowded virtual classroom.
  • Take part as much as possible. Take notes, ask questions, and respond to class questions when requested.
  • Use the chat tool with caution. Use this space to seek assistance, offer a short response, or provide feedback on a classmate's point.
  • Ignore outside online activities such as social media websites, videos, or shopping that may distract you from your lesson or meeting. During your class, block pop-ups and turn off outside alerts.

Dont's of online-learning:

  • Avoid being surrounded by distractions. Study areas should be free of distracting elements such as the television, video game system, or a family pet.
  • Don't eat anything without first muting yourself. No one wants to hear loud chewing noises. Before you take a bite, put your phone on mute.
  • Don't leave your camera turned off for long periods or do activities around your house/space.
  • Don't wait for the teacher to tell you to turn off your microphone. If someone or something loud enters your study space, you should immediately silence yourself to prevent disturbing the rest of the class.
  • Do not use the chat to post links or memes. It is not appropriate to converse with your classmates in the classroom chat. Save humorous videos, memes, and gifs to send to your friends in private messages.
  • Don't claim technical difficulties for late or missed tasks. If you have technical problems, notify your instructor ahead of time and find a solution to submit your work.
  • Don't give up if you have a technical problem during a lesson, whether it's a lost Internet connection or mistakenly checking out of a meeting. Before telling your teacher of the situation, make every effort to resume your attendance and involvement in class.

online-learning is a fast-paced, dynamic way to accelerate your learning, and it'll help you meet your academic and personal objectives. online-learning can help you move closer to completing your degree and provide you with the skills and information you need to succeed in your job. If you want to imbibe online-learning and create a profitable business out of it, join Kohbee today.

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Creating a work-life balance for Content Creators

Digital artists have shaped what it means to be a celebrity in the twenty-first century, from lifestyle bloggers to techies. Content production, formerly assumed to be a trend that only millennials and Gen Z were interested in, is now one of the most sought-after occupations among gig workers of all ages. According to recent research, there are around 15 million independent workers in the country, with the workforce likely to rise at a rate of 4 million each year. With the rising demand for great quality creators and the huge number of talented creators, it has become more important than ever before to have a work-life balance.

But why is work-life balance so important in today’s world? Here is the brief importance of work-life balance that will provide you with the answer.

Importance of Work-Life Balance 

Burnout, negativity, creative slumps, lack of sleep, worry, and anxiety are all signs of a bad content producing relationship. That's where work-life balance becomes crucial; if an employee's work-life balance is stable, they will be considerably happy at work. This will lessen content creator problems and workplace stress and make them more motivated and joyful while at work. This increases productivity as well.

Your clear thoughts on work-life balance and adopting self-care techniques to strike a balance between work and life will make you more productive, healthy, and as a consequence, wealthy!

So how can content creators create a work-life balance?

Exercising, doing yoga once a week, pursuing a hobby, getting enough sleep, meditating, and going on trips are some of the finest methods to take a break from your daily grind and return with a renewed desire to work harder than before. Here are some more ways to create a work-life balance -

  • Time management - So, how do you go about creating a work-life balance that is genuinely beneficial to you? First and foremost, consider how you want to spend your time and what your perfect weekday might entail. To begin, write down how much time you want to devote to each of your most significant activities, categories, or projects. Then, using your calendar or a time-tracking programme, you can see where your time is going and make adjustments as needed. For example, if your objective is to devote 50% of your time to your creative endeavours, make sure you set aside at least three hours every day to do so.
  • Break/Vacation – It is necessary to take breaks. Breaks are essential. In addition to taking frequent breaks from work, it is recommended to take at least two week-long getaways/vacations to cleanse your mind and simply rest. When you're a content creator, you have to deal with a lot more than most people realise. Pressure, hatred, trolling and deciding what to post and what not to share. It's a substantial amount. You're in desperate need of a rest. You, like everyone else, are entitled to vacation from work. Now is the time to plan your break!
  • Keep time aside for a hobby - If you are doing what you are passionate about, you have already turned your hobby into your job. However, taking some time out for other activities that you enjoy doing will boost your creativeness! It is therefore important to avoid over-committing. Maintain the office hours or the schedule that you have decided for yourself and follow the same so you can always have some spare time for yourself.
  • Find an effective tool - With the emergence of so many effective tools to help you manage your work efficiently, you can always leverage technological advancements for your work-life balance. Find an app that can make your life and work easier. Kohbee is the one-stop solution for all your content creation needs and online classes. You may manage, generate and share your profile. You may also track the views and contact leads while being sure of the security of your data in every aspect. Kohbee e-solutions were created to fulfil the needs of today's instructors, allowing them to easily conduct online lessons. We provide a stress-free environment for instructors who are passionate about their work. Teachers may use Kohbee's online-teaching software to handle all of their online-teaching activities. Teachers may establish a group and many courses online, as well as arrange multiple sessions. Everything will be controlled by your fingertips.

Thus helping you create a work-life balance. Moreover, your payment-related stress will also be reduced through an automated platform like Kohbee through which you don't have to be concerned about payment delays or errors. Teachers can now collect fees directly from students or parents using the automatic payment buttons. Teachers can also trace down the fees that pupils have paid or have not paid. So create a well-managed platform to make your work easier and live stress-free. Install Kohbee for technology and quality-driven work experience.

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How Technology Assists in Remote Maths lessons?

Technology has completely transformed the environments of the classroom. Learning has become interactive and participation of the students is increasing in a classroom environment. Mathematics is one of the most interesting and interactive subjects, where you need interaction between the tutors and students. Technology is providing the students the chance of learning concepts of math like limit, fractions, derivation, and integration.

You can use online tools and apps like a limit calculator by calculator-online.net to learn at any time and place. Limit calculator with steps provides students to learn the various concepts of the limits by solving the limit in steps. When we are able to solve the difficult concepts of approaching the limit. We are able to understand there are four different methods of limit. The four methods are Substitution, factorizing, rationalizing, and the Least Count Method(LCD) method. There are types of limits, infinite limits and finite limits. Limits calculator automatically is able to recognize which methodology is going to implement, This makes the concept of limit easy to understand for the students. Limit solver provide us an easy platform to solve the limits

In this article, we are highlighting the fact, How Technology Assists in Remote Maths lessons?

Interactive learning:

Group study is on the rise, and students are easily able to share their concepts with each other. Technology and social media are helping the students to learn from each other. Students are able to learn the concepts more easily from each other, Interactions between the peer students increase the group study and they can discuss difficult concepts like derivations with each other. When they are able to develop a basic understanding of why we are using the derivations. We need to find the target of the curve by the derivations, an antiderivative calculator by calculator-online.net makes this concept easy for us. We can find the derivations of the algebraic expressions and also the trigonometric ratios with the help of such advanced apps. 

Class communications:

The Class communication  between the students and teachers also increased, teachers are able to celery define their explanations with the help of remotely accessible technologies like Skype and social media. It is now customary to use the  online app and tools. The apps like the limit calculator help to explain to the teachers how to solve the limit. Despite the fact, it is the finite or infinite limit. Online apps like limit calculator by calculator-online.net, along with a group of limit tools have made the whole concept easier and easier for the students. Students can understand various types of the Limits concepts like Substitutions, Factorizing, Rationalizing, and LCD methods. These concepts are always a hindrance in learning the limited concepts. This has made communication faster in Math class. Students are able to get access to the hero teachers to understand the concepts like derivation and integration. They can use the antiderivative calculator and integral calculators to solve their problems. When they are solving two to three questions by using these tools, then they would automatically be able to learn these concepts.     

Distance learning experience:

Students can access their class tutors at any time by using technology. Youtube is one of the most interesting platforms for students. They can learn the concepts like limits and derivations from the shared videos. They can choose teachers of their own choice and can follow all the new videos of a particular tutor. Online apps like antiderivative calculators are also teaching the students the concepts, how to find the tangent of the curve. Derivations are one of the most applicable concepts along with integration in calculus. If you are not able to learn the formulas and rules of the derivatives and integration. It would simply become impossible for you to solve the calculus concepts. Distance learning is one of the most used concepts in making learning more interactive.

E-libraries and Math concepts :

E-libraries are going to change the concepts of the learning, the online apps like limit calculator by calculator-online.net providing the current concepts. The issues are going to be resolved quickly if a student is able to sign in to an online Library. It is actually less costly as compared to hiring full-time tutors, you can say the whole concept of learning Mathematics has totally changed in the last 10 years. The online media has encouraged educational groups to launch their own online apps and libraries. If you are signed in to these libraries, then you can type a question related to a certain topic, and get all the solutions to certain concepts.  This would help to translate the concepts in the easiest way, which students are getting easy details of any concepts. Online apps like limit calculator by calculator-online.net, along with a group of limit tools has made the whole

Concepts are easier and easier for the students. Students can understand various types of the Limits concepts like Substitutions, Factorizing, Rationalizing, and LCD methods. These concepts are always a hindrance in learning the limit concepts.

The accessibility to open source:

When you are conducting the research, the secondary data is quite critical. The open-source is essential to understand a concept, when you have complete access to the open sources, then it would become easy for you to understand the epistemology and ontology of the research. For example, if you are able to get access to open sources, then all the research phenomena would become simpler for you. Consider concepts like limits, if you are able to use apps like limit calculators by calculator-online.net, it would make the whole concepts just too simple to understand. Teachers are suggesting their students to learn any concept by using open sources.

The final thought:

In our time it is not difficult to understand the Math concepts like limit, derivations, and integration. Online apps like limit calculators are just to help in solving difficult concepts. These apps are self intelligent and collaborative to students. The learning process has evolved to a certain level. The collaboration between the teachers and the students has gone to the next level. This is providing the students a platform where they can purpose easily without any difficulty. They can also discuss the topics with the peer students, and online media is encouraging the learning process. Students can access their peer students anytime, as the android device is in everyone's pocket.

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Online Teaching
How To Get More Paid Users and Sell online-courses?

People not only use the internet for several interests, like amusement and socialising, but also use it to learn new knowledge and gather data. Because of the high need for expertise and training, businesses have a fantastic potential to pay you for your expertise. Although online education is a growing business, finding a strategy to profit and sell online-courses can be challenging with so much competition. Many would-be instructors are unsure if getting users for your online-courses app is even feasible. Understand how you can sell your online course and get paid users for the same by reading below.

Ways to get more paid users for your online course 

The need for accurate and reliable courses is enormous, and it's only going to become higher. The worldwide e-learning industry will expand to $375 billion by 2026, up from lower than $200 billion in 2019. There are several strategies and tactics you can use to sell courses online to more paid users for your online-courses app; these include: 

Keep the fees and charges transparent.

A one-time price at the start of paid online-courses is typically the most straightforward for students to comprehend—and to execute. It also corresponds to the majority of us's educational financing paradigm. We're accustomed to paying in advance for classes. It's less daunting than the concept of a never-ending recurrent payment, since it's simpler to rationalise.

Individuals may be hesitant to pay extra when your students pay a monthly membership, since they believe they've just earned their place. It's simpler to set expectations for what people pay for when there's an upfront price. It's also simpler to offer more courses later on with upfront costs.

Intrigue the learners on how the course is useful. 

An online course can teach the customers about using the evergreen enrollment system for your other services. This engagement lets you set greater lifetime values and expectations for your customers, lower churn rates, and maybe get more recommendations. You are assisting your consumers in achieving their goals and keeping them satisfied.

Set up an online course and earn money doing what you love if you have an idea, a talent, an interest, a following, or even some information you want others to view. All you have to do is provide your students with an answer or a resolution that serves a particular goal to sell courses online.

Consumers will only choose your paid online-courses if they believe what you have to give is meaningful and life-changing for their personal or business requirements. Your objective is to persuade them to see your course as a potential for advancement, a transformational trip you invite them to go on.

Allow students to take the free course before charging for certification.

