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6 ways to get leads for online-courses

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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6 ways to get leads for online-courses

For any business to grow and prosper, consistent lead generation is essential. The initial years are critical for a business. If you want to scale up your business and make regular profits, you should know how to generate leads for business. Lead generation is an essential part of marketing. It is the act of acquiring customer interest for your business that is actionable. Giving you their contact details or following up to ask about products are examples of leads. In the online education sector, you must apply these business basics while developing your business and effectively get leads for online-courses.

Here are some strategies that you can use for your business:

  1. Aim for the target audience- Since you have decided to start your business as a creator-educator, you probably already have a kind of audience in mind. It is essential to market your content in a way that it presses the right buttons. The process of creating a target customer persona helps you to know in which direction you must work. Once you know your target audience, their preferences and needs, you can successfully generate leads.
  1. Interactive website- It is important to pay acute attention to the presentation of content on your website landing pages, since this is where potential customers will arrive when they click on ad links. Your webpage should be interactive, informative and easy-to-use. The landing web page should display your logo and share brief details of the course that you offer. Boosting customer interactions on your web page will increase the chances to generate more leads. You can modify and adapt your webpage content according to the target audience.
  1. Use social networking- Social media is your new friend when it comes to generating leads for your business. There are many tools for marketing that are in-built into social media networks. They usually have something similar to a business mode where you can use these tools specifically designed for promotional activities. You can also monitor the number of views, likes and comments on your posts. It is important to stay active on social media sites in order to generate leads. Examples of popular social media sites include Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin etc. 
  1. Offer a unique vision- The vision of your company tells your story to prospective buyers. This is a creative way and original way to generate leads. Your vision statement has the potential to give you an edge in a highly competitive market environment. There is enough creator content on the internet to create a herd mentality. You want your potential buyers to see you standing out of this crowd. If your vision is unique and out-of-the box, the audience is likely to engage with it and refer it to others. You can also find a way to make it as relatable to your target audience as possible because that increases the chances of them buying your online course.
  1. Use automated digital marketing tools- Automated digital marketing is heavily based on modern technology that has found its way into everyone’s life. Whether it is a smartphone or a television screen, it can surely act as a medium to market your content. It is very common for online businesses to use automated digital marketing in order to reach a wider customer base and generate leads. It has been a proven strategy in marketing to create a large follower base and maintain it by sending regular newsletters, emails, reminders etc. 
  1. Choose the right distribution platform- A distribution platform will act as a place from where your business gets a boost. Content distribution is undertaken at a small scale on social media, where your business may be promoted free-of-cost, but usually these modes take their time to create actionable leads. On the other hand, there are paid platforms that specialise in advertising and marketing. They can generate leads faster and more successfully. These platforms have an efficient targeting capability. They know exactly where and when to advertise your content.


These are some ways to get leads for your online-courses. The process may appear resource consuming, but the best strategy is to move slow and focus on holistic growth rather than short-term pushes to promote your business. With time, it will become clear which lead generation strategy works best for you. The process of lead generation will help you push-start your business and expand it to larger and diverse audiences worldwide.

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6 ways to get leads for online-courses
Ashish Agrawal

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