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kohbee-toolbox: How our Website Builder takes you Online in 60 Seconds?

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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kohbee-toolbox: How our Website Builder takes you Online in 60 Seconds?

There is no sector or business that can survive in the 21st century without developing an online site. online-teaching and content creation, especially, demand a captivating online presence. However, building a website from scratch can not only cost you tons of resources, time and effort but also shift your focus from actually creating content for your audience. A powerful website builder is the pungent need of the hour for all creator-educators.

Fret Not! Kohbee can solve such problems in just 60 seconds. Using our dedicated Website Builder you can create a website in just a few taps. Thinking you might have to fill in tons of information about your content, choose from multiple templates, drag and drop components on the website and so much more – Forget it.

Kohbee’s powerful website builder is accessible through a smartphone. There is literally no need to have a laptop or PC for starting your online coaching. You just need to download the Kohbee App, click on create a website, enter a tad bit of information and Voila! You are online and ready to share your content with the world.

A website has become crucial for creator-educators to market themselves and maximize their audience. In today’s digital world, the first thing any learner does after knowing about an educator or content creator is Google them and check out their website, social media accounts and so on. Thus, to garner interest from such an aware population, building a value-generating and purpose-driven website is important. With the Kohbee Website Builder, you can add tons of services to your website such as Demo Class Option, Class Schedule, Pricing, Reviews of students, etc. The best part is that it all happens without any technical difficulties and you control what and how you want to put yourselves out there. Kohbee facilitates your educational ventures while the autonomy of such ventures remains intact with the creator-educator.

What makes Kohbee the best website builder for educators?

For many creator-educators, building a website and consistently updating it is the most daunting task. In fact, many don’t even begin their digital journey for months just because they don’t have the expertise to build a website. Some creators pay as large as $200 upfront charges to build a website along with many weeks of time and effort spent on choosing the suitable designs, features, etc. But Kohbee values creators’ time and resources. That is why our website builder is totally free of charge and can build a website for your edu-venture in less than 60 seconds.

Kohbee website builder changes the game entirely. With Kohbee website builder, you can create a brilliant website for absolutely no costs. This website will have all crucial components such as your online class information, booking options, contact information and so on. Further, you can build such a website in less than a minute.

With a vision to truly empower the creator-economy of India through technological innovation, Kohbee is offering the best website builder in the market. The free website, built using the Kohbee website builder, uses a subdomain of Kohbee but in case creators want a unique domain name, Kohbee Premium can offer the same at nominal charges. This is true freedom in the hands of the creator with an unprecedented value addition in the nascent creator-economy of India.

How to build a website with Kohbee?

The process is easy to understand, quick and super-simple. Just follow these steps and begin your online journey of content creation:

  • Download the Kohbee App and Create an Account with your mobile number
  • Click on “Create Your Website”
  • Create a unique Username for your website
  • Choose from multiple categories such as fitness, dance, yoga, coding, etc.
  • Add in the features that you want on your website such as live classes, recordings, payment-gateway, etc.
  • Select the sections such as header, footer, about us, etc. that you want in your website
  • Wait for a few seconds and your website is ready

In just 60 seconds, you have a custom website created for you. You can further enhance this website by filling details about your course, putting custom images and various other features.


Building a website on a smartphone is almost unthinkable for many. Kohbee turns that into a reality and brings a dedicated solution for creator-educators of India. Use the powerful website builder by Kohbee and start your online education journey by downloading the Kohbee App today.


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kohbee-toolbox: How our Website Builder takes you Online in 60 Seconds?
Ashish Agrawal

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