Allow the students to evaluate whether your lessons are worth their money. It appears contradictory because you're giving away the "useful" portion of the course (learning) for free. However, this might benefit you in several ways, since it establishes trust. Learners may enrol in any system without stressing about making a mistake by registering with money. The company may also swiftly show an email list of potential customers to market, expanding its consumer base.

Furthermore, certification confirmation has commercial worth, for which individuals are willing to pay. Coursera successfully employed this technique to generate over $1 million during their first year. Given those advantages, charging simply for certification may be the most straightforward method to market your course online.

Another way to sell courses on an online platform is to give out your mini-course complimentary and then ask your students to buy your main program if they want to learn more about your subject. This technique provides a risk-free option for potential students to learn from you before purchasing your main course.

Sell your course ahead of time.

You may use a presale to publicise and purchase your virtual content before it goes live. If the audience wants to participate, you set a timeframe by which they should buy the course. You won't have to guess what your students want to learn about, and you'll know how many materials to include in a system to create and sell online-courses. If you have a field that you feel you have 'understanding' and expertise in, that may be a good starting point. The ideal method for an online-courses platform is to share your experience, mainly for a valuable and essential specialised area.

You'll have extra time to prepare your course content for your online-teaching apps, but you won't waste any opportunity in terms of sales. An essential thing to remember is promoting and persuading people to attend your event using high-quality material. This strategy also generates a lot of excitement and enthusiasm among potential subscribers and learners.

Make your course's sales page better.

To create a lucrative online course, you'll need to spend 90% of your time on strategies to market it. You must sell your course regardless of your platform. Write a captivating course description that clearly articulates the advantages of completing your online course. Speak about the outcome you intend to achieve and how it will benefit your target audience. 

Begin by developing a marketing strategy for your online-courses platform that addresses your target audience, where you can discover them, and whether you can persuade them to enrol in your course. Social networking, PPC promotion, including Facebook advertisements, and article marketing are excellent course marketing possibilities. There are several additional low-cost and free marketing solutions available. You could even want to engage an experienced copywriter to help you develop your description for an online-teaching app. Also, make sure your report contains specific keywords to assist the course rank in search rankings for those keywords.


Spending on education and continuous learning is becoming more popular among young and older adults, and online-courses platforms are helping to bridge the knowledge gaps. People prefer the convenience and flexibility of staying at home rather than dealing with the hassles of going to physical classes. Test your paid online-courses, and if you're still unsure that you can earn money by creating and selling online-courses, make them available for free. See how people react, and you could find yourself with a true money generator on your hands. If you are motivated to start and sell online-courses yourself, go ahead and join Kohbee today.

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Importance of brainstorming in Content Creation

Ad executive Alex F. Osborne coined the term "brainstorming" in 1939. Frustrated by his staff's failure to come up with fresh ideas, Osborne started inventing new problem-solving approaches based on teamwork. He began conducting group brainstorming sessions and noticed an increase in new ideas. Osborne called these group gatherings "brainstorms" and wrote about them afterward.

With whatever tool is available, the team used to collect and record ideas. Modern businesses are using digital brainstorming techniques to speed up the process. The objective is to generate as many innovative ideas as possible. The team then evaluates all ideas and picks the best likely to solve the problem.

The brainstorming techniques are 

Recognize Journalists cover stories, not content.

The first step in developing marketing ideas is to create stories. A content ideation session should provide a series of headlines and stories that developed further, not just come up with content creation ideas.


Journalists cover stories, not content.

A journalist's role at a publication is to tell stories to their audience. Stories they can connect. They rarely say they cover marketing content. They aren't interested in that.

Sadly, journalists don't care about your content's format unless it enriches the story. They want to share stories, not infographics or interactive content.

Stop bringing an infographic or an interactive campaign to brainstorming meetings. Avoid working format first.

Start your brainstorming session by considering stories, and you'll rapidly be able to eliminate any ideas lacking in real headlines.

Create a swipe file with great content

Studying successful campaigns is one of the best methods to inspire to create new ones.

Inspire yourself by other people's ideas, whether they're from your direct competitors, a different industry, or even from years ago.

Swipe files are great for content marketers who spend hours exploring the web for inspiration.

It may be a desktop image folder, a Pinterest board, or even an app like Pocket. What matters is that you create your collection of campaigns and content.

How to make a swipe file?

Whatever inspires you, please save it to your swipe file and refer to it anytime you need inspiration.

You may quickly swipe through hundreds of inspiring ideas, remembering what you like about them and what you might do in your campaigns.

Start building your swipe file now. You'll thank yourself later.

Keep all old ideas in one spreadsheet/document

Many people are afraid to share their ideas for fear of judgment as poor, which makes brainstorming sessions useless.

There are no bad ideas.

Yes, some are better than others, but never label an idea bad. A bad idea today may spark an excellent idea six months from now. Avoid deleting unused ideas.

Compile a list of all your ideas, used or not, in a spreadsheet or document.

Reading past ideas may help you become more creative, and when shared across the team, one person's old concept may lead to another's next viral campaign.

It's a quick and easy approach to build your idea library to use in many ways.

Research your audience's interests

Creating great Brainstorming Content Ideas isn't always about keyword research.

What are the trendiest topics in your field today?

What's trending on social media?

What do journalists cover?

Every piece of content doesn't need to rank high.

Superb content connects readers and evokes emotion, feeling, or discussion.

Study your target audience. Read publications they read. Notify any common themes. Recognize trends.

Also, consider ways to include your ideas in these trendy topics.

Is it possible to present data that connects to these?

Use the topics as a foundation for future discussion.

Find something that almost worked and learn why it didn't

It's a great way to improve upon something that has already performed well.

Earning links from high-profile publications requires bringing new data or ideas to the table.

Instead, find content that almost worked, figure out why it didn't, and improve it.

Content campaigns underperform for various reasons, but often because of inaccurate or outdated data or a lack of a strong enough hook to publications. But the underlying idea might be amazing.

Where can you find underperforming ideas?

Try looking at a competitor's efforts that haven't earned many links or ranked highly.

You want a possibly sound concept validated using your usual methods.

Again, we recommend a swipe file. Collect content assets for later use.

Which brainstorming method is best for you?

There is no one right way to brainstorm, and what works for one person may not work for another, even if they are on the same team.

Some individuals work better alone, while others thrive in a team environment. Using various strategies across a content marketing team may be quite beneficial. People might come up with very different thoughts based on how they approach them.If you're having difficulty coming up with ideas, try a new method. If you want to connect with other creators and ask some questions feel free to head to Kohbee Staffroom and interact with others like you.

Don't do what you've always done. Change things up and see what happens. You can also go to Kohbee to explore what other content creators are doing to get some fresh perspective and inspiration

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Creator Economy
Types of online-courses That You Can Create and Sell

Why would you create and sell courses online? How would that benefit you? Many of you may be wondering about this. Many entrepreneurs are creating online-courses as an additional source of revenue. online-courses do not cost much to create, take less time, and you also get a product that can be sold multiple times. But, even though this field is booming there are multiple types of online-courses you can create. Let's cover these and understand how one can build a scalable business by selling online-courses.

Today’s rising knowledge economy is demanding more online-courses. According to reports, the global e-learning market is anticipated to reach $325 billion by the end of 2025 (source: techjury.net).

How can you build a big business from online-courses?

online-courses enable people to learn from the comfort of their homes. Through such ease of accessibility, people can invest in education and lifelong learning and further hone their skills. Hence, their demand is surging. If you create and sell online-courses, you can easily set up an additional revenue stream.

In order to create a profitable online course, you must consider certain factors.

  • Does your course idea have a high market demand?
  • Does your course create compelling learning outcomes?
  • Does your course pricing justify the learning outcomes?

With this in mind, you can go through the different types of courses that can be created and sold online.

  • The Introductory Course

If you are teaching an online course for the first time, it is best to start with an introductory course. This teaches a foundation of a subject and can be completed within 2-5 days. Such a course gives your audience a basic idea regarding what they can expect, should they opt to learn more about the specific topic.

Often, an introductory course looks like this:

  • A live session with an instructor
  • A one-hour live group coaching presented over several weeks
  • A paid webinar

While the learning outcomes are not massive, this course helps potential learners get an idea about the subject’s value. The advantage of creating this type of course is that it involves less content. You can quickly sell courses and start generating income. You can also deliver it live which means you will have much less tech to take care of.

  •   The Transformation Course

As the name suggests, this type of course offers major transformational value. It provides a deeper learning of the subject and is focused on helping students get results. Typically, the course offers a step-by-step guide for securing results. Such courses last for about 6-8 weeks. When students enrol on this course, they commit to a bigger project, which creates a passive income stream for them.

The best way to ensure that your course offers measurable learning outcomes is to include content that answers your audiences’ questions and fills gaps not met by your competitors. Such a course usually sits in the middle of your value ladder, depending on the amount of transformation you offer. It is priced higher than an introductory course.

  • The Certification Course

Do you want to create and sell online-courses that promise a massive transformation? If yes, then you can launch certification programs or courses.

If you are a known personality with significant expertise and feel that you could help others, this course is meant for you. 

For instance, several world-renowned makeup artists launch their certifications courses where they offer the highest transformation value to students. Such courses are high-ticket programs that involve live calls and live support. 

An online course like this requires a lot of involvement from you. Your students might not understand the task at hand by simply watching videos or following a step-by-step guide.

The advantage of selling such courses is that they help you scale your work. For instance, if you are operating in the corporate market, a certification course can help you certify your trainers in the company and use the program to build internal capacity. Additionally, you can boost your income by creating a new flow of revenue.

How to create a course that can be sold?

According to reports, global e-learning and online course consumption has increased exponentially. The Covid-19 pandemic has further fuelled this trend. So, if you have the expertise, you can teach online-courses and establish a passive income stream.

Thankfully, there are many platforms nowadays that help people create and sell online-courses quickly. For instance, Kohbee is one of the best platforms to create courses that help you get started within minutes.

You can build a web page for your courses on Kohbee in a few simple steps. You can place all your courses for everyone to see and purchase. The platform also ensures quick and hassle-free payments. Thus, you can sell courses with Kohbee to become a leading online course creator.

Moving on, here are some helpful tips to create a course that can be sold online:

·         Select a subject that has heavy demand. You can determine your course topic by asking your audience or followers on social media.

·         Research the course topic well and create a comprehensive outline

·         Choose where you want to host and sell courses online. There are several online course platforms such as Udemy or Masterclass that you can choose from.

·         Decide how much you want to charge for the course.

·         Seed launches your course by sending a free trial to a select group of individuals, such as your friends, family, followers, email list, etc.

·         Create a sales page or choose a platform like Kohbee to market your course.

There are plenty of ways to create an online course. You can choose where you want to start, how fast you wish to proceed, or even how quickly you want to monetize. All you need to do is identify your target audience, understand their pain points and address their queries to create a course that sells. Once you do this, you can have a parallel income stream, and can gradually position yourself as an expert in the industry. A great application to create and sell your course is Kohbee. Join today and begin your journey of selling courses online.

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Social Media Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Social media plays a decisive role in the lives of both businesses and individuals. Did you know that in 2021, there was almost a 10% growth in the number of active social media users? That’s 400 million new users. (source: StatusBrew) Ever changing social media trends can revolutionize the creator-economy swiftly.

We already know the power of using social media. Let’s talk about the predicted social media trends in 2022.

  1. Influencer marketing will become bigger than it already is
  2. Short & quick content will continue to thrive
  3. Traditional e-commerce will further transition to social commerce
  4. Social activity: the new currency
  5. Influencing on LinkedIn
  6. Long-lasting content will flourish
  7. Augmented Reality will play a bigger role in marketing strategies 

Influencer marketing will become even bigger than it already is

9 out of 10 marketers have used influencer marketing. (source: Neal Schaffer)

This should come as no surprise. Social media platforms are flooded with nano, micro, and macro-influencers. Despite that, there seems to be no saturation point in sight. Businesses are using influencer marketing to promote their products and services because they’ve seen just how effective it is.

