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Kohbee Vs Exly: Which Platform Is Best For creator-economy?

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Kohbee Vs Exly: Which Platform Is Best For creator-economy?

In the present pandemic era, the global creator-economy has witnessed a massive boom in content creators who are monetizing their content with the help of apps and other online platforms. This rapid increase in the creator-economy is especially visible in India. The Indian creator-economy has an average pool of 50 million content creators. A significantly large portion of this pool is educator-creators. With the rise in independent content monetization, the demand for edtech platforms has also witnessed a sharp rise. Creator educators in India need an all-in-one platform to grow and run their business online. Exly and Kohbee are two of the top edtech platforms available for creator educators in India. But which one is the better platform? In this article, we will compare Exly and Kohbee to see who fares better.

Kohbee Vs Exly - Why choose Kohbee over Exly?

Here is a comparison of the features and services provided by Exly vs Kohbee:

  1. Service Pricing: Exly uses custom pricing for large bookings, while for small bookings, you need to contact them for pricing. Exly charges a minimum fee of 5% commission on using their server and payment-gateway. The Exly app provides a short free trial period. On the other hand, Kohbee provides its SAAS platform at 0 percent commission with unimpeded access to all its services and products. Kohbee is a more affordable tool than Exly. Creators can launch their branded apps, landing pages and sell digital products via them at a 0 percent commission. Additionally, Kohbee also provides growth tools that will help you sell your Digital Products.
  2. Growth and marketing tools- With Kohbee Premium, you also get an access to a Zoom Premium account. Now you don't have to limit your workshop duration! Sell more, Earn more with Kohbee. Kohbee also provides its creators with powerful landing pages and mechanisms to build a sales funnel wherein you can upsell and downsell in the right way and maximize your revenue. Exly also provides its creators with a Zoom Pro account under its 28380/- yearly plan; Kohbee provides this feature in its 15000/- yearly plan. Kohbee is more affordable than Exly.
  3. Website Building: Website building is an essential product for any education platform. Both Exly and Kohbee offer instant website creation. Exly provides tools to build your website within 5 minutes, while Kohbee provides design software that will enable you to create a webpage for your business in less than 60 seconds. This feature is exceptionally appealing to creator-educators who do not need to waste their time and money hiring a professional website designer to start their business. To use Exly, you need to have basic knowledge of coding and computer programming. Kohbee supports users who have no prior knowledge of coding.
  4. Business Management: Exly provides features like an analytical dashboard to manage the listing of courses and other such tasks. It also uses ‘conversion funnel’, ‘advanced lead capture’, and ‘drip programs’ for your business communications. Kohbee provides business management tools like tracking website views and contact leads. On the Kohbee app, you can see the number of website views and details of every website lead. All of these tools are useful for managing your online education business. Both the apps have their advantages. You can decide which one to use based on your needs.
  5. marketing and Promotion: Exly allows you to advertise your courses online to your target audience. They provide integrated marketing tools like discounts and limited-time offers for you to promote your course. Kohbee helps your online education business to grow 10X by providing tools for marketing and promotion. It provides data on website views, and allows you to run advertisements on Google and Facebook.
  6. Creator Friendly Interface: The interface of a website attracts audiences to it. Users all over the globe prefer an easy interface. Exly provides an easy-to-use software interface for scheduling weekly, monthly, or custom subscriptions. It allows you to connect your calendar with your clients to avoid the extra number of calls. Kohbee has a user-friendly interface specially designed for educators. You can access their services with a single click.
  7. Payment Platform: Exly supports national and international transactions and has a feature for instant KYC. Kohbee also provides both national and international payment support through a built-in payment portal, which is more secure than third-party payment-gateways. Kohbee also provides you the option to start a monthly or annual recurring payment link, from which the money goes directly into your account.

Final Thoughts

With so many Creator platforms, choosing the right one for you becomes hard. When deciding which ed-tech platform suits your business, consider the cost, ease of management, and payment security as the primary factors; Exly and Kohbee are both examples of top platforms for creator-educators who will help you teach online successfully. If you are looking to create efficient sales funnels at an affordable price and pay 0 percent commissions on all your transactions, Kohbee is your app. All its tools are easy-to-use and you can easily build your business online and multiply your revenue using them. Go ahead and start your business with the help of Kohbee.

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Kohbee Vs Exly: Which Platform Is Best For creator-economy?
Ashish Agrawal

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