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Design and sell stock market online-courses with Kohbee

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Design and sell stock market online-courses with Kohbee

The COVID-19-induced shift to remote working and learning has been increasingly turning people towards digital learning to obtain the skills they need to negotiate today's continuously changing world. On an international level, the United States led the way with over 17 million persons registering in online-courses, followed by India with 13.6 million. 

People now look for niche courses of their interest that can be lucrative for them. Stock market online-courses are one of the most in-demand courses in today’s world. The coronavirus outbreak triggered a wave of stock market volatility, leaving many people to rethink what can be the best time to make a good investment decision. Others are pondering whether or not they need to make changes to their current portfolios. 

The stock market isn't only about making money; there's also the possibility of losing money. There has always been a concern in everyone's mind about how several traders and investors can make a big return in the stock market while understanding the true risk. Despite the risk, millions of individuals from all over the world are drawn to the stock market, as it's an excellent way to make money while sitting at home, and it only takes a few hours out of your day.

Therefore, the only solution to master the skills of investment in the stock market is to rely on online trading courses. So if you think you can disseminate valuable knowledge about the stock market, then this is your opportunity to earn by designing and providing stock market courses. Wondering how to sell trading courses? Here is all you need to know.

Why should you create and sell trading courses online?

Because there are individuals who are interested in your knowledge, and there's a chance of making just enough money. In recent years, stock market investing has become quite popular. However, only a small percentage of people have the necessary expertise to invest wisely. Others don't get the advice they need to invest wisely. An aspiring online instructor like you may take advantage of this talent gap and the huge demand for trading courses. By 2025, the global e-learning industry is anticipated to be worth $325 billion, which gives you a clear hint that e-learning solutions are here to stay. You may teach these new investors about the stock market online, and assist them in securing their financial future. All you need is a solid online platform for teachers to assist you with course creation and marketing.

Discover the best platform for selling stock market online-courses, and the know-how to create and sell trading courses below in the article.

How to create online trading courses?

  • Structure your course - The stock market online-courses should be designed in a way that allows beginners to also follow your content easily. Begin with the basics, such as shares, assets, trading, NIFTY, SENSEX, and so on. Don't dismiss them because you believe they're too simple for beginners. Learners might come from a variety of backgrounds and have varying degrees of expertise. Attend each and every one of them.
  • Leverage the advantages of trading - Make sure that the stock market courses include the benefits of investing. It will not only motivate the learners to invest, but also attract them towards enrolling in your online trading courses.
  • Keep yourself updated - We all know how dynamic the market is. It is thus important to stay up-to-date and ensure that the information you are providing in your trading courses is not only authentic, but also current. Update the course information on a regular basis, which will scale up the value of the course you are providing.
  • Pricing the stock market online-courses - What should the price of my course be? When it comes to figuring out how to offer courses online, this is one of the most often asked topics. It's a bit of a guessing game when it comes to pricing. Finding the ideal pricing will need some trial and error. You'll have to perform some maths and testing to figure it out. The cost of an online course might range from $5 to $2,000. The cost of your first online course will most likely be between $50 and $200. This will depend on your topic, audience, and level of knowledge.

Once you create the stock market courses online free with certificates, the next step would be to find the best platform to sell trading courses. 

Well, your search ends with Kohbee. Learn more about the platform here!

How to sell stock market online-courses?

Register with Kohbee and get started with your journey to success. Kohbee is a one-stop-shop for online instructors, educators, and trainers. Increase the size of your online classrooms and courses ten-fold with this completely free and secure platform. It's quite easy to create a page on Kohbee. Fill out the forms for the classes you teach and the subjects you study, and your web page will be ready in 60 seconds. 

Kohbee is used by over 50,000 educators to help them flourish in this digitally inclined world. You will be able to see exactly how many website views have arrived, as well as the statistics for each website lead. Your website is where you maintain your courses so that anybody may view them and purchase them. With Kohbee's built-in payment-gateway, the money will be sent directly into your account when you sell your stock market courses.


Managing your online-teaching job is now at your fingertips. Experience the hassle-free way of providing valuable teachings to your students right from your home with Kohbee. Create groups, multiple classes, and plan several online sessions easily. So, grow your teaching career with the automated teaching app of Kohbee. Download Now! 

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Design and sell stock market online-courses with Kohbee
Ashish Agrawal

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