People trust people, and brands know it. A whopping 66% of brands are speculated to take up their influencer marketing budgets this year. (source: Neal Schaffer)

Short & quick content will continue to thrive

The banning of TikTok in India didn’t stop the trend of short-form vertical videos. In addition to Instagram Reels, there exist several Indian platforms like MXTakakak, Moj, and Chingari. Of course, the platform of choice would depend on your target audience.

The number of Instagram users went up by 11% after the platform introduced Reels in 2020. (source: Earth Web)

If you’re trying to reach your audience in the most impactful and effective way, you need to be creating these videos. These videos must either be entertaining or provide some value to the viewer’s life. 

Traditional e-commerce will further transition to social commerce

Social commerce is a form of e-commerce that occurs on social media platforms. With influencer marketing becoming popular, social commerce is gaining more significant popularity. Almost a third of internet users across the globe bank on social media to find products that they’d like to purchase. (source: GWI)

Social commerce occurs through brand collaborations, product placements, influencer marketing, advertising, etc. This applies to the sales of online-courses too. As course creators, it’s vital to establish a brand identity and promote yourself on social media

Social activity: the new currency

One social media marketing trend that’s significantly new but will take the market by storm is using social posts and activity as a currency. Social engagement is valuable, and we all know that. It has become much more than getting likes and comments. It’s about creating a marketplace of content online and giving value to posts of all types.

One aspect of this is Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) gaining traction. People are either using social media to sell NFTs or their social content as NFTs. Brands and social media platforms alike are jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

Another aspect of social activity as currency is where brands give followers goodies in exchange for posts. In 2022, it’s predicted that an effective social media post will be recognized further, thus making it a valuable currency. 

Influencing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is no longer just a platform to find jobs or hire professionals. Two new members join LinkedIn every second, according to the platform. The platform has its own set of influencers, LinkedIn has also been doing more for its creators. They introduced a “creator mode” accessible to anyone who wants to use it.   

LinkedIn’s increase in popularity in the last two years owes a lot to the pandemic and, with it, the work-from-home culture. The influencer game on LinkedIn is vastly different from other platforms. Visuals are not key, long-form content thrives, short-form content can also surprise you, and the audience behaviour is also different. 

For course creators, especially for those who run professional courses, this would be a must-use platform in 2022. 

Long-lasting content will flourish

It wasn’t too long ago that posts about Instagram’s algorithm favouring “saves” as a form of engagement started trending. Although users engage more frequently with short content, it doesn’t necessarily mean they only prefer content that’s relevant for a short period. 

Apart from the trending memes and reels, users across platforms value content that can benefit them in the long run. Content that can be “saved”, “pinned” and “bookmarked” is highly effective. And if the algorithms love it too, then there is no reason not to create such content. 

Think about what your audience would find beneficial and appealing, and find a way to deliver it to them in a quick and easy format. 

Augmented Reality will play a bigger role in marketing strategies

Augmented Reality has been playing a crucial role in social media engagement for some time already. Fun filters for briefly trying out a different hair or eye colour, or creating videos of you in an entirely different reality — there’s already significant growth and popularity with AR. 

AR is one of the top social media marketing trends to look for because it brings with it a lot of engagement. Platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram (Stories) are proof of this. We’ve also seen brands and influencers coming up with their own AR filters as an additional medium of content. 

If AR is part of your skillset, there’s immense potential in terms of knowledge-sharing in the subject. 

And that’s a wrap on the top 2022 social media trends that we think you should look out for. If you’re a course creator, you should consider implementing the above or teaching people how to leverage them.

Feel free to join the Kohbee App and subscribe to our Youtube Channel for knowing more about such trends.

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What are the problems of content creators?

Let’s get one thing straight: creating content is not an easy job. There are many problems content creators face on a daily basis that just go unnoticed by their clients. Content writing involves a lot more than writing. It requires consistency, dealing with clients, managing payments, and a host of other tasks. 

In this blog, we explore problems with content creation that creators face almost every day. 

  1. Managing last-minute changes:

It happens quite often that content creators finish a piece of content, but are then contacted to make last-minute changes to said content. This of course can be quite inconvenient. Content writers working with agencies especially complain about this problem. 

Now, there are two kinds of changes that clients generally want. The first type of change is minor, such as changes in timing of submissions, making the content live, and so on. The second type is a major change, which includes completely redoing a large portion of the content that a creator has painstakingly created. The first type of change is manageable, but the second type can be quite incovenient. 

We recommend all content creators put their foot down and only make changes when the client is being reasonable. Also, there is absolutely no harm in asking for overtime pay. 

  1. Dealing with writer’s block:

If content writing were a metaverse where content creators were the procrastinators, writer’s block would definitely be the archnemesis. Imagine sitting down with the expectation of having a productive day only to be hit promptly with writer’s block. This is a major problem content creators face. 

There are many ways to temporarily ease writer’s block. One of these is creating the right environment to write. This can involve multiple actions including taking your laptop to a cafe to write or making some aesthetic changes to your desk and office space. Another is to take a break, go for a walk, or take the evening off. Sometimes talking to other creators also helps as they can inspire you to create more. 

But rest assured that writer’s block happens to everyone. So keep trying and do not stress out. It’s okay to take a break when you just cannot create.

  1. Consistently generating quality content:

The problem with having a creative job like content creation is consistently trying to create quality content. There are simply no days off with a job like content creation because you need to produce something that clients want almost every single day. 

Additionally, there could already be great content present on the Internet for the keywords or topics that the clients provide. This makes it quite difficult for content creators to be productive.

Here are some ways we recommend in dealing with this: 

  • Pitch your own ideas to the clients. Instead of letting the client come to you, if you do your own research and pitch them ideas, you might get a shot at doing your own thing.
  • Try visual creative ideas instead of textual when things are getting a little boring. For topics that have been discussed endlessly, sometimes making videos or infographics does the trick.
  1. Dealing with harsh feedback:

A common problem with content creation is dealing with feedback that can be difficult to stomach. Imagine working hard all day, trying to be as creative as possible, and then getting feedback that is rude and taking a stab at your skills. This is difficult and can often demoralise content creators. And the worst part is that this is a problem content creators often need to deal with. 

Feedback can be converted into a learning process and this depends on how you are willing to take it. Instead of being too affected by feedback, try to derive lessons out of it for your professional journey. Here are some ways we recommend to go about that:

  • Do not take feedback at face value. When you get feedback from a client, ask clarifying questions such as “Can you please elaborate on the changes required”, and so on. 
  • Convince yourself that any harsh feedback is not an attack on your skills or work ethic. Often, it has more to do with the client’s demands and their requirements. 
  • Try to step into the client’s shoes and see if you would have given the same feedback. Context will give you much-needed clarity. 
  • Do not be afraid to switch clients if they are consistently giving you harsh feedback without providing you with a chance to improve. 


These are some common problems that content creators face on a daily basis. Content creation is not an easy journey; it demands blood, sweat, and tears. But when you hit the point where you are able to make good money and people start admiring your skills, it’s worth all the effort in the world. To begin your content creation journey and take your teaching to the next level, join Kohbee today.

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Building Content With Augmented Reality (AR)

Introduction - Augmented Reality (AR)

Today, more than 32% of consumers are using AR while shopping? Yes, you read right. AR augmented reality offers a unique opportunity to engage customers by creating mind-boggling content and enhancing product USPs.

And what’s more, with 73% of mobile AR users apprising high satisfaction levels, AR fetches exceptionally high. The main objective of AR is to present specifics of the physical world to help customers understand features with ease. Since its inception, marketers and tech firms have been using AR to create content with augmented reality to garner more eyeballs and better engage with their customers. 

What is Augmented Reality?

From a broader perspective, AR augmented reality is an intuitive encounter of a real-world environment where the objects, in reality, are fabricated by perceptual data across numerous tangible modalities, including visual, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory.

In simpler words, AR is an enhanced version of the actual physical world through technology using digital visual elements, sound, and/or other sensory stimuli. It is a technology that lays computer images over real ones. With the help of augmented reality, you can superimpose digital data on the physical surroundings of a user.

How does AR work?

It is critical to understand how AR works before you build content with augmented reality. Let's see how it works.

  • Firstly, input hardware devices like cameras, GPS, Gyroscope collect data from the real world and circulate it to the hardware processor of the system. Also, please note that the input to an AR can be marker-based or location-based.
  • After this, the processor uses the software layer and sends it to the webserver to create appropriate virtual objects.
  • With the help of AR content-creation software, systems create virtual objects and send them back to the web/cloud server.
  • From the server, virtual objects forward it to the processor.
  • The AR application then transfers the augmented content to gadgets - Head Mounted Display (HMD), Smartphone screen, among others.

The outlook on AR: the market

So this is interesting. Per the report by IDC, global spending on AR/VR in 2020 was about USD 18.8 billion, and from 2019-2023, the global VR/AR market will see a 77% compound annual growth rate, which is gigantic. Customers are looking for richer engagement points, and hence businesses globally are using AR to stay competitive and relevant.

The AR market value reached USD 14.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to surpass USD 88.4 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 31.5% from 2021 to 2026. The global AR and VR market advancement owes to the growth of the mobile gaming industry and the increase in internet connectivity primarily.

Several Industries that make use of AR

Believe it or not, augmented reality has significantly impacted our daily lives. Today, it is no longer only used in games or other entertainment applications. In fact, many industries have embraced the beauty of AR. Let's take a look below who have incorporated AR in their operations - 

  1. Manufacturing.
  2. Mining.
  3. Maritime.
  4. Insurance.
  5. Education.
  6. Healthcare.
  7. Travel.
  8. Supply Chain.

The role of content in AR 

Till now, we all agree that augmented reality is an exciting new medium for entertainment, marketing, design, and more. AR has brought in new avenues for content creation and has drastically changed the content creation process. AI and AR help content creators to explore images, videos, texts, and audio quickly and more efficiently. AR offers creators the extra benefit of a content-management system that is secure and intuitive. In short, it makes content creation easier with smarter, advanced tools, opening new possibilities to publish work. 

How to create content with augmented reality?

Want content creation using AR? Witnessing how popular augmented reality is and its vital role in content creation, we recommend using the following tools to create unique augmented reality content with ease.

1- Amazon Sumerian is a well-known AR/VR engine that helps to create AR content without programming or graphics skills. You can create interactive scenes with Sumerian.

2- Vectary is an online 3D design and 3D modeling software for creating content as it offers a complete toolset for 3D design, filters, and effects with a professional interface.

3 - ROAR - This is not just a tool kit for creating AR content but a complete AR platform for various verticals like media & entertainment, retail, ads, etc. 

Once you have created content through AR the possibilities are literally endless. However, teaching AR currently has immense possibilities as well. Thus, if you are a technological prodigy and want to launch an AR course, do join Kohbee today.

Now you know how to create content through AR. Augmented reality tools travel a long way in helping us build the best quality content without hassle. Technology has always been about democratization, and AR is one of its exceptional products. It has the power to revolutionize the whole content economy. Are you creating content through AR?

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10 Steps to launch online-courses effectively

When launching your online-courses, the most systematic and efficient method is to employ pre-selling to confirm your course objectives and goals. Some course makers may find this unpleasant, yet it is a crucial tactic for winning over your audience's trust and ensuring that you successfully launch online course.

As per online-learning statistics, only 4.8% of schools offer all of their courses online. Last year, just 2.9% of universities provided more than half of their lessons through the internet. In 2019, more than half of all students in the United States have access to digital learning tools. About 45% of those who took part were in elementary school, followed by 64%in middle school and 63% in high school.

When creating an online course, you must know what your audience wants. It should be a broad collection of individuals interested in the same subject matter but also have a wide range of personal and professional objectives.

