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Bored of reading online? 5 sites to study with random people

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Bored of reading online? 5 sites to study with random people

Education in India is rapidly digitising, with more students gaining access to study materials and employing online courseware and services. Because of the prominence of online-learning throughout the epidemic, individuals have fuelled unprecedented growth in the global e-learning business.

According to industry research company Global Business Insights, the e-learning market would be worth $250 billion by 2020. This is predicted to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 21% through 2027, reaching $1 trillion. This encompasses the use of e-learning in academia, business, and government.

So, why are students inclined towards reading online?

85 per cent of students believe that online-learning is as good as or better than traditional classroom learning, and currently, over 6 million students are enrolled in online-courses as part of their higher education programme. This is due to the numerous benefits of online-learning. Online apps for teachers, for example, allows both the teacher and the student to establish their own learning speed, resulting in a more personalised learning experience. Online platforms can modify e-learning content to deliver more specific information to students. The platforms' quick feedback loops, which are offered by other online-teaching apps, increase the learning curve.

Another significant benefit is that it saves time. People may alter their schedules to suit their needs, allowing them to scale themselves. Another element contributing to the market's quick expansion is the cost structure of online-learning. Online classes are less expensive than traditional ones since there are no transportation fees, and occasionally essential course materials, such as textbooks, are accessible online for free.

Why can learning online with strangers be motivating?

Because of technological advancements and, of course, COVID-19, more and more of the learning process is now taking place online. Although this approach has advantages, like saving commute time and giving you more freedom, it may also be incredibly monotonous to sit behind your computer all day. Because of this boredom, learning online frequently takes greater discipline and determination to begin and continue studying. Online study buddies might be a useful answer in this situation. It functions similarly to studying at a college, school, university, library, cafe, or anywhere else. When you have to do your own job, you observe other individuals studying.

Being around hardworking individuals motivates you to study alongside them and stop delaying and wasting your energy. However, rather than seeing these folks online, you have them on your laptop. This is clearly not the same as being with other students, but it might nevertheless make you think, 'these strangers work hard, I should as well.'

However, despite having so many benefits, one factor may make you feel alone in the distant mode of learning. Nevertheless, there is a solution to that too in this technologically advanced learning system. You can now study with random people online through some websites.

So, here are the top 5 websites where you may study with random strangers online -

  1. Study Together - It's a global network for students. So, you never feel alone while studying with background music, with or without the camera, or with a supportive and encouraging conversation with other students. You select the study room that best suits your needs. Choose between longer or shorter concentrate intervals — 30, 50, or 100 study minutes followed by 5-minute breaks. Preparation and structure are essential for productivity and achieving a sense of equilibrium. Moreover, you may view your progress every day in your stats and on the community scoreboard. Gamification will keep you interested and connected.
  2. Mooclab - This website will match you with appropriate online study companions based on your preferences and interests. You could locate a Study Buddy here. Someone with whom you study, giving mutual encouragement, discussing topics, and collaborating on quizzes and projects.
  3. Study Stream - StudyStream is a useful tool for finding focus study rooms on Slack and Discord where you may study with others. These rooms are available to all students 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are separate areas for university students and high school pupils where you may discover study mates. StudyStream also contains a scoreboard of students who have completed the post-study in the concentration rooms. As a result, you are more driven to study hard and increase your productivity.
  4. Virtual Study Room - The largest website in the world where you may join virtual study rooms to study with random strangers Zoom is Virtual Study Room. There are options for studying in a group or studying with just one other individual. Many morning activities are planned, there are options to hire a teacher who can explain more about the topic you're suffering with, you may create your own study schedule and compare it to others, and there are many conversation boxes. In other words, there are several options for you to increase your drive to study by participating in online rooms.
  5. Kohbee - It is a one-stop platform for online teachers, educators, and trainers. Educators may create a website in a matter of minutes and begin teaching online classes to groups of up to 100 students. The handiest aspect of it is that it has a mobile app that can be utilised simply by installing the online-teaching app, which is completely free and secure. So students get a class that is highly interactive and engaging, and talented teachers get a platform to run live online classes.

Not only can you study with random people through the above websites, but you can also read books online for free

Online study sites with random strangers can make you more productive, and seeing others learn, as you would in a library, will motivate you to work more! To find the best online-learning platform for yourself and begin to accomplish your academic goals faster!

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Bored of reading online? 5 sites to study with random people
Ashish Agrawal

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