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Best Graphy Alternative: Kohbee App

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Best Graphy Alternative: Kohbee App

With increased access to technology in the form of smartphones, creator-educators have started harnessing the unique opportunity to create independent content and sell it through a mobile app. This has resulted in the creation of a class of entrepreneurs who make up the creator-economy. Before ed-tech apps, creator-educators had to use social-networking sites to monetise their courses; however, with the advent of software tools specially designed to help creator-educators grow their business, the dynamics of content creation have changed. Ed-tech apps like Graphy and Kohbee increase your chances of monetisation by 10X. Learn about the best graphy alternative in the market: Kohbee.

Features of Graphy that are also available on Kohbee

If you are looking for an alternative to Graphy to grow and run your online education business, Kohbee provides the best features you love in Graphy. Here are some Graphy features that you will find in the Kohbee app:

  1. White-labelled webpage and app:

Apps created using white-labelled platforms can be rebranded as your own after being built. An average white-labelled website builder provides advanced customisation and branding-free services. The domain and logo can be fully customised to promote your brand. Kohbee is a white-labelled software, just like Graphy. On the Kohbee app, you can sell courses under your independent brand name. Kohbee supports and encourages individualisation among entrepreneurs. 

  1. Live classes:

Live classes are much more popular in comparison to pre-recorded classes. They are interactive, engaging, and the preferred option of most students. Live classes require specific support tools on an ed-tech platform. The Graphy platform enables you to conduct live classes with advanced features like webinars and live streaming. Kohbee, an alternative to Graphy, also has the same features. Its live classes have been reviewed to be digitally sound with no audiovisual disruptions. If you want to teach online without any problems, the Kohbee app is a good option.

  1. Pricing:

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.Warren Buffett

Cost in a business is inevitable. The cost of a subscription to an ed-tech platform adds to the overall cost of running your business. Graphy provides affordable pricing for its monthly subscription. It gives you the option to take a free trial before you subscribe to its paid packs. Its BASIC pack starts at Rs 3,500 per month. There are other packs like PRO, BUSINESS and ADVANCED that you can select as per your need. As a Graphy alternative, the Kohbee app provides free access to all its products. This makes it a more lucrative option to teach online.

  1. Efficiency:

Efficiency is an important feature of ed-tech platforms. Benjamin Franklin had said that “time is money”, therefore, it is important to utilise time and not waste it. An ed-tech platform must provide you swifter solutions. Graphy allows you to build your website quickly and easily. You don’t need any prior knowledge about coding or computer programming. This feature can also be found on the Kohbee app, where you can build your webpage within 60 seconds. With high efficiency, both these apps allow you to sell courses to maximise monetisation.

  1. Payment portal

The Graphy app provides flexibility for payment portals. Graphy supports multiple secure payment-gateways for both national and international transactions. Popular payment-gateways such as PayPal and Stripe are used for international students, while RazorPay, PayU, CCAvenue, and Paytm are used for domestic students. Kohbee is the best Graphy alternative as it features a built-in payment portal through which creator-educators can carry out smooth transactions both nationally and internationally. This feature enables you to teach online and sell courses without worrying about collecting student fees.

  1. Website design:

When conducting a business online, making your website and app visually attractive is imperative. With ed-tech companies, design tools are preloaded and are ready to use. Graphy has a template library with various design templates for your web page. Kohbee boasts a vast series of templates with appealing design and structure. These are not only attractive but user-friendly. This will make it easier for you to promote and sell courses online. This feature makes Kohbee the perfect alternative to Graphy.


Ed-tech companies like Graphy and Kohbee empower creator-educators to grow their businesses in the creator-economy. As a creator-educator, you can earn an average annual income of Rs 5 lakh from teaching online-courses. You can sell courses at an average price of Rs 3-4k, depending upon the skill level and certificate demand of the course you are teaching. Along with this, you will need a competent ed-tech platform to support you in this endeavour. If you are impressed by the features of Graphy but need a free alternative, the Kohbee app is the best choice. 

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Best Graphy Alternative: Kohbee App
Ashish Agrawal

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