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Online Whiteboard for Teaching

Kohbee Whiteboard- Build A Flexible Teaching Solution

Kohbee brings you the best online whiteboard that helps you visualize your thoughts on a digital platform, write down ideas, and explain complicated concepts with ease to students in a group.

Online whiteboard for teaching continues to take the fad of remote education by storm. It brings easiness for teachers while ensuring convenience at the student’s desk. If you are also a teacher who has recently started his journey of teaching online to students, then Kohbee brings you the brightest opportunity. Experience our online whiteboard solution and observe how your teaching passion drives success.

Explain and Share Everything On Whiteboard

Whiteboard software for teaching is similar to any real whiteboard but comes with advanced features and functionality that take your teaching experience to the next level. Invite anyone, share images, videos and documents online with all students in a group.

  • Support drawing, sketching, and handwriting features to offer a real teaching experience
  • Infinite canvas adjustment option to squeeze and spread your work on a large area
  • Sticky notes and workshop cards are available in numerous shapes and colors.
  • Multimedia content like videos, audio recordings, and images can be shared through a single interface.
  • Upload documents like PDF and office documents seamlessly through Kohbee whiteboard.
  • Shapes, text, and other tools to shape and design the desired content on the board
  • Connectors to create concept-maps, mind-maps, and design workflows
  • Access rights management capabilities restrict actions on the board by other individuals.
  • Integrations with audio and video conferencing solutions are also available.

With all these features, your online whiteboards teaching experience will go like a breeze. Our digital whiteboard solution serves your various teaching purposes. The usage scenarios are endless, so without losing a moment, begin your journey with us.

Teach in a Collaborative Environment

Real-time collaboration from all across tables is made simple with our whiteboard app that helps you do much more than just standard teaching. All students will learn better and faster in a collaborative environment. Create a group through a simple login and start teaching your students.

Through a simple link-sharing approach, you can invite many people to collaborate and join your whiteboard teaching. Once you login Kohbee whiteboard app, you receive a sharable link to invite students through social media channels, e.g., whatsapp, e-mail, or Facebook.

Students will automatically redirect to your whiteboard learning sessions, where you can share all the concepts with them clearly in a well-descriptive style. In this way, you create your community of students where you can better share your experience and learning.

Now Everything in your Browser

Our interactive whiteboard service can be accessed through a web browser, just visit our official website and start your online teaching journey within the first go!

Whiteboard offers you simple features to navigate the interface seamlessly using a mouse or keyboard. No need to purchase expensive digital sketch pens. So goodbye to those handwritten notes, as everything will be made possible online in a digital form.

Simply visualize your thoughts and spread them descriptively on the whiteboard. The build-in text pen, flyers, highlighting, and add comments features create the whole teaching environment more realistic and productive.

Why Kohbee?

Kohbee is home to all those teachers who want to expand their teaching business on a global scale. It’s no surprise that our platform bridges the gap between teacher’s capabilities and success. Even for students, Kohbee whiteboard is the perfect destination who seek online learning.

Our online whiteboard for math is currently gaining lots of traction in the online teaching industry. Teachers can now educate all the fundamental mathematical concepts to their students with ease. Intricate problem solving has turned instant as we brought you a simplistic way of teaching and learning.

Kohbee whiteboard for online tutoring steadily helps you cultivate yourself even though the situations-around are ready to pull you back. You can observe a striking upgrade in your teaching level within the first day. As soon as you get the idea of online teaching, visit our whiteboard online tutoring app and see how the results are delivered to you.

Benefits of Whiteboard tutoring

Here are the key benefits of Whiteboard online tutoring that take your tutoring experience to the next level while offering the best level of education to the students out there. The benefits may include-

  1. Boost Innovation in Education
  2. Spice Up Audio- and Video Calls
  3. Explaining Things Visually is More Understandable than Real
  4. Students grasp instant learning through Story Presentation.
  5. Real-Time Whiteboard Feels Real-Life Classes
  6. Have Your Own Digital Project Room and Teach Students  Privately Without any Disturbance
  7. Host Remote Workshops Successfully

So what are you waiting for? Be ready to chase your dream of teaching on a vast scale with the Kohbee online whiteboard solution!