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What are the problems of content creators?

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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What are the problems of content creators?

Let’s get one thing straight: creating content is not an easy job. There are many problems content creators face on a daily basis that just go unnoticed by their clients. Content writing involves a lot more than writing. It requires consistency, dealing with clients, managing payments, and a host of other tasks. 

In this blog, we explore problems with content creation that creators face almost every day. 

  1. Managing last-minute changes:

It happens quite often that content creators finish a piece of content, but are then contacted to make last-minute changes to said content. This of course can be quite inconvenient. Content writers working with agencies especially complain about this problem. 

Now, there are two kinds of changes that clients generally want. The first type of change is minor, such as changes in timing of submissions, making the content live, and so on. The second type is a major change, which includes completely redoing a large portion of the content that a creator has painstakingly created. The first type of change is manageable, but the second type can be quite incovenient. 

We recommend all content creators put their foot down and only make changes when the client is being reasonable. Also, there is absolutely no harm in asking for overtime pay. 

  1. Dealing with writer’s block:

If content writing were a metaverse where content creators were the procrastinators, writer’s block would definitely be the archnemesis. Imagine sitting down with the expectation of having a productive day only to be hit promptly with writer’s block. This is a major problem content creators face. 

There are many ways to temporarily ease writer’s block. One of these is creating the right environment to write. This can involve multiple actions including taking your laptop to a cafe to write or making some aesthetic changes to your desk and office space. Another is to take a break, go for a walk, or take the evening off. Sometimes talking to other creators also helps as they can inspire you to create more. 

But rest assured that writer’s block happens to everyone. So keep trying and do not stress out. It’s okay to take a break when you just cannot create.

  1. Consistently generating quality content:

The problem with having a creative job like content creation is consistently trying to create quality content. There are simply no days off with a job like content creation because you need to produce something that clients want almost every single day. 

Additionally, there could already be great content present on the Internet for the keywords or topics that the clients provide. This makes it quite difficult for content creators to be productive.

Here are some ways we recommend in dealing with this: 

  • Pitch your own ideas to the clients. Instead of letting the client come to you, if you do your own research and pitch them ideas, you might get a shot at doing your own thing.
  • Try visual creative ideas instead of textual when things are getting a little boring. For topics that have been discussed endlessly, sometimes making videos or infographics does the trick.
  1. Dealing with harsh feedback:

A common problem with content creation is dealing with feedback that can be difficult to stomach. Imagine working hard all day, trying to be as creative as possible, and then getting feedback that is rude and taking a stab at your skills. This is difficult and can often demoralise content creators. And the worst part is that this is a problem content creators often need to deal with. 

Feedback can be converted into a learning process and this depends on how you are willing to take it. Instead of being too affected by feedback, try to derive lessons out of it for your professional journey. Here are some ways we recommend to go about that:

  • Do not take feedback at face value. When you get feedback from a client, ask clarifying questions such as “Can you please elaborate on the changes required”, and so on. 
  • Convince yourself that any harsh feedback is not an attack on your skills or work ethic. Often, it has more to do with the client’s demands and their requirements. 
  • Try to step into the client’s shoes and see if you would have given the same feedback. Context will give you much-needed clarity. 
  • Do not be afraid to switch clients if they are consistently giving you harsh feedback without providing you with a chance to improve. 


These are some common problems that content creators face on a daily basis. Content creation is not an easy journey; it demands blood, sweat, and tears. But when you hit the point where you are able to make good money and people start admiring your skills, it’s worth all the effort in the world. To begin your content creation journey and take your teaching to the next level, join Kohbee today.

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What are the problems of content creators?
Ashish Agrawal

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