Here are the top 10 strategies to secure the success of your pupils. You should follow these Course Launch Strategy(ies). Here's how to do it quickly and effectively with this online course launch checklist:

  • Choose the best course subject: When launching an online course, it is essential to choose the perfect topic. Your audience is likely looking for an opportunity to transform, and they will be more willing to pay for it if the content is relevant to their needs. If you choose a course topic that addresses their most significant pain points, you can assist them in achieving their goals. The most effective way to accomplish this is to identify a problem they are currently experiencing or are interested in solving.
  • Ensure your course concept is popular: Before you launch your online course, you must make sure that it is in demand among your target market. This means that your market should have a strong interest in your way to launch your online-courses. You need to do a keyword search and determine if your course idea has high market potential to find this out. If there is a large market for your course idea, you will succeed more than if your course idea is relatively unknown.
  • Enhance Learning Impacts That Stick: You need to have clear and specific learning outcomes in creating an online course. These are the objectives or goals for a course. By making learning outcomes, you can ensure that only those ready to learn will join your course. This will result in higher completion rates, satisfied students, and more minor refund requests. If you're unsure how to create them, read on to discover some tips and tricks.
  • Gather Course Content: When it comes to launching an online course, there are several critical pre-launch elements that you must consider. You must have an email list and at least twenty per cent of your course content ready before the launch date. The email list should be your core crew and should be composed of people interested in your course's subject matter. This list is crucial for the pre-launch support of your course. You must build trust and anticipation through your email sequence, increasing sales.
  • Modules and Course Planning: Before launching your online-courses, you must structure your modules and create a course plan for them. The use of an outline will assist students in navigating through the content. It should include learning objectives, a review quiz, and a thorough overview of each lesson. This will assist you in avoiding costly mistakes later on when launching your online-courses and training programs. Finally, having a well-thought-out course plan will help you complete your assignments more quickly.
  • Create an appealing curriculum: As you start to design your online-courses, you'll want to make sure that you have a clear idea of what your students will be learning. This means that you'll have to evaluate their knowledge, language, and reasons for taking the course. Creating a clear lesson plan for your online-courses will ensure that you launch an online course track and keep your students interested. In addition, it will help you with the best day to launch a course.
  • Making Online Course Videos: As a beginner in creating online-courses, you may wonder how to film and edit your video course content. The filming and editing video courses are not as complicated as you think.
  • Creating an online school: Whether you are starting a new school or expanding an existing one, setting up your online school before launching online-courses is essential. This will ensure your online school is ready to receive prospective students and has all the necessary tools to succeed.
  • First, you will need to choose your business model: subscription model, Udemy model, or hybrid model. 
  • You'll need to select the right one based on the number of classes you plan to offer. In a subscription model, you'll have steady monthly revenue and a chance to retain customers. This will reduce your marketing expenses and increase your profits.
  • Conduct course pricing: Before launching your online course, you should think about pricing it. You can get an idea of your competitors' prices by comparing them to yours. In determining a price range for your course, average your chosen price with theirs. For example, if your competitor's course costs $1,000, you should charge $750 for it. Similarly, if your competitor's course costs $600, you should set a price of $895.
  • Launching and Post-launch marketing: You should identify a unique value proposition before launching online-courses. Include this in your course sales page and marketing messages to answer questions from potential customers. online-courses are a popular elective for many high school students. Women comprise 42% of the population; men comprise 62%. 41.6% of online learners are in their 30s or older. More than 3 million students are pursuing their higher education entirely through distance learning. Also, this will help you build an audience that will be interested in the course. The best way to do this is to survey your target audience. After all, you want to ensure you're providing a course they'll want to take.


Even though this isn't a comprehensive list of everything that needs to be done to create and sell a course online, it does provide you with a ‘meteoric outline’ of the best time to launch an online course. It will thus allow you to understand what to expect and how the journey will look before you get started. You can also join Kohbee to build and launch online course effectively.

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How to Make Online Classes more Interactive?

As the world is shifting from offline to online, education is also moving towards the future with online-learning. Many educational institutions have already made the change from traditional classrooms to online-teaching, and most others provide an option with online-courses. But, with this new way of learning, we face new problems. One of the main issues teachers face with online classrooms is to keep students engaged during the class.

The best solution for this problem is to make the online classroom interactive. An interactive classroom stimulates the learner’s brain and holds their attention throughout the duration of the class. In a meta analysis conducted by Freeman in 2014, it was found that active classes helped improve student academic scores by 6%. Now, the question arises, How to Make Online Classes more Interactive? It is not easy to maintain an interactive classroom; it requires creativity, patience, and a lot of effort.

“All human interactions are opportunities either to learn or to teach.” - M. Scott Peck

To ensure the effectiveness of an online class, it is essential to make it as interactive as possible. When lectures are pre-recorded, they tend to get boring as the lecturer who is speaking on the screen sounds monotonous and general, without any personalization. Important nonverbal cues such as eye contact, real-time question and answer discussions cannot take place. This is why, when we are conducting online classes, we need to be more mindful of the learner’s attention span. 

There are tools that can be used to make an online classroom more interactive and effective.

Here are some ways that you can create an interactive classroom online:

  1. Use feedback: A smooth running feedback mechanism opens up the channels for interaction between teacher and students. There needs to be a way for students to express their opinions about the online classroom experience and other educational aspects. The feedback system makes teaching a collaborative process rather than a one-sided event. It makes the students feel heard. The feedback mechanism is for teachers as well. They can communicate their needs and experiences to the management.
  2. Game-based learning: online-learning can get tedious, and the best way to get rid of boredom is to include games. Depending on the age and education level of the learner, it is very useful to gamify the lesson. It is like the sugar that makes the medicine easy to swallow. These games may be team-based or individual, depending on the size of the classroom. There are some games that the entire class can play together to create an interactive virtual classroom. Learners can be rewarded for winning these games, which will act as an incentive for them to keep learning.
  3. Frequent progress monitoring: In traditional or offline classrooms, it is comparatively easier to keep a tab on the student’s progress through regular, on-campus examinations. But this is tough with online classes, as students can give the examination from their homes or some remote location. Thus, it is important to make these progress checks more frequent. This can be done through online questionnaire tests, virtual oral tests, weekly tests, etc. 
  4. Use real-time interaction sessions: A faceless voice giving lessons from a computer screen is demotivating in the long run. In a study conducted by Victoria University, Melbourne, it was found that students considered face-to-face communication as more helpful to the learning process and makes asking for help much easier and more interactive. This is why it is helpful to add real-time interaction sessions in between pre-recorded lectures to create an interactive online classroom
  5. Encourage learners to socialise in class: Socialisation is a very essential part of classroom learning. We have the need to socialise and connect with our peers to feel a sense of community. Online interactive classes encourage socialisation through features like comments, breakout sessions, and discussion boards. Dividing large online classrooms into smaller after class homework groups and project teams will help start a more intimate interaction among peers.
  6. Create a positive learning environment: It is a separate thing to teach and a separate thing to create a conducive environment for learning. To ensure that learners are able to absorb the maximum amount of knowledge that is imparted, it is essential to maintain a positive classroom atmosphere. This can be done through a number of ways:
  • Make learning a collaborative process by involving students while making lesson plans.
  • Ensure communication is free and smooth between teacher and student and peer to peer.
  • Encourage class participation 
  • Invest in building long-term positive teacher-student relationships
  • Use a reward based system rather than a punishment-based system
  1. Use the discussion board tool: The discussion board is a very useful tool that allows students to post questions and teachers to answer them, all in one place. A discussion board can come with a class so that the lessons of that class can be discussed there. Most online-teaching apps provide the discussion board tool along with the other feathers. These online apps for teachers also provide other tools like online white boards, planning tools, etc. It helps make virtual classes more interactive.
  2. Use interaction enhancing activities: When we want to create an interactive classroom online, we need some interactive activities for online classes. The goal of conducting these activities is to hold the attention of the learner and make the online classes more engaging. There are many interactive activities for online classes available, like virtual pictionary, virtual trivia, crosswords, puzzles, quizzes, etc. 


Online classes can get boring unless they are made interactive with the help of tools and activities that are effective in engaging the learner’s attention. When we compare online education to offline education, the most popular criticism is that it lacks the human touch. Studying from a computer screen or from pre-recorded videos can be quite demotivating. Using Kohbee can allow you to deliver engaging online classes and lectures while conveniently managing your students. Thus, join Kohbee to deliver online classes and create a more active and participative classroom environment.

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Online Learning
How Professional Courses advance learning for Students?


Many professionals look for professional courses for a boost in their careers. The professional courses offer advance learning for students, which provides them with the skills required in their professional careers. Unlike courses during the educational career, professional careers are specific and provide practical exposure to the learners. Online teaching has seen around 400% rise and is expected to rise in the coming time. With the ongoing pandemic, the dynamics of education has changed, and online-teaching will increase in the future.

Professional courses are structured to match industry relevance. Many companies look at entry-level qualifications, but for certain job profiles, the companies look for candidates with a certain level of professional knowledge. This is where these professional courses come into the picture. These courses help the candidates choose the right career path. In this article, we discuss how advance learning courses can help students in their professional careers.

Role of professional courses in students’ careers

For students, taking up professional courses is not mandatory. But getting to know the nuances of the professional world prepares them better for the corporate world and to make better business decisions. Let us understand how these professional courses can help the students.

  • Keeps the candidate updated about the latest trends: When students undergo professional courses in advance distance learning, they are not only imparted with fresh ideas but are kept updated on the latest market trends. These courses keep the candidate engaged with various market problems and empower them to come up with solutions. This helps the students in getting prepared for the corporate world.
  • Provides an edge over others: Nowadays, many companies are looking for candidates with certain skills that can prove beneficial for them. So, a candidate with the required professional skill has an extra edge over other candidates. The corporate world requires candidates to be skilled in solving different issues, and want their employees to be skilled with professional courses. There are different types of professional courses for different industries. They need to understand the trend of the specific industry and equip themselves with professional skills.
  • Increases their creativity: Creativity is a quality that needs continuous nurturing. In the professional world, the creativity to solve various complex problems can be attained when the candidate is equipped with professional skills. These skills can be gained through professional courses. Certain professional courses like advance statistical learning help increase the creativity of candidates looking to pursue a career in the professional world. With the changing dynamics in the market, companies face different types of difficulties, and therefore, the companies are looking for candidates with the required professional skills to benefit them.
  • Give the students a professional approach to all problems: The professional courses give them the ability to address all issues and professionally engage with customers. Nowadays, companies are looking for candidates who can provide a professional and workable solution that would help in satisfying the customer’s demands and bring profits to the company.
  • Provide good professional network opportunities: This is one of the important advantages of pursuing professional courses from recognized universities. While undergoing these courses, they would get several opportunities to connect with people from different fields. It would help them in growing their professional network and thus grow in their professional career. Today, the professional network is essential in building their career, and many professionals undertake these courses to excel in their careers. So, professional courses provide them with the opportunity to interact with many industry experts to increase their knowledge.
  • Gives the students an insight into their future professional career: The professional courses are not about the theoretical approach. They are about providing a practical approach. The students are exposed to real business problems and are asked to provide solutions to these issues. They are asked to use the skills gained from these professions courses in solving real business issues. This helps them understand the corporate world before entering, and with this experience, they become an asset to the company.
  • Ease of learning: With the advent of technology, pursuing professional courses have become easy. Several online-teaching apps can help them pursue any professional courses from their home. Many professionals are working towards providing professional courses to students through digital media. The students can undertake courses as per their requirements. These professional courses provide ample time to students, as not everyone can provide an entire day for learning. Online professional courses have the provision of recorded classes in which the students can listen and learn at their convenience.
  • Help in choosing the right career path: For many students, choosing the right career path is difficult, and many land up in jobs that do not interest them. So, now, with the help of many professional courses available, the students can pick any advance learning courses and with a proper understanding of various professional courses, they can guide themselves towards the right career. Now, the students have a better understanding of handling their career and taking the right path.

