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The Best Revision Techniques a Student Should Know

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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The Best Revision Techniques a Student Should Know

Grade A- sounds tough, right? No need to panic. It is difficult, but it can't be impossible. Throughout the year, you have studied hard. But, the learning time has gone now;  it is the time to master the revision techniques to recall the answers and solutions in your mind. While exam, no one will be available around to help you. These last moments will provide you a clear insight into how you will perform there. So let’s get into the article and explore the revision techniques that toppers recommend to every student.

1.Start Early

The early you revise, the better you will do. Often, students forget to learn few things in their syllabus. But early revision will complete your remaining preparations. Since you will still have sufficient time to revise the rest of the things, you may feel stress-free.

2.Plan Your Revision

Instead of putting efforts, plan your revision. Schedule the chapters, topics, and questions. Step by step, revise everything. You can't grasp all the fundamentals at one go. So split your work into sections and set time, and revise every section within this set timeframe.   It will bring the easiness and ensure robust preparation.

3.Revise Past Question Papers

If you have no one around to help you in the preparation, get the question paper of the previous year. Get an overview of every question mentioned in it. Can you answer them all? If yes, that means you are ready to move. But it doesn't end here. You should keep revising questions and answers.

4.Share Q& A with Family/Friends

You can also share questions and answers with your family and friends. If you want to feel confident about your preparation, ask somebody to ask few questions from the syllabus, chapter, or topic. If you can easily answer them, it means you can revise additional stuff. Revise again if finding it hard to answer few questions.

5.Stay Away From Distraction

Something distracts you. Keep it aside and focus on your study. Revision is a must, but it will appear a hectic job if your mobile is near and TV is on. Lock yourself in a quiet room. Forget everything, and do what is essential right now. 

6.Relax and Get Back

Don't stress if you have forgotten few answers. Maybe you have revised too much, so relax and eat something that you love. Do anything that fuels your mind and body. When you feel good, get back to work and hit the preparation.

7.Don’t work at night

Completely Avoid study at night. Before bedtime, if you are spending time on revision, possible that later it may disturb your sleep. You may keep repeating the revised topics in your mind, which may come up as a barrier for a valuable nap.

8.Revise Early Morning

On exam day, try to revise everything early morning. It is the best time to recall the forgotten answers. You will observe a peaceful environment around;  similarly, the revision will be more effective. You can revise all those questions that you might have overlooked in yesterday's preparation. 

Final Thought

It’s no surprise that all these revision techniques will help you in gaining the top rank. Don't feel sad if the end results aren't favorable, because next time, you will be ready with a robust preparation. Do remember all the points stated in this article. Don't skip even a single technique because toppers recommend these revision tips to the students. If the exams are nearer, no wonder the time has arrived to bring these revision techniques into action and achieve your goal.

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The Best Revision Techniques a Student Should Know
Ashish Agrawal

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