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Live Classes: The Future of eLearning

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Live Classes: The Future of eLearning

The education landscape has experienced a paradigm shift in the last few years. With the rapid advancement in technology, virtual learning has become more prevalent. According to statistics, more than 30% of American students have enrolled in at least one online-learning course. With virtual learning, being physically present in a classroom is no longer the only option. Now, keen learners can get access to quality education whenever and wherever they want, thus bringing in a new era of learning, infamously called elearning.

What Is Live online-learning?

Live online-learning classes are a trainer-led education model where teachers teach their students in a virtual classroom. These classes require both teachers and students to be simultaneously online.

With this format, you can meet with your instructor and other classmates at a scheduled time. All this happens online, so you don’t have to spend time or money commuting to your institute. You get to enjoy the flexibility to attend your classes from anywhere in the world.

According to a survey, 52% of American students considered online college-level education superior to classroom learning.

Benefits Of Live online-learning

1.      Easy Accessibility and Flexibility

Online classes are available to anyone who has access to high-speed internet and a tech device, such as a laptop or tablet. There is no need to travel to any specific location to attend these sessions. Thus, with no limitation to location, this approach indeed ensures better accessibility for all.

Besides, virtual learning offers a great deal of flexibility. Most of the time, students can factor the coursework into their already busy schedules and study at their own pace.

2.      More Cost-Effective

Unlike traditional education, live online-learning classes tend to be much cheaper. The fee for these classes does not account for accommodation, equipment, textbooks, transport, etc., that contribute to a comprehensive learning experience in a traditional school. Online classes cut down most of these costs, making learning very affordable.

But remember, the low costs of online-learning do not imply a reduction in quality. Instead, it only ensures that a wider audience has access to the courses once reserved only for those with a big budget.

3.      Customised Learning Experience

With eLearning courses, it is easy to set your own studying pace. Also, online education is much more flexible to suit every student's requirements and level of ability.

Most online classes are smaller in batch size than standard class sizes. Often, live online-learning classes allow only one student at a time. Thus, this ensures more significant interaction between the student and the teacher. Also, the availability of diverse study material, including videos, images, eBooks, etc., helps improve the course's effectiveness and ensures a more dynamic and tailor-made education setup.

4.      Wide Selection Of Programs To Choose From

The Internet is a vast space that allows students to learn a wide range of subjects. From copywriting to music composition to cooking or even quantum physics, there are unlimited options for all learners. Nowadays, many colleges and universities are also launching eLearning courses for various levels and disciplines.

Therefore, students can opt for their chosen online course to get an official diploma, certificate, or degree without even setting foot on a college campus.

5.      Time Management Skill Development

Managing your time well is one of the most crucial life skills. Many students have to juggle their family and personal commitments with their professional goals. Many of them also balance a regular job with their education. And all this requires proper and advanced planning.

With online classes, time management becomes a lot easier. When you do not have to spend time on transport, waiting at bus stations, etc., to reach the location of your training school, you get the authority to manage your time well. And this ability to set your timeline helps in time management skill development.

6.      Virtual Collaboration Opportunities

In the last few years, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual collaboration skills have become more important than ever. Completing an eLearning course teaches these highly valued skills as you engage in virtual discussions, collaborate on group work, and evaluate the standpoint of people from across the world.

This is a great way to broaden your perspective and benefit from an interactive environment.

Experience The Benefits Of online-learning

Live online-learning presents an excellent opportunity for all students to enhance their knowledge base from the comfort of their homes. It improves accessibility and affordability for all students, helping them pursue their dream education.

Similarly, virtual learning has also enabled teachers to monetise their skills and reach a global audience. Thus, it is safe to say that online-learning is the future of education.

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Live Classes: The Future of eLearning
Ashish Agrawal

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