Dianna Searles has been working in the finance industry for 17 years in PNC bank as a senior loan specialist. Her job was secure, but she realised that to excel in her career, she needs to equip herself with professional courses. So, she undertook a professional course on human resources and is looking forward to excelling in her professional career.

Kohbee provides the opportunity to various instructors to create their websites to provide professional courses to students all over. With the benefits of recorded classes, live sessions, mark notes, sending SMS & Emails, and ease of payment, we help in delivering the course smoothly to the learners. We provide online apps for teachers along with the website for better reach to the students. Now, the teachers can easily 


Professional courses have a huge impact on students looking to have a great professional career. With the rising competition, students need to upgrade their skills through these professional courses to be a part of esteemed companies. Various professional courses like Advanced Statistical Learning, Advanced Instructional Design, and others give the students in-depth knowledge about corporate affairs and prepare them for the corporate world. For teachers who want to provide these professional courses through online mode, visit the official website of Kohbee for more details.

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Content Creation Tools You Should Start Using Now!

The pandemic has altered the educational landscape in India, affecting both teachers and students, but now is not the time to panic; rather, it is an opportunity to become familiar with technological innovations and content creation tools. The development of technology, e-learning, and content creation platforms has been one of the best impacts of Covid-19 on online education.

It is critical that both of them take a technological lead, with students acting as teachers and instructors directing them to the finish line. For both of them, the new position necessitates the creation of material, which can be accomplished by students utilising content development tools and professors using content creation teaching apps. We'll talk about the best online creation tools, platforms and applications in this article.

Online Apps For Teachers

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.” ~ Stewart Brand

Teachers who want to take on the role of online content creators should use the following free content creation tools to make their content engaging and interesting:

1. Edmodo

Edmodo is one of the most popular content creation platforms for teachers since it makes it simple for them to engage with students and offers them a community where they can connect with other instructors from all over the world. It's comparable to Facebook, except it's a little more formal. Teachers can use Edmodo to post engaging assignments on the internet. Everything can be rendered digital, or only a portion of it can be used. This allows teachers to communicate with students while also making education fun for them.

2. Canva

Teachers can use Canva to make presentations, and attractive images, among other things. Thousands of stunning layouts, such as magazine templates, presentations, and documents, are available to help you create interesting and eye-catching content for students. It may be used to generate presentations and videos for various online lectures as an online-teaching app. Online education appears to be the greatest alternative at a time when India is dealing with a pandemic, with 1.61 new lakh instances being reported every day (source: NDTV), and content creation tools like Canva make it exciting for students.

3. Padlet

Teachers can use Padlet to make an online post-it board that they can share with their students. Students can add ideas anonymously or with their names on Padlet. It's simple to use and quite useful. Anyone with the Padlet board open may see what's on it and what's being written. Students simply need to get a smartphone and begin uploading small sticky notes to the internet. They can quickly view all the ideas that have been gathered on the instructor board. This is a good content development tool for classroom activities.

4. Zoom

Zoom obtained a record-breaking 62 million downloads during the first wave of Covid-19 (source: PRNewswire). It had been a saviour for education as it allowed teachers and students to conduct classes online in Covid-19. It is also a good content creation platform not only for online classes, but it also allows teachers to conduct online webinars, presentations and host meetings, ensuring that no learning is lost as a result of Covid-19 and that students are well-prepared for the corporate world.

5. BookWidgets

BookWidgets is a simple content creation platform for building interactive exercises such as instructional games, timelines, and activities, among other things. It works with Google Classroom and Canva, among other tools. All lessons can benefit from a varied library of widgets. It enables online content creators to produce a wide range of interactive curriculum. You can make 40 distinct widgets that can be shared via a link, and students can use these games to practice their lectures.

Free Content Creation Tools To Help Students

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can. There will always come a time when you will be grateful you did." ~ Sarah Cardwell

1. Comic Life

Understanding the popularity of comic books among students, Comic Life developed a concept to combine comics and classroom learning. It enables students to make engaging comics using their own photographs. Fonts, templates, and lettering art are all accessible in the app to help your kid turn their imagination and learning into a creative comic book. Students could make comic-style book reports, summarise a lecture, design imaginative flyers, and so on.

2. KidBlog

Kidblog is an online blog platform that includes content creation tools for students to safely share their writing work. Within the community of "student authors," teachers can keep track of their students' activities. Kidblog gives students a platform to express themselves and allows them to compose real-world blog postings. It teaches students how to be digital citizens in a safe atmosphere.

3. Storybird

Storybird is a remarkable educational program that combines reading, creative writing, and storytelling tools. It gives students of all ages the feeling of being online content creators and allows them to bring their imaginations to life. It can also be used to enrich lesson plans and assignments. Furthermore, It also allows students to sell their digital books and stories, as well as buy and read publications from other students.

4. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a simple content development tool that allows students to quickly make animated videos. To make their movies stand out in the classroom, they can effortlessly add and cut video clips and add music. To emphasise what they have to say, students can use an image from the Spark library or contribute their own photos. Spark adds music and motion to the video, eliminating the need for them to be a video editing expert. Students can also use Adobe Spark Page to develop their own webpage or Adobe Spark Post to generate a professional-looking photograph. If students need to edit their photos before using them in their videos or webpages, they can also use the Adobe free photo editor, which offers a variety of editing tools and filters.


The Covid-19 pandemic has had and will continue to have an impact on knowledge and education at all levels of education. It is critical for both teachers and students to keep up with technology advancements and make the most of them. One of the best impacts of Covid-19 on online education has been the advent of a variety of free content creation tools that assist teachers in not only becoming online content creators but also in developing interesting lessons for students.

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How to Optimize your Social Media Channels if you are an Online Educator?

Over the last decade, online-learning has grown significantly as the internet and education have merged to allow individuals to learn new skills. 

The pandemic has caused schools all across the globe to close. Over 1.2 billion students are out of school worldwide. Consequently, the education system has undergone tremendous transformations, with the emergence of e-learning and online apps for teachers in which instructions are given remotely through digital platforms.

Some Stats About online-teaching and Learning

According to a survey, online-learning boosts information retention and is less time-consuming, implying that the transformations created by the pandemic are here to stay. 

Even before COVID-19, the education industry witnessed rapid expansion and acceptance, with worldwide investments in digital educational platforms reaching US$18.66 billion in 2019, and the whole sector for online education is expected to reach $350 billion by 2025. Since the advent of coronavirus, there has been a significant increase in the use of language applications, learning tools, virtual tutoring, and online-learning software.

According to several studies, students who study online remember 25-60% more content than those who learn in a classroom retain just 8-10%. This is primarily due to students' ability to learn more quickly online; e-learning takes 40-60% less time to study than traditional classroom learning. Students may learn at their own pace, going back and skipping, re-reading, or accelerating through subjects needed.

In India, the online education industry is predicted to expand by USD 14.33 billion between 2020 and 2024. online-teaching apps are one of the fastest-growing categories globally, with a 70 percent increase in downloads and a 40 percent increase in time spent. Surprisingly, according to the survey, India is the world's leading education app industry by downloads and is still proliferating.

With all the above-given data indicating a digitally inclined education sector, an essential factor in staying ahead in the competitive race is identifying and applying the best social media content strategy. 

5 Ways to Optimize your Social Media as an (Online) Educator

So, here are some of the most effective social media post ideas for businesses to boost engagement and performance of your social media page:

  • Social Media Content Management

Establish a constant posting frequency and volume to begin optimizing your social media content ideas (including how often to post, when to post, how many needed pieces of content per week). 

Determine whatever resources you'll need to keep your schedule full (text posts, videos, images,) what kinds of content can be shared across networks, and which must be published separately on each platform. Keep in mind that the timing of content strategy optimization must be fine-tuned. Based on your analytics, you may discover that you need to ramp things up or throttle back. However, having a baseline based on the ideas above might assist you in getting started.

  • Create Learner Identity

In the present atmosphere, it's critical to examine who your target learners are. What are the qualities of these prospects? What exactly are they on the lookout for? What steps does your online education process take to fulfill these demands? 

Take into account their educational or career objectives, as well as what they're searching for in an education platform and what they want to gain from it. How you respond to these questions will impact the content you publish and how you construct your whole digital marketing approach. 

After all, how can you successfully attract prospective students online if you don't understand them? This data will act like your social media content planner. So, consider who these prospects are before you begin constructing your online learner persona. To characterize their background, you may wish to define demographic parameters such as age and nation of origin, as well as any other identifying features.

  • Research on Keywords

Finding out which keywords your target readers use to look for online-courses is one of the most crucial components of creating content for social media. If you're unsure where to begin, look to your competitors for inspiration. Put yourself in your prospects' place and do a quick internet search for colleges to see what comes up. Examine the keywords that show up in both organic and sponsored searches. Pay special attention to institutions with a long history of offering online-courses since they are likely to have well-thought-out keyword research for the format.

  • Convey Your Offerings On Social Media 

Prospective students now want to know not only what they will study in their online-courses but also how they will learn. Many education platforms rushed to migrate to online course delivery at the start of COVID-19 and made ample use of social media to get the word across. Creating material about your online course is a terrific method to demonstrate your educational platform's competence while familiarising potential students with the platform before they begin their studies.

  • Creating Engaging Blogs

You may create useful blogs. Because many people are unfamiliar with online-learning, they're seeking tools to assist them in figuring out if they're a good fit for it and what influence these courses will have on their future study plans or other goals. Educational platforms may use blogs to answer these issues in-depth and any additional motives or concerns specific to their potential students. If your educational platform hasn't yet developed material like this, you could want to begin with some essential blogs that highlight the online-courses you provide.

To keep in line with the best practices of social media content, educators should assess, audit, and improve their content and accounts using social media optimization (SMO). 

Wrapping up…

Content marketing is an excellent approach to exercise your education platform’s online-learning muscles in a fun and practical way. The more materials you may supply prospective students, from sample courses to blogs on online-learning suggestions, the more likely they will use your online-teaching app. So, leverage the above-given social media content ideas and build a solid online presence in social media.

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Bored of reading online? 5 sites to study with random people

Education in India is rapidly digitising, with more students gaining access to study materials and employing online courseware and services. Because of the prominence of online-learning throughout the epidemic, individuals have fuelled unprecedented growth in the global e-learning business.

According to industry research company Global Business Insights, the e-learning market would be worth $250 billion by 2020. This is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 21% through 2027, reaching $1 trillion. This encompasses the use of e-learning in academia, business, and government.

So, why are students inclined towards reading online?

85 per cent of students believe that online-learning is as good as or better than traditional classroom learning, and currently, over 6 million students are enrolled in online-courses as part of their higher education programme. This is due to the numerous benefits of online-learning. Online apps for teachers, for example, allows both the teacher and the student to establish their own learning speed, resulting in a more personalised learning experience. Online platforms can modify e-learning content to deliver more specific information to students. The platforms' quick feedback loops, which are offered by other online-teaching apps, increase the learning curve.

Another significant benefit is that it saves time. People may alter their schedules to suit their needs, allowing them to scale themselves. Another element contributing to the market's quick expansion is the cost structure of online-learning. Online classes are less expensive than traditional ones since there are no transportation fees, and occasionally essential course materials, such as textbooks, are accessible online for free.

Why can learning online with strangers be motivating?

Because of technological advancements and, of course, COVID-19, more and more of the learning process is now taking place online. Although this approach has advantages, like saving commute time and giving you more freedom, it may also be incredibly monotonous to sit behind your computer all day. Because of this boredom, learning online frequently takes greater discipline and determination to begin and continue studying. Online study buddies might be a useful answer in this situation. It functions similarly to studying at a college, school, university, library, cafe, or anywhere else. When you have to do your own job, you observe other individuals studying.

