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Importance of brainstorming in Content Creation

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Importance of brainstorming in Content Creation

Ad executive Alex F. Osborne coined the term "brainstorming" in 1939. Frustrated by his staff's failure to come up with fresh ideas, Osborne started inventing new problem-solving approaches based on teamwork. He began conducting group brainstorming sessions and noticed an increase in new ideas. Osborne called these group gatherings "brainstorms" and wrote about them afterward.

With whatever tool is available, the team used to collect and record ideas. Modern businesses are using digital brainstorming techniques to speed up the process. The objective is to generate as many innovative ideas as possible. The team then evaluates all ideas and picks the best likely to solve the problem.

The brainstorming techniques are 

Recognize Journalists cover stories, not content.

The first step in developing marketing ideas is to create stories. A content ideation session should provide a series of headlines and stories that developed further, not just come up with content creation ideas.


Journalists cover stories, not content.

A journalist's role at a publication is to tell stories to their audience. Stories they can connect. They rarely say they cover marketing content. They aren't interested in that.

Sadly, journalists don't care about your content's format unless it enriches the story. They want to share stories, not infographics or interactive content.

Stop bringing an infographic or an interactive campaign to brainstorming meetings. Avoid working format first.

Start your brainstorming session by considering stories, and you'll rapidly be able to eliminate any ideas lacking in real headlines.

Create a swipe file with great content

Studying successful campaigns is one of the best methods to inspire to create new ones.

Inspire yourself by other people's ideas, whether they're from your direct competitors, a different industry, or even from years ago.

Swipe files are great for content marketers who spend hours exploring the web for inspiration.

It may be a desktop image folder, a Pinterest board, or even an app like Pocket. What matters is that you create your collection of campaigns and content.

How to make a swipe file?

Whatever inspires you, please save it to your swipe file and refer to it anytime you need inspiration.

You may quickly swipe through hundreds of inspiring ideas, remembering what you like about them and what you might do in your campaigns.

Start building your swipe file now. You'll thank yourself later.

Keep all old ideas in one spreadsheet/document

Many people are afraid to share their ideas for fear of judgment as poor, which makes brainstorming sessions useless.

There are no bad ideas.

Yes, some are better than others, but never label an idea bad. A bad idea today may spark an excellent idea six months from now. Avoid deleting unused ideas.

Compile a list of all your ideas, used or not, in a spreadsheet or document.

Reading past ideas may help you become more creative, and when shared across the team, one person's old concept may lead to another's next viral campaign.

It's a quick and easy approach to build your idea library to use in many ways.

Research your audience's interests

Creating great Brainstorming Content Ideas isn't always about keyword research.

What are the trendiest topics in your field today?

What's trending on social media?

What do journalists cover?

Every piece of content doesn't need to rank high.

Superb content connects readers and evokes emotion, feeling, or discussion.

Study your target audience. Read publications they read. Notify any common themes. Recognize trends.

Also, consider ways to include your ideas in these trendy topics.

Is it possible to present data that connects to these?

Use the topics as a foundation for future discussion.

Find something that almost worked and learn why it didn't

It's a great way to improve upon something that has already performed well.

Earning links from high-profile publications requires bringing new data or ideas to the table.

Instead, find content that almost worked, figure out why it didn't, and improve it.

Content campaigns underperform for various reasons, but often because of inaccurate or outdated data or a lack of a strong enough hook to publications. But the underlying idea might be amazing.

Where can you find underperforming ideas?

Try looking at a competitor's efforts that haven't earned many links or ranked highly.

You want a possibly sound concept validated using your usual methods.

Again, we recommend a swipe file. Collect content assets for later use.

Which brainstorming method is best for you?

There is no one right way to brainstorm, and what works for one person may not work for another, even if they are on the same team.

Some individuals work better alone, while others thrive in a team environment. Using various strategies across a content marketing team may be quite beneficial. People might come up with very different thoughts based on how they approach them.If you're having difficulty coming up with ideas, try a new method. If you want to connect with other creators and ask some questions feel free to head to Kohbee Staffroom and interact with others like you.

Don't do what you've always done. Change things up and see what happens. You can also go to Kohbee to explore what other content creators are doing to get some fresh perspective and inspiration

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Importance of brainstorming in Content Creation
Ashish Agrawal

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