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Scope of Content marketing in India

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Scope of Content marketing in India

Content has been used in marketing for the course of its existence to draw the customers' attention to initiatives & their associated elements. Although, for a long time, the reality that the commodity for which advertising is normally done prioritises the former to get across the point about why the customer should purchase the same was the standard.

That emphasis has evolved dramatically in today's environment; digital content marketing is customer-centric, and the brand takes on a secondary role in the content. It is undoubtedly the most visible aspect of content marketing's growth.

India's growing Internet usage and digital technology have dramatically transformed the Indian market. Content marketing is now employed in a variety of ways. With all of these advantages, it is clear that taking a content marketing course is a necessity if you want to see your business expand.

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Rise Of Content marketing:

Perhaps the biggest and most significant shift in India has been the economy's digital revolution, triggered by the availability of low-cost data access to customers across the country. This has had a significant impact on the amount of time people now engage on digital screens, forcing marketers to adapt their content marketing strategies to reach customers through a variety of digital contact points in addition to the traditional print, television, and radio mediums.

It might not be easy to decide which ones to choose and which ones will express an opinion regarding content marketing. In India, businesses choose from several different types of content marketing. The tactics you'll learn in a content marketing course will help you assess the reasons behind why customers might desire to purchase your product.

Evolution is the law of nature; therefore, content marketing strategies have changed over time. 

Brands executing successful content marketing campaigns in India:

Many businesses attempted to develop their digital assets on various social platforms when the influence of social media first became evident. These were designed to obtain the advantage of new software technology with enormous potential.

In the years since, inbound marketing content strategy has directed clients' brands, which uses vital social media technologies to achieve maximum effect.

This practice has rapidly gained popularity in India, with several leading brands opting for it. Some examples have been illustrated for you below:


They are well-versed with their target audience. They comprehend what compels people to utilise their products, and they never miss to spark the gourmand in you.

Zomato's amusing tweet from July 2019, "Guys, Kabhi Kabhi Ghar ka khana bhi Kha Lena chahiye", including over 18,000 likes, was a big success. Several businesses shared the same statement but with a distinct slogan, gaining exposure on several channels.

Using multiple digital channels might cause chaos in company advertising strategies, per some pros. On the contrary, Zomato exhibits various mediums to efficiently promote digital content marketing.

Oreo India:

Oreo India has found out to keep its viewers hooked on the content it generates. When Parle & Britannia led the Indian market, Oreo faced severe problems at the nascent stage. As a response, they launched #DailyDunks, a brand outreach program starring Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor.

Oreo came up with a variety of fresh concepts for different channels. For instance, the brand used an illustration featuring a stretched out packet of the biscuits on June 21, the shortest day of the year. 

Vogue India:

Another strong content marketing contender is Vogue India. They created the #VogueEmpower campaign to raise awareness about women's rights & violence against women. They involved Bollywood celebs, such as Madhuri Dixit, in their videos to bring glamour and excitement to the company's content marketing strategy.

Although YouTube is Vogue's primary platform for content marketing, they also have a sizable following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Google Plus. They do, after all, belong to a well-publicised category.


Flipkart is among the first digital stores in India to use television commercials as a key content marketing tool.

The commercials were appealing and amusing, with toddlers disguised as adults. These videos were interesting, hilarious, & highly entertaining.

Flipkart's innovation, marketing, and sense of humour constantly put a smile on its consumers' faces, whether it's a new deal or a service alert. This helped develop a unique recall value for the brand.

Final Words:

The Indian digital content marketing landscape is a rapidly changing space. It's growing at a much faster rate than most of the global markets, primarily driven by a big surge in digital and mobile ad spending as well as a rise in the millennial workforce which has been empowered with digital tools and understand that content is one of the most effective means to elicit the desired response.

These millennial-driven startups and enterprises are making huge strides in their bid to rule the roost, and it is crucial — now more than ever — to develop adept content marketing strategies and place yourself among the top contenders. Survival of the fittest is always the case, and if you want to endure, you must constantly update and evolve. Kohbee can be a great backbone for the Indian creator-economy. Thus, if you are a content creator or an educator, download the Kohbee App today.

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Scope of Content marketing in India
Ashish Agrawal

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