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Why Kohbee Website Builder is the best Wix Alternative?

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Why Kohbee Website Builder is the best Wix Alternative?

Are you an online educator looking to build a big community of learners? Do you want to contribute to the creator-economy by offering your knowledge to others? If yes, you must bring your teaching skills into the limelight through a robust website solution. A lot of you may have thought about developing your own website. Thankfully, there are many online website builder available that let you create websites instantly. And one of the best and most trustworthy options is Kohbee. Kohbee has hired professionals that are well-trained to deliver a perfectly functional website with all the tools needed to run it successfully.

Today, we will talk about how Kohbee is even better than the Wix website builder. A thorough comparison between the two online website builders will help you choose the best one for your needs. So, let’s get started.

Why Kohbee is better than Wix Website Builder?

1.      Quick Access to a Free Website

To build your brand and establish authority as an online educator, you need a good online course website. Kohbee helps you launch a good website under all its plans: Free, Plus, and Premium. You can benefit from the many tools and equipment available to build a beautiful and intuitive course website. In fact, you can develop a website with Kohbee in less than 60 seconds.

On the other hand, Wix website builder does not pay much attention to how your website will be structured. There is not enough consideration for uploading the ideal image sizes or using the appropriate page titles. This may negatively impact your website’s effectiveness.

Also, if you opt for a free plan in Wix, you will get access to Wix websites that carry the Wix branding. Although it’s nothing too detestable, it makes things a little too obvious. And this is because the branding appears right on top of the page, even preceding the website header.

2.      Fully Customizable and Pre-Defined Templates

With Kohbee website builder, you can benefit from designer templates and create websites that look stunning and professional. You can browse through thousands of visuals and designs from the internet and directly add them to your online website without incurring any expense. You can customize, add, subtract or reposition elements to achieve the desired look for your website.

Although Wix also provides many pre-defined templates, these templates are not interchangeable. So, you must pick your template carefully. In case later, you change your mind, you will have to manually move over all the content you have created on your previous template.

3.      Track Your Website Views and Leads Directly

All website owners wish to see how their website is performing. They want to measure web traffic to further boost the website's effectiveness. Thankfully, Kohbee app makes it easy to track your website leads. You can easily see how many website views have come and gather insightful information on single lead. And what’s best, this is all available in Kohbee’s Free plan.

But with Wix websites, you need to upgrade your plan to track your website’s performance. It does not come as a freebie whicery frustrating at times since it is something as simple as a Google API connection.

4.      Build SEO-optimized Landing Pages

SEO plays a crucial role to boost the visibility of your website. With Kohbee, you can benefit from SEO-optimized landing pages. You can easily place your targeted keywords on your course landing pages and capitalize on the traffic coming in from organic channels.

Besides, the Kohbee platform is built to be aligned with Google’s recommended best practices for speed, security, and SEO. On the other hand, Wix websites only offer basic on-page SEO capabilities. It only allows you to modify your meta tags, and use canonical URLs, among other basic SEO features.

5.      Attractive Pricing Plans

If you use Kohbee website builder, you can choose from three pricing plans: Free, Plus, and Premium. While the first one is absolutely free, the latter two are much more attractive for educators or businesses that work with multiple clients.

On the other hand, Wix charges per site, per month. The Free plan offered by Wix carries the Wix branding on your website and the little icon that is shown in the browser bar along with a Wix logo. Also, you simply cannot benefit from analytics until you opt for a Premium plan. So when it comes to pricing, Kohbee is a much more cost-effective option that lets you own a great website as per your requirements.

Kohbee or Wix Website Builder? The Final Verdict

Both Kohbee and Wix can be used to create a stunning website for DIY purposes. However, if you look from a business perspective, Kohbee offers many in-built features for ensuring a better customer experience. Besides, the attractive pricing plans ensure that you can easily scale your business in the long run.

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Why Kohbee Website Builder is the best Wix Alternative?
Ashish Agrawal

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