Being around hardworking individuals motivates you to study alongside them and stop delaying and wasting your energy. However, rather than seeing these folks online, you have them on your laptop. This is clearly not the same as being with other students, but it might nevertheless make you think, 'these strangers work hard, I should as well.'

However, despite having so many benefits, one factor may make you feel alone in the distant mode of learning. Nevertheless, there is a solution to that too in this technologically advanced learning system. You can now study with random people online through some websites.

So, here are the top 5 websites where you may study with random strangers online -

  1. Study Together - It's a global network for students. So, you never feel alone while studying with background music, with or without the camera, or with a supportive and encouraging conversation with other students. You select the study room that best suits your needs. Choose between longer or shorter concentrate intervals — 30, 50, or 100 study minutes followed by 5-minute breaks. Preparation and structure are essential for productivity and achieving a sense of equilibrium. Moreover, you may view your progress every day in your stats and on the community scoreboard. Gamification will keep you interested and connected.
  2. Mooclab - This website will match you with appropriate online study companions based on your preferences and interests. You could locate a Study Buddy here. Someone with whom you study, giving mutual encouragement, discussing topics, and collaborating on quizzes and projects.
  3. Study Stream - StudyStream is a useful tool for finding focus study rooms on Slack and Discord where you may study with others. These rooms are available to all students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are separate areas for university students and high school pupils where you may discover study mates. StudyStream also contains a scoreboard of students who have completed the post-study in the concentration rooms. As a result, you are more driven to study hard and increase your productivity.
  4. Virtual Study Room - The largest website in the world where you may join virtual study rooms to study with random strangers Zoom is Virtual Study Room. There are options for studying in a group or studying with just one other individual. Many morning activities are planned, there are options to hire a teacher who can explain more about the topic you're suffering with, you may create your own study schedule and compare it to others, and there are many conversation boxes. In other words, there are several options for you to increase your drive to study by participating in online rooms.
  5. Kohbee - It is a one-stop platform for online teachers, educators, and trainers. Educators may create a website in a matter of minutes and begin teaching online classes to groups of up to 100 students. The handiest aspect of it is that it has a mobile app that can be utilised simply by installing the online-teaching app, which is completely free and secure. So students get a class that is highly interactive and engaging, and talented teachers get a platform to run live online classes.

Not only can you study with random people through the above websites, but you can also read books online for free

Online study sites with random strangers can make you more productive, and seeing others learn, as you would in a library, will motivate you to work more! To find the best online-learning platform for yourself and begin to accomplish your academic goals faster!

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Online Learning
How to make the most of Digital Learning?

Before enrolling in an online course, consider what you want to gain from it. Taking advantage of Online Advertising Courses is the most critical step. It will keep you motivated and guarantee that you get the results you desire out of your workouts. When you know what you want to achieve, you can map out a plan that will get you there. Then, you may reward yourself for accomplishing the goals you set. Digital Online Classes is the most delicate technique to encourage yourself and motivate you to reward yourself with an incentive.

10 Digital Learning Tips for Success

Meetings and lectures in an online classroom might be challenging to schedule because of the unfamiliarity of the environment. Students must keep track of their assignments in a dedicated folder. Reminders to contact classmates or check message boards might be valuable for the group. Student productivity and time management may benefit from a well-organised ‘digital environment’. There should be just one window open in a digital workspace for the Online marketing Courses For Beginners and related resources.

A well-organised digital workplace is one of the ten principles for effective Free Digital (learning) Courses.

  • Define your goals: Setting clear expectations for student achievement is critical for successful digital learning. While digital learning can be an excellent opportunity to enhance learning, it can also turn into an all-consuming effort. Therefore, it is essential to be clear and communicate your expectations with students and their parents. Here are some tips to help you set clear expectations:

a. Make sure you communicate your learning goals clearly to students.

b. Provide extra support and feedback regularly to ensure student success.

c. With the aid of Online Apps For Teachers, use video tutorials, virtual meetings, and other means to communicate your digital expectations.

  • Examine all technological needs: If you are implementing a blended or online-learning course, check all technical requirements before teaching. Even though many schools employ Learning Management Systems, some are more specialised and require specialised technology. When using an existing learning management system, double-check that it meets all of the requirements before teaching. If your courses necessitate the use of additional software, be sure to inform your students of this requirement. On the other hand, if you do not have a dedicated technical support team, there are a variety of options available.
  • Have a solid broadband connection: A fast, stable, and reliable internet connection is essential to the home and remote workers alike. The Internet has become a crucial part of education, and the disadvantage grows as a child progresses through elementary and secondary school. The more advanced technology a child has, the more they will advance at a faster rate. The primary reason to provide an internet connection in the classroom is to ensure that a child has access to research and educational materials, which may be expensive otherwise.
  • Set up a research area: Designate a study area for successful digital learning. It is essential to designate a conducive space to study and work. It should be equipped with sufficient lighting and comfortable furniture. There should be a limited number of distractions, such as TV or music. Creating a study schedule is essential to stay on track and keep on track with deadlines. Once you have a plan, make sure you make time for studying.
  • Plan well: Getting organised for Digital Learning is easier than you might think, but it's essential for ensuring your success. You'll need a printer to print out assignments, reading material, and other course materials. This is essential because you'll spend so much time staring at a screen, so moving these materials to paper will improve your learning experience. A printer is usually easy to connect to your computer or phone, so you can print from wherever you are.
  • Go for study breaks: To increase your chances of success, schedule regular study breaks. Whether this means taking a power nap or turning off the television, taking a break is essential for your overall success. These breaks will help your body recharge and rejuvenate, and your brain will thank you for them later. After completing a lesson, return to it with a renewed focus. This method will keep your body and mind happy and healthy. For a successful online-teaching APP, schedule a break every thirty minutes.
  • Praise yourself: If you're taking an online course, reward yourself for completing the coursework. Even if rewarding yourself after a certain number of hours seems complicated, it's essential to give yourself a small treat for your efforts. This can be as simple as a bit of takeout or as elaborate as a trip to the gym. Whatever you choose, remember to reward yourself for each task you complete, whether it's a new outfit or Netflix time!
  • Take part in online forums: How to participate in an online discussion for successful digital learning? The first step is to make sure that your students understand the rules and expectations you set for them. In addition to giving clear instructions, put a few ground rules that you expect all of your students to follow. Once students understand these rules, they can participate in online discussions more confidently.
  • Make a note of everything: When taking notes, make sure to summarise important points and organise your information logically. For instance, an instructor may describe five ways to perform a task. Rather than cramming all the data into one paragraph, use bullets. This helps you read your notes quickly and easily. Taking notes is a crucial part of online-learning.


These ten suggestions may assist you in getting the most out of your Digital Learning Courses and seeing the fruits of your labour. When you're feeling disappointed or unmotivated, remember why you opted to start your education online in the first place. Remember to be grateful for your accomplishments and enjoy the journey of Digital Courses Online for Free as you go.

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Internet Side Hustles One Must Try

The "extra credit" job you do for yourself may be as artistically enjoyable as monetarily lucrative. Are you surprised? Enter the internet side hustle, an extremely prevalent method for turning an idea into a profitable business while keeping your daily work as a security net.

This is particularly true for Generation Z, those of us between 18 and 23 years of age. According to a LendingTree 2020 poll, 46 per cent of Gen Z are involved in some side hustle. Opportunities for side hustles on the internet have come to Gen Z due to their strategic advantage as they are more tech-savvy and can adopt new technologies to engage in their interest.

What are Internet Side Hustles?

Online side hustles in India is a way to supplement your income outside of your regular work. It enables you to earn more money, giving you the flexibility to pursue your hobbies, buy goods you need or want, and alleviate financial concerns. During the epidemic, this has grown considerably. According to MassMutual research, 56 per cent of millennials worked a side hustle during the epidemic. Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, Generation Z was exposed to the issues of economic upheaval. Generation Z witnessed the impact of the financial crisis on their parents at a young age, and now they are facing the same, which has spurred Gen Z to explore side hustles. This has also aided the creation of online markets such as Fiverr, Depop, and Etsy, which have made it simpler to participate in the side hustle culture.

So, here is a list of side hustles in India online by which you can make the best use of your time and make some extra money while gaining valuable work experience!

  • Creative Writing - Anyone with solid writing abilities can work as a freelance content writer or creative writer. Writing on Type of media, freelance writing, creating online-courses, self-publishing, newsletter writing, creating speciality blogs, and academic writing are some of the best side hustles for students in India online that are open to interested writers. To pursue a writing side-hustle, you must have a strong vocabulary, analytical knowledge, and a creative attitude. One can take several online-courses to improve one's writing talents, which can subsequently increase one's income.
  • Dropshipping business - One of the finest side hustle work ideas is dropshipping. It enables you to sell a product directly to a consumer without the need for inventory. What makes that so unique? You don't need a significant beginning expenditure to keep your risk minimal. The manufacturer stocks the goods and sends them straight to the consumer on your behalf. Your primary focus should be on marketing and customer service — the company's lifeblood. This is the side hustle for you if you have a solid marketing background and want to play to your strengths. It's one of the few side occupations that allows you to satisfy your entrepreneurial urge. You will be the sole proprietor of your own company.
  • Freelancing - The internet's efficiencies have aided freelancing—now it's simpler than ever for experienced (and aspiring) writers, designers, programmers, and other professionals to connect with clients and supply their skills from anywhere in the globe. If you're searching for side employment with a lot of possibility for growth and relatively rapid returns, freelancing might be the job for you. The kind of tasks you work on may vary greatly. However, if you enjoy variety and changing things up, this side hustle may be ideal for you. Freelancing is a perfect side hustle for soon-to-be or recent graduates who are being pushed out of full-time work by more experienced colleagues. Working on a contract basis allows experts to make money while establishing a portfolio and improving their resumes with satisfied customers.
  • online-teaching - It is not always possible to learn a new trade. It takes research, time, and a real interest in the subject. But, chances are, you're already well-versed in several areas and abilities, especially when compared to the broader population. Why not instruct them? Teaching is one of the most gratifying careers. With excellent online-teaching apps, it's become remarkably easy for experienced teachers all over the globe to connect with eager students via the online app for teachers. The benefit of online-teaching is that your expertise and imagination only constrain you. Do you know a lot about the history of the Roman Empire? Teach it! Have you ever kept bees? Share what you've discovered! You can create a course about almost anything as long as there are individuals who want to learn from your expertise and are prepared to pay to have the material packed and delivered in an accessible manner.
  • Instagram Influencer - Most people like the idea of being famous, and they dream of being popular when they are young. But the fact is that not everyone can sing or act. Fortunately, you can still create a personal brand based on what you can achieve. Maybe you have a great sense of fashion or bake a mean cake. Anyone may start a side hustle on Instagram by becoming an influencer. It's OK if you don't like being in the spotlight. You may grow an Instagram following based on your dog or your photographs. You may monetise your Instagram account in several ways, including Instagram takeovers, sponsored posts, and selling products on your site.
  • Alternatively, you can start selling your own courses or take live classes with the Kohbee app! 

Your side business might help you generate money online and earn some additional cash each month. However, it may also help you learn new skills, grow your self-image or profile, and get greater independence. Start an easy internet side hustle or explore a recent activity that has always piqued your interest. A side hustle is your finest chance to live life on your terms. And with some more cash in your pocket, there's nothing preventing you from making your ambitions a reality.

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Creator Economy
How Metaverse Can Impact Your lifestyle

Consider you are going for a walk down the street. You suddenly remember a thing you require. A device emerges right next to you, stocked with various options of the product that you were considering. You come to a halt, select an item from the machine, have it delivered to your home, and then resume your journey.

Welcome the metaverse, where people work, enjoy, and interact in parallel digital realities. You may name it whatever you want - the metaverse, the AR Cloud, the mirror world, the spatial internet, the magic verse, or live paps - one thing is for sure. It's coming, and it's going to be massive.

