Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Anyone can use the Kohbee App and setup their online education platform. You can be an educator, a coach, a trainer, a content creator, Youtuber, etc. and earn by selling courses or taking live classes on the Kohbee App. 

Yes. Kohbee is 100% free. You can login and setup your own teaching platform by logging into or by downloading Kohbee from the playstore. Link:

Yes. Absolutely. Through Kohbee you get a website for free which you can share, and people can book a free trial. All the people who visit your website and become a lead will show up on your app. You can call them, mark notes, send SMS, Emails and much more.

Yes. You can. Kohbee is the best solution for not only creating online courses but also offering learners an opportunity to complete their courses on Kohbee. Monetize by selling courses on Kohbee today

There are no limits to this. You can teach and monetize your content from almost any domain on Kohbee: Dance, Stock Market Trading, Astrology, Secondary Education, Marketing, Interview Prep, etc. 

Yes. Kohbee gives you the option to start a recurring payment link which will be sent to your students and the money will go directly into your bank account.

Yes. Every time you take a class on Kohbee, your class recordings will be available for you and your students to review.

An educator or content creator in any domain can use the Kohbee App. From stock trading courses to live interview preparation workshops on Kohbee, the possibilities are truly endless

We offer a variety of tools for educators on the Kohbee App. Website Builder, Online Classroom LMS, Course Recording Features, Payment Gateway and Lead Management Solution are just a few of the amazing tools you can use on the Kohbee App

Kohbee is built by IITians and backed by some of the most influential investors in the industry. Our backend engineers work day and night to make sure your data is 100% secure and safe.