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Types of online-courses That You Can Create and Sell

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Ashish Agrawal
Ashish Agrawal
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Types of online-courses That You Can Create and Sell

Why would you create and sell courses online? How would that benefit you? Many of you may be wondering about this. Many entrepreneurs are creating online-courses as an additional source of revenue. online-courses do not cost much to create, take less time, and you also get a product that can be sold multiple times. But, even though this field is booming there are multiple types of online-courses you can create. Let's cover these and understand how one can build a scalable business by selling online-courses.

Today’s rising knowledge economy is demanding more online-courses. According to reports, the global e-learning market is anticipated to reach $325 billion by the end of 2025 (source: techjury.net).

How can you build a big business from online-courses?

online-courses enable people to learn from the comfort of their homes. Through such ease of accessibility, people can invest in education and lifelong learning and further hone their skills. Hence, their demand is surging. If you create and sell online-courses, you can easily set up an additional revenue stream.

In order to create a profitable online course, you must consider certain factors.

  • Does your course idea have a high market demand?
  • Does your course create compelling learning outcomes?
  • Does your course pricing justify the learning outcomes?

With this in mind, you can go through the different types of courses that can be created and sold online.

  • The Introductory Course

If you are teaching an online course for the first time, it is best to start with an introductory course. This teaches a foundation of a subject and can be completed within 2-5 days. Such a course gives your audience a basic idea regarding what they can expect, should they opt to learn more about the specific topic.

Often, an introductory course looks like this:

  • A live session with an instructor
  • A one-hour live group coaching presented over several weeks
  • A paid webinar

While the learning outcomes are not massive, this course helps potential learners get an idea about the subject’s value. The advantage of creating this type of course is that it involves less content. You can quickly sell courses and start generating income. You can also deliver it live which means you will have much less tech to take care of.

  •   The Transformation Course

As the name suggests, this type of course offers major transformational value. It provides a deeper learning of the subject and is focused on helping students get results. Typically, the course offers a step-by-step guide for securing results. Such courses last for about 6-8 weeks. When students enrol on this course, they commit to a bigger project, which creates a passive income stream for them.

The best way to ensure that your course offers measurable learning outcomes is to include content that answers your audiences’ questions and fills gaps not met by your competitors. Such a course usually sits in the middle of your value ladder, depending on the amount of transformation you offer. It is priced higher than an introductory course.

  • The Certification Course

Do you want to create and sell online-courses that promise a massive transformation? If yes, then you can launch certification programs or courses.

If you are a known personality with significant expertise and feel that you could help others, this course is meant for you. 

For instance, several world-renowned makeup artists launch their certifications courses where they offer the highest transformation value to students. Such courses are high-ticket programs that involve live calls and live support. 

An online course like this requires a lot of involvement from you. Your students might not understand the task at hand by simply watching videos or following a step-by-step guide.

The advantage of selling such courses is that they help you scale your work. For instance, if you are operating in the corporate market, a certification course can help you certify your trainers in the company and use the program to build internal capacity. Additionally, you can boost your income by creating a new flow of revenue.

How to create a course that can be sold?

According to reports, global e-learning and online course consumption has increased exponentially. The Covid-19 pandemic has further fuelled this trend. So, if you have the expertise, you can teach online-courses and establish a passive income stream.

Thankfully, there are many platforms nowadays that help people create and sell online-courses quickly. For instance, Kohbee is one of the best platforms to create courses that help you get started within minutes.

You can build a web page for your courses on Kohbee in a few simple steps. You can place all your courses for everyone to see and purchase. The platform also ensures quick and hassle-free payments. Thus, you can sell courses with Kohbee to become a leading online course creator.

Moving on, here are some helpful tips to create a course that can be sold online:

·         Select a subject that has heavy demand. You can determine your course topic by asking your audience or followers on social media.

·         Research the course topic well and create a comprehensive outline

·         Choose where you want to host and sell courses online. There are several online course platforms such as Udemy or Masterclass that you can choose from.

·         Decide how much you want to charge for the course.

·         Seed launches your course by sending a free trial to a select group of individuals, such as your friends, family, followers, email list, etc.

·         Create a sales page or choose a platform like Kohbee to market your course.

There are plenty of ways to create an online course. You can choose where you want to start, how fast you wish to proceed, or even how quickly you want to monetize. All you need to do is identify your target audience, understand their pain points and address their queries to create a course that sells. Once you do this, you can have a parallel income stream, and can gradually position yourself as an expert in the industry. A great application to create and sell your course is Kohbee. Join today and begin your journey of selling courses online.

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Types of online-courses That You Can Create and Sell
Ashish Agrawal

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