Companies working on metaverse like the rebranding of Facebook as Meta made a major splash. Microsoft recently announced that its famous video collaboration tool, Mesh by Microsoft Teams, will incorporate quasi-metaverse functionality.

Other well-known metaverse companies such as Niantic, Epic Games, Nvidia, Decentraland, and Apple are all attempting to revolutionize this cutting-edge technology. However, they raise some important considerations, such as how this new online experience, known as the metaverse, will alter our lives? Will it have an effect on businesses and the way we work? What effect will it have on the e-learning process and online-teaching apps? 

So, here's how metaverse trends might impact your lifestyle. But before that, let’s have a quick glance at what metaverse means.

What is metaverse?

Metaverse is a digital universe that may be accessed through virtual and augmented reality. It will not only encompass full virtual reality spaces, but it will also allow a layer of digital information to be placed in the real world via digital headsets or eyeglasses.

Based on strategy analytics metaverse and research from Newzoo, PWC, IDC, Two Circles, and Statista, the metaverse market might reach $783.3 billion in 2024, up from $478.7 billion in 2020, suggesting an annual growth rate of 13.1 percent. It will not only be the next-gen feature for digital interaction but will also impact our lives in different aspects. Here's how.

  • The economic impact of the metaverse - Companies will have to shift their marketing strategy from online ad purchases to a shared, virtual economy. In the metaverse, businesses will need to analyze the market on their prospective clients. People's behavior and interests in the metaverse may be quite different from their behavior and shopping habits in real life. It all starts to make sense when you add in the layer of business from robot to customer, where automated systems and bots own the relationship with customers.
  • Virtual shopping through metaverse - Online purchasing is more than just digitally trying on items that customers can buy in person. In the metaverse, virtual fashions, avatar "skins," and virtual real estate (houses, automobiles, etc.) will all have their own value. With a digital in-home style experience that doesn't necessitate a trip to the store, furniture purchasing takes on a whole new meaning. Retailers will be able to use new VR and AR technologies to utilize the e-commerce space for a more full "omnichannel" purchasing experience that pulls together consumers' digital and physical worlds.
  • Real-time conferencing and gaming - Next year, Microsoft will introduce its Mesh for Microsoft Team solution, which will bring virtual avatars and holograms to its famous workplace video conferencing platform. Microsoft's approach is more akin to mixed reality, as it combines the real environment with parts of augmented reality and virtual reality. Microsoft's VR and AR technologies aren't neglecting the entertainment industry. HTC and HP, in addition to Microsoft, sell a variety of headsets and accessories geared to maximize the Xbox's VR gaming potential. Minecraft, a beloved virtual world among children, allows players to create their own digital character and build whatever they like.

Apart from all the above aspects, another inevitable part of our life will be influenced by the metaverse. That’s education.

Since early 2020, global education settings have been responding to change, with the pandemic disrupting the schooling of 91 percent of pupils globally, according to UNICEF. Educators throughout the world reacted promptly. Remote learning became commonplace overnight. As a result, technology became regarded as a basic right rather than a privilege. 

The metaverse's rudimentary forms are already familiar to today's generation. Minecraft, a game that encourages anonymous users to collaborate organically, has already gained over 140 million players worldwide. Today, students can focus more when they feel interested in the topic. And learning is most effective when it is enjoyable, according to several studies, like online apps for teachers that allow them to easily interact with students in a more engaging and productive manner. The future of teaching is the gamification of education.

This is why online-teaching apps and the metaverse are such a perfect fit for the classroom. The domains of science, mathematics, and engineering will all be impacted by this integrated learning experience. Students will be given a real-life scenario that combines all three disciplines into a single, engaging, and comprehensive learning experience.

Technological advancements for effective teaching & learning experience

The classroom is no longer merely a room. Students and instructors may now venture beyond their classrooms into carefully crafted learning experiences. Students may experience completely immersive courses on different eras in history or the inner workings of a car's engine using virtual reality (VR) goggles. While on a field trip, students may utilize augmented reality (AR), glasses, or their smartphone to walk about and "see" what the place used to look like, as well as facts about everyday living and historical events. However, if the students employ mixed reality (MR) technology during the same field trip, they will be able to physically connect with the online historical structures and take up the digital relics.


Students who prefer a discovery-based learning method instead of the traditional way of learning will benefit from augmented reality and the virtual world. They may study at their own pace and experiment in a secure setting while still being supervised and guided by the teacher. Not just educators but also professionals in the fields of communications, marketing, and branding, will confront new obstacles as well as new possibilities. This new metaverse age will unleash incredible creativity while also opening up new vistas and possibilities for companies and enterprises.

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The creator-economy Boom In 2022 And How You Can Benefit From It!

The epidemic has hastened the expansion of the creators' economy, rising gradually for decades. Find out what you may profit from the creator-economy boom in 2022.

The creator-economy has expanded dramatically in recent years, and more people are generating content than ever before. Creators of unique content may now monetize their abilities in this game-changing online ecosystem and communities. 

Because of the new economy, B2C companies are doubling down on support and benefits for artists, such as in-app monetization and creator finance. Other platform features for creators include opportunities for the community, mentorship, and production tools. Combining many platforms brings up additional options for the creative. Thanks to the extensive availability of the internet throughout the globe, the creative economy has become an international phenomenon. As the industry grows, it is unavoidable that more organizations would want to supply end-to-end solutions.

Although the term ‘creator-economy’ has been around for almost a decade, it has recently gained popularity. The value of the creator economic platforms rises due to the influencer marketing industry, the corporations with whom the ecosystems engage, and hundreds of millions of individuals.

Economic Creator Boom!

While it may seem straightforward, content creators diligently share their unique information with people. In addition to sharing information for consumption, the availability of social media programs has allowed millions of users to become producers in their particular businesses. 

Consumer behavior has changed substantially during the last five years. Throughout the pandemic, the internet was a constant source of entertainment, knowledge, and a way for many people to make ends meet.

Social media companies have developed several solutions to aid artists in monetizing their work. Examples include reel introductions, sponsored collaboration labeling, direct website URLs on articles, in-stream adverts, and Live sessions.

The internet has brought the creator-economy boom closer! We have now cracked linguistic, regional, and even age and gender stereotypes by reaching the most significant number of people at once. In India, a few influencers from other areas create global norms. Creators opened the way for content to be accessible across platforms and helped reach international audiences.

In 2022, How Might The Creative Economy Growth Help You?

The world will get a new generation of artists, and now is the perfect moment to take advantage of it. There will be an even greater need for this sort of creative energy in the subsequent years than in the past. 

The creator economic market is booming, and there are many benefits to those in it. It is one of the world's fastest-growing sectors. It's never been a better moment to start generating content and making money online.

The rise of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, which provide new avenues for content producers to commercialize their material, is partly to blame. Creators of the current economy of India may now have their work seen by a wider audience without having to put in as much effort thanks to these new platforms.

The creative industry is likely to develop at a high rate for the foreseeable future. In 2022, take a look at the growth of the creator-economy.

  • Access To Technology Has Increased. In the past, many inventors were forced to make significant financial commitments to afford high-priced equipment. They required a variety of cameras and lenses to capture the footage. Audio equipment is the same. Most content producers utilize mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to capture and edit video. For most writers and filmmakers, computers and iPads remain indispensable tools. Fans will safely interact with their favorite artists thanks to blockchain technology.
  • The Creative Economy Is Growing. Content producers are increasing, and a startup ecosystem is forming to match the need. A growing number of individuals are profiting from making videos or podcasts. The global creator-economy is expected to reach $100 billion this year, with investments totaling $1.3 billion expected by 2022. As a result, a growing number of entrepreneurs are launching their businesses, and top creator-economy companies are doubling down on their attempts to capitalize on the reach of these entrepreneurs.
  • More Goods And Services, Increased Demand. Creators are currently developing a wider variety of goods and services in response to increased demand. A thriving startup ecosystem is growing to accommodate the rising need for content. In addition, the growing demand for content producers and the expansion of the creative economy has been boosted by an increase in unemployment and a thriving economy. As a result, more people may find work in the creative industries, and the global economy benefits from this.
  • The creator-economy Has Spawned A New Crop Of Content Creators. The creator-economy has given rise to a new generation of content producers. Because of the support of corporations, content producers may thrive. Most content producers won't earn a fortune, but they will find a niche and generate money from it. Over the long term, job opportunities in various industries will be created due to the creator-economy.

All in 2022!

The outbreak had far-reaching consequences in 2021. While the economy slowly recovered, the influencer marketing industry aided in the growth of the creative economy by connecting people with businesses. Many more people have started joining the innovative ecosystem to help it develop and grow in leaps and bounds.

This year will also see a surge in localized short video apps. Due to the flourishing of various content-intensive apps, many artists will see a paradigm shift in their content consumption. More people will utilize NFT in 2022 to boost the global creative environment. Many customers from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities will gather to watch short video content.

By effectively branding local businesses via online-teaching apps, content creators can help them reach as many people as possible. Larger social media companies will also improve user interfaces to increase content consumption. Online apps for teachers and influencers can extend and diversify their portfolios.


Creative minds power the creator-economy to help the industry flourish. 2022 will undoubtedly be a fantastic year for content producers and marketers.

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How to Create an Online Course and Share Your Expertise?

With the incoming of Covid, almost every business that was being run physically was forced to get shut down in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus. This situation was not suitable for the economy and made it difficult for people to survive. So, people started working in an online business that could help them make money by working with the internet. 

Online businesses come in a whole lot of varieties but provide positive results as their output. In this topic, we will talk about the profitable online business, i.e. creating online-courses and selling them to people. The reason behind the success of this business is people spending more than half of their day surfing the internet, looking for their preferred items. 

However, one can only get on earning through this business if he knows how to create an online course and share his skills and knowledge through it. We have collected some points that can help you from the very start of creating an online course. You can go through the points in the below content to hold the expertise in creating online-courses.

Learn how to create online-courses

  1. Select a topic of your preference

The very first step for creating an online course is choosing a topic for which you hold the expertise, or you prefer amongst all. It would be best if you went with a topic for which you can share something unique and different from the competitive courses same as your topic. If you can cope with this part, you can easily keep an upper hand and share your expertise with the people in need. 

  1. Get to know about your audience.

The chances of your online-courses to be successful amongst the audience are majorly dependent on the choice of your audience. Creating a course for which your audience is in the need, there will be high chances for your course to succeed. For this, you need to know about the likes, dislikes and nature of your audience. With your courses, you need to make sure that you cover each and every aspect for your audience. 

  1. Make sure of the quality of your course.

With a single preparation session, you cannot get your hands on a perfect online course. It takes days and a lot of hard work to prepare a single online course. Even if you have given it the required time, you still need to give it more checks to make sure that they are worthy of being provided to people. If you are clear with this part, you are good to go with the next crucial step of creating an online course. 

  1. Pre-sell your course

There can be several reasons for pre-selling your online course. Selling your course a lot before creating it entirely is crucial to get knowledge of the latest trends along with knowing the worth of your course in the competitive market. If your course's sale doesn't satisfy you, you can look for your mistakes and alter them to get the perfect output as an online course. You can also get a taste of the very first sale by pre-selling your course. 

  1. Set a suitable price for your course

Once you are done with knowing the true worth of your online course, you can then set or give your online course a suitable price. It would be best if you made a wise decision with fixing the prices as the future sales of your course will be made on its behalf. The prices will be totally on your part, whether you want to keep them high or low. You have to study the market in detail along with other similar courses to get a hint of a suitable price tag for your online course. 

Final Thoughts

Creating online-courses is a profitable business opportunity in the challenging times of Covid. All it requires is the availability of skills and knowledge for a particular subject and high-speed internet. The rest elements that can be absent in creating online-courses can be provided by the above points. Every necessary step required for creating online-courses and making money out of them are provided in the above points, and you can go through them to get the knowledge for you.

