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5 ways to improve your teaching skills

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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5 ways to improve your teaching skills

A profession is a combination of your natural ability and acquired skill. The teaching profession is not any different. It is essential that you keep updating your skills with new teaching techniques as they emerge. The teaching profession requires you to constantly come up with new ideas and innovative methods to cater to the needs of your students. Teachers must be able to cater to the different needs of students. For this purpose, they should have a wide range of teaching techniques. In this article, you will learn how to improve your teaching skills.

Here are 5 ways you can improve your teaching skills

  1. Make the best use of technology-With the rapid digitalisation of education, teachers should take the opportunity to incorporate digital learning tools along with core teaching skills. Game-based learning is the newest teaching innovation. It combines learning along with game-play. This can make your classes more fun and engaging. Other tools like online quizzes, animations and videos are all useful tools for teaching. With the help of technological tools, teachers can create their own modules and customise lesson plans. For teachers who want to upgrade their technological skills, there are many online resources available to help them.
  2. Develop your microteaching skills-Microteaching is another new innovation in education. Microteaching skills are a special set of skills that help teachers to deliver lessons more effectively. The process of microteaching includes the following ideas:
  • Planning- Before conducting a class, you are encouraged to plan the lesson and the method by which you want to teach it.
  • Teaching- Follow the teaching plan and conduct a class according to what you have prepared for.
  • Observation- After conducting the class, observe how the students absorb it by taking feedback.
  • Updating plan- Update your earlier plan according to the feedback received. Create a new plan including the necessary strategies that you have learnt through observation
  • Re-teaching with updated plan- Use the updated plan to conduct another class which includes improved strategies. Microteaching is based on trial and error.
  • Re-observation- Observe the classroom reaction and take feedback again.

This is a cyclic process that is dependent upon hit and trial. You, as the teacher, keep learning new strategies with each planning-teaching-observing cycle.

  1. Improve your communication skills-The quality of a class greatly depends on the teacher-student interaction. Your ability to communicate with the students will set the learning environment of the class. Communication skills include soft skills like:
  • Creating a supportive, judgement free environment for learning
  • Active listening
  • Unbiased feedback
  • Presentation skills
  • Tone and voice modulation
  • Use positive reaffirmations

By improving your teaching communication skills, you can take your classes to another level.

  1. Use the inverse classroom technique-This is a technique in which you ask students to prepare ahead on a certain topic as homework and allow them to share what they learnt with the rest of the class. Students are encouraged to use reading materials and learning videos to explain the content of the topic. This not only improves student-teacher interaction but also peer-to-peer interaction. It boosts the student's confidence while helping the rest of the class to learn. It enhances active collaboration inside the classroom. When you use this model in your classroom, you can ensure maximum participation.
  2. Create a dialogue with your peers-Communicating with fellow creator-educators can be a useful resource to improve your classroom teaching skills and coaching skills.聽 It will allow you to compare your teaching methods to that of your peers. Teachers that teach the same course should collaborate to bring together original ideas and methods. You can gain insight from their reflections on your teaching methods. You can also observe each other鈥檚 classes and give your feedback on the same. This will help you stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in teaching.

Using these tips can help you succeed as an educator. Many creator-educators are opting to develop their individual courses using Kohbee. Kohbee is a promising new ed-tech platform specially designed for creator-educators. You can customise and design your own courses using the tools available on the Kohbee app. Kohbee encourages creator-educators to create original content and promote it on the Kohbee app. The app has its own secure payment portal to allow ease of business. You can also design the webpage of your course using the Kohbee app in just 60 seconds. All this is available free of cost.


The above techniques can help you create a core connection with your students. They will build a higher understanding in a positive learning environment. You can single-handedly improve the quality of your class to make it more effective and engaging. Now focus on improving your teaching and let Kohbee handle your business smoothly. Download the Kohbee app today to experience a convenient and dedicated educator application.

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5 ways to improve your teaching skills
Ashish Agrawal

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