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How can an all-in-one platform help your online-teaching?

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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How can an all-in-one platform help your online-teaching?

When technology has invaded every sphere of life, online-teaching has an integral part of education and training in this digital era. From academic subjects to non-academic domains such as dance, music, yoga, or online teacher training, e-coaching has become the order of the day and has been an inevitable part of learning. We see a significant rise in people advertising for teachers who coach online. 

Establishing a business in online-teaching and successfully sustaining the exact needs several tasks to be taken care of. A thoughtfully designed all-in-one platform can help you organise and manage various tasks and elevate your business. If you are a private tutor online and intend to develop a flourishing career in your teaching skills, this article is for you. Read ahead to know how to simplify this mammoth task and take your online-teaching business to the next level.

Advantages of online-teaching:

Technology has stormed into every field, and education is no exception. Thanks to the pandemic, digital learning has become the new normal in the education industry. Digital technology has come as a boon to facilitate uninterrupted teaching and learning in these challenging times. Let us look at the prime whys and wherefores that have made online education widely accepted.

  • Online education provides the flexibility of teaching and learning at home and at our suitable time.
  • E-education allows you to reach out to a teacher or a student from anywhere.
  • It facilitates various tools, including fun games, quizzes, videos, etc. These teacher tools online enhance the learning experience.
  • Online classes can be recorded. Hence, students can revisit the classes for better understanding.
  • It saves the hassle of commuting to the place where the classes are held, thereby reducing the transport cost.
  • Teachers online customise their content as per the needs of the learners and provide a personalised learning experience. 

Need for an all-in-one platform for your online-teaching business

As a teacher online, you need to handle several responsibilities. Besides creating your teaching content, you must schedule classes, track students' attendance, assign home tasks, monitor completion of tasks, and assess the students' learning. Ultimately, you must also be able to collect the remuneration for your hard work and expand your business. 

Practically, it is challenging for an online educator to rely on multiple platforms to carry out these tasks effectively. There comes the need for a thoughtfully designed all-in-one platform that enables you to transact your content to the learners effectively and perform these associated responsibilities without any hassle.

Kohbee – The need of the hour

Kohbee is an all-in-one online-teaching platform. With over 30,000 online teachers and coaches using the platform to teach and grow their online business, Kohbee has become a one-stop solution for all your online-teaching business needs.

With hundreds of online platforms for online teachers to carry out their business, Kohbee certainly stands out with its extraordinary features and ease of operation. 

What makes Kohbee the most sought-after online-teaching platform? Let us explore.

Advantages of choosing Kohbee for your online-teaching business:

  • Website building: 

Kohbee allows teachers to build their websites in a jiffy. Besides, Kohbee helps you track your website views and enables you to contact leads directly. 

  • Finding Learners:

With the All-in-one platform Kohbee, you can look for learners by running advertisements. The Kohbee app supports the teachers by launching Google and Facebook ads to find students. 

  • Seamless transaction of classes

Kohbee enables you to transact your course content without any hassle. Kohbee gives the following user-friendly features to the teachers

  • Stay well connected with the students through direct or group messages and notifications.
  • Preschedule classes or launch live classes for the students. 
  • Record your sessions to help students revisit the classes
  • Assign tasks to the students by uploading any document or questions paper 
  • Collect all submissions to simplify your task. 
  • Assess your students learning by taking tests
  • Ease of Management

Kohbee serves as a go-to place for all your online-teaching needs. With Kohbee, teachers can take multiple classes and sessions by creating groups. Kohbee stands with you in effectively and efficiently managing your business responsibilities, all at the click of the mouse. 

  • Growth-Oriented Approach

The best all-in-one online-teaching platform Kohbee enables you to grow your online-teaching business creating successful teachers who bring change to society

  • Collect fee on time

Kohbee allows you to track the payment of fees from students. Automated payment links help teachers collect the fee from students/parents directly. 

  • Built-in payment-gateway

You can place your teaching content and courses on your website and offer them to your learners for payment. The built-in payment ensures that your income is credited to your account directly.


A teacher's success depends on how effectively the course content can be transacted. If you can excite your learners with your teaching and make the classes more productive while keeping your online-teaching business well managed, you are definitely on the path to success. Do not wait any further. Create an account at Kohbee for free to grow your online-teaching business. Also,  download the Kohbee App and take your online-teaching business to the next level.

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How can an all-in-one platform help your online-teaching?
Ashish Agrawal

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