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The Complete List of Types of marketing

You must be aware of the term ‘marketing’ and how beneficial it can be for an individual. Any individual who is into a particular business has to deal with marketing. Without having the required skills and expertise for marketing, no business is likely to withstand the competition. No brand or product can gain recognition without getting itself marketed. 

No one can get his business to grow without letting potential customers and other people know about their product. When it comes to the features, there can be hundreds of them included in the single term 'marketing'. All one needs to do is be available with the required skills.

Apart from the above information, everybody needs to be aware of the different types of marketing they can use for their business to make it successful. Each and every concept you need to know about the marketing types will be provided to you on this topic.

Make yourself aware of the different marketing types

  1. E-marketing

When it comes to the word 'trend', the very first marketing type that comes to mind is E-marketing. E-marketing is a hassle-free marketing type in terms of applications and skills requirements. Each and every individual having access to the internet can cope with his marketing type and make plenty of profits out of it. The scope of a business can be raised to an un-exponential level, and things can work pretty well for a business owner. 

  1. Social marketing

Social marketing is a marketing type that includes using a person's nature or behaviour to bring benefit to a particular business. Each and every product and service in this marketing type is sailed according to an individual's behaviour. In this type, the main focus is kept on the changes we can make in terms of an individual’s or society’s attitude and conduct. If the required efforts are not put in this marketing type, the desired results cannot be reaped. 

  1. Green marketing

If green marketing could be conveyed to you in the simplest way, it could be the marketing of products and goods in a way that they do something good to the environment. In this marketing type, the desires of both the customers as well as of the environment's can be taken care of. Green marketing itself is made up of 4 crucial elements that aim to protect the environment from getting damaged. 

  1. Performance marketing

Performance marketing is a convenient marketing type and is somehow an advanced version of e-marketing. This marketing type can prevent the loss of huge amounts of money as money in this type is paid only after the services or products have been provided, and the work asked for is completed entirely. Every product and service involved in this marketing type is available at pocket-friendly rates, and things can be way easier with marketing.   

  1. Internal marketing

In simple words, internal marketing refers to the connection of the product and services of a particular business directly with the people who are interested in them. There can be numerous advantages of internal marketing, and many new customers can be attracted easily and convinced to invest in a particular product. This marketing type will deliver a major impact on every individual who has the potential to buy these products. 

  1. Relationship marketing

One can get to know about the detailing of this marketing type clearly by its name. In relationship marketing, the customer is kept on priority, and every possible task is done to gain their trust. This can also provide you with a guarantee that customers will stay linked with your bond in the long run and will keep on investing in your products or services till and when they are in need.

Final Thoughts

There can be hundreds and hundreds of ways in which marketing can be done, and desired results can be reaped. Bringing the above marketing types into work can benefit you in numerous ways if done properly. Apart from the above ones, there are many more types of marketing that have been successful for a very long period. However, there are some skills and tactics that need to be followed with every marketing type out there if one wants his business to grow accordingly. 

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How to Register a Business Name?

On a daily basis, hundreds of people give a start to their new business in the hope of making money out of it. However, the success of every business requires a lot of time and hard work. Well, there is something more necessary than time and hard work that needs to be taken care of before starting a business. 

There can be countless things that need to be taken care of with the opening of a new business, like arranging funds, coping with the paperwork, arranging the licenses and most importantly, getting the company name registered. Without this step, no business is likely to get started legally. However, people have many queries related to the registration part of their company, and this topic is likely to answer each and every one of them. 

When it comes to the number of ways of registering a business name, there can possibly be 3 that need to be followed carefully. 

3 ways of registering a business name

  1. Register an assumed name

A majority of people, while selecting a business name, keep their own name on the top of their priority list to get their business to be known by their name. However, there are some people who neglect this part and prefer to go with some other name that is known to be an assumed name. So people who prefer to do business under an assumed name need to get it registered under the legal institute. 

This name is not given a permanent status to the firm and can even be changed by the owner as and when he calls for it. However, there would be some paperwork that would need to be taken care of to make the changes. This procedure is valid for people working as a sole proprietor, partnership firm, corporate firm or LLC. Also, this procedure is only valid in the very country it was registered, and the same procedure will have to be followed if the business is taken up to another country. 

  1. Trademark and Trade name registration

The trademark and trade name registration is limited to the state in which the business is located. The registration step needs to be repeated if the business is started under the same name in another state. This registration type can protect a business name completely against any misuse and usage with another product. This can also provide you with a surety that the name you have chosen has not already been selected by another firm. No matter for how long you carry on your business under this name, your business name is likely to stay protected against any sort of misuse. 

  1. Forming a business entity

Last but not the least will be forming a business entity for getting your business name registered. In this case, a legal name needs to be chosen that no other business has chosen, as further paperwork needs to be done accordingly. If some other business organization has been running under your chosen name, no arrangements can be made in this condition. For this, detailed research needs to be carried with the state agency. Once you have made sure that no company is running under your chosen name, you can then form a corporation or LLC to get your business name registered. 

Importance of business name

For the business you choose to start, its name will work on everyone's behalf, and it is very important for everyone to give a suitable name to their business firm. Here are some points that can highlight the importance of a business name.

  • A business name is the only means of advertising for your business, and no one can get to know about it without a suitable name. 
  • Helps with loans
  • Helps with paperwork
  • Confirmation of agreements and contracts

Final Thoughts

Getting a company name registered is a crucial step, and no business is likely to run legally without this part. We have shared 3 helpful ways of registering a business name that you can follow for yours, and you are good to go with building up a legal business organization. You can also go through the points that highlight the importance of a business name to get convinced for getting it registered. 

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Creator Economy
What Is a Good Conversion Rate? How to Calculate and Increase Your Own

In the current days, there can be no individual who hasn't learned the importance of online websites for carrying out businesses online. However, things can be really challenging when it comes to managing online websites, and there are hundreds of things for which people are not aware of. Without these things, the true worth of online websites cannot be brought to the front. 

One of the important things we are referring to is dealing with the conversion rates. Well, most of you must not be aware of the concept of Conversion Rate. So, we have collected every possible piece of information in this topic related to Conversion Rates. 

What is the Conversion Rate?

In simple words, the term conversion rate refers to the amount or number of people visiting a particular website, taking actions that somehow fulfills the desires of a website owner. In this, the entire goal of a website needs to be fulfilled or taken care of. There is a particular method for calculating this part, and things can become easy with time and experience. This process can be a crucial way of assessing the performance of a particular online website. 

This conversion rate may or may not be in the interest of the website and can be considered to be a bad or good conversion rate. There are some elements that can help you know whether your conversion rate is good and will work in the interest of your website’s success. 

What is a good conversion rate?

People desire to know about a good conversion rate to make sure that their website is working as they prefer or something needs to be added on as a performance booster. Well, the conversion rate we are talking of can vary from different business organizations as each organization is working to fulfil a specific goal. There can be various other factors that decide whether a conversion rate is good or bad, but we have gathered an estimated figure to help you get a brief of your website’s situation. 

You can get to know about your website’s conversion rate situation with the table given below.

  • If your website is based on the pay-per-clicks principle, it needs to maintain a conversion rate of 10% to be called a good CR.
  • If your website uses SEO’s for boosting its performance, it should have 16% as its CR.
  • If you are into affiliate marketing, CR should be 10% to be considered above average.
  • For social media marketing, 2-5% is enough. 

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

The calculation of conversion rate is a multiple-step process. We have rounded every crucial step in the below paragraph that you need to follow carefully to get the most accurate results. 

  • The very first step of calculating conversion rate is getting to know the factors of your website that decide the rate and the ones that can mark major differences in it. 
  • Once you are done with the above step, then you need to choose an element that is the most crucial one for your website, and that can help your website to get the best rate ever. 
  • After the above steps, you need to take these actions with you based on a particular period to place them accurately in the solution.
  • The last step includes dividing your conversions by the number of people visiting your website. 

How to increase your conversion rate

  • Set a permanent goal for your website
  • Lower the decision making time for your customers by providing them with attractive offers
  • Wash off your customer’s confusions and queries related to your product.
  • Build up a trust bond with your audience
  • Do not create any chance for your customer’s loss

Final Thoughts

Conversion rates can be very important when it comes to studying a website’s growth and position in the market. If you want your website to run successfully, you need to learn the concept of conversion rate along with the process of calculating this rate. You can also use the above information to increase your website’s conversion rate and make yourself good money through your online website.

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What Is entrepreneurship and How It Works?

Building up a business, separate from that of the family or of an own, is a wish for a majority of youngsters. However, this can be a very long journey that will require a lot of hard work and patience but will end up providing huge profits to an individual. The only way to fulfilling this dream is by becoming an entrepreneur. 

If entrepreneurship could be defined in its simplest form, it would be opening a new business in the desire of earning huge profits out of it. However, there is much more to learn and know about the term 'entrepreneurship' which you can get to know from the information below. 

What is entrepreneurship?

entrepreneurship is a modern-day concept that includes using a set of skills, opportunities, knowledge and many other elements to give rise to a new business that can make huge profits in the future. entrepreneurship has been becoming popular in almost every country around the world, and more and more people are getting convinced to invest in newly setup businesses. 

Without the availability of certain skills and expertise, entrepreneurship cannot be utilized to its maximum potential, and the desired profits cannot be reaped. With new ideas, gates of several new opportunities can be opened, and further benefits can be gained. 

entrepreneurship can be of different types based on the scales of business preferred by an entrepreneur. With the appropriate set of skills and determination, all types of entrepreneurship can be conquered, and new businesses can be easily set up with assured chances of success. 

If anyone chooses to be an entrepreneur in the current era, the major advantages can be delivered to him if he brings technology into use. Innovative ideas can also be given a boost if the use of technology is added on to entrepreneurship. People can easily be lured to a particular business if they encounter the latest devices and technology in them. 

How entrepreneurship works?

Apart from the above crucial information, one needs to keep himself aware of the working procedure of entrepreneurship. Even the working of entrepreneurship is based on its different types. The output can also be varied with the different entrepreneurship types. 

In the eyes of many experts and economists, entrepreneurship has built up an image of a crucial element to the production, without which things can become challenging. The perfect business plan which every individual wants can never get due to not being aware of entrepreneurship or himself being an entrepreneur. 

Still, after doing so much with entrepreneurship, things can go wrong with businesses, and even the most perfect plans fail to succeed. To eliminate the chances of any wrongs, complete information needs to be learnt for entrepreneurship, i.e. types of entrepreneurship that have an effect on the overall outcomes. 

Types of entrepreneurship

Most of you must be aware of the single term ‘entrepreneurship’ and not its types in which it is further divided. But, the entrepreneur types we are about to discuss can make a major difference in your business growth and can also raise your profits. 

Amongst the types of entrepreneurship, a wise choice needs to be made to make everything work on track.

  1. Social entrepreneurship

As it may be clear with the name, this type of entrepreneurship includes opening a business including products and services that can help fulfil the needs and goals of the society. For products and services that can serve the social needs, social entrepreneurship suits the best. 

  1. Small business entrepreneurship

Small business entrepreneurship includes businesses that manage their livelihood with average profits and work on minimum margins. Apart from being small in size and profits, small scale business entrepreneurship has taken over half of the industry.

  1. Large business entrepreneurship

Large business entrepreneurship is the one that includes businesses that work on large scales and make huge profits out of them. 

  1. Scalable Startup entrepreneurship

Scalable startup entrepreneurship is for the ones who have the most unique thinking and the ability to do something different to attract customers. 

Final Thoughts

entrepreneurship can be a very profitable investment for people who have the required knowledge for it and hold expertise to make huge profits out of business. For those who lack the knowledge requirement for entrepreneurship, going through the above information can help them to a great extent and help them choose which entrepreneur type they need